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from a financial standpoint, is GO a failure?
United States brento 
i just looked at the steam stats page, and i was shocked at what i saw Counter-Strike: 14,178 Current Players, Peak today 55,326 Counter-Strike Source: 11,261 Current Players, Peak today 38,371 Counter-Strike Global Offensive: 10,585 Current Players, Peak today 20,678 I'm sure that Valve anticipated that GO would take over as the most-played CS by now, so I'm wondering if you guys think the game was a financial failure?
2012-11-11 05:44
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Canada xb0y
Stubborn 1.6 players. (majority) This is the reason why it failed.
2012-11-11 05:47
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so you would say it's fair to call GO a failure?
2012-11-11 05:50
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Canada xb0y
Nop, Its' too early to call it a failure. :s
2012-11-11 06:30
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Denmark Danny D3
How is it too early? It's not like it was released yesterday. And the major updates happended a long time ago. -I seriously doubt they will alter/update the gameplay crucially enough to make it a better game... They did the right move to get inspiration and advice from the professionals, but listening mainly to old retired american 1.6 gamers, and the Source scene made it take a leap for the worse. Compared to the scene's response (Which Valve already explained was the major target for the game- once again the right call) it is a big failure -though the only thing making it less of a failure is the professionals actually playing it with sponsors behind them, which was already expected prior to the official release. -As they said with Source, the amount of purchases clearly says it wasn't a failed game, but according to their own statement CS:GO is failed compared to the interest in Source when it was released.
2012-11-11 11:43
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where did you read this? "but according to their own statement CS:GO is failed compared to the interest in Source when it was released" According to what the Valve devs said at ESWC, CS:S was pending at a 4k peak one month after its release, so it's a lot less than csgo!...
2012-11-11 11:54
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Denmark Danny D3
I got it from an interview with the guy from Valve who is in charge of CS:GO (And has been(is?) in charge of 1.6 and Source aswell) -don't remember the name,- -when CS:GO was being developed (Before BETA)
2012-11-11 14:07
since the first place GO is not only for 1.6 community, so it's not 1.6 player's fault
2012-11-11 09:11
source and GO doesn't have much difference. so i am surprised there are still so many source players. 1.6 players do not jump to GO because to us, GO is just another silly FPS game that has already lost the essence of why counter strike was famous in the first place.
2012-11-11 10:59
Excuse me? A game is always aimed for the gaming community in general, if the game has failed to keep the new players playing the game it's because the game just wasn't good enough. If the game was truly good, it wouldn't need 1.6 community to succeed, it would have brought tons of new players. On-topic: Déjà vu No doubts the game was profitable, but it wasn't a big hit, which what was expected from a downloadable title.
2012-11-11 18:27
my other question is regarding the competitive scene. 1.6 and CSS teams switched over to GO because "that's where the money is these days". but if the stats are correct and GO is the least popular CS game, will this be the case for much longer? it seems to me like if less people play GO then there is/will be less demand for tournaments which should result in less prize money, no? based on the numbers, it seems evident that the time wasnt right for valve to develop a new CS, because people are obviously happy with what they currently play (whether that be 1.6 or CSS). because of this is seems like there are two things that could happen to the pro-CS scene: A. pro teams migrate back to 1.6. this may sound crazy, but the numbers indicate that 1.6 is still the most popular CS version B. the pro CS scene ends entirely due to a lack of interest thoughts please!
2012-11-11 06:00
you cant determine financial state base on current players and peak today.its about how many copies they sold. and 1.6 will not be back(atleast major tournaments).thats for sure so probably if csgo will fail on competetive level,pro CS scene will die
2012-11-11 06:49
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tbh its only dead in europe lol here in arabic countries we still got lots of tournaments and ones with over 40k inprizes.
2012-11-11 07:49
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only in europe? what about other continents with much bigger players base/progaming scene like america or asia? few tournaments in arabic countries will not bring cs 1.6 back as main FPS title
2012-11-11 09:02
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Pikachu, I choose you!
2012-11-11 09:04
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Pikachu is OP ;)
2012-11-11 09:23
as long as the fans play and keep up with their game nothing changes. protests can be done its a national issue keep cs 1.6 in tournaments or just if csp works out that would be another reality that wont happen either
2012-11-11 10:36
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Hey mate, yeah I wish we could all gather and protest to bring back 1.6 :D
2012-11-11 11:19
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well tbh if just the pro scene returns i wouldn't care less but well that won't happen.. cause most of people who play cs 1.6 are nolifers that don't do anything even though i am a 1.6 player i think that we can make a difference if we man up maybe
2012-11-11 11:34
you can protest as much as you can but without money you can do nothing about that. and csp? 2 years ago were late.i rly doubt that csp will change something
2012-11-11 17:58
Mate in Australasia its getting bigger an bigger. With 10k tournaments.
2012-11-11 12:57
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-$18,000 Golden Hall 3 round tourney -Final Battle of the Year with a prize purse of $15,000. -EPS Spain X with €7,000 for CS:GO -TNC CM Storm #1 CS:GO with ~1,600€ worth of prizes. -ESEA League has opened registration for their first European season, featuring $2,750 CS:GO and CS 1.6 Open seasons as well as the global $35,000 CS:GO Invite division. -SLTV AmSeries CS:GO amateur league includes a $1,000 prize purse. -eswc had $20 000 -you will have dream hack etc etc etc etc csgo has much more to offer right now and i rly doubt that if go will fail,sponsors and tournaments organizators will take xyz years old game back
2012-11-11 18:12
On the contrary, Watson. Since it's release date CSGO barely left top 10 best sellers on Steam, so I calmly deduced that CSGO is a financial success. It is simplicity itself my dear Watson. :]
2012-11-11 09:25
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India h8or
Below Towns and Chivalry and you call it a success? Seriously? I had better expectations.
2012-11-11 09:37
4 replies
Y U NO read my post carefully before rushing off to bash csgo? Sherlock Holmes is disappoint :[
2012-11-11 09:42
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India h8or
financial success? Oki. :| But do you think so? Cuz they charged just 15 bucks for the game and i am sure it didnt sell enough. It may have sold enough for them to get some profit but i am sure it didnt sell as much copies as CSS did when it was launched.
2012-11-11 09:50
2 replies
Now now, my dear Watson, didn't we agree to make conclusions based on some form of evidence and not let our opinions and emotions to get in the way? :]
2012-11-11 09:56
again, according to Valve devs at ESWC, CS:S had a peak of 4k players 1 month after release so that's a lot less than csgo atm has.
2012-11-11 11:57
Imo let's wait 1-2 years and let's see what happens. If the game stays shit then obviously you see the game dying ;)
2012-11-11 10:44
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I reckon that in a few more major updates the game will be a bit better and would appeal to more people. Well at least Valve earned their $$$
2012-11-11 11:20
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Tbh I don't think they earned that much. It didn't probably sell even 1mil.
2012-11-11 11:29
They have servers to maintain.. I honestly have a hard time believing they made a solid profit from this game.
2012-11-11 18:06
Do you know how big of a distribution platform steam is ? Have you any idea of the the number of games they sell everyday ? CS:GO has been in top 10 sellers since release. Financial failure? Keep dreaming.
2012-11-11 11:12
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"CS:GO has been in top 10 sellers since release" :')
2012-11-11 11:30
At least they sold quite a few copies via a digital distribution service so they must have earned quite a bit from the sales. Initially I felt that CS:GO would appeal to a lot more of the pub players rather than the competitive scene. What's happened however is that tourneys have picked it up early on, hoping for it to be a competitive game while it's kinda still failing. At first wasn't the idea of CS:GO being a console port of CS? imo they should have just left out the idea of making a new competitive PC game and left 1.6 as it is :D
2012-11-11 11:25
Another post like this? Wow this kids just don't stop.
2012-11-11 11:38
Pls compare stats with first months of 1.6 to first months of GO not like, 12 years old game vs something new. btw. 1.6 has a legendary status so it's hard to compare it to anything.
2012-11-11 12:50
Meanwhile in valve HQ after receiving angry letters from 1.6 fans
2012-11-11 12:59
rip cs:go
2012-11-11 18:25
Some people don't know the meaning of the world failure
2012-11-11 18:27
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