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Voting for?
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United States Vix_NBK_FanBoy 
If your not voting for Bernie....what and who are you voting for, Republicans have shown to not be able to get ANYTHING done and are only good at stopping progress from happening and if you good and if you want any meaningful change hes the best out there
2019-06-23 04:46
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Albania 9898
How have they shown that? Surely Democrats have done the same.
2019-06-23 04:50
Trump ain't done nothing but ban trans people from the military and bring back contention camps And yes Obama type dems are the same
2019-06-23 04:56
United States notawaffle
finally a reasonable man
2019-06-23 05:32
2019-06-25 05:57
2019-06-25 21:28
United States rad1ey
2019-06-25 22:42
contention camps???
2019-06-24 07:02
Illegal immigrant in detention centers
2019-06-24 07:03
wtf didnt know you had forced labour in the us thats crazy
2019-06-24 17:08
i mean its called the prison industrial complex for a reason. and also that's not the dentition of a concentration camp.
2019-06-24 19:27
they don't ppl llike ocazia cortez or ilhan omar call it like that to spread propaganda against border protection, these open society anarchists want everyone to come in without any control, they are holding illegals there who want to cross the border illegally.i know this sounds weird to you since you live in sweden where everyone can come in no matter if they have papers or are murderers, terrorists or rapists, it's the same in germany, but most countries in the world watch out for their safety and control who is coming in.
2019-06-25 10:59
was just a b8 bud
2019-06-25 13:12
No, this guy actually believes that stuff
2019-06-26 12:01
+1 Republicans are fucking joke, party for dumb racist people and conspiracy theorists who listen to alex jones...
2019-06-24 07:12
United States G0LDEAR
Error 404 smart leftists cannot be found
2019-06-25 02:21
2019-06-25 05:38
I don't agree with everything you said, but the Republican party has completely and utterly failed in helping the average American.
2019-06-25 11:45
As if the Democrats haven't done the same thing
2019-06-26 04:26
Atleast their not openly racist
2019-06-26 04:36
lol tru
2019-06-26 04:46
Why don't you give an example for them being "openly racist"
2019-06-26 12:02
no they're just racists, disguising as people trying to help. Which totally isn't more malicious
2019-06-26 12:11
At least the Democrats have succeeded in achieving some of their goals in regard to social issues. Republicans are supposed to be Conservatives, they've completely failed to conserve anything.
2019-06-26 07:51
Conservative isn't literal. Theyre against company restrictions to help the environment. The party's most recent notable accomplishment has been pro-life laws in many states across the country.
2019-06-26 14:53
I meant at a national level. Old Conservatism was about maintaining old values and lifestyles, there's a reason the term "neocon" exists. As if an actual Conservative would want America's vast forests and diverse wildlife destroyed by pollution to help some company's bottom line. The modern Conservative movement is a joke that's failed to conserve anything. Banning abortion in Alabama, possibly the most Conservative state in the country, isn't an accomplishment. They've done absolutely nothing at the national level except delay liberal social positions. That's all they can do, delay and sell out to corporations.
2019-06-26 16:24
Neither party can agree on anything. Republicans want border security while Dems want an open border policy. Trump wants to push bills through but stubborn democrats refuse to pass them. Both parties are at fault for delaying bills and both refuse to cooperate with each other.
2019-06-26 19:10
What I'm trying to say is on social issues, Conservatives have been losing for years. Conservatives treat border security as an economic issue, that's literally the only reason they haven't failed at that too. If border security was a moral, social issue, they would've easily lost over a decade ago.
2019-06-27 04:08
You're right on that one. I didnt quite understand what you were saying. It's not that Republicans are against social issues, but they dont seem to care enough about reform.
2019-06-27 18:35
Actually, the economical situation of the USA is doing well right now, and it has a lot to do with Obama's government imo If you look at the unemployment rate : Trump is so proud of it, but it isn't some kind of a miracle that happened with his reforms, like he claims, it started dropping with Obama, and it kept falling during Obama's 8 years So yeah, unemployment rate isn't everything, and the unemployment rate was so high that it could hardly keep growing, especially right after the subprime crisis. But my point is that, whatever is your perception of it, Obama's government got concrete results, and this can't be denied. USA's economy is doing well right now, and it's not all thanks to Trump like he claims it.
2019-06-24 17:16
+1 uwu senpai
2019-06-25 08:21
2019-06-25 08:52
+1 Some people say it was Trump, but what exactly did he pass that actually caused the stock market to soar like it did?
2019-06-25 11:46
He got elected which caused a boost. Whenever a Republican gets elected, the stock market always gets a boost for some odd reason.
2019-06-26 20:04
Because people know Republicans will support corporations so tons of people move their liquid savings into stocks, which inflates the price. What I'm saying is he basically did nothing personally to do this, it was his election and Obama's efforts to fix the economy beforehand that caused the stock market to rise. The stock market is just a number based on speculation. I don't think Trump has actually done anything to fix the economy, in fact many parts of the economy are worse off than before.
2019-06-27 04:12
The trans ban was good.
2019-06-25 04:31
Fuck off idiot
2019-06-25 05:00
Transgender people: High suicide rates & high medical bills Two things you want to avoid putting in positions that are supposed to defend your country
2019-06-25 20:46
United States rad1ey
Our country spends more than enough to cover any ones medical bills. They have higher suicide rates because they are looked down on and treated as lesser. Ya know, like any minority group that has to fight for civil rights.
2019-06-25 22:44
Transgender people now have a higher suicide rate than jews in WWII Don't come at me telling that transgenders are looked down upon more than jews in WWII such an invalid argument
2019-06-25 23:03
United States rad1ey
Not the point I made but that's fine.
2019-06-25 23:05
They have higher suicide rates because they are looked down on and treated as lesser. -> They have a high suicide rate because they are not mentally stable people; they are sick. Our country spends more than enough to cover any ones medical bills. -> Well they fucking shouldn't
2019-06-25 23:12
Well, you just called trans ppl sick, usually I would say smth bad as well in response to that, but I think that pathetic ppl like you get what they deserve even if it that some long time, so yeah, enjoy
2019-06-26 04:39
Honestly if you think a trans person is mentally stable you are brainwashed. Suicide rate before and after transition is the same aswell. They are not 100% and need help - not their genitals cut off.
2019-06-26 05:19
+1 smart man
2019-06-26 05:34
Hahahaha This pathetic way of thinking makes me laugh so fucking much. Its so obvious why the suicide rate doesnt change, society will make sure of that, do you know why? Bcs of cancerous ppl like you. Anyways, hope you change your mind one day. No one deserves a limited person like you on the family
2019-06-26 06:11
And what if I tould you that suicide rate among trans is actually increasing rather than decreasing (especially among teenagers)? Would you dare to tell me that a trans person is more suscetible to suffer from discrimination nowadays than 10-20-30 years ago? Just to make things very clear, I really do not have anything against trans adults, people do whatever they want with their lives, we are indeed all equals in that regard (or at least should be, as per my POV). What really bothers me is people like you, encouraging kids to undergo chemical/hormonal/cirurgical treatments even before they can experience things in life, sometimes even before they enter puberty. That is just sick.
2019-06-26 06:33
Thats a simple thing, there are more trans ppl now than 10 20 30 yrs ago, thats simple logic. 10 20 30 yrs ago there was no surgery to change sex. The amount of ppl in this condition increased, such as the suicide rate. Its obvious
2019-06-26 19:59
Are you dumb or what? The RATE is increasing. Do you even know what that means? I guess not.
2019-06-26 23:33
Well it is true that they are fucked in the head. Multiple factors show that starting with the fact that they think they are something different than they actually are
2019-06-26 12:03
So you are saying that we have to like the way we are born and we have to stay that way even if my change doesnt affect you in any way? Who are u to say that? God?
2019-06-26 20:01
No that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying let's give these people professional help so they don't kill themselves instead of giving into their mental illness.
2019-06-27 09:33
Europe crosst
good, trans people to therapy
2019-06-25 11:50
North America noahB_
Warren, bernie is dumb af on nuclear sorry
2019-06-23 04:50
But better than her on every other issue
2019-06-23 04:56
United States rad1ey
2019-06-25 22:45
Unrelated but 90% of the first Bolshevik government was made up by Jews
2019-06-23 04:52
Cool, still got oppressed by the ussr.
2019-06-23 04:57
Yeah but they played a noticeable role in rise of communism in USSR and China. So could say without them = no communism And imagine how much better the world would be...
2019-06-23 05:01
Bro just say you dont like Jews and your brain has been infested with 1950s era red scare shit. You most likely dont know what communism is, and think is it like the ussr
2019-06-23 05:02
Ok bro since you are clearly the more educated one here could you explain communism and how despite being less than 0.02% of the population, Jews made up a lot of the communist governments?
2019-06-23 05:05
Communism is a stateless moneyless and classless society. Also there hasnt ever been any communist goverment, and idk bro Jewish culture actually values education and being successful, unlike alot of other cultures. And can you please stop hiding your beliefs, just makes trying to have a conversation harder when you hide your power level
2019-06-23 05:07
Damn, jews seem like really nice people with great values! You know, maybe they should run everything. Oh wait
2019-06-23 05:10
Good dodge on the communism thing btw, you knew youd get railed. And if you think be not saying there is a grand conspiracy to rule the world, I think all Jews are good people? I push for Israel to be fucking nuked, but for different reason than you :)
2019-06-23 05:14
Damn real communism never got tested. You see, with all the attempts of making it happen, it just never came out exactly perfect. Also millions of people still died because of these Jewish governments. Communist or not.
2019-06-23 05:23
No not even " not real communism" they just weren't communism by any definition
2019-06-23 05:24
Unlucky now its just jewish murderers
2019-06-23 05:27
You do know Jews where oppressed in the USSR? Right?
2019-06-23 05:29
what about the Jews in power in the first Bolshevik government?
2019-06-23 05:33
Dont think that Matters lmao, but keep trying to push the jew thing buddy
2019-06-23 05:34
It really does matter. How can such a small group of people rise to one of the largest and powerful countries in the world? Converting most of eastern Europe into their ideology, and the effects are still felt today
2019-06-23 05:36
Idk bro I dont happen to care about people ethnicity and or race. Means nothing to me
2019-06-23 05:39
so maybe just a coincidence that they all happened to be Jews?
2019-06-23 05:40
Jesus Christ stop going through this anti Semitic shit storm. The Jews aren’t some shadowy cabal that turns the world
2019-06-24 08:27
good goyim
2019-06-23 05:47
The logical idea is supporting communism, and there being a communist goverment, would actively prevent pogroms, and discrimination based on their ethno-religious orientation.
2019-06-23 05:08
nice englando fakeflagger
2019-06-23 05:07
2019-06-23 05:07
You spend your entire life on HLTV and still don't know how the reply function works
2019-06-23 05:08
I haven't been on this shit whole in a few days mind you, and I'm def not fakeflagging.
2019-06-23 05:09
2019-06-23 05:20
Source? Party census in 1922 claims it was just over 5% (in high positions, so Central Committe, Presidium, People's Commissars etc) despite there being no need to hide their religious affiliation, especially because they were in the party. And if you're talking about ethnicity, only 6% were ethnic Jews.
2019-06-23 05:06
Csnt see anymore. So am down here And bro I dont know what to tell you, iv already explained how Jewish culture can explain alot of things, but you seemed to ignore that. Also...respond to #17, would love to see that response
2019-06-23 05:46
yes their "culture" was responsible for the deaths of millions of people
2019-06-23 05:52
So is yours, and especially capitalism. But also, communism isn't a Jewish culture thing, the one Jewish state Is fascist. Also the USSR wasn't communism and was state capitalism, and Jews where still oppressed under the USSR
2019-06-23 05:56
So is mine? I don't understand this. yes and they still made up this government of state capitalism
2019-06-23 06:05
So what if they where a big part of the government? Still oppressed the fuck out of jews
2019-06-23 18:52
because most of the people in the USSR who died were not jews?
2019-06-23 21:14
But the Jews were oppressed by the USSR, so you trying to make it out as the USSR was a very Jewish controlled thing Is retarded
2019-06-23 23:53
So they were oppressed and given high level jobs?
2019-06-24 00:02
Can you give me any proof that Jews where 90% of the government of the USSR's history
2019-06-24 06:23
Because almost all jews were murdered or ran away because, i dont know, ww2.
2019-06-25 02:27
None of the establishment or no chancers like Warren and Pete. Only way to beat Trump is to put up a longshot. Someone thats unknown.
2019-06-23 04:56
Or we go with the best runner the USA has seen in like 60 fucking years
2019-06-23 04:57
How's Warren a no-chancer? She's dropped policy after policy since announcing and has surged in polls. Certainly a top 4 contender.
2019-06-23 05:03
Shes not going to appeal to certain swing states which are extremely important. She hasnt brought up any issues in the swing states of the Rust Belt like job loss. She only focused shit on healthcare and that idiotic policy of free college.
2019-06-23 05:05
"Elizabeth’s green manufacturing plan: By investing $2 trillion in American research and American manufacturing of clean energy technology, we can lead the global effort to combat climate change, boost our economy, and create more than a million good jobs here at home." "Leveling the Playing Field for Entrepreneurs: Generations of government discrimination have denied Black and other minority families opportunities to build wealth, making it harder for them to start a successful business and holding back our economy. My new plan provides $7 billion in funding to help level the playing field, and support 100,000 small businesses and more than a million jobs." "Elizabeth’s Plan to Improve Our Military Housing: Our military families have been raising the alarm about their living conditions for years. This stops now. I have a plan to improve our military housing, protect families from abuse, and hold private developers accountable for the promises they make to those who serve our country." "Leveling the Playing Field for America's Family Farmers: Today, a farmer can work hard, do everything right, and still not make it. My plan gives family farmers a fair shot by tackling consolidation, un-rigging the rules that favor big agribusiness, and standing up for America’s farmers against foreign interests." "Elizabeth's Housing Plan for America: Every American deserves a safe and affordable place to live. My plan makes a historic investment in housing that would bring down rents by 10%, create 1.5 million new jobs, and begin closing the racial wealth gap."
2019-06-23 05:19 I think this is part of how she's planning to raise the money. Not taxing corporations much is what's propping up the stock market, so instead she's going after wealthy families and individuals (this is my guess on what her motives are). I can see these wealthy people just moving their money onto offshore accounts and investments. Her wealth tax is honestly way too ambitious.
2019-06-25 11:50
2% is ambitious?
2019-06-25 20:46
In France apparently lots of millionaires have left the country because of a similar tax.
2019-06-25 21:26
dude they could put up a freaking cardboard sign and it would beat trump this time
2019-06-23 06:26
United States ImFat
Trump still has his core voters (which is around 40% of the voters I would say) so his base is still huge, all he needs to do is get just enough people to swing over again an end he’s got it ez again. Just like 2016 the dems have trash candidates like Pete, Beto, Biden and Warren. I think the only one to win it would be Bernie, it’s a long shot but I feel like it would be a unexpected win just like Trump.
2019-06-24 06:43
Donald J. Trump.
2019-06-23 05:02
I want someone effective and that isnt the most retarded human on earth
2019-06-23 05:03
United States Project|7
Says the dude that wants to vote for Bernie lol.
2019-06-23 23:58
Ya he actually has positions that make sense, rekt😎
2019-06-24 06:05
United States KreVv
free college POGGERS
2019-06-24 06:14
Ya free public college that has worked in evey other advanced country
2019-06-24 06:25
United States CaliNinja
no "free" college its not free lol
2019-06-24 06:48
get ready for 100 percent taxes oh boy
2019-06-24 07:27
In my ideal word money wouldn't even be a thing :)
2019-06-24 07:36
United States KreVv
2019-06-24 18:12
this is kind of the problem. because we dont and never will live in your ideal world, so we have to do things that actually work in the actual real world. And let me just tell you that basing all of your positions on taking the richest most powerful people on the planet's stuff through legislation, isnt going to go very far.
2019-06-25 23:23
Nobody in the world has 100% taxes. Highest taxes you'll see are 40-45% and that is in scandinavia, where everything gets paid for by the government. Schools, daycare, healthcare, unemployment.
2019-06-25 02:29
US taxes already 40 percent
2019-06-25 03:50
40-45 highest? Most european countries have 50-60% being taxed, also you can't have a Roth IRA, you can't have money saved up and you can't invest it either because it will all be taxed. The government is basically sucking everyones wealth out of them to use it on useless stuff, atleast in the Netherlands. Let's say you make 10 million $ in lifetime first income tax: there goes easily 5 million second: let's say you wanted to invest 1 mil$ - well that sucks for you because risk is high and because of taxes it's barely worth it So you have this 5 million, you die - you want to give it to 2 children state takes another 20% - you are down to 4 million $. And this is without any sort of taxes for using a car etc. They each get 20% of what you've built your entire life because the rest goes to taxes - and if they want to buy shit with it they have to pay another 21% in VAT which effectively gives them 15.8% of the wealth you would've had without taxes. It's absurd. And why do we pay so much taxes? To give useless, lazy, stupid people that have no ambition an easy life. No fuck that. Oh yeh and income is capped at 230k/ year This is why I'm not going to stay in the Netherlands. Fuck. That. Shit.
2019-06-25 04:41 Stop lying retard. Even in Denmark if you earn 40k EUR a year you only pay 37% tax. Also cute that you think your income will be a lot higher in other countries. Only countries where you can earn a lot more is Louxemburg and Norway, but average cost of life there is a lot higher. US salaries are higher as well, but their insurance costs for example are a lot higher. Be fucking grateful for living in a wealthy country.
2019-06-25 10:06
you think 40k a year is high??????? also paying 37% tax on a 40k salary is fucking ridiculous unless youre doing nothing all day long (which i suppose is likely in denmark).
2019-06-25 11:07
It's not high, it's middle class.
2019-06-25 11:29
well you clearly didnt understand my point. i made almost that much with a borderline minimum wage job when i was 18. if thats your middle class then its a clear example as to why (at least for people who aim for success) high taxes and redistribution is not effective for being a dominant economic force (because people who actually make money will just leave, or abuse loopholes) which a number of countries want to be (at least the countries that pay for their own military defence etc. given the fact that we dont live in a post war world despite what most europeans seem to believe). also youre the one who is lying about taxes not going above 45% in Europe, idk why you would say Europe and then only use Denmark as an example. i know people in France who get taxed 60-70%...
2019-06-25 11:41
40k EUR is the median income in a lot of european countries. You didn't make that much with a minimum income since the highest minimum income in the world is still only 20.000 per year. Taxes aren't 70% in france. Even if you would earn 100 million per year, you would pay 55% tax. i used Denmark as an example since they are known for having a bit higher tax rates.
2019-06-25 11:46
you get bonuses for doing overtime or doing exemplary work. also you can say all you want that taxes dont go that high in France, but i know people who pay taxes at that rate, so idk what to tell you. its a 45% tax purely from income tax in france in the highest bracket.
2019-06-25 11:53
2019-06-24 07:34
United States CaliNinja
Then stop calling it that lol so triggered
2019-06-24 16:57
It's free in terms of the person. Not having to pay 100k for a degree, and your being so disingenuous with that retarded ass statement
2019-06-24 19:25
United States CaliNinja
LOL you are so triggered.
2019-06-24 21:01
And? Retardation normally pisses me off
2019-06-24 23:29
United States CaliNinja
1. It is not free at all not per person not at all. 2. It will lead to higher taxes and kill the lower and middle class just like it has done to me and many others in Canada. 3. You being triggered by my soft statements makes you one of the biggest snowflakes I have ever scenes
2019-06-25 02:15
bro this dumb fuck is the stereotype saying that real communism has never been tested.
2019-06-25 11:09
expected from retarded baguette fakeflagger
2019-06-25 04:46
I'm not a fake flagger lmao
2019-06-25 05:02
I can't obviously, but I've got 6 friends on board the bernie bus.
2019-06-23 05:06
Most of mine are too, but one of them kinda just agrees with me on everything because he sees me a father figure for some reason
2019-06-23 05:08
sadly, he's too old imo
2019-06-23 06:26
Liberal Democrats, or maybe Labour. Probably Liberal Democrats, though.
2019-06-23 05:13
Why lib dems? Do you like austerity?
2019-06-23 05:27
Mainly for the potential to reverse Brexit, but because of first past the post I wouldn't actually vote for them. I live in Brighton so it's incredibly likely for Green to win so I'd probably not vote at all, or if I had to I'd vote Green. And austerity is good, isn't it? Also I like their values.
2019-06-23 05:31
Yo, no shit? I'm over in Eastbourne. What's good my southern brother xd. And no, austerity very bad. Why do you think the NHS and Police are underfunded? Why do you think homlessness has doubled in 10 years? Why do you think we've the highest number of children going to school without breakfast?
2019-06-23 05:45
Ah, right, I see what you mean. But surely the Liberal Democrats aren't worse than the Conservatives in that regard, are they? If they are, I seriously need to reconsider my political position, but I think that can wait considering I still can't vote for a few months.
2019-06-23 05:48
They're liberal on social issues but economically conservative. I only used to vote for them because of Eastbourne being 50/50 con/libdem. Sure they're better than the Tories, but only by a smidge.
2019-06-23 06:00
gravel > bernie >>>>>>>>>>> everybody else
2019-06-23 05:14
Voting is for NPCs
2019-06-23 05:16
Post truth my bois
2019-06-23 05:17
coming from the guy sucking off a champagne socialist.
2019-06-25 11:13
Heres how Bernie can still win bros, we just need to match our donations!!!
2019-06-23 05:18
Trump gave us our first Major Win.
2019-06-23 05:19
In what? Bring back concentration camps?
2019-06-23 05:20
Just saying, Trump's made NA CS great again Obama - 0 Major Wins Bernie - Plays Overwatch Weld - Doesn't even know how to weld
2019-06-23 05:24
United States CaliNinja
Obama started those lol
2019-06-24 06:49
Acting like I defend Obama
2019-06-24 06:51
United States CaliNinja
also if Bernie allowed those animals out more murders will happen and America is already murder town
2019-06-24 06:52
then why lie by saying Trump brought them back?
2019-06-25 11:14
And Erdogan gave us iPhone.
2019-06-25 08:48
the election isnt for another 17 months, if you already picked who you're voting for...i'm sorry but you're an idiot.
2019-06-23 05:20
Well no I'm basing it off current shit, Bernie is the only good candidate
2019-06-23 05:21
It's to Vote for what they have done rather for what they promise because it is politics after all and These people will make promises..
2019-06-24 08:15
Brazil drluc4s
Socialism? NO THANKS
2019-06-23 05:30
Socialism? YES PLEASE 😎😎
2019-06-23 05:31
National Socialism 😎😎😎
2019-06-25 23:12
no thank you
2019-06-26 00:02
2019-06-26 01:49
2019-06-26 02:23
2019-06-26 11:48
Do you even know what socialism is?
2019-06-23 05:33
He only knows the corrupt brazilian socialism. Not the european high quality of life version.
2019-06-25 02:31
can you explain to me why socialism has worked in scandinavia and failed everywhere else? and then please explain to me why it would work in the US or other parts of the world.
2019-06-25 11:15
Scandinavia isn't fully socialist. It has socialist elements in their democracy. Other countries that tried that system are basically only USSR, North Korea and Cuba. USSR wasn't a communistic state, it was a rich elite abusing the poor. And it's exactly the same with North Korea and Cuba. Cuba was just a puppet of USSR to scare the US. Scandinavian "socialism" is where you add a bit more tax on income, so the government can fund Health care, schools, daycare, etc. The taxrates aren't 80% or something, but rather close to 35-40%. Sweden is the most extreme with 50%. Norway has low taxes but a rich government from the gas that is in their ground, so that's why they can also do these things. It's also not limited to scandinavia, but Western european countries like the Netherlands and Germany also have it to a certain extend. The reason it's working is because since it's completely funded by the government, their aren't investors that want a certain profit. Their aren't insurance agencies that want extra money so investors get richer. The reason why it could work in the US is that it actually lowers the cost for middle class people and helps lower class people into getting an education and not die from diseases that could have been treated by doctors. Also the higher tax might sound bad, but you have to remember that when you don't pay this extra %, you are paying the extra part for your health insurance or for your college debt. The only people that don't have any profit from socialism are banks and investors. They can't push insurance agencies to get maximum profits instead of trying to have the cheapest costs for everyone.
2019-06-25 11:41
see but your point about the USSR and Cuba (it is correct for north korea), is historically ignorant. how did Lenin and Castro start off? pretty sure they weren't rich elites. also completely irrelevant to this convo as those were attempts at communism, rather than socialism. why not look at Venezuela or France as socialist? those are more valuable comparison when attempting to apply soicalist policy to large populations. so please start again with an actual comparison of historical implementation of socialist policies in large countries vs small. also youre argument about how the cost comes to the same since you pay less for insurance etc. is ignoring how a capitalist and competitive economy operates. since in a free market people have a choice.
2019-06-25 11:48
also dont get me wrong, in an ideal world im a staunch communist. but i think we fail to acknowledge the impossibility of effective redistribution and nationalisation in massive countries like the US, China, Russia and Venezuela. if you really wanna champion these ideals look at kibbutzim and Scandinavia and then compare them to other countries where these ideals were almost implemented and try to understand why these succeed in some but fail in others. and dont do it in a manner that uses morality or looking down upon the actions of the revolutionaries because youre failing to acknowledge the benefit of your hindsight.
2019-06-25 12:01
Not to be offensive, but for people who don't really know much about economics, Socialism sounds good. And I used to fall into that category and I used to be a social democrat, until i understood 2 principles: -free stuff isn't actually free -that free stuff actually costs more than it would've costed had it not been free Denmark is probably the social-democrat heaven and they have tax rates of up to 60%. Schools are being funded everywhere. Heallthcare is way too expensive and is a complete waste. You keep paying for a guy that might never get ill, or that might die quick. And yes, I know that's the point of healthcare. But everybody should be doing that for themselves, not increase the public bill. On top of that, government funded healthcare is more expensive. Banks do profit from socialist policies. Why? More Government spending means deficit. Deficit means the Government taking loans. This in turn means higher interest rates. Investors do profit as well. Government subsidised stuff means a sure revenue. Since you know you have a buyer that's gonna keep coming, you can increase the price of whatever you're providing. And since we're talking about socialist policies within a free market system, this means that the government cannot regulate prices. This is how you get screws costing 2000$ a piece and all of it being legal. This is why military technology, for instance, is so expensive - because the Government is the only buyer. Do we really want to make the Government the buyer of other stuff too? The only socialist fiscal policy I'd like to see is progressive taxing. But not because I'd like to screw the rich and save the poor at the same time, but because I want to take that money and put it back into the economy through investments, not social policies and thus create an opportunity for both the rich and the poor to get richer. I'd like to see the big guy subsidise more of the infrastructure, and I'd like to relieve the small guy a little so he can have some extra cash which he might save up and invest into something.
2019-06-26 05:36
Scandinavia isn't socialist, very few countries/regions are actually socialist.
2019-06-25 11:53
you can't call it capitalist either, since they've nationalised a lot of shit. these arguments are useless because its making the obvious statement that 'things are comparative' without helping to define anything could literally go down this road for 12,000 words and would get nowhere aside from feeling puffed up. congrats on joining the club of people who make communication useless. in reality, if you take socialism by its definition there has never been a socialist society outside of kibbutzim.
2019-06-25 11:57
"congrats on joining the club of people who make communication useless" Dude, what? I agree they have some socialist elements, but I wouldn't call them fully socialist at all. In your comment you said "socialism has worked in Scandinavia", implying you think it's socialist. If you don't think they're fully socialist and just have some socialist elements, then we're in agreement.
2019-06-25 12:00
He is just trying to disagree to everything, ignore him.
2019-06-25 12:02
no i require nuance. i love people who go down this route. cus for everyone who says this about me theres a person who says the opposite. so i wonder.
2019-06-25 12:10
also what happened to that 45% tax maximum?
2019-06-25 12:12
by that i meant there's no reason to point out that its not 100% socialist cus it obviously isn't. sorry about being so curt, im sick, its early and i just had this argument yesterday with a number of americans in my family and theres a real problem with people focusing on and never moving past semantics. the reason why i made the communication point was because within the context of this convo, its understandable to call them socialist since were clearly not talking about extreme countries or theory (ie that in order for most things to be successful nuance is required) and it is also easier since i dont wanna type out social democracy. once again sorry bout being so curt.
2019-06-25 12:07
Okay, some people don't know what real socialism is and call everything socialist, you clearly do, but I didn't know that when writing my original comment.
2019-06-25 12:09
Denmark JustYes
Socialism HAS NOT worked in Sweden. Just look at that country, once a great country and now a shit hole. Well, its socialdemocrats but they've still ruined the country together with the left party and the green parties.
2019-06-26 03:37
The country is one of the beat country's on earth you fucking moron
2019-06-26 03:47
Denmark JustYes
It was. And stop insulting me just because I dont agree with you. If you're going to keep insulting me then your just a bad person and I won't discuss anything with you again. And Sweden isn't a great country ANYMORE. Really high taxes, shootings every single week, bomb explosions, bad politicians, uncontrollable immigration, open borders, no border control, bad climate politics, almost no money for the police, almost no money for the old people, gasoline prices too high, their politics are really bad for the people who live far up north in the country (they want us to drive less car and go with more trains, bus etc but the problem is that there is almost no trains or buses up in the northern parts of Sweden. And the punishments for crimes are way too low. Just to name a few things. And if you think socialism is so good, then take a look at Venezuela too.
2019-06-26 12:31
commie bernnie xaxa if thats comes true us will needed Pino xaxa)
2019-06-23 05:36
Commie is your mother is commie is Bernie
2019-06-23 05:40
? fat yankes especially without brain
2019-06-27 02:04
2019-06-23 05:43
I no like concentration camp
2019-06-23 05:46
United States Acehavok
1. Bernie 2. Tulsi 3. Yang 4. Warren 5. Foot lettuce 6. Trump
2019-06-23 05:47
Yang bellow foot lettuce
2019-06-23 05:50
United States Acehavok
I’d vote for him over any of the corporate Dem shitbags
2019-06-23 05:55
Hes worse than corporate dems
2019-06-23 06:25
United States Acehavok
How? Corporate Dems are all talk
2019-06-23 08:05
Lmao how? UBI can work.
2019-06-25 12:04
voting is for nerds
2019-06-23 05:55
Says the guy on a counter-strike forum.
2019-06-23 06:01
Shut up nerd boi
2019-06-23 06:02
2019-06-23 06:04
Ayayaya daddy
2019-06-23 09:21
whats so bad about Trump? just because of his anti-imigration policies, trade war and the recent tensions with iran? how is your economy going? is he really that bad?
2019-06-23 06:08
Tax Cuts: - $2T to wealthiest. - Working & Middle-class people hit harder than before cuts. Unemployment: - Majority of new jobs are low-paying and low-hours. - New jobs that have effected economy the most are military contracting, weapons manufacturing and fossil fuels. Not something to pat yourself on the back for. Wall Street: - Promised to close corporate tax loopholes on campaign. Didn't. - Remember that $2T? Yeah that went on stock buybacks. That's called artificial inflation. The exact same thing that happened right before the 2008 crash. Tariffs & Subsidies: - $700B a year in subsidies to fossil fuel companies. - Farmers and steel workers hit hard by trade wars Funny how the people that champion Trump's economy clearly know fuck all about it.
2019-06-23 06:19
I need this summary saved somewhere.
2019-06-25 02:32
Also cuse concentration camps
2019-06-23 06:25
Vote for me, I'm running for 2020 presidential election
2019-06-23 06:08
Donald Trump seems good
2019-06-23 06:18
Dont like concentration camps so no
2019-06-23 06:22
2019-06-23 06:23
We have concentration camps here In ameica
2019-06-23 06:24
You've made this comment like 17 times on this thread alone. You're exactly the type of mentally unstable troll that would believe we are running actual concentration camps in America. You're being disrespectful to the actual human beings who suffered in places like Auschwitz. Re-evaluate your life.
2019-06-23 18:58
And you're being disrespectful to the actual people that are actually suffering actually right now. Should've known your dumb ass would defend this, Hesh.
2019-06-24 07:12
United States CaliNinja
They chose to suffer. It was there chose to come to the US illegally. It’s not the USs fault
2019-06-25 02:16
Asylum - A legal form of migration. Trump's Zero Tolerance Policy - Disregards International Law and arrests asylum applicants. Ya, totally their fault. Dumbass.
2019-06-25 04:24
United States CaliNinja
If they were Asylum Applicants they would go to a immigration office and apply for citizenship not just walk across the border illegally. This immigration law was put in 2007 under the Bush administration. It has only been edited to the presidents liking. Also the UN is a dead organization right now so many countries have broken their “laws.” I’d do some research before calling someone a “dumbass”
2019-06-25 18:09 Do you own research. Dumbass.
2019-06-25 20:49
United States CaliNinja
1. I said they can apply for a US citizenship which perfectly legal. 2. They cannot call themselves asylum seekers because Mexico has already given them asylum. Many people have denied Mexico's help. 3. US law prohibits anyone of any age to cross the border without immigration papers or a US drivers license. 4. Learn how to spell. Thanks
2019-06-25 21:29
1. You did. Doesn't mean it's actually a viable option. 2. No. Mexico has offered asylum ONLY within Tiajuana. Please explain your thought process when thinking "Hmm, these people are fleeing violence, crime and crumbling economies. Let's make them to stay in one of the most dangerous cities in the world..." 3. Yeah, no shit. Difference being that, prior to Trump's zero tolerance policy, families were not forcefully seperated, children were not completely lost to the system, people were not forcefully medicated, force fed, denied basic human rights like soap and toothpaste, and various other abhorrent practices. 4. Oh wow, I missed the 'R' off of 'Your'. Petty much? Watch this, you might learn some compassion:
2019-06-26 10:36
You do know your justifying keeping people in a camp forcefully and refusing medical treatment
2019-06-24 07:17
well, anyone, or even a cat, representing democratic, is ok. "she corrupts, she leaks, she murders, but she will appoint a justice that allows abortion."
2019-06-23 06:46
the elite will also buy bernie to push further their global agenda. mark my word :D
2019-06-23 18:52
The Jews? O no the Jews are trying to create capitalism oOoOOoooOooOooOo
2019-06-23 23:52
Romania kr1tex
Mericans don't be dumb vote for the Republicans
2019-06-23 18:54
Your telling them to not be dumb while being dumb
2019-06-23 23:51
Romania kr1tex
Fuck off liberal, go kiss muslim feet
2019-06-23 23:52
This is not how politics work.
2019-06-24 08:18
Bernie is a socialist so I won't be voting for him. For me right now, i'll be voting for Warren, but that could change. I think Buttigeig is also a very strong candidate (although being openly gay may affect his electability)
2019-06-24 06:12
What's wrong with socialism?
2019-06-24 06:24
United States CaliNinja
It hurts the good helps the bad
2019-06-24 06:50
Not an argument
2019-06-24 06:53
Socialist? He so far right compared to Denmark and we aren't even socialists. This just shows the lack of education in USA and that is why you need Bernie, he cares about people getting an education.
2019-06-24 09:47
2019-06-24 10:27
oh, youre the communist guy, yea i would avoid talking to you because i am concerned for your mental well being
2019-06-24 06:44
Its ok I know you cant argue vs my points
2019-06-24 06:49
yes! lets get rid of Class system EQUAL IS ALWAYS FAIR
2019-06-24 06:56
Yes the class system is very oppressive and makes life horrible for the lower classes
2019-06-24 07:01
plenty of oppurtunities for class movement in today's society if youre dedicated enough, plenty of success stories, vice versa poor choices can turn you poor if youre rich which you would deserve, with few exceptions people are where they are due to their own choices
2019-06-24 22:11
You act like people that are lower class value education and have the resources to even get to a point in theirs lives where they can afford to get educated. And actually if you look at number for class mobility its somthing like 90% of people die in the class they were born into. It's only a dealth sentence for poor people because they get stuck in a loop of Lower education and crime. Also I would disagree with people making their own choices
2019-06-24 23:32
well lets look at that last line, and try to understand why people like you are the reason communism doesnt work. congrats man on being the reason why your ideology fails, cus in an ideal world i agree with you on every topic, but you dont seem to have realised we dont live in an ideal world, and that your arrogance and immorality is the reason why people become like Stalin.
2019-06-25 11:22
So you have any understanding of why I say people dont make their own choices
2019-06-25 22:08
Democrats haven't got anything done you clueless idiot.
2019-06-24 06:49
That's why you go for Bernie
2019-06-24 06:50
United States CaliNinja
Bernie is a dem lol
2019-06-24 06:51
Totally bro, he totally wasnt an independent for like 40 years
2019-06-24 06:53
Lmao. What have conservatives managed to "conserve" for the past 50 years? Preventing local businesses from being replaced by big corporate entities like McDonald's and Walmart? Nope. Preventing the declining marriage rates and declining family values in the US? Nope. Encouraging humility and honest work over just chasing easy money and fame? Nope. Can you tell me what Conservatives have managed to conserve? Enlighten me, please.
2019-06-25 11:58
I don't vote because I don't care.. regardless of who is president, i am making my money
2019-06-24 06:55
What most Americans think, lack of morals is sad
2019-06-24 06:56
better than voting for a communist
2019-06-24 06:56
this vix guy is a communist which is just sad ! xd
2019-06-24 06:58
You can't even argue my points with starwmaning SAD!
2019-06-24 07:01
United States codgun
I'm just curious, how can you believe all are equal?
2019-06-24 07:57
Yes all people are equal ( or should be, cuse we arent atm)
2019-06-24 08:00
United States codgun
You realize that's not an answer right? Can you actually explain why you believe all humans are born equal? Is everyone born in the same circmstance? Is everyone gifted the same genetics? These are two necessary things you have to tackle to have a classless society. Genetics is becoming more and more viable but circumstance will always be exactly that. There is no such thing as equality.
2019-06-24 08:17
Becusse there isnt anything pointing to people being unequal. And yes people are going to be different on height and shit and you can never change that but I want people to be as equal as possible
2019-06-24 08:21
United States codgun
How close do you really think we can get? Forcing equality only tips in the opposite side of a scale of fairness.
2019-06-24 08:25
No lmao. That's not how things work. You dont lose any rights as a straight person because gay people can get what
2019-06-24 08:27
United States codgun
If that's the only thing you plan to change than sure, it's not unfair. On a larger scale, you must plan to change things such as pay if you plan to work towards a classless society, no? My point was that working towards the classless society would only result in people's reward being disproportionate to their work. Personally, I don't believe that anyone deserves any right to anything but to work towards earning those rights.
2019-06-24 08:32
Your world view just isnt real. You might not realize it but white people have everything and when miniortys start getting the same things as white people, they feel like they are losing things. Also money wouldnt even be a thing in a communist society
2019-06-24 08:34
United States codgun
Never even claimed anything about money. Surely you plan to feed and house them and that is what I would call a reward. Where do you live in America where white people get a social advantage on minorities? Because if it isn't a social issue, you acknowledge that there are differences besides melanin between the races. I'm actually interested, what city did you grow up in to have this viewpoint?
2019-06-24 08:40
dont bother with this guy, he learnt a couple key phrases and just googles stats. but has spent zero time actually thinking through any of his policies and how they interact with the real world. he's a great example of someone who's learnt all the policy through theory and education, without spending any time looking at how these ideas come into fruition in the real world. hes a stereotypically university educated softly bigoted arrogant ideologue.
2019-06-25 11:29
Bigoted lmao,keep trying bud, youv never had a conversation with me and have no fukcing idea why I hold my views
2019-06-26 01:21
trying? people like you are a dime a dozen in the west, not hard to find the similar themes... also, why would i trust you to be objectively self-critical?
2019-06-26 22:02
bolsonaro >> bernie
2019-06-24 07:03
Is he the facist one?
2019-06-24 07:04
2019-06-24 07:05
O then maybe dont know much about Brazil politics
2019-06-24 07:05
No you were right.
2019-06-24 08:09
Brazil LouZ
2019-06-26 04:41
in the opinion of the Brazilian leftists is a facist
2019-06-24 07:06
Ahhh so Brazil is retarded?
2019-06-24 07:06
2019-06-24 07:09
United States Oklahoma_
Bolsonaro goat
2019-06-26 02:15
India otgps
You guys used to start from august. You are 1 month early. Let us sleep before we have to unleash Pepes god damn it
2019-06-24 07:03
Pepes? And ya was just wondering hltv people things
2019-06-24 07:05
India otgps
I represent /pol/. We have our material ready to unleash for the election time but the earliest we start unveiling it is September after everyone's done writing out republicans in August. So let us sleep till then
2019-06-24 07:08
You seem to think poll has this amazing influence lmao
2019-06-24 07:11
India otgps
You seem to have forgotten how bad dems were trolled last time around by us shitposters. Most messages you see on old people facebook are our work
2019-06-24 07:19
Ya and you act like it's the same environment as 2016, also you won vs HILLARY FUCKING HILLARY. That is not an accomplishment
2019-06-24 07:21
India otgps
But we somehow made drumphf an acceptable candidate to the lot of ya. Wait and see again. Y'all will be trolled again. Its so easy to troll boomers as well and they vote. Also, all the new voters coming up who were raised on internet. Tasty people to troll into voting red
2019-06-24 07:25
You didnt lol, America is just racist. It's ok I understand your need to be influential
2019-06-24 07:26
United States codgun
>we Just proved you've probably never been on /pol/.
2019-06-24 08:01
India otgps
I lurk moar than post but yeah since I was IP banned back in 2017, I haven't posted in a while
2019-06-24 11:56
/pol/ isn't your personal army
2019-06-24 17:06
For right.
2019-06-24 07:18
For dumbs
2019-06-24 07:20
2019-06-24 07:37
2019-06-24 09:49
Kazakhstan tomik0
Yang gang mens😎😎
2019-06-24 12:00
2019-06-25 12:01
USA the worst democratic country whit only 2 relevant parties
2019-06-24 17:05
2019-06-24 19:25
2019-06-25 23:15
United States _Nohj
Yang or Bernie, I just hope the democrats dont nominate another Hillary Clinton or else its gonna be another easy win for trump.
2019-06-24 23:03
Yang would be the easiest of wins imo
2019-06-24 23:27
United States _Nohj
for yang himself or trump
2019-06-24 23:29
Trump, America is not anywhere near ready for a universal income plan. Also iv not been sold on him yet tbh
2019-06-24 23:29
United States _Nohj
oh, understandable
2019-06-24 23:30
I followed Bernie's campaign a lot the previous elections. I think he's right on a lot of issues but america might not be ready for a more socialistic democratic agenda yet, for these elections I actually think Democratic candidate will be Biden unfortunately which is more of a conservative democrat or what you'd call Christian Democrat in europe. Still Bernie has done a lot to shape the current agenda that Democrats talk about in these upcoming elections. It's just matter of time when US will see change as especially youth are into the policies Bernie speaks about.
2019-06-24 23:41
Argentina ivanpb
Fernández Fernández
2019-06-25 02:24
Trump. Only good candidate
2019-06-25 04:32
They are building a wall as we speak, so they are getting something done atleast x)
2019-06-25 04:43
U r idiot
2019-06-25 05:01
Do you even know how much illegal immigrants cost to your country???
2019-06-26 23:09
They really aren't... they are just replacing existing barriers and only adding like 14 miles of new "wall". Don't listen to everything Trump says he has no accountability.
2019-06-25 06:00
If there's anything trump failed on, it's the wall. It's a complete and utter joke. I mean every last detail of his original plan was a completely unrealistic goal in the first place. Even hardcore trump supporters have written it off at this point unless they're completely out of touch with reality.
2019-06-25 08:29
I want to vote for Bernie, but the candidates are very weak, I am worried for 8 years of Trump.
2019-06-25 05:34
2019-06-25 08:21
Andrew Yang?
2019-06-25 05:59
Havent seen anything convincing for him, also America is not ready at all for ubi
2019-06-25 08:20
-1 Way better than Bernie's idiotic plans to cancel student loan debt. I guess fuck everyone that worked long hours and took on extra jobs to pay back their loans.
2019-06-26 08:08
2019-06-25 08:39
I'm Turk wtfmen))
2019-06-25 08:44
Bernie? The guy seriously needs some economy and history classes before running for president. U must be dumb af if you d vote for him
2019-06-25 10:17
How is his economics a reason to not vote for him?
2019-06-25 22:07
lmao r u kidding? Name 1 example of a country where socialism has ever worked in a long run
2019-06-26 11:44
vermin supreme
2019-06-25 10:43
2019-06-25 11:55
2019-06-25 21:29
Probably Trump
2019-06-25 21:32
2019-06-25 22:07
Well I might take that back I'd have to do more research into who is all running. My views don't exactly fit with Trump's views but they definitely do not share any similarities with Bernie's way of thinking.
2019-06-25 22:41
So you dont agree with eduction, healthcare, and rights for minority's? There is literally no reason somone with a brain would vote trump
2019-06-26 01:20
50% of americans having no brain does seem more likely than you being wrong
2019-06-26 12:07
Probably Arnold GreyNigger
2019-06-25 22:42
Palestine Baitor69
wtf men)))
2019-06-26 04:41
Bernie is a clown and he will destroy America. Vote Trump if you're somewhat smart. Not a socialist at least
2019-06-25 22:44
🤣👉 kankerachterlijk 👈😂
2019-06-25 23:44
2019-06-26 13:34
2019-06-26 16:53
Ok no arguments, exactly what I expected from a leftist
2019-06-26 23:09
No arguments, you're uneducated
2019-06-28 22:50
#280, stop being kankerachterlijk pleaserino.
2019-06-29 00:15
Japan hirohito
bernie is literally a trotskyist, how can you even talk about voting for him, i would rather vote hillary
2019-06-25 23:46
Japan hirohito
also, i'm not a trump supporter, but a monkey is better at running a state than a socialist
2019-06-25 23:48
So workers owning the means of production is evil or bad? Tf
2019-06-26 01:19
Japan hirohito
of course a person who bought the means of production should own them, that's both clear and logically correct if an employer bought them, they belong to him if an employee bought them, they belong to him making a system where means bought by employer must belong to employee is just like making a theft legal
2019-06-26 12:42
How have they shown that? Surely Democrats have done the same.
2019-06-26 01:25
They have, but they are the better of the 2
2019-06-26 01:28
United States Oklahoma_
Trump 2k20 Edit: if Yang isnt nominated then Trump
2019-06-26 01:59
I know. Your not very smart, dont have to flaunt it around
2019-06-26 01:57
United States Oklahoma_
Read edit
2019-06-26 01:59
Doenst help your case imo, yang still seems like a joke to me. He juts seems to be running on ubi
2019-06-26 02:05
United States Oklahoma_
In alt-right culture we have embraced Yang because since the world has already gone to shit we might as well collect that 1k per month. That is why I would vote for him if he is nominated. Sounds dumb but I kinda agree that the world has already gone past the point of no return.
2019-06-26 02:08
Because your ideology is fucking retarded. Your fault my boi
2019-06-26 02:09
United States Oklahoma_
No it isnt. That is why Eastern Europe is on the come-up while western Europe is becoming a giant shithole.
2019-06-26 02:11
Ya sure, just because alt right ideals are become " more popular " doenst mean anything. Your retared if you think that anything is changing is Europe. Nothing you say is based in facts and you can get stupid people but with free education, the more left leaning the world becomes
2019-06-26 02:13
United States Oklahoma_
"Nothing you say is based on facts" quite an ironic statement to make. No shit the world would become left leaning because leftists already control the education system. That isnt because of "enlightenment" it's because the modern education system is a brain washing and indoctrination program which is why most young voters are leftist. Explains why older voters are generally right leaning.
2019-06-26 02:27
Muhhh leftist education, sorry that facts disagree with you bud. Must suck
2019-06-26 02:40
United States Oklahoma_
Kinda expected that response. You couldn't even come up with an actual reply so you had to divert to the typical "muhh leftist ___" response. I'm not gonna bother wasting my time arguing with a low intelligence individual like you. Have a shitty day retard. Edit: you haven't used any facts to back up your arguments so please stop claiming that you're using facts cause you're not.
2019-06-26 03:12
It's ok, I can prove my points is study's and evidence, you use your feelings. It's ok I get it, being intellectually honest is hard
2019-06-26 03:18
United States Oklahoma_
I come from Oklahoma so no shit I'm not going to vote for some communist clown. Personally I prefer Ted Cruz over Trump but Trump is far better than any of the dem noms except Yang.
2019-06-26 02:04
Legit noone in the dems is even close to a commie, that is some retarded ass shit. The dem party is basicly just centrism
2019-06-26 02:06
United States Oklahoma_
I wouldnt consider anything Bernie says to be centrist but ight
2019-06-26 02:09
Do you really think that dems like him, like are you fucking kidding me. And he's still not a communist
2019-06-26 02:10
United States Oklahoma_
Im aware but I'm pointing out your favorite candidate is a socialist and borderline communist. For the rest of the nominees: Warren is a fraud, Buttieteg, or whatever his fucking name is, is a faggot and Hillary is Hillary. Summary: Bernie is a socialist and every other nominee other than Yang is a fucking clown.
2019-06-26 02:19
What's wrong with socialism? Just wondering. And hes not even close to a fucking commie, retarded idea to even call him one
2019-06-26 02:22
United States Oklahoma_
Absolutely everything about it is bad
2019-06-26 02:38
Cna you give me a specific. Because I'm not sure you know what communism or socialism actually is lmao
2019-06-26 02:42
Whats wrong with socialism u ask? 1. Name one successful example where socialism has ever worked. 2. Do you believe its moral to take away money from somebody else thats not yours? 3. Why should someone else pay for your healthcare/education?
2019-06-26 11:58
Not american, but I would vote for Trump, if it was possible, I'd vote him for 3rd term as well. Bernie is Lenin with a vagina and all the other jokesters are just clowns.
2019-06-26 02:12
Lmao, glad your in an irrelevant place
2019-06-26 02:14
glad your vote doesn't matter because you're an idiot anyway.
2019-06-26 04:32
O it does. Actually my vote matter more than 90% of Americans. Live in a very small state with alottt of power
2019-06-26 04:37
Bernie = angry old loon without any policy using pathetic "free money" scams like reparations for blacks (LOL) and erasing all student debt (LMAO) to trick idiots into voting for him. The other dems like pocahontas, Biden and diversity hire Kamala Harris are so irrelevant the aren't even worth mentioning. So Trump will win very easily - Bernie is the only one who can beat him but the dems will screw him over just like last time to make old man Biden their candidate.
2019-06-26 03:28
they are both fucking awful even though america is the greatest country on earth it's fucking sad
2019-06-26 04:41
It's not even close to the " greatest country on earth"
2019-06-26 06:20
love it or leave it USA #1
2019-06-26 06:23
Not how that works retard
2019-06-26 06:23
Yeah I'm sure people in Norway and Qatar are really jealous of the average American who has to take a job at an Amazon fulfillment center and take Uber rides on the side to afford his shitty one bedroom apartment in the ghetto.
2019-06-26 08:20
Erdogan, you dogs cry axaxaxaxax
2019-06-26 04:51
Republican all the way
2019-06-26 04:53
Retarded and racist all the way😎
2019-06-26 06:21
I'm voting for Bernie but I like Andrew Yang quite a lot too
2019-06-26 05:05
Not heard enough about yang to really say anything on him
2019-06-26 06:20
United States Acehavok
People bitch and whine that Yang is a libertarian in progressive clothing. But honestly he’s got a lot of good policy ideas that don’t normally get attention. Plus he’s a genuine guy. My top picks for voting: 1. Bernie 2. Tulsi Gabbard 3. Andrew Yang 4. Elizabeth Warren After that I don’t know, most of them are all corporate hacks. If it’s not one of those 4, I might just vote for Trump, make sure the Democratic Party really gets the message we don’t want bro-liberals.
2019-06-26 08:07
I don't like Bernie's plan to forgive student loan debt. I guess fuck everyone who took on an extra job or two to pay back their debt, or worked a few jobs in college so they wouldn't need loans.
2019-06-26 08:07
United States Acehavok
People need to stop looking at stuff through the “I had to do it this way so we shouldn’t make it easier/improve the system and society,” way of thinking. It depends for me. If you’re making above a certain amount I don’t think it should be outright cancelled. I think a better plan would just be to cut off a chunk of the loans and/or lengthen the time it takes to pay it off. So say you got 50K in debt, you pay $1,000 a year over the next 50 years. I’m just throwing that out, just an idea.
2019-06-26 08:14
Honestly I think what should be cancelled is the interest on these loans, some people's loans are actually going up because they can't even pay off the interest. I think that's way more fair than just cancelling the loans. Even if you have something like 100,000 dollars in debt, you can slowly pay it off over the course of 20 years if there's no interest.
2019-06-26 08:15
United States Acehavok
Exactly. Student loan debt cancelation is a lot bigger ask/more intimidating for politicians than starting free college. 1.6 trillion in debt vs 60-70 billion a year for free public college.
2019-06-26 08:26
I'm starting to come around to free public college tbh. If we had free public college and cancellation of interest on student loan debts, then I think that would solve a lot of the problem.
2019-06-26 12:33
We bail out corporations, why can't we bail out students? It would help so many people if we just canceled it. It's not possible to pay for college with small part-time jobs in most cases, unless you got very good scholarships. You simply don't make enough money. And for some majors, like physics, the studying itself is already like 80 hours a week if you want to really master the stuff. Right now with federal loans, you can get forgiveness after 20 or 25 years. Your life is crippled by loan payments for 20 years of your life? I can't see how that's a good thing. Especially since you're paying for something that's basically a necessity. I'm 100k in debt, I'll be able to pay it on my own eventually since I'll be getting a relatively high paying job, but not everyone is so lucky. I think we should bail out everyone with student debt and then make colleges free.
2019-06-26 16:41
I don't see the issue with just cancelling the interest, even if you pay just 500 dollars a month, you'll have all your debt payed in well under 20 years. Plenty of people have paid back their loans, just paid the tuition, or many more people have avoided college altogether because of the cost. How is it fair to them that everyone who's currently in debt basically get out of it for free? Why don't we wipe away credit card debt as well? Taking out a 100k in loans was your own decision man, obviously it paid off for you since you took advantage of your opportunities and landed a good job. Let's be real dude, now that you have your education you don't wanna pay back your massive loans even though those loans were what allowed to gain your current opportunities. It really sounds like you want to have your cake and eat it too. You're clearly able to pay back your loans man. Student loan forgiveness, if it ever happens, will probably be added onto the national debt. Why should some plumber who probably makes half what you will and didn't go to school to avoid debt, share responsibility to pay back loans that only benefited you. Student loan debt forgiveness just comes off as a cash grab by middle class and upper middle class people since those people statistically own the most student loan debt. If we really wanted to help out people who really need it, we'd be talking about credit card debt. I have no student loan debt or credit card debt, so I'm speaking impartially.
2019-06-27 04:05
always lol @ the term 'progressive'
2019-06-27 04:08
United States Acehavok
2019-06-27 04:12
cuz it sounds like a joke but they're serious when did they start using that word?
2019-06-27 04:13
United States Acehavok
Depends, was popular in the 30s-50s but died for a while.
2019-06-27 04:16
Argentina Retegui
Argentina new president WILL BE!!!!corrupt as always f**k
2019-06-26 07:58
United States Acehavok
How is this thread not dead yet.
2019-06-26 07:56
Bernie wants to destroy America. He loves socialism it works wonders. People donate him money and he buys more homes. Think he owns 4 homes now. He is saying he will give people free money!!! It's not free, it comes from working peoples taxes and if he won he would give nothing. The Democrats have been trying to block our border wall. These bums coming from South America need to go home. Trump is probably one of the best presidents in history and actually loves his country, unlike Muslim Obama and his Sasquatch looking wife. Trump did more in his first few months then Obama did in 8 years. Obama gives Iran money, Obama screws the American people with the health care scam. Obama condemned stuff around the world maybe 1000 times but did nothing. Trump 2020. Keep America great again.
2019-06-26 08:01
Do you seriously think he can spend campaign contributions on personal things like houses? Lmao.
2019-06-26 08:04
Of course he can. You just have to be smart about it. The Clinton foundation was a basically a bribe fund. and that foundation did nothing but she raked in around 192 million. No jail time for her. After she lost I have not heard a single word about the foundation, guess the bribes for future favors stopped. Socialism destroys countries. Work hard and be responsible and you will have a good life, lay around with your hand out hoping the government is going to steal money from the hard working people and give it to the lazy good for nothings will have a rough life. Not saying you are one but you get my point.
2019-06-26 08:08
I doubt any rich people are donating to Bernie's campaign. Assuming he can even get away with something so blatant, do you seriously think he has the money to fund his nationwide campaign and buy himself houses on the side with the limited donations he gets from poor or middle class people? If Bernie was in it for the money, there are way more lucrative things he could be doing than spending decades in Congress as an independent borderline socialist. lmao.
2019-06-26 08:13
Correct, most of the donations probably come from low wage income earners and if he wins they won't get a dime but will have their taxes hiked up. Pretty sure he's raking in the dough, think he pulled in 6 million in the first 24 hours. He is a socialist but also a con man. He will not do one thing he says. Him and all the other democrats are trying to promise more free stuff they know they can't deliver on just to get votes. I'm not a republican or democrat but I have hated Hillary for ever and no matter what side Trump was on I would have voted for him. Really not a conspiracy theory. Look it up, 52 people close to the Clintons or that had dealings with them had a random accident or killed themselves. I've known a massive amount of people in my life and not one has killed him or herself. My favorite one that was ruled a suicide shot himself in the back of the head.
2019-06-26 08:28
I'm not allowed to vote I won't for nobody men))))
2019-06-26 11:59
Hillary Clinton. I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.
2019-06-26 12:33
Voting for the less evil and the only candidate who stands a chance against Trump - Joe Biden
2019-06-26 23:34
gravel man so based,,,
2019-06-27 04:14
Argentina EnvyJ
I'm voting for la cristi
2019-06-27 04:14
would definitely vote for bernie if i could
2019-06-27 18:38
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