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Would you enter a mosque? Would you be afraid?
2019-06-16 12:19
United Kingdom galaxyv2 
why would you be
2019-06-16 12:21
idk but people here are afraid, check replies below
2019-06-16 12:25
maybe bc many ppl who go to mosques also commit acts of violence?
2019-06-16 12:52
but many people who go to the shopping mall also commit acts of violence?
2019-06-16 16:23
How many people go to school and commit acts of violence?
2019-06-16 16:29
just NA things xaxaxaxaxa 😎😎😎
2019-06-16 16:29
2019-06-16 16:46
Yes, but only to throw a pig head there.
2019-06-16 12:22
flag checks out
2019-06-16 12:24
Ofc flag checks out, Poland is in the minority of countries that are actually free from this savage monsters.
2019-06-16 12:49
United States ferric 
Why so hateful?
2019-06-16 16:45
Estonia 9fiesta 
mosques are for terrorists (unpopular opinion)
2019-06-16 12:23
flag checks out
2019-06-16 12:24
Reunion 1iquser 
flair doesnt check out
2019-06-16 12:47
I did and it's not dangerous in the least. Very decent atmosphere. The danger is the gangs of men that came from muslim communities. It's the religion of conquer. Just ask girls from Rotherham.
2019-06-16 12:25
2019-06-16 16:52
Honestly, I think I need to repent my sin of laughter.
2019-06-16 16:54
Denmark Henry1887 
Yes I would enter, it wouldn't make me a muslim and I think you can learn from any religion. Many of my friends are muslims and islam has helped them to become better people
2019-06-16 12:27
United States ferric 
My mosque openly invites non-muslims and we regularly hold interfaith events at our mosque all the time
2019-06-16 16:46
Finland siloquez 
Cocaine is a helluva drug.
2019-06-16 16:48
i do every friday
2019-06-16 12:28
Turkey tastemycobra 
tourists in istanbul visit historical mosques, so did i visit some ancient cathedrals, churches around the world. what's the big deal?
2019-06-16 12:31
Netherlands RincoB 
Which if I might ask?
2019-06-16 17:15
My school went to a mosque when i was in the 7th grade, it was actually pretty chill and the preacher guy explained everything really well.
2019-06-16 12:45
Reunion 1iquser 
mosques are cool. they have circular roofs and pretty writings on walls and shit
2019-06-16 12:48
Every 5 vakit my frend
2019-06-16 12:48
Canada NELK 
I already went with school
2019-06-16 12:49
I've been to a mosque once. Creepy atmosphere. I dont like it.
2019-06-16 16:30
Canada ProvexPyker 
Already been. I went for a marriage, or like one step before that. It's chill really, it can get loud and the food isn't really healthy but it's not as bad as you think, it depends on the community really. I've heard of mosques that are very against non Muslims entering the masjid. Thankfully the ones near me are all decent and well funded. Edit: just a tip, if you have asthma maybe don't go because it can get pretty congested. If the mosque is big then it's okay but smaller ones get pretty bad with the carpet.
2019-06-16 16:36
I went into the mosque few weeks back ,came out safely inshaallah
2019-06-16 16:42
"came out safely" 😂 wtf was that supposed to mean
2019-06-16 17:59
United States ferric 
lol people here imagine mosques as slaughterhouses or deathhouses
2019-06-16 16:47
Finland siloquez 
Nope, just plotting stations. Why would they annihilate their own? (jOkInG.................not)
2019-06-16 16:49
Aerial | 
Finland JAarnio 
2019-06-16 16:48
Finland siloquez 
2019-06-16 16:49
Pakistan pashaGOD 
i go mosque every day mens 😎
2019-06-16 17:16
Germany mosstt 
Maybe once out of curiosity. Why would I be afraid?
2019-06-16 17:18
i've never done and I wont ever
2019-06-16 17:19
Russia og_loc 
i did once, nothing special
2019-06-16 17:19
i dont think infidels are allowed
2019-06-16 17:22
Mosques are open to everyone most of the time
2019-06-16 17:44
but grills have to cover themselves?
2019-06-16 17:47
Other VladimirLucas 
sure, mosques are quiet and the floor is soft enough to sit on
2019-06-16 17:24
Prepare to get some legs fungal infections
2019-06-16 17:49
Only to preach Jesus Christ as our Lord and saviour instead of pedophile, warmongering false prophet Muhamad
2019-06-16 18:24
Sweden meistr0 
No. Afraid? No Why i wouldnt enter: Because i dont like religion. But ppl can feel free to like whatever they like.
2019-06-16 18:37
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