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downfall of MIBR?
Denmark Ritsuryo 
its clear the team are no longer capable playing T1 cs, just look at their recent results, they are the new VP for sure
2019-06-09 19:42
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Vietnam rollofocker 
they're actually more retarded in their choice of players than VP
2019-06-09 19:43
Denmark Ritsuryo 
yeah, the roster is not working at all and somehow they decide to reunite with Felps and Taco which is way beyond my understanding
2019-06-09 19:45
And the added problem of all these MIBR fans turning into Furia fans and act retarted here again us
2019-06-09 19:47
Canada herocoolzzz 
why so mad?
2019-06-09 19:49
It’s annoying having a br team beat some other team above them and all the favelas start screaming shit and throwing shit
2019-06-09 19:51
+1 exactly
2019-06-09 19:52
Brazil Jogasb 
Say that again and I'll kill you
2019-12-14 21:38
expected from brazil
2019-12-15 01:13
Not mad men...just worried
2019-06-09 19:51
Xyp9x | 
Other Zyncc 
lmao +1 All plastic mibr fans now supporting furia.
2019-06-09 19:50
lmao it's sadly so expected from the Brazilian fandom. they literally only support their teams once they're winning, otherwise it's purely hate.
2019-06-09 19:56
Xyp9x | 
Other Zyncc 
damn dude u were so right with that VP part. Mibr guys ruined my fantasy league ranking :(
2019-06-09 19:49
man... they won 2 times against Liquid, to do this DISASTER on Finals, this is not normal, one day they won against top 1, in other day they lost against 2 tier 3 teams
2019-06-09 19:52
you forgot: online
2019-06-09 20:13
mibr win vitality, liquid. They were unlucky in this championship
2019-06-09 19:52
Finland Tusku 
2019-06-09 19:53
NEO | 
Poland JakubbPL 
no fnx no major
2019-06-09 19:53
They are the 2016/17 NiP
2019-06-09 19:53
I think they still need a little more time, they are very irregular, one hour they play very well, another time they play like retarded.
2019-06-09 19:54
Other khorkalba 
Instead of discussing which FURIA player MIBR are going to add, people should be talking about how soon FURIA decide to pick up Coldzera in order to reach the next level.
2019-06-09 19:54
or 3-4 players go to MiBR since im sure everyone wants to play 4 MiBR with 30000 salary per month & representing your country's name.
2019-06-09 19:57
Other khorkalba 
The MiBR brand has been dragged through the mud though. Bad results aside, it didn't help that they played with two Americans after becoming "Made in Brasil". Also, Neymar supports FURIA. Don't underestimate that. Even if he's not providing financial support to the team, he's so popular in Brasil that he can elevate their profile just by being associated with them.
2019-06-09 20:03
People aren't talking about this because this is impossible. mibr players has a big enough ego to understand which one is the biggest. ps: biggest in terms of grandiosity (former trophies, players history, etc), not in actual form per se.
2019-06-09 20:02
Other khorkalba 
Their history was under Luminosity and SK. They've achieved nothing under the MiBR brand except becoming a meme for having two Americans. FalleN is washed up and out of ideas, and the only consistently good player is Coldzera.
2019-06-09 20:05
How can you consider FalleN as brainwashed when he almost carried the team to the ECS playoffs? Also, be in mind that their current roster is 90% the same as the SK and LG ones, so comparing the org instead of the players is kinda naive imo.
2019-06-09 20:08
Other khorkalba 
It doesn't matter if it's the same players. They're washed up and have failed multiple times now with roster moves. Shox and KennyS are bigger names than ZywOo and ALEX, but I know which French team I would rather join between G2 and Vitality.
2019-06-09 20:11
I get your point. We may have some chat later this year updating ourselves regarding this subject :)
2019-06-09 20:18
mibr is playing like they always did, since the LG times. I can't understand why is everyone so baffled about it. They will excel in some events, and most of the others they'll get butchered. Solid top 10 team for sure tho.
2019-06-09 19:57
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