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Brazil arturfelipe 
How are the championships made in lan da europa? some teams from different countries are pinging higher than the other or are they in a certain region?
2019-06-13 05:11
Brazil arturfelipe 
correcting* made in online*
2019-06-13 05:12
Who cares about Europe. NA>BR>EUROPOORS
2019-06-13 05:13
United States Acehavok 
NA>BR>Most of Europe>Poland/CIS
2019-06-13 05:22
I can roll with that
2019-06-13 05:23
rain | 
Czech Republic CyberBOT 
I you take a look at the top 20 teams in the world by HLTV ranking rn, You'll find that : NA - 3 teams BR - 2 teams EU - 11 teams CIS - 2 teams AU - 2 teams Just sayin'
2019-06-13 09:59
He is American, he will just call this fake news.
2019-06-13 10:01
United States Acehavok 
He’s not factually wrong, doesn’t mean my order is incorrect though, I’m not basing it off of total teams.
2019-06-14 04:45
rain | 
Czech Republic CyberBOT 
What are you basing it on then?
2019-06-14 09:03
What is it based on then? Best team in each scene? That would still put 3 EU team over the best BR team. It seems you list is not based on any logic, just wishful thinking sprinkled with an understandable dose of little brother mentality (so used to EU beating everyone that you want them to fail).
2019-06-14 10:53
EU teams from 9 countries: Poland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Serbia & Bulgaria CIS teams from 3 countries: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakstan NA teams from 1.5 countries (Canada doesn't have any teams but a lot of players): America Some players from Canada EU has a bigger scene cause they're bigger, it's the same reason Canada has less players than America, cause they have a 10x smaller population. Canada & America have always been a mixed scene, we can pretty much consider them one scene at this point, whereas the French scene differs from the Finnish scene which differs from the Danish scene which differs from the Swedish scene etc The top 5 is actually very diverse, 5 different scenes, BR, French, Finnish, Danish & NA
2019-06-14 05:09
rain | 
Czech Republic CyberBOT 
You're missing Slovakia, Bosnia, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, Netherlands and Turkey (Although not technically par of EU, the teams played on EU tournaments most of the time) from Europe, Uzbekistan and Mongolia from CIS, and I'm ot sure where you saw people from either Germany or Spain in the Top 20, but okay. EU seems to have a slightly bigger scene, but it is comprised of several smaller leagues, most of which are not international. What you actually get is several countries with a developed scene backed by investors, and thus with more top players and tom teams (Denmark, Sweden, France, somewhat Finland, Norway, maybe Germany...) and a lot of countries with smaller scene or no scene at all, where every now and then a single outstanding player rises, and is most often acquired by an international roster(ropz, NiKo, ChrisJ, GuardiaN, Espiranto...). There's also the language barrier, as you'll see that most of the top teams are all native speakers of the same language. Plus, if you take out the countries with no scene and no internationally recognised players(-Italy, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland), the 'population' of EU vs NA is actually quite close, cca 366M NA vs 385M EU. And that 366M SPEAKS THE SAME LANGUAGE. I think I'm not making this point clear.
2019-06-14 09:19
Stewie2K | 
Europe Ron1e 
+1 NA era 1 months 😎 EU era doesnt matter😎
2019-06-13 08:35
Stupid Trump brain around here
2019-06-13 09:53
Europe has time, and time again proven that it is the best continent.
2019-06-13 09:58
Brazil arturfelipe 
I just wanted a reply =(
2019-06-13 08:32
I dont understand your question, Europe is quite small servers are in Germany or Stockolm
2019-06-13 08:38
United States Globebuster 
NA scene the most relevant scene
2019-06-13 08:34
What?? Theres no difference in ping cuz europe is very smoll region
2019-06-13 08:39
who cares about europe lmao LIQUID ON TOP
2019-06-13 08:40
you get like max 50 ping from pretty much everywhere when the server is hosted in germany, usually 20-30 high ping is usually more of an NA problem
2019-06-13 08:47
Brazil arturfelipe 
ty man, in brazil players of northeast of brazil have 60-90 ping and players of southeast and south have 5-50 ping
2019-06-13 09:52
allu | 
Europe samje 
at least back in the day they chose a server location that was geographically at even location for both and ofc the pings were tested before the match, but like others here said already, pings are not a big problem in EU
2019-06-13 08:51
tabseN | 
Germany Ratwar 
sweden have shit ping for me
2019-06-13 09:53
Brazil arturfelipe 
chile and argentina have shit ping for me
2019-06-13 09:57
Brazil arturfelipe 
Argentine players are very toxic and very rare to find one that wants to play for real even though Brazilian players are very toxic too but mostly they are ordinary players and Chileans are normal because they are the only ones who want to play right
2019-06-13 10:04
Literally nobody cares about online results
2019-06-13 10:02
I'm from germany and i almost always have a nice ping when i play Faceit etc. Server is almost always located in germany which means i have like 5-20 ping. Sometimes in the UK max. 50 ping and sweden, also max 50 ping. For people more south or east (ukraine for example) it's worse. They have decent ping playing on german servers but garbage ping on UK/Scandinavian servers, lets say 70-90 ping. If there are real championsship and qualifiers the servers are almost always located in germany to give everyone a fair chance.
2019-06-13 10:04
bodyy | 
Afghanistan remiska 
europe is fairly small whne it comes to land area and very well connected so your ping wherever in europe you are will be good enough
2019-06-13 10:09
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