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Canada GrandDaddyPurple 
Dude , is it summer or something already
2019-06-05 05:08
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I am cheerfully delighted and flabbergasted with enormous gratification and appreciation for dispensing such an awesome post.
2019-06-05 05:09
damn I tought i was at least intermediate in english :\
2019-06-05 05:11
It's not even a proper sentence lol , in no way would anyone speak like that. those are intermediate words regardless my man
2019-06-05 05:15
Denmark nrth_LUL
Who would use the word dispensing in this context wtf
2019-06-05 05:17
european questioning my dexterity with the english vernacular?
2019-06-05 05:22
No, just someone who knows what dispensing means. It doesn't make sense.
2019-06-05 06:21
mate i'm a walking vocabulary, i refuse to take criticism from someome who does not know the multiple meanings of dispense
2019-06-05 07:07
Even considering the multiple meanings of dispense, none of them fit what you're saying, or rather trying to say. You'd be better off saying something like "... for experiencing such an awesome post" or "... for your dispensation of such an awesome post". Your current sentence implies that you're feeling cheery (etc.) for dispensing said post, but you didn't. Or were you talking about the post you were doing just then? If that's the case, then never mind.
2019-06-05 07:30
2019-06-05 05:23
never heard about flabbergasted in my entire life
2019-06-05 06:14
you're a preposterously piteously corpulent pervert and a depraved maliciously malodorous deplorable calamity of birth
2019-06-06 01:34
didn't know 'only' preposterously, piteously and malodorous
2019-06-06 03:40
you should expand your english vocabulary, it's beautiful for cussing.
2019-06-06 03:42
i dont like cursing people
2019-06-06 03:43
2019-06-06 03:50
2019-06-05 06:19
Keep on dispensing your cheerfully flabbergasting posts! Very nice words and the community is still a bit uncertain on how to react. Go for the kill!
2019-06-05 06:33
United States _Nohj
June 21 men
2019-06-05 06:40
Yes, time to leave the cave)
2019-06-05 06:42
2019-06-05 07:10
Japan @0x0
I am astounded by the astute discourse coming from yourself OP
2019-06-05 07:48
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