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GuardiaN vs brazilians
Spain elskio LUL axaxaxaxaxaxa XD
2019-06-18 23:22
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United States inflict 
He's costing me points @ -27 :(
2019-06-18 23:23
Why would you pick him? He been bad for months
2019-06-18 23:27
United States inflict 
needed an awper and he was one of the cheaper one that is likely to go far into this tournament for more points
2019-06-18 23:47
Hmm yeah but stats are very important in Fantasy as well, I'm enjoying my kennyS pick so far, kinda shit the bed with coldzera and Fer tho, but still happy mouz won😎
2019-06-19 00:51
United States inflict 
well shit he ended -39 :( kennyS should have been the pick
2019-06-21 17:18
Brazil MadBettorGrr 
Men I picked only brazilians on my teams #PrayForMe
2019-06-18 23:30
it's cause of vertigo
2019-06-18 23:37
nice keylogger
2019-06-18 23:38
Finland Autisthicc 
was about to click but then i remember its hltv and no clicl links
2019-06-18 23:39
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