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NEO long interview
Poland kot_kici_kici 
So here’s a long and interesting interview NEO gave lately to a polish esport magazine. He covers his transfer to FaZe, atmosphere in VP, Snax’s words and some cool facts from 1.6 times. I know it’s in Polish but maybe an auto translation will be fine:
2019-06-13 02:10
Other wtf_men 
2019-06-13 02:12
Cool interview with NEO. In Polish. Use auto translate if interested ;)
2019-06-13 02:17
im interested but auto translate suxx so hard with ur language? mind do translate and do something good for the community? ;)
2019-06-13 02:39
United States AproximateCS 
I read most of the interview (Mostly the Faze parts) interesting interview with some good insights
2019-06-13 02:27
Translate plz mr polak
2019-06-13 02:31
Sure, I have spare 2 hours to translate :p try google translate.
2019-06-13 02:38
I give u 20k šloty
2019-06-13 02:49
i translate for 2 toilets and 3 toilet brushes, deal???
2019-06-13 03:46
Iceland caverat 
translate polak
2019-06-13 02:51
First two paragraphs, thank me later - People tend to look at my game through the last results in, a team that didn't work anymore. There was a lot of "bad blood" in the team throughout the recent time. I have spent this time in a dysfunctional team and it wasn't great. It's hard to lead such a team. I don't think that this period of time is a good determination of my level, I would love to prove everyone that I still have it in me. - says Filip "NEO" Kubski in his first interview after getting a chance from Faze. Do you know that the entire world is keeping fingers crossed for you? - I wouldn't say so. There is a big group of people who don't believe I can bring anything to Faze Clan. It doesn't change the fact, that I can feel great support coming from my fans. I can feel that there is a large group of really great and devoted fans holding my back, who know how to behave and keep their standards - karma comes back. I try to maintain my level of culture on the same level throughout my entire career and it seems that fans can notice that. Send me $500 and I will translate everything else! paypal:
2019-06-13 03:08
The real champ for translating
2019-06-13 03:42
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