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I dont understand the hate
Stewie2K | 
Korea BushDidAstralis 
China is by far the greatest country in this planet, they have the most beautful women, the smartest men, especially their leader, he is unbelievably smart, so smart that Eisenstein looks like a small kid next to him. They have the greatest tech, the most gorgeous buildings ever made, and their infrastructure is spot on. They have freedom every corner of their country, with the nicest police out there. China is number one in everything I say, everything!
2019-06-17 04:22
2019-06-17 04:22
I understand the hate, you live so far away from the greatest and most free country.
2019-06-17 04:26
Kyrgyzstan Anschluss 
2019-06-17 04:23
I feel bad that you got deported, I mean come on, fucking 2 guys at the same time is illegal in every way. You're social score hit the dump because of that man, reflect on your actions.
2019-06-17 04:28
2019-06-17 04:25
dont | 
China @me 
True I like my women like I like my cats, hairy
2019-06-17 04:26
"smartest men, especially their leader" -1000000/8
2019-06-17 04:31
China could be the new leading country if they fixed their human rights policy
2019-06-17 04:38
Canada allu_200IQ 
nt Xi
2019-06-17 04:39
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