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anxiety > T
s1mple | 
Latvia 4wheeldrive 
I mostly sit on PC but with decent metabolism and genetics untrained eye people sometimes think that I work out... Im like thats cute.. anyway im like 90% sure i will be 30 year old virgin, I think i am the "men going there own way" fag. I do have some big balls but anxiety to seize any moment just kills any initiative, I love the feeling to just go back home and chill on PC
2019-06-17 05:30
latvia potatoes :o
2019-06-17 05:34
Woof | 
Greece PitbuII 
ur mom is hoping to be grandma pls stop being a useless piece of shit and bang a girl like every normal male on earth
2019-06-17 05:34
Biggest turn off when a chick talks to me, and I dont go for the hot ones that I want it doesent feel good. its this 5g or something it fucked me up
2019-06-17 05:44
Sad life
2019-06-17 05:42
yes. I cant say bad life but boring life for 98% of peoples taste
2019-06-17 05:46
Same Fuck social interactions, I'd better buy myself some beer and chill at home
2019-06-17 05:48
find someone that also likes to go back home and chill on pc. rare but great.
2019-06-17 06:01
Europe HLTV_Incel 
MGTOW is biggest cope ever. How is your face like, and what is your height? Today all of females egos are inflated and they aim at top 20% males plus we live in a world where now its all about finding partners trough internet. Women approach you and beg to get fucked if you look like a Chad, if you're average aka normie, you will have to work hard to get 5/10 at best. If you are manlet then its over for you.
2019-06-17 06:07
i can tell your an incel straight away because this is definitely incorrect
2019-06-17 06:10
Europe HLTV_Incel 
IM A PROUD INCEL! tell me how did you ascend, did you personalitymaxx, showermaxx, jestermaxx and haircutmaxx or are you just a CHAD pretending to be normie?
2019-06-17 06:22
no, idk what kind of females you target but i know for a fact they dont aim for 20% top males, you prob think that cuz you get rejected a shit ton LUL
2019-06-17 06:26
Yea I have to be not nice but in smart way than they DTF
2019-06-17 21:52
My friend is a head shorter than me and he has a new girl every other day. This incel shit is insane, and inaccurate.
2019-06-17 21:57
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