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de ligt
Lakers | 
Belgium zetss 
where do you think he's going? Raiola was seen in Paris so maybe psg?
2019-06-12 18:29
2019-06-12 18:29
sergej | 
Turkey kebaboi 
2019-06-12 18:29
2019-06-12 18:29
Lakers | 
Belgium zetss 
there's no way he's going to Bayern
2019-06-12 18:30
actually he is
2019-06-12 18:53
football gay
2019-06-12 18:30
no u😎👌🔥🔥💯
2019-06-12 18:52
Croatia TricKED 
says csgo fattie XDD
2019-06-12 18:57
not playing csgo and i'm actually taking care of myself at the gym & enjoying life,wbu my friend?
2019-06-12 22:15
Croatia TricKED 
xaxaxa stfu nerd look at ur nick xaxax nerd
2019-06-12 22:26
yeah,typical 15yo csgo player respond,keep wasting ur time playing this game
2019-06-13 00:18
India dashingdasher 
Wtf are u even doing a CSGO FORUM then?
2019-06-13 00:19
so i can't talk with other people when i don't play csgo?
2019-06-13 02:54
India dashingdasher 
If you csgo so fking much then dont come to a god damn csgo forum. And, as for talking to other people, there are much better ways to do that.
2019-06-13 03:01
so i can't talk with other people on csgo forum when i don't play csgo?
2019-06-13 03:16
ile | 
Finland Vkims 
he was in paris because Pogba going there
2019-06-12 18:30
Lakers | 
Belgium zetss 
no pogba isn't going to psg lol why would he, can see him going to real
2019-06-12 18:31
I think pogba will go back to juve
2019-06-12 18:31
ile | 
Finland Vkims 
Very well, my bad, sorry mr. zetss
2019-06-12 18:31
Maka | 
Sweden meistr0 
"no pogba isn't going to psg lol why would he" 1. Because he would get a HUGE fucking salary 2. Because its the country & the city he is from, so hes basically moving home. 3. He would play CL every single year with PSG (Well obv with Juventus as well) Sure, i think going to Real Madrid is a better move for Pogba, RM is getting huge players rn like Hazard & also a solid youngster, Jovic as well as Eder Militao, a solid defender & is a big challenger for the title in La Liga & maybe even Champions League.
2019-06-12 18:48
Croatia TricKED 
per sources: pogba isnt going anywhere and no offers came for him, he still didnt say he want to leave and mufc will put him on transfer list if he asks
2019-06-12 18:58
juventus or psg
2019-06-12 18:31
juve !
2019-06-12 18:33
Lakers | 
Belgium zetss 
i hope so ronaldo was trying to recruit him on nations league final
2019-06-12 18:37
i know hehe :D, juve must win the next UCF
2019-06-13 15:03
Football related post and it's not created by 4Sweeden's alt? wow
2019-06-12 18:39
Estonia autistik 
2019-06-12 18:40
Japan Pingu_MOUZ 
if goes to psg, braindead
2019-06-12 18:41
2019-06-12 18:44
uk clubs want him so much
2019-06-12 18:47
players from paris should play for paris mbappe, kante, pogba, mendy, mahrez, martial, coman, matuidi, that's a solid start already
2019-06-12 18:47
2019-06-12 18:50
born and raised in sarcelles
2019-06-12 19:00
Nice african team LOL
2019-06-12 22:14
nice 20 year old meme
2019-06-12 22:18
Sorry not to be color blind Mamadou
2019-06-12 22:19
LIVERPOOL would be the best option for him Allez Allez Allez
2019-06-12 18:50
barça or liverpool
2019-06-12 18:54
Salah | 
Sweden PerraP 
Liverpool ofc, But Gomez is just as good so idk
2019-06-12 18:55
GuardiaN | 
Poland JKG 
Barca don't really need him Liverpool is an option but IMO he'll go to PSG Griezmann will go there too and PSG will have really good team
2019-06-12 18:58
Unfortunately Griezmann will go to Barcelona. Most of FCB fans don't want him here but is almost done. Till 1st July nothing can be done.
2019-06-13 00:25
Barcelona no doubt.
2019-06-12 19:00
Croatia TricKED 
probably barca but even he doesnt know where he is going. He said he will think about it after vacation, he has like 5 clubs to choose from
2019-06-12 19:01
who cares, overrated. if he goes to psg for the high wages at this age, then hes certainly fucked
2019-06-13 00:23
he will stay at ajax :)
2019-06-13 00:25
SpawN | 
Other sh0tta 
PSG, He already selected them. Damn fool, PSG will never make him any better than he is already.
2019-06-13 00:26
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