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Is punk/punkpop and variations dead ?
I still love Blink-182, Bowling for Soup, All time low etc... but i feel like its dead genre amongts people my age. Do you still listen to punk or its variations ? If so give me some good bands and songs.
2019-06-13 03:23
Poland Ryunar 
I like all kinds of punk too :D
2019-06-13 03:24
Favorite bands ? or just some good songs i can check out
2019-06-13 03:25
Bad religion, nofx, dead kennedys, offspring and pennywise are my favorite punk bands 🏳️‍🌈
2019-06-13 03:30
thanks putting those on a note, havent heard of those other than bad religion and offspring :)
2019-06-13 03:32
NOFX is pretty great :)
2019-06-13 06:16
Poland Ryunar 
Funeral Oration, early Blink and Green Day for sure. I also like new pop punk like Famous Last Words, Joyce Manor, Me vs Hero, Macseal, Senses Fail, Settle Your Scores, Spraynard, Tigers Jaw, and Chin Up Kid (though not all of those similar, they're like remnants of pop punk that crumbled). Also UK pop punk like Trash Boat and Belmont that is generally new.
2019-06-13 03:45
Brazil Dane_Destroyer 
what genre is NoFx? I listen to that sometimes
2019-06-13 03:25
skate punk, punk rock, ska punk, hardcore punk according to wikipedia, havent heard of them before but im gonna listen to some, thanks. Skate punk is amazing.
2019-06-13 03:27
Press F to pay respects to punk.
2019-06-13 03:37
Blink 182 is still one of my favorite band of all times I listen to their old songs sometimes But the genre is sadly dead....any form of rock in general TBH
2019-06-13 03:41
Yeah :( I love old punk but too bad people nowadays dont, other than some like me. Some old Goldfinder songs just light me up no matter how bad day im having. Same with other good old punk songs from blink etc. And its not even nostalgia for me since i wasnt even born when punk peaked.
2019-06-13 03:45
Germany Neckarstadion 
Listen to Parquet Courts "new" album "Wide Awake". It's one of the best punk albums I have listened to recently, it's from 2018 I think.
2019-06-13 03:46
Didnt really sound like my kind of stuff sorry :(
2019-06-13 03:54
Germany Neckarstadion 
yeah it's not pop punk like greenday or blink
2019-06-13 03:55
the exploited,beat the bastards
2019-06-13 03:47
Too heavy for my taste, but thanks ! :(
2019-06-13 03:56
2019-06-13 03:49
Listened to the morbid stuff and sounds good men definitely saving that to listen rest of the songs on the list. Thanks :)
2019-06-13 03:52
They're are still pop punk bands around: Neck Deep, The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck, HomeSafe, The Wonder Years, Modern Baseball, Moose Blood, Real Friends, Movements, Remo Drive, A Day to Remember, Belmont, Basement, Boston Manor, Citizen, PUP, Hot Mulligan, Free throw, Senses Fail Also for something heavier check out Knocked Loose, Defeater
2019-06-13 03:51
so many bands to give a rating straight away but im defo going to save those names for later, thanks :)
2019-06-13 03:59
Poland Ryunar 
You got most of the ones I didnt put ;D good list.
2019-06-13 03:59
its pretty early 2000s, which was best imo I still listen to Green day and fallout boy,
2019-06-13 03:59
They got some great songs i have in my playlist.
2019-06-13 04:00
Faroe Islands godlikegaming 
I think its dead ...sadly.
2019-06-13 04:07
Sadly indeed :( wish i was born earlier to enjoy this with people who also does
2019-06-13 04:08
Faroe Islands godlikegaming 
you still can listen to the music lmao.
2019-06-13 04:14
Yes but being out with friends or hanging out i cant really tell them to blast out a blink song because i'd be the only one to like it. Sure i could but i dont want to. Wish others would enjoy punk aswell.
2019-06-13 04:20
Poland Ryunar 
damn dude rip. know the feels
2019-06-13 04:32
thankfully im a man of many genres but yeah RIP punk in this generation.
2019-06-13 04:41
Faroe Islands godlikegaming 
2019-06-13 05:23
sorry that i dont enjoy the generic edm yall enjoy nowadays
2019-06-13 05:26
Faroe Islands godlikegaming 
sorry but im a metalhead. but nt.
2019-06-13 05:50
Cat and the Underdogs, Ebba Grön (Swedish, not active), Thåström (Swedish), Hole
2019-06-13 04:08
yeah barely anyone listens to it nowadays at least in my area of the US
2019-06-13 04:39
you like it ? or is this just an observation ?
2019-06-13 04:40
Yeah i still listen to blink 182, rise against, 2000s stuff sometimes. All of my friends listen to either rap or pop exclusively
2019-06-13 04:43
Hold on there man, we arent alone after all.
2019-06-13 04:46
what a disgrace
2019-06-13 04:52
wtf. i was the lead singer for this cover, take that back right now or i’ll salmiak your koskenkorva
2019-06-13 04:57
United States jsxanatos 
idk if punk is dead but hopefully blink 182's career is
2019-06-13 05:24
bruh blink is legend they never die
2019-06-13 05:26
Russia GutturalSlug 
yeah I still listen to it. Belmont is one of those bands thats still keeping the genre alive:
2019-06-13 05:57
Poland Ryunar 
yes boi Belmont
2019-06-13 06:00
IDLES released a punk album last year called 'joy as an act of resistance' and it's pretty good
2019-06-13 05:57
they're good but they're not pop punk, OP probably won't like them
2019-06-13 06:59
punk, pop punk, skate punk. as long as its not too heavy im up.
2019-06-13 07:02
He asked about all variations of punk though
2019-06-13 07:23
Russia GutturalSlug 
also Her bright skies (they're dead already tho):
2019-06-13 05:58
starts a bit too heavy for my taste but when lyrics comes its pretty good thank man :)
2019-06-13 06:01
Russia GutturalSlug 
yeah their older stuff is even heavier but this last album is what you might enjoy then
2019-06-13 06:05
Russia GutturalSlug 
oh and I forgot about this amazing band:
2019-06-13 06:13
I listen to quite the same music, but I would not actually call it anywhere close to punk. It's more of a rock/rap, but you should try out Thousand Foot Krutch, Volbeat and possibly Papa Roach if you have not heard them.
2019-06-13 06:14
Thousand Foot Krutch is bae, love them and their songs
2019-06-13 06:58
If you like them, I'd sugest Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace. Similar music, just as good. Try it out!
2019-06-13 15:50
I still listen, but yeah, it's pretty much dead these days, atleast in the mainstream. The thing is, a lot of the soundcloud rappers, could be actually punk artists, some songs even sound similiar, but it's much easier to "rap" to some random beat off youtube, than actually forming a band, learning to play instruments and make your own songs. Music stays alive as long as people listen to it, so keep listening to it.
2019-06-13 07:06
I will carry on the punk genre. But what u said about soundcloud rappers could be punk artists is pretty wrong. Its easy to pay some1 to make a beat then mumble over it but getting a band and learning to sing without much of enhancements isnt that easy. Let alone if ur playing some instrument while ur singing.
2019-06-13 07:10
I think you misunderstood me. Soundcloud rappers these days, are what punk bands were back in the day, people started becoming soundcloud rappers, because it requires less effort, and it's the "cool" thing these days.
2019-06-13 07:14
ah now it makes sense. ur #54 didnt make it quite clear but with this followup i know what u mean.
2019-06-13 07:16
Japan esy 
Streetlight Manifesto - Nothing more to say. Try it. And if you want more melodic ska punk. Try Talco. Thats love. Thats live.
2019-06-13 07:17
omfg i fucking LOVE streetlight manifesto !!!!! defo checking out Talco, thank :)
2019-06-13 07:19
s1mple | 
Europe imNTX 
No, punk is alive till Greenday is alive, and they are alive, 2018 i went to their concert with my gf who is a big fan, and it was one of the best nights of my life
2019-06-13 07:29
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