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lmao juho the worst type of person
Canada MrLoveYouAll 
Anyone here remember when I made a thread about how disgusting juho was? I played in a FPL with him, and he behaved like a complete fucking joke in a CLOSE game where both teams kept clutching and the rounds were truly hard to get - and we had to work together every round. It was me, three random guys from Macedonia and Russia, and juho. From pistol round, juho was toxic and yelled why no one was holding his back when he went solo B on cache without telling anyone (we could've known by checking the radar, but impossible to know when fucking fuckface juho is going to push and die, thus why we didn't have someone backing him up) After the game, I made a HLTV thread NOT flaming him as a person, just gave you guys a quick briefing how incredibly toxic and unprofessional this semi pro wannabe fuckface from Finland is. To my surprise, he replied in the thread and kept having arguments with everyone in the thread. I can say the suspicions about the cheating accusations seems true to me. Everyone knows he used to cheat, and he is a toxic kind of person anyway. The type of person to use wallhacks to keep up with GOD JOELZ in FPL TLDR: DONT SUPPORT JUHO, HE IS A FUCKING JOKE AND A FRAUD AND A SCAMMER, WHICH IS WHY NO ONE WANTS TO BE IN TEAM WITH HIM. AND THE ONLY TEAM HE GETS, IS A BETTING COMPANY OWNED TEAM "SUPERJYMY"
2019-06-13 13:04
Norway k3ron 
Thank mr. MrLoveYouAll Now I know juho is a bad guy mens(((((((((
2019-06-13 13:07
Finland Teukkasd 
who cares tier 10 players btw. jOELZ is god
2019-06-13 13:08
Forgot to write: We lost pistol, and tried a forcebuy. I had all grenades, armor and CZ - and played on A site cache behind the forklift. I said: "When they execute, I flame the door, and we focus on A main entrance together. You start shooting, and I peek above the forklift headshot position" I molotoved squeaky door, focused on A main. Suddenly he throws a molotov right on me. He didnt miss, he didn't misunderstand. He straight up threw a incendiary nade on me, just to troll me We lost the round, and I asked him "wtf are you doing man??? we could've won the round fucking idiot" and I started to become angry and called him a pussy and idiot and stuff, he replied with "chill out pleb, its only eco" or something At first, everyone else thought I was toxic because no one saw what he did. until he started teamflashing on purpose, and "accidentally" stab his team mates during site executes. He is so fucking toxic I'd rather play with an angry Turkish kid than this fucking juho guy
2019-06-13 13:08
That is the look of a person who is sick of getting rekt by new players The look of a person who is contemplating injecting haxxx
2019-06-13 13:16
Norway k3ron 
2019-06-13 13:17
Portugal NabasKi 
2019-06-13 13:26
blatant waller too VAC when
2019-06-13 13:16
he is the worst, everyone knows he cheats. Did you not see the convo between Loba and some other semi pro? They were saying like "fuck man fuck this, juho is cheating AGAIN"
2019-06-13 13:21
2019-06-13 13:35
link in comment below bro
2019-06-13 13:41
no I didn't
2019-06-13 13:36
ill find it two sec
2019-06-13 13:40
here bro: NOTE TO ADMIN: dont ban me for linking reddit plz, i dont give a shit about reddit fuckface website, but i just wanted to show this aussie m8 of mine
2019-06-13 13:41
crazy how it seems like they know he's cheating yet they don't even take any steps to inform organizers makes me wonder about the integrity of all these smaller tournaments
2019-06-13 13:46
nvm, found it, here's the link, if anyone's interested -
2019-06-13 13:37
who? irrelevant player
2019-06-13 13:23
Canada NELK 
2019-06-13 13:24
China lxxl 
He looks super weird too
2019-06-13 13:24
Sweden tuudor 
what do u expect he looks like a meth addict that got electric shock
2019-06-13 13:25
+1 :D
2019-06-13 13:40
f0rest | 
Romania Snoui 
Ok, sorry.. Stop blame me :(
2019-06-13 13:25
ur not FPL lol fokin bot m8
2019-06-13 13:38
who is not FPL fucking soyboy I will FPL the shit out of you if you want to try for $$$ bishh 1v1 500SEK any map i dont give a shit you can even bring a puta friend and ill bring a friend for a wingman 500SEK per player
2019-06-13 13:43
link me ur faceit then, ur fucking dogshit bot
2019-06-13 13:43
link me yours so i can report you for being boosted low lvl trash
2019-06-13 13:45
länka då om du är fpl din jävla bot?
2019-06-13 13:49
horunge inte tro du er YZN fucking noob trash
2019-06-13 13:51
flag checks out?
2019-06-13 13:49
Norway k3ron 
Isn't that ironic?
2019-06-13 13:52
actually i haven’t started to iron my clothes yet
2019-06-13 13:54
Norway k3ron 
Oh, ok then it's not ironic
2019-06-13 14:01
this is an old copypasta wow
2019-06-13 14:03
Ivory Coast Takepot 
You know how much of a fucking beta bitch you look like for making a hltv thread about someone being mean too you in an online game?
2019-06-13 14:05
Portugal nakbarone 
How old is he?
2019-06-13 14:07
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