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Almost 2 months since the last time he played cs He still logs in and the last game he played was Rocket League on May, damn he just stopped caring about csgo
2019-06-13 05:42
United States Acehavok 
He should be working out.
2019-06-13 05:43
United States Sdsutton 
Dude his Mom died I would too tbh
2019-06-13 05:44
s1mple | 
Europe el1teman 
How would his mom death force him to quit games? Ofc he went to funeral and was depressed and spent time with family. But it's not like he is in bed for 2 months and crying with mom's picture
2019-06-13 06:07
That was me when my fish died
2019-06-13 06:55
But he has a daily life so what is he doing during the whole day
2019-06-13 07:14
I know people mourn at their own pace. I’m not one to judge but like fuck buddy how are you going to make money?
2019-06-13 06:13
And it's not like he stopped playing cs after his mother died, he went to play on for like 2 months after her death whilst streaming at the same time.
2019-06-13 06:16
That misdefuse on cache was depressing enough to quit cs
2019-06-13 05:45
rain | 
Lithuania LevelUpp 
+1 lol
2019-06-13 06:50
2019-06-13 06:58
He hasn't tweeted for two months as well
2019-06-13 06:10
Canada fIy 
flusha s1mple suNny daps electronic
2019-06-13 06:21
what the fuck is this
2019-06-13 06:28
Canada Abolition 
electronic's English isn't that good, wouldn't work out
2019-06-13 06:34
who needs englond lol, you can use short comands in csgo lmao
2019-06-13 17:29
lol i just win him in his last faceit's game ))) ive got +50 elo after this game and Im the reason why Flusha stops OMG
2019-06-13 06:31
THIS DUDE IS ONLY 25 WTF ? so many years at the highest level insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2019-06-13 06:30
he could be playing on smurf account
2019-06-13 06:41
Denmark Snakebye 
smurfing on faceit...
2019-06-13 06:47
Romania RunnerB0Y 
He's smurfing in silver on another account
2019-06-13 07:02
f0rest | 
China ZerOck 
flusha is still in the break
2019-06-13 17:27
Twistzz | 
Brazil vhoks 
No one knows how his family is coping with her death, neither if Flusha himself is having problems doing it because of other matters he could've already had. FFS guys, have some decency and respect for the dead, leave him be if you're not gonna help. Pros are, first most, people just like any of us. It's absolutely nothing of our business Flusha not taking situations like these like Dupreeh and TACO did.
2019-06-13 17:45
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