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United States _Nohj 
What would you do?
2019-06-23 04:26
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2019-06-23 04:28
be a good president
2019-06-23 04:28
Expell jews and pepitos
2019-06-23 04:29
Albania 9898
Embezzle all of the money and put it towards enhancing the CS:GO scene/Hltv.
2019-06-23 04:31
very nice caper
2019-06-23 05:02
India Noobdian
2019-06-23 04:32
brag on hltv about me being president
2019-06-23 04:32
United States Project|7
Build a wall.
2019-06-23 04:33
Send neo-liberal crypto marxist shit-libs to Liberia to live away from the tyranny of white patriarchy.
2019-06-23 04:33
neoliberal marxists????
2019-06-23 04:36
neoliberal maoist techocratic facists
2019-06-23 04:40
inform me when you find one of them please, I hate everything neoliberal
2019-06-23 04:41
marxists hate everything. All of human history and culture, and the beauty of these stories and even still existing monuments. Tear it all down, replace it with soulless party worship. Not even human beings tbh.
2019-06-23 04:46
yes man we want to turn all of you into robots :))))
2019-06-23 04:47
In practice it is what has always happened. Not robots, just husks of humans.
2019-06-23 04:49
yes men people only worked and slept
2019-06-23 04:50
Forgot starved and get sent to gulag kkkkkkk Get back in the bread line buddy (unless you are Ukrainian, no bread for you)
2019-06-23 04:56
how lucky we are to live under capitalism, a system that never ever needed breadlines
2019-06-23 04:59
>2 sides of the same coin What if I told you you didn't need to flip checkmate, atheists.
2019-06-23 05:00
so what exactly is your point?
2019-06-23 05:02
That marxism isn't and hasn't shown itself to be a reasonable solution to the problems of capitalism. Nor does it really eliminate "classism", just gives it another name. I believe that our problems run a lot deeper than political or economic policy. My initial point before triggering you shitlibs was that you are all GOING BACK TO AFRICA
2019-06-23 05:08
but I'm not from africa :(
2019-06-23 05:08
That is some fucking buzz words. Bravo
2019-06-23 04:37
>neo-liberal crypto marxist shit-libs clearly you have no idea what any of these words mean.
2019-06-23 04:37
Lol 3 insta spams. Yeah of course it's fucking buzz words. Are you guys frothing at the mouth retarded? Sending you to liberia btw.
2019-06-23 04:39
no it's not that its buzzwords you fucking retard it's that it's contradictory buzzwords you clearly have no idea what you're talking about "neo-liberal" and "marxist" are two contradictory terms that describe two ideologies that heavily oppose one another.
2019-06-23 05:01
its a fucking meme you dip I just used a bunch of buzzwords used to describe left leaning politics (usually in usa). It didn't mean anything. We are on a thread discussing a hypothetical world where we are the president of the USA and I said I would send shitlibs to fucking LIBERIA. I have no idea what any of those terms mean and I am actually getting my handler to write this comment right now. You win bucko. KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
2019-06-23 05:04
United States tatsumi
2019-06-23 04:52
unban steel 😎😎😎
2019-06-23 04:33
Nuke every state multiple times
2019-06-23 04:34
attempt to fix most of the problems this country has like a sane person that cares about their country and oh boy do we have plenty of them.
2019-06-23 04:35
Okay, I'm changing my answer. I'd nuke Massachusettes multiple times.
2019-06-23 04:37
I’d nuke your country of Britain until its nothing but rubble.
2019-06-23 04:37
I don't know what you're talking about, sir, I'm a born and bred Liechtensteiner 😎
2019-06-23 04:37
2019-06-23 04:38
Ich bin ein Liechtensteiner
2019-06-23 04:39
We can come to a consensus on whether black people are indeed people or that, people deserving health care, or my favorite one on whether we should continue to imprison people in concentration camps
2019-06-23 04:39
OK | 
Russia OKboi
Sell each state to different countries and only keep Alabama.
2019-06-23 04:36
abolish the US
2019-06-23 04:37
Ahh if only
2019-06-23 04:42
I would ban Elige because of his huge ego
2019-06-23 04:37
I'd feed him an apple, and a carrot or two.
2019-06-23 04:39
Austria young1e
Would say Europe (Germany especially) is better than the US :D
2019-06-23 04:39
deport myself and be the first president to be deported
2019-06-23 04:51
Send hugs and kisses to every country and make amends by gifting them weed
2019-06-23 05:03
Canada Abolition
deport you
2019-06-23 05:05
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