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Greenland xen_ 
Do most men in Brazil look like Furia/Bolsonaro? (European) Or more so MIBR (Darker, Rat looking in case of Coldzera, fuzzy hair, etc) I work with two brazillians and they both look like they came from Germany or Spain
2019-06-08 18:53
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Brazil he is country with mens
2019-06-08 18:55
rat looking
2019-06-08 18:55
Deppends where you live If you have a good life, wealth, etc good job you will see lots of "europeans". As an example, im brazilian but dual citizenship, im also italian so near me all people looks like europeans but if you have less money, you live in a poor community etc you will see more like "darker, rat looking", lol
2019-06-08 18:55
thanks for this i didn't know that
2019-06-08 19:01
Lol. You mean be rich its the same of being pretty? Typical paulista shitty talk. There's a lot of "poorer" ppl that dress better, takes care of itself than most rich in their castles. I dont live in a favela or something, but i do have eyes. Its seems as dual citizenship guy, youre definitly living at Rome. But yah good job can take you to good places, parties, travels and shit.
2019-06-08 19:05
I live in Parana. Yea for every rule there is exceptions, but in most cases, rich people are surrounded by rich people, white people are surrounded by white people, poor people are surrounded by poor people, that was my point. If you live good, have good job, good money, you will be close to people like you, and that is mostly people that looks like "europeans" on the opposite, mostly of them looks like "Darker, Rat looking"
2019-06-08 19:46
Brazil is very mixed, during our colonization a lot of nations came here and had children. Natives with Europeans, Native with Native, Europeans with Europeans. We got a lot of asians here as well.
2019-06-08 18:56
that could explain why the most of the br fanbase are braindead
2019-06-08 18:57
Don't forget the slaves.
2019-06-08 20:09
depends on where you go some cities = africa some other parts = europe
2019-06-08 18:56
Slovakia escapeiztop
You can research it yourself, here is link for google research "LINK REMOVED BY FBI"
2019-06-08 19:01
Brazil igster
2019-06-08 19:04
Brazil ze_maneiro
its a mix... immigrants from everywhere but mostly from europe
2019-06-08 19:06
Brazil xpassw0rd
My dad is spanish immigrant and I'm the first generation outside europe
2019-06-08 19:07
JW | 
Norway jatakk
You speak spanish aswell?
2019-06-08 19:18
Brazil xpassw0rd
2019-06-08 20:49
rat looking
2019-06-08 19:08
United States SteN|
Brazil is a country of many mixes, from its culture and until the color of the skin, in the south of the country the amount of Europeans or descendants of Europeans is very big that is, you will see many people with light skin, blue eyes and blond hair.
2019-06-08 19:10
During World War 2 tgere were intense imugration from Europe and Japan to Brasil, and also in different times of our history and colonization. We have strong influence of Italia, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, etc. The Afro and Asian (mainly from Japan) is also verry strong Amerindios included. We are a mixed contry.
2019-06-08 19:11
North = Amerindians Northeast = Brownskin (like Mexico) Center-West = Amerindians + White Southeast = Mix of all others South = White
2019-06-08 19:14
Brazil JgzMcz
do all japaneses look like chinese and have no dick? i work whit one japanese, here we have alot of asians imigrants, and his wife telled in a party that she married him because of his size, she told is like to be whit another womam.
2019-06-08 20:52
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