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Anthony Davis
Sweden BanksyV 
Got traded to Lakers for Lonzo and Ingram, W or L trade for the Lakers?
2019-06-16 02:06
W, they just need Kemba and is a guaranteed ring for the King
2019-06-16 02:11
Belgium YoGatesKevin 
Ez 1st round exit
2019-06-16 02:13
+1 yes Lechoker won’t get his ass carried by god Uncle Drew in the playoffs again. Another easy win for the goat Durant, won’t even play in the playoffs but will be FMVP
2019-06-16 03:07
W who the fuck is lonzo ball
2019-06-16 02:11
Belgium YoGatesKevin 
L ofc AD ruined his career
2019-06-16 02:13
Care to elaborate?
2019-06-16 02:19
Belgium YoGatesKevin 
AD about to get his health totally destroyed just like Kyrie did. Plus still won’t get a ring. Adding one of Kyrie (highly unlikely) or Jimmy Lultler won’t get them a ring lol.
2019-06-16 02:23
Who are your 3 favorites next season?
2019-06-16 02:37
Belgium YoGatesKevin 
Tough to call. Western conference I feel like Clippers can go deep. Jerry West is literally the living GOAT, he created Warriors dynasty. A one All-Star away from doing the same in LAC. East will be shithole. Milwaukee should continue dominating there. Can’t see Philly, Boston or Brooklyn doing damage. Toronto is dependent on Kawhi, how well they do depends on him ofc, hopefully he goes to Clippers.
2019-06-16 02:44
Cool, i'm gonna check them out.
2019-06-16 03:04
Faroe Islands Josuke 
lmfaooooo useless trade they’ve got no shooters and no bench ahahhaah
2019-06-16 02:25
useless trade for useless team keep or trade, still trash
2019-06-16 02:47
Laz | 
Japan Unagi 
they got AD and kept Kuzma well played
2019-06-16 02:30
Finland Teukkasd 
thats fuckin insane
2019-06-16 02:42
W for both teams tbh. This off-season finna be crazy
2019-06-16 02:45
Belgium KevinGatesYo 
W obviously Lakers - Rockets in west finals
2019-06-16 02:49
Lithuania rohall 
3 picks tho
2019-06-16 03:08
United States stephcurry30 
now lakers just need a 3 pt specialist like JR
2019-06-16 03:11
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