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If you use, what do you use ? Smoke, tobacco, snus, vape... Also why ? has it been a habit from young age, linked with drinking or what. Snus is for the men btw.
2019-06-13 00:13
2019-06-13 00:14
Japan Pingu_MOUZ 
pure nicotine tablets
2019-06-13 00:15
felps | 
Brazil pluga 
im addicted to your mom only
2019-06-13 00:15
Macau Bent0 
smoke father smoke friend smoke so i just try once got addicted quit because some1 in my family got sick and tobbaco smoke is a no no
2019-06-13 00:16
I also forgot dipping. In america people dip afaik.
2019-06-13 00:17
a pack of pallmall a day keeps everything away (because i smell like shit)
2019-06-13 00:17
indeed, well said
2019-06-13 00:19
snus rn in my mauth
2019-06-13 00:19
what kind
2019-06-13 00:19
It's a taste of licorice =)
2019-06-13 00:27
I smoke but with pauses... I don't know , I somehow never got addicted to a point where I have to smoke , it sometimes gets to point when I don't smoke for 2-3 weeks but have weeks that I smoke almost everyday , dunno how I'm managing...
2019-06-13 00:21
same, it's just weak ppl getting addicted tbh. Can smoke ciggs with friends everyday, and if we don't smoke again i ain't like want / need more :P
2019-06-13 00:28
I smoking contraband cigarretes
2019-06-13 00:31
Portugal nakbarone 
from romenia
2019-06-13 00:34
no, from UAE, Saudi Arabia or Belarus
2019-06-13 00:35
Portugal nakbarone 
you can get cigarette from moldova much cheaper than saudi / uae no?
2019-06-13 15:30
Faroe Islands debaliysubrok 
smoking is harmful to health
2019-06-13 00:33
smoking few ciggs everyother day for a month or two, won't be the reason u die later on in life =)))
2019-06-13 00:36
Faroe Islands debaliysubrok 
2019-06-13 00:36
2019-06-13 00:42
Living in Russia is more dangerous than smoking cigarettes. But even if I lived in Switzerland, for example, I would still smoke, but less.
2019-06-13 00:37
Switzerland kyri0S 
Mother is heavy smoker, i smoke joints and cigs when i don't have weed etc. Alcohol is not really my shit i drink rarely and when i do it's beer or whiskey.
2019-06-13 00:36
Nic Spray, Vaping, darts, colts, Dip whatever I can get my hands on. Started when I was 14.
2019-06-13 00:40
Wow seeing so many people talking about what they use is scary
2019-06-13 00:41
hopefully u dont lose sleep over it
2019-06-13 01:05
suNny | 
Czech Republic y0fl0w 
snus, cigarettes & snuff sometimes
2019-06-13 00:43
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