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C9 TenZ??
n0thing | 
Canada Abolition 
For anyone who didn't know about this Image: Thread: Thanks Frotha for pointing it out to me
2019-06-16 03:03
because vice is 10 times better, so is rush
2019-06-16 03:05
vice is only 10x better than harmless bots, same with RUSH
2019-06-16 03:06
damn tenz must be bad then
2019-06-16 03:06
nah TenZ is fine, Vice & RUSH suck (from everything I've heard & seen about TenZ, haven't had the chance to watch him)
2019-06-16 03:07
United States Frotha 
Carries in MDL and plays in about 6 mins on ATK. (Talking about Tenz)
2019-06-16 03:11
United States Frotha 
I mean I’m sure it just means he knows about tenz and probably had some contact with him
2019-06-16 03:07
NiKo | 
Vietnam NaM_csgo 
vice is trash
2019-06-16 03:07
vice 0.9 rating against NA bots kek
2019-06-16 03:08
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