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why valve
France kipoCSGO^_^ 
why ? why you don't care about csgo ? 20 fking years and what we have ? some retards chiken stickers ? an "funny" old map in casual ? really
2019-06-19 02:10
Yugoslavia HeavySmoker 
Dead game
2019-06-19 02:10
what did you want? im so happy about dust2... so sad they dont add all old maps, so the new ones whould die
2019-06-19 02:12
Malaysia ez4harimaumuda 
The map is badly paletted dude. It looks like an 8bit quake map
2019-06-19 02:22
no clue what platted means. but this map is better then the old dust 2
2019-06-19 10:30
the map texture is hideous bro they made it ulook like 8bit when in actual fact there's hd texture to suit csgo.
2019-06-19 11:29
ur stupidity is unmatched
2019-06-19 11:31
go launch cs1.6 and tell me that the map is more hideous than csgo. Get an education loser
2019-06-19 11:33
''Get an education loser'' really had me laughing
2019-06-19 11:34
United States fatburger 
for the first time i agree with a german
2019-06-19 11:59
Philippines Eclipsa 
its supposed to look like that, to look nostalgic. Thats the fucking point.
2019-06-19 11:45
bro, dust 2 in 1.6 doesn't even look that ugly. That's like running in 16 bit. Valve could have done it better given the resources they have and the time they had. It's a DISGRACE to dust2 and the cs community. Mappers would throw up if they saw their maps like this.
2019-06-19 11:47
Dude it's just a silly joke, no reason to get mad about it. Are you always this toxic, or only on hltv?
2019-06-19 11:51
United Kingdom TiKoPigeon 
The wrong ordered Russian flag dude just killed the Islam flagged american.
2019-06-19 11:53
The Dutch flag was first and the only actual correct flag, which is actually a fact.
2019-06-19 11:57
United Kingdom TiKoPigeon 
I am sorry I dont speak Russian :(
2019-06-19 17:10
Dude, do you even 1.6 bro? Seriously. If you come from the cs1.6 community you will be infuriated how valve made "classic dust2".
2019-06-19 11:56
I'm playing CS since 1.1.. so what now?
2019-06-19 12:00
So to each their own. Valve is a huge company with lots of resources, I expected better is all what I'm saying. They made like look like a newbie that came out of learning Valve Hammer editor for the first few months and employ that guy to create the textures. Absolutely horrible.
2019-06-19 12:03
Maybe you take it too seriously
2019-06-19 12:04
Yeah because I want them to make a good impression of 1.6 and now all the kids playing :go will think old dust2 was a hideous map lol
2019-06-19 12:05
stop pretending and stfu
2019-06-19 13:46
2019-06-19 13:48
haha that can only be directed at your cry here all the time ^^
2019-06-19 14:11
United States theory^ 
They have it that way so most ppl can play the game at 60fps someway or another
2019-06-19 17:00
2019-06-19 17:00
Switzerland shemi 
The new Chicken Capsule is now available for purchase in-game lol you have 20 years anniversary and all you do is the fucking same boring microtransactions
2019-06-19 02:13
Gimme! major| major| major| FURIA HEY HEY HEY
2019-06-19 02:13
2019-06-19 02:14
Brazil L3afzera 
CSGO Community:WE WANT A OPERATION Valve: 20 years of CS? Why not another Sticker Capsule? FUCK YOU VALVE
2019-06-19 02:17
Just valve things
2019-06-19 02:21
Only noobs keep crying for an operation, no real CS player cares about operations.
2019-06-19 11:52
2019-06-19 11:54
Germany coldzera1337 
+1 I don‘t get why people what operations. For bad new maps to play in mm? Or for those awkward bot missions?
2019-06-19 12:00
2019-06-19 12:01
New Zealand gaxen 
2019-06-19 12:06
pm | 
Canada Areos 
That's true
2019-06-19 13:54
2019-06-19 11:58
expected from volvo
2019-06-19 12:02
It seems like this game is supposed to die, veterans are loyal but they will eventually perish, if you want to keep the game great, or make it even bigger, you gotta change it, improve it, not keep the same boring shit for 20 years and wonder. Where did all our playerbase go?
2019-06-19 02:29
name checks out
2019-06-19 02:39
What do you mean " Where did all our playerbase go?" CS:GO still has a daily 500,000+ player peak, much much more than 1.6 and CS:S combined, ever. People who think the player base is low are just deluded really.
2019-06-19 11:54
With every year since 2016 players leave, how can you actually lie to yourself like that? Dont you see? The hype for this game is over, its in a stage of dying and it'll be just like with 1.6 when only veterans will be left. There's nothing new happening, in fact there's nothing happening at all and matchmaking is still outdated and totally useless. Why would a casual play this game? There's nothing that keeps him playing it, he cant compete with friends and others cuz matchmaking is worthless, he doesnt even see any new operations anymore, the same old boring maps that everyone knows already, the meta is still back to the same shit. I understand that some people might've been frustrated at Aug meta but ffs, why are there so many guns when all you're using is like 5 of them in total. I've played 1.6, shitloads of hours in GO, but it just gets boring, im bored of the routine. I want something new, something that wont keep me playing it but something that will encourage me to play even more instead! Something new that i'll have to learn from the roots again, feel how it feels to learn back the game i love or at least used to. CS:GO isnt offering me this and it seems in still wont even in the future. So now, why would i keep playing it?
2019-06-19 13:42
Dude why all the effort. If you don't like a game, just don't play it. Don't be a drama queen about it.
2019-06-19 13:47
Sounds like valve attitude. That would explain why this game is dying.
2019-06-19 13:50
But it isn't dying at all, that's the point. if the game died for you, then just move on.
2019-06-19 14:05
Turkey Muff1nzZZ 
valve gay
2019-06-19 02:30
I think they will deliver something special late at night, it's like the "Today we won't throw you a party" and then you get a "Surprise party" lets see
2019-06-19 10:33
s1mple | 
Germany NatsuS 
They have copyright issues of the most all old maps.
2019-06-19 10:36
Those Sticker are SO UGLY omg
2019-06-19 11:35
2019-06-19 11:50
Russia 1gor1 
Why you need change in perfect game ? LOL go play fortnite or something
2019-06-19 11:54
Romania TheFatKid 
CSCV = counter strike community version it's the future baby!!
2019-06-19 12:08
Poland morosek 
Yall just retarded lol
2019-06-19 13:44
I dont need more than the AUG nerf
2019-06-19 13:44
Because they have a small team. Believe me, they do care about the game
2019-06-19 13:51
i don't talk about the dev team ,i know they are only something like 30, but about valve, just compare dota 2 and CS GO
2019-06-19 16:50
Because they have a small team compared to Dota
2019-06-19 16:51
yeah but why ? why valve dont give more people for the game ? i know the dev with valve "chose" the game that they want to work on, but I think they can give more to CS
2019-06-19 16:52
Valve has the believe that if people work on projects they want to work on, they do better work. So Valve lets it's developers freely choose which games they wanna work on. Unfortunately, fewer people choose csgo than Dota
2019-06-19 16:55
sad :(
2019-06-19 16:55
Very sad :(
2019-06-19 16:56
this is so funny, valve is shit. they dont care about old data players. Ye but sticker capsule is the best!! GIMMY MORE SHIT LIKE THAT. I play cs since 2k7, Im waiting for this anniversary, i think "Okey now, now valve give something good, something new, something interesting" and what we have? sticker capsule, this is the most disappointed thing for last couple years, seriously. I watch video about 20th anniversary, someone call this video a presentation before a new big update, and now im more disappointed. Here is the short movie: Its sad, really
2019-06-19 13:57
is that also why we have weekly quality updates? because valve doesn't care?
2019-06-19 17:02
"weekly" hum bug fixes, yeah, just compare to dota
2019-06-19 17:16
you can't compare it to dota, because dota has competition, cs doesn't. And if you're not satisfied with the amount/quality of updates in the first 6 months of the game then you're greedy and probably new as well, considering what valve did with the game around 2016-2017
2019-06-19 17:24
of course it's better since 6 mouth, but i'm sad that their is nothing really special for the 20years
2019-06-19 17:27
noone promised anything for the birthday, you shouldn't expec t too much from them. And btw the old dust is really special imo, I think it's a brilliant idea that noone expected, but it was implemented in a pretty lame way ( I wish it was playable in comp)
2019-06-19 17:33
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