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Kicking simple was best decision Liquid made
Twistzz | 
United Kingdom Whatever941 
Toxic ruski would have ruined elige
2019-06-23 16:55
United Kingdom galaxyv2 
s1mple is the best player in counter strike go while elige is a little boy with only two big event wins
2019-06-23 16:56
simple 0 major elige 0 major
2019-06-23 17:03
Germany Merkelistan 
well done you rekt him
2019-06-24 00:18
2019-06-24 00:23
United Kingdom MIBR_GO_HOME 
yo wanna meet im coming there day after
2019-06-29 04:30
Brazil Hideonbushh 
2019-06-27 21:25
Denmark Xipingu 
That might be about to change.
2019-06-29 17:04
Loool simple overrated af
2019-06-23 22:51
United Kingdom galaxyv2 
2019-06-23 22:52
still has better raw skill than elige. (even though they are both beasts) /closed
2019-06-24 00:13
2019-06-24 00:29
North America daesoulae 
2019-06-24 00:30
2019-06-24 01:15
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
2019-06-24 01:16
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
2019-06-24 01:16
United Kingdom Jemers 
I don't agree with this guy but, UKCS has won 2 events this year
2019-06-27 21:24
UK has won more t1 events than CIS this year
2019-06-27 21:46
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
1 bot player from UK got carried by 4 EU players. UK CS POGGERS
2019-06-27 22:37
United Kingdom Klashnekoff 
nice eu flag pussy
2019-06-27 23:17
Nice Eu flag pussy
2019-06-28 13:33
nice eU flag pussy
2019-06-29 08:39
nice EU flag pussy
2019-06-29 18:22
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
nice EU flag pussy
2019-06-29 20:38
S1mple became more calm while he was playing in Na'vi cause of their psychologist and he is not anymore toxic like he was.
2019-06-28 06:22
but he learn a lot about this in Liquid, and lots about marketing and having good image
2019-06-29 08:33
Vietnam comergod1 
2019-06-28 06:23
Lul, elige has 3 big event wins actually. S1mple has 5. So, what?
2019-07-02 15:44
United Kingdom galaxyv2 
look at the date i wrote the comment before replying
2019-07-02 16:49
United Kingdom Lightning_DC_ 
They didn't kick him, he left. Also, it was nearly 3 years ago now, and they've changed the whole rest of the team except nitr0, changed IGL several times and changed coach more than once.
2019-06-23 16:58
elige was also in the team
2019-06-23 22:56
NAF | 
United States skzl_ 
so was adren 😎
2019-06-23 22:59
yeah, but not as coach)
2019-06-23 23:05
United Kingdom Lightning_DC_ 
I know, but the OP referenced kicking s1mple instead of Elige which is why I made my point like that
2019-06-24 00:10
yeah, for some reason didn't notice that probably bcs the header is speaking for itself
2019-06-24 00:42
United Kingdom Lightning_DC_ 
Np bro
2019-06-24 14:39
dont need that negative energy in the team smh my head
2019-06-23 16:56
3 years later and it's finally paying dividends!!!!!!!
2019-06-23 16:57
2019-06-24 00:14
Why would they care about "ruined elige" if they had s1mple right now...
2019-06-23 16:57
I don't think s1mple's play style would fit in present day liquid. I doubt if nitr0 would even use him correctly.
2019-06-27 22:37
Its pug style team They dont have tactics Loose style and mid round calls Just look how they play So its basically FPL team with good communication
2019-06-27 22:49
United States ferric 
I don't think you've played cs other than just some faceit pugs if you think that they don't have tactics. A "loose" style isn't a puggy style You can't tell me the way liquid win right now is like how c9 won back when they were decent.
2019-06-28 06:21
Most times i see liquid win clutch moments when they are in disadvantage, like 3v4 and so on
2019-07-02 15:37
Liquid isn't playing pug style CS. Tbh, they only won against Astralis a few days ago, because they also added a tactical approach to their game, however liquid also relies on aim duels most of the times.
2019-06-28 13:32
Maybe they won bcs Astralis do nit show Astralis magic with smoke kills, Dupree awp flicks, magisk sprays and xyp9x clutch ability
2019-07-02 15:38
Yeah, that as well. But Astralis was not as much prepared for vertigo as liquid were. Astralis players would get smoke kills on any other map any day, but on vertigo they were looking clueless.
2019-07-03 07:17
United States ferric 
You don't "use" a player like s1mple correctly, you just give them freedom to do whatever they want. Let them get the kills without forcing them into a system
2019-06-28 06:20
I mean, the only player in liquid to have a lot of freedom is elige and he does not AWP at all. Liquid has nitr0, Stewie and naf locking most of the positions on the map with AWP. They use elige and aug/sg combo to find impactful kills. Elige has been so useful with the aug/sg meta. You can't fit s1mple in this system at all.
2019-06-28 13:42
United States ferric 
Exactly why s1mple wouldn't work with Liquid +1
2019-06-29 04:24
2019-06-23 16:58
China teguP 
2019-06-23 16:59
chrisJ | 
Netherlands toMyy 
Dude s1mple is the best thing NA could have happened. He showed them that even if you're from NA you can still be successful. After s1mple NA teams actually tried to win and didnt just play to receive their big pay checks.
2019-06-23 22:53
Might be the dumbest thing I've ever read on hltv
2019-06-29 04:28
chrisJ | 
Netherlands toMyy 
Ok but it's still a fact. NA Teams in 2015 and before were ridiculously bad. S1mple joined Liquid in 2016 and Liquid got to a major final.
2019-06-29 14:07
well, he let NA feel some european sportsmanship. we are toxic and very demanding. NA scene improved mentality wise after s1mple
2019-07-02 15:43
S1mple was the reason why Liquid even reached grand final that major lol.
2019-06-23 22:54
2019-06-24 00:14
tbh, he choked the qualifier hard, were it not for adreN stepping up bigtime they wouldn't even have qualified for that major. also choked hard in 2 finals. Though he did get them to the final by bullying fnatic in the semi together with ELIGE. I guess Liquid will win a major before s1mple does
2019-06-24 00:20
Elige was toxic back then too though
2019-06-23 23:01
elige wasnt even close to toxic he was more like a jerk (never smiles, doesnt cheer for sh*t), i think the more toxic one will be nitr0, straight up bullying s1mple but I agree since hiko said himself that they would start arguing very oftenly
2019-06-24 00:15
Romania kr1tex 
He left.
2019-06-24 00:12
imagine current Liquid with s1mple instead of stewie though
2019-06-24 00:15
Stewie is a smarter player and also better teamplayer. s1mple works perfectly in NaVi where he and electronic can be the main focal point.
2019-06-24 00:22
Norway Domysful 
Stewie more teamplayer? Have you ever seen s1mples stats and games? SMARTER?? WTFF
2019-06-24 00:31
What does stats have to do with being a teamplayer or not?
2019-06-24 00:32
what? s1mple is literally the exact opposite of a teamplayer if you want to see a teamplayer, you should look at the guys that dont have amazing stats but can still win something with their team because they play as and a part of the team astralis and liquid guys are great examples for this
2019-06-27 21:45
United States ferric 
lol, s1mple is not a team player.. he is just the player of the team. You flash for him to get kills with his raw mechanical skill and movement. You let him be free on the map, that's not teamplay, that's raw individual skill. Putting s1mple on Liquid would hurt everyone except s1mple, which would make them worse off. The only way the team would be better is to force s1mple to play a certain style which would literally kill off his amazing performance.
2019-06-28 06:24
Stewie is not smarter He is smart but not smarter In your opinion s1mple can only shoot? He is clutch king like xyp Stewie is good at midroun calls thats all.
2019-06-27 22:52
Belgium YoGatesKevin 
He is also more insecure than p1mple tho 🤷🏾‍♂️
2019-06-29 08:20
Elige was amazing in Cologne 2016, he simply developed over time as a young player..
2019-06-24 00:24
Liquid with s1mple Semi and grand final at 2 Major in a row Liquid without s1mple ???????????????????????
2019-06-24 00:26
best team in the world
2019-06-24 00:32
Yea, after 3 years... NT NA brain. And what about Majors?
2019-06-24 00:37
Stewie 1 major simple 0 major
2019-06-24 00:40
OMG, ofc you are shit at the biting... Clap. >Stewie2k Major. >Liquid. IQ level of the NA brain is really equivalent to the table level. NT
2019-06-24 00:42
Nothing of what you said made any sense
2019-06-24 09:14
Moldova a_good_guy 
nor does what u said
2019-06-27 21:22
How does Stewie 1 major simple 0 major not make sense
2019-06-27 22:47
Moldova a_good_guy 
and stewie won his major with liquid huh? na 3 iq as always
2019-06-28 05:58
Ok #1 Clearly saying that Stewie is better than simple based off major titles is bait #2 literally not what I was referencing but you take it into your own terms expected from Eu tard
2019-06-28 08:30
No concurrents except Ence Everybody in crisis since 2018 No br scene No polish scene No Swedish scene No french scene(finally seems that they wake up) Faze bad Mibr bad Navi so-so Fnatic bad Vp bad C9 bad Astralis drop Should i continue?
2019-06-27 22:55
United States ferric 
In that case we can make excuses for every team that has been at the top. Astralis at the top: No good teams except Liquid with TACO No teamplay in na teams No teamplay in eu teams Teams always switching rosters Vp so bad G2 so bad North so bad C9 bad Fnatic bad Nip bad Should I continue?
2019-06-28 06:28
Sweden Trkmag 
No, you just proved that Astralis as well as Liquid faced not so-impressive competition.
2019-06-29 18:58
Competition was impressive when we had TSM,Fnatic,Navi,NIP,C9,G2,Envy,LG 2015/16
2019-07-02 15:42
Sweden Trkmag 
Yeah exactly
2019-07-02 17:13
You prove my point. Wp I wrote since 2018
2019-07-02 15:40
Sweden Trkmag 
2019-06-29 18:57
If you think Liquid would somehow improve with s1mple instead of Y on the team then you don't know jack shit about team building. The reason ELIGE is performing so well is because he gets full backing from the team that helps him out in attacks The reason NAF can perform like a god in some games is because he can play a free role and switch between rifles/AWP as he pleases. Same with Stewie. Theres a reason GuardiaN went from top3 player in the world to T3 when s1mple joined. Same with seized. They had free roles. They were the focal points and could switch up their game as they pleased in order to perform at their best every game. You bring a guy like s1mple into a team he will demand the same, but there is only so much room for free roaming players/madfraggers. Someone else will have to switch duties and perform worse. Ie. 5x s1mple in one team wont work. And s1mple wont improve every team.
2019-06-24 00:28
Palestine Geren_best 
Dude Guardian was performing well next to s1mple at first. Then Guardian started to be naughty
2019-06-24 00:37
i love hltv experts who overcomplicate things with roles to justify that a player sucks or is good, then we always realize they have the same level with different teams, different igls 5x simple would win every tournament in 2019
2019-06-24 14:43
Looool I can say 5 zywoo or 5 naf 5 elige can also win every tournament
2019-06-25 13:16
and i would agree
2019-06-25 13:17
s1mple | 
Germany NatsuS 
Guardian went bad cuz he is a fat liar and shit team m8. Maybe check the facts why everyone in Navi was happy that he left. His skill was finally at the level of his personal character - very low
2019-06-25 13:22
Facts are his form dropped dramatically because s1mple joined. Same with seized. S1mple started playing both of their roles and they had no place in the team anymore. Also, s1mple had a bad reputation back then which possibly affected GuardiaN negative.
2019-06-25 13:30
s1mple | 
Germany NatsuS 
fact is Guardian lied to his team m8s twice to stay away from the practice. Anyone would kick him. This shows what a human you are. If you have a problem with s1mple you talk about it you dont start to lie. So please make no excuses for such shit behavior. You dont do such things or you dont belong in a team. Seized didn't work anymore at one point. had nothing to do with s1mple. A good IGL can handle such problems or at least realize that he doesn't work.
2019-06-25 13:33
big +1 all is true
2019-06-27 21:40
How did s1mple play seized's role?
2019-06-27 22:50
2019-06-27 21:40
Reasons why they perform well bcs all players in this team perform well There is no weak points You that Liquid can win round even after stew2k die with stupid push You know that Navi will lose round when Edward die with stupid push Its not about roles Liquid is about skill only
2019-06-27 22:58
true 👍👍👏
2019-06-24 00:28
Belarus FanOfNAteams 
They would have a more dominant era with s1mple.
2019-06-24 00:33
2019-06-24 00:37
they didnt kick him. he left himself cause US is cancer
2019-06-24 09:18
More like the Cancer left the US
2019-06-29 08:14
Belgium YoGatesKevin 
Worked pretty well for Cancer tho 🤷🏾‍♂️
2019-06-29 08:24
s1mple | 
Germany NatsuS 
S1mple left cuz his team m8s lied. They promised him to live in a team house together. Cuz s1mple was alone in NA. But they made a boot camp and all NA players went home. And even the players were such shit m8s he carried them. That says more good about s1mple than Liquid.
2019-06-25 13:26
Also they add koosta to their team as a primary awp when s1mple want to be awper
2019-06-27 21:33
if s1mple wanted to be an awper, why did he join NaVi after he left? the team who had the top1-2 sniper in the world
2019-06-27 21:47
Cuz he really wants to might live in UA? Also probably NaVi was his dream team to play in And his contract with Liquid expired so they just give him more money
2019-06-27 22:26
Korea XigNw0w 
Elige is toxic also Hiko confirmed
2019-06-25 13:41
United States ferric 
*was toxic 3 years ago Same thing can easily be said for s1mple, but of course, hiko doesn't go over that .. wanna know why? Cause him and simple were butt buddies
2019-06-28 06:31
s1mple wasnt kicked but ok uk retard
2019-06-27 21:23
African Union atts 
Liquid did not kick s1mple. Your 0iq shows right from the title.
2019-06-27 22:38
oBo | 
Finland Juhousiwan 
Also good decision for simple. Since he is now the worlds Best player
2019-06-27 23:13
United States ferric 
Would rather be a shit player on a great team than a great player on a shit team. At the end of the day, Stewie is enjoying all the glory being on Liquid while barely anyone thinks about s1mple or Navi because they never play at events.
2019-06-28 06:33
Thailand hahahoha 
but s1mple is probably making more money outside of events because of his fame
2019-06-28 08:37
United States ferric 
Yep, he's totally making millions with his streams... totally...
2019-06-29 04:24
Belgium YoGatesKevin 
“Would rather be a shit player on a great team” That’s a logic of a keyboard warrior sitting in his basement 24/7. Flawed and retarded logic. Stewie is also enjoying being so insecure. You could tell it by just watching any TL games on last tournament.
2019-06-29 08:26
United States ferric 
>Sees YoGatesKevin Disregards comment
2019-06-29 16:46
Belgium YoGatesKevin 
Of course you would. With your flawed logic you should do that to every single comment since it doesn’t suit your narrative. This still doesn’t change how insecure Stewie compared to other players 🤷🏾‍♂️
2019-06-29 16:58
Sweden Trkmag 
2019-06-29 19:00
Denmark Xipingu 
Then you sir, own zero ambition. You’ll never become someone of status if you never strive to be the absolute best.
2019-06-29 17:07
United States ferric 
Maybe you didn't read my comment... I would strive to be the absolute best... TEAM. Because at the end of the day, CSGO is a team game and no one cares if you're great individually but on a terrible team except for the fans.
2019-06-29 18:18
Belgium YoGatesKevin 
cSgO iS a TeAm GaMe Yet a team consisting of 5 players like TACO would never even come close to winning something remotely close to t5, let alone t3. tEaM gAmE/pLaYeR is the most overrated factor in csgo. It should never be taken account into and the least important thing out there. But looking how retarded and deluded you are this won’t make you less ignorant.
2019-06-29 19:26
United States ferric 
Ad hominem attacks do not strengthen your argument. If you had a clue about how team cs worked, you would realize how retarded the statements you just made are.
2019-06-30 01:13
Denmark Xipingu 
What can a team accomplish if each and every single player on that team doesn't strive to be the best player in the world individually? You do need 5 men to have a team that can compete in CS:GO, but if it's not 5 players with ambition to become the best individually, you'll end up with a disaster. Also, try collecting a random pair of players from the street having an extremely good chemistry and therefore teamplay. No, they won't be tier 1, 3 nor 5.
2019-06-29 23:02
United States ferric 
Where did I say that the players are not striving to be the best individually? Nowhere. I said that instead of focusing on my own stats the entire game, I'd focus on trying to be the best team in the world, even if that means my team needs me to be the bitch player.
2019-06-30 01:14
Brazil cadik 
+1 navi should do the same and pick decent carry instead of eco/exit fragger baiter aka s0mple aka t0ximple
2019-06-28 06:01
It's like to say that kicking karrigan was the best decision for Astralis. Liquid needed Stewie2K in place of TACO to start being the number one, and s1mple is still the best player in the world, what happens outside the server is nobody's business, he does not trashtalk his teammates although they're fucking invalids, it means something. And apEX by the way is a whiny bitch so he might very well start that crap.
2019-06-28 06:33
One thing I know about Stewie2k is that he is tournament ender. I think it is the 3rd time I see him lock the win on the last round in finals for Botquid. Just watch last rounds. Like the last time, he pushed mid all the way to Banana on Inferno and backstabbed G2.
2019-06-28 08:40
thats like saying the stupid fnatic godsent shuffle caused fnatic to win iem katowice 2018 ultimately
2019-06-28 08:48
he wasn't kicked, he decided to leave by himself cause i didn't want to play in NA cause its too far from ucraine
2019-06-29 17:01
Europe N3sHie1k 
still lower kd than god electronic
2019-06-29 18:25
true af
2019-06-29 23:05
How so? He taught them how to play. Otherwise they would have continued to play like amateurs as they were. He made NA competitive.
2019-06-29 23:08
he left himself, he said he didnt want to stay in NA anymore, he wanted to go home, also if he actually stayed in liquid, there wouldnt be astralis era, just saying
2019-06-29 23:20
It was a good decision for both parties
2019-07-02 15:39
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