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Is Team Liquid going to have an era?
autimatic | 
United States traviticus 
Will Team Liquid have an era? If they win the Grand Slam, and the Major, I'd say yes
2019-06-24 01:31
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Russia persian_beater 
I think maybe. Cologne will be hard, but they are obviously favorites. Major will be even harder because it is major and they have struggled with that. Very possble though, and it would be fun and interesting if they did have one...
2019-06-24 01:34
Yeah I think if they win either Cologne or New York and the major, they will have had an era (and if they achieve that then I'm sure their era will last for a while longer) but it will be fun to watch :D
2019-06-24 01:39
Russia persian_beater 
2019-06-24 01:39
Philippines PeenoiseGuy 
its gonna be a 2 month era then they're gonna get massacred again for the next months
2019-06-24 04:28
Ehh you know that's not true. #2 basically all of last year, and #1 for nearly all of this year. They will never get massacred, title contender always. At least for the next 2 years
2019-06-24 04:35
no they don't look as dominant as the other era teams yet (fnatic astralis)
2019-06-24 04:43
Fnatic played tons of close games. They were literally known for coming back into games when it looked like they couldn't. The reason Astralis was so dominant was because LITERALLY NOBODY could ever take them to double digits in games even on the opponents map picks. Again, no team will ever be as dominant as Astralis again, what they did was absurd.
2019-06-24 04:47
you remember the 6 in a row tournament ? It doesn't matter that they cameback a lot of times they won the events if liquid can do that too in the future they will have an era aswell
2019-06-24 04:48
It's basically too early to tell
2019-06-24 04:49
2 tournaments of which were Premier tournaments, the others weren't very incredible wins, but to be fair they were wins. Thorin has a good video talking about this. I agree as well, it's too early to tell, but it's definitely possible. Let's remember Astralis weren't very dominant at first but once they took off they flew.
2019-06-24 04:52
yh maybe they will have the same route as atralis maybe some players will evne play better in the future
2019-06-24 05:02
Yeah, EliGe, Naf, and Twistzz are a weird few, they just take turns being top players in the world every few months. One stops and the other is like "yeah all good my turn now" lmao. Thank you for the conversation though :D
2019-06-24 05:04
Palestine Baitor69 
2019-06-24 01:35
2019-06-24 01:38
looks like the astralis fans showed up
2019-06-24 02:28
2019-06-24 02:53
Sorry. Anti-Liquid fans showed up :D
2019-06-24 02:53
Not anti Liquid either
2019-06-24 15:28
So you ask people if liquid will have an era and they say no and you accuse of them being haters???
2019-06-24 16:57
Wtf men it’s mdK he literally trolls every HLTV forum he deserves trolled back :(((((
2019-06-25 06:55
no , aug nerfed now ( they played with the old aug in this event still)
2019-06-24 01:41
They were on Astralis' heels before the Aug buff and they still use the AK a lot (except EliGe) so its not that different, maybe a bit of practice and back to full speed
2019-06-24 02:29
i said aug, do you even read? no1 said anything about the T side and not using ak's
2019-06-24 03:31
Yeah no fucking shit I literally mentioned it. Their aim unscoped is still incredible, did you even read? Learn to comprehend English
2019-06-24 03:36
m4 and Ak are very different , no 1 tap , harder to hold a passive angle like with aug, thats why im talking about the aug not about unscoped guns.
2019-06-24 03:42
Well if the Aug gets nerfed they won't use it. lol thats why im talking about unscoped guns. However, its not like the new aug spray is hard at all so they'll still be fine lol
2019-06-24 03:46
Except the rate of fire is also lower, so its worse than M4
2019-06-24 04:07
Yeah, but the point I'm trying to get across is Liquid isn't bound to one weapon, they all have minimum 6000+ hours playing the game and the AUG is a newer thing.
2019-06-24 04:18
Every team is using the AUG lol
2019-06-24 04:16
United States gingaaCS 
Yeah I don't see what point this guy is trying to make lol Astralis was using the AUG more than liquid in their bo3 at EPL
2019-06-24 16:55
Romania kr1tex 
If they win both of these then definitely yes. But i don't think they will win the major.
2019-06-24 02:05
You never know til it happens. Fucking C9 and Gambit won a major, anything can happen
2019-06-24 02:29
Exactly, and they could lose to the new c9/gambit. Even more as they are beatable, as shown recently in a bunch of their matchups
2019-06-24 03:50
Ehhh they always get it done in the end though. They are beatable, but I'm sure they're fixing their game for Cologne definitely. HOPEFULLY fixing their nuke haha
2019-06-24 04:25
The problem is more that they are showing that kind of weakness vs hellraisers, mouz and g2, that are not top5 teams, they should be beating those teams easily.
2019-06-24 04:41
To be fair, Oskar fucking popped off, there's nothing you can do about that. The only reason the Nuke game against Mouz was close is because Woxic went absolute god mode for no reason, again, you can't really stop that from happening. G2 I can understand. I think they still have a bit of a mental block when it comes to finals, but they have been getting better and better in finals. Have g2 meet them in a Quarter or Semifinals and its a 2-0 everytime.
2019-06-24 04:45
Nice excuses.
2019-06-24 04:53
I mean, Astralis lost finals to Na'Vi because S1mple popped off lol. It's not an excuse, its the truth. They lost a finals earlier this year because Aerial decided to pop off. In the end its about how players perform on the server, one person can rally a team on their back and carry a game, its not out of this world to imagine. Let's see HR on a normal day vs a normal Liquid, or W0xic on a normal day vs Liquid. They get fucking stomped.
2019-06-24 04:56
Man, Only guy which played good vs Liquid was woxic, What would happen if entire mouz roster will play at least decent?
2019-06-24 17:02
That's a good question. If ropz and ChrisJ played as good as they were that tournament (ChrisJ was at 1.48 rating before the match and Ropz at 1.26 or something). With woxic popping off and those two showing up they would've had a real chance.
2019-06-24 17:14
They played good so can't really do anything
2019-06-24 16:59
Finland Vkims 
I believe they wont have era
2019-06-24 02:06
Why not? Everything logical says they should if they continue their form
2019-06-24 02:30
Finland Vkims 
So many great teams fighting for titles, too much competition for them. Surely they will stay on top but ERA? Not gonna happen
2019-06-24 02:39
I can get behind that, but we won't know until a few months from now I suppose. I'd love to see ENCE or Astralis step it up to truly rival them
2019-06-24 02:50
They absolutely need a major to even get close to having an era and I'm pretty sure that Astralis will be incredibly well prepared in Berlin. Not gonna happen for liquid imo.
2019-06-24 02:30
Winning a grand slam might be more valuable than a major, 4 ESL/IEM events out of 10 is an incredible feat, shows a lot more consistency than winning a major and especially how fast they are doing it, it wouldn't be as clear as if they did but there's still an argument to be made if they win everything except the major, but I agree major is pretty necessary
2019-06-24 02:34
Current times must be quite miserable if you think that winning 4/10 events without a major is impressive.
2019-06-24 02:40
I mean, winning Cologne is basically a major. At least its respected as one by the players
2019-06-24 02:44
Grand slam is a huge thing but u can't deny that major> everything else
2019-06-24 04:43
That's true. I suppose you can't have an era without at least 1 major win.
2019-06-24 04:45
No they wont . Liquid wont last for long . the reason why they started winning its because their main choker its currently #1 in the world atm . they almost went out in groups at EPL vs north,luckily north choked . they will be #1 for some time but no era lmfao
2019-06-24 02:32
Astralis took time off and dropped off by themselves, that's not Liquid's fault. Now they have beaten Astralis and got past the psychological warfare Astralis was using against them. And if you want to make the argument they almost went out in EPL groups Astralis lost to NRG in a bo3, Furia beat them in a bo1 and a bo3 at ECS and knocked them out completely, and lost to ENCE in the final of Madrid. Astralis has dropped off, there's no denying it. Maybe they will return to form but right now isnt the time, if they want to have a chance at stopping Liquid from starting an era (by winning the Grand slam and potentially the major) they will have to start in Cologne, either that or ENCE needs to go up another level than they are right now
2019-06-24 02:37
6 events, 6 finals, 3 wins, if they continue this yes, but we'll see, toughest events are ahead now with most stacked fields (cologne, major)
2019-06-24 02:36
I agree :D I'm excited to see how they do. If not I'd love to see them go back and forth against Astralis, those finals last year were very fun to watch :D but now Liquid has gotten past them psychologically so I think they can beat them in a bo3 or bo5 now considering they have a better map pool and don't get intimidated by them anymore.
2019-06-24 02:38
I really dont think Liquid will win the major. I think ENCE will pull out a hard one. I dont think Na'Vi have a chance
2019-06-24 02:40
Either that or Astralis will do a 180 for one tournament just to throw shit in Liquid's face
2019-06-24 02:41
I'd love to see ENCE vs Liquid major final. That would be an amazing game.
2019-06-24 02:45
From what magisk said, that is possible. They are playing cologne, so even if they lose cologne, they have enough "data" to make adjustments for the major And navi is a weird one
2019-06-24 03:54
At this point, I'd say Na'Vi is a dark horse for tournaments they attend, the possibility to win just from Electronic and S1mple going off. As for Astralis, yes if they completely start popping off, it can be their year, but if they don't start doing it at Cologne/the Major (and they're skipping New York prob to prepare for Blast LOL) then they'll be in a really bad spot. They basically handed Liquid the Grand Slam on a silver platter.
2019-06-24 04:38
No New era will be NO ERA
2019-06-24 03:36
That would be interesting :D
2019-06-24 04:18
United States @FyreCS 
It’s hard to say honestly, as a Liquid fan, yes. Realistically, hard to tell. Cologne is stacked AF like a major, and then there’s the major curse of not winning. Maybe if they win both which is a lot to ask for, then yes, an era for the NA region for sure. Even worldwide yes. I think Astralis will get into form tho... Mouz look pretty solid. (Bias, but my 2nd favorite team) Vitality still cruising along with Ence and Furia.
2019-06-24 03:48
The only teams to really challenge Liquid at Cologne are ENCE (prob the hardest) Vitality (prob 2nd hardest) and Astralis. Na'Vi is too new but could upset Mouz is still inexperienced as a team and learning but the upset potential is there I agree Dark horses like Furia, Faze, Fnatic I can definitely get behind also. Super stacked tournament, but if I had to bet on a team it would be Liquid for sure.
2019-06-24 04:21
United States @FyreCS 
Agreed, I think Vitality, Furia, and Ence could beat Liquid in a BO3. If Navi get Somedieyoung to replace Zeus after major, then we’re talking too 1-2 position maybe. Navi: Boom4le S1mple Electronic Somedieyoung Fl1t
2019-06-25 17:26
Davidp | 
Switzerland SRB! 
Vitality will have one, sorry dude
2019-06-24 03:51
I would be completely fine with that. Whoever is the best is the best right :D
2019-06-24 04:24
Davidp | 
Switzerland SRB! 
respectful rare guy here^^
2019-06-24 04:25
2019-06-24 04:38
Happy | 
Russia Jovik! 
I dislike Stewie a lot so I would be glad if they won't but they really might.
2019-06-24 03:54
2019-06-24 03:55
Yeah I don't like Stewie much either. Been fans of Nitr0 and EliGe since late 2015 however, I wish they picked up an Autimatic instead, but Stewie does bring that unpredictability and fiery side of Team Liquid out.
2019-06-24 04:23
After smoke fixes Astralis ~> OMEGALUL After AUG nerf Liquid ~> OMEGALUL
2019-06-24 03:56
Liquid aren't bound to just the AUG. lol
2019-06-24 04:22
If they win in Cologne then maybe, but there are too many good teams atm to be sure of anything.
2019-06-24 04:04
Agreed, but the chance is high they win Cologne :D
2019-06-24 04:21
2019-06-24 04:26
if they dominated a year from now...., but it is unlikely
2019-06-24 04:27
An era can be 6 months, it doesn't have to be a whole year. No era will ever be as dominant as Astralis' was. Think back to the Luminosity/SK era and the Fnatic era, a lot different than the Astralis era, what they did was absolutely absurd. Liquid can have an era not being incredibly dominant, but still winning most tournaments.
2019-06-24 04:39
an era means long period of time, they have at least to won 2 majors
2019-06-24 04:57
Where is the rulebook for an era could you point me to it?
2019-06-24 04:58
A google search doesn't cut it for a niche video game, lol. Also, if we want to play that game. "A long and distinct period of history with a particular feature or characteristic." So, in theory, if Team Liquid win everything for the next year except majors, their era will still be there, but with your logic it wouldn't be. Touche my friend. Also, many consider NiP to have had an era, of which they only won 1 major, so from your logic the NiP era also never existed. If everybody made their own rules for everything the world would be a scary place, thankfully history is written by the winners :D
2019-06-24 06:42
its not my logic brother, this is the meaning of era , i'm not inventing anything, i'm pretty sure have the same meaning in every country, but think as u want, if 1 week is a era for you so be it, if was for me to decide an era in csgo should be something like a team dominating for at least one year, an era should feel like an era
2019-06-24 06:50
You said "an era means long period of time, they have at least to won 2 majors" so therefore NiP never had an era. I understand how to define an era in counter-strike. I've seen multiple
2019-06-24 16:53
i do not know about nip era, because i was not paying attention to csgo that time, so i cant argue with you, but i what i'm saying is basically if it felt like an era, if they were dominant, then ok maybe it was a era, but for today standards a team probably need to win 2 majors, it's not a exactly math, maybe if they won everything and 1 major in one year it will be enough
2019-06-24 18:46
That's fair, I think only one is necessary though, long before Astralis won their second major they were considered to be having an era. Actually before the London major they were considered to have an era. Comparing Liquid to Astralis is unfair imo. We will never see a team that dominant in CS again
2019-06-24 19:33
African Union csarmani 
unlikely i mean i like the team and everything but the teams that had an era(fnatic ,lg/sk,nip,astralis) they were fucking dominant as fuck liquid barely got the first and the fourth map it could have easily been 5 map series and thats not acceptable when u play G2 a team that cant qualify for big tournaments( not taking anything away from g2 for their fluke run to the finals) but still if this teams dominance is considered an era than cs as a whole is in deepshit my friends
2019-06-24 04:30
Fnatic, and LG/SK weren't incredibly dominant. In fact they were decently on/off. The only truly incredibly dominant era was Astralis (and arguably NiP).
2019-06-24 04:41
African Union csarmani 
i dont fully talk about tournaments but about the matches they won in a dominant fashion
2019-06-24 14:31
Brazil Karl_Tanner 
If they win the major, yes. Even if they lose Cologne, cause the major is what gives the biggest prestige. So a good place at Cologne and the major win would cement their era, for sure.
2019-06-24 04:33
True. Winning Cologne and New York and losing the major would still put them in a good place though yeah?
2019-06-24 04:42
Brazil Karl_Tanner 
Absolutely. But to many ppl there would still be something missing. Just take dennis fnatic and olof/gyardian FaZe as examples: they managed to be top 1 and win a good amount of tournaments, but are never considered as part of the greatest, because they didn't have the major win they needed. Kind of similar to felps SK when they failed to win Krakow. I feel like winning the major and losing both Cologne and NY is better for Liquid's legacy than the other way around. Although, for my money, they win all 3 of them and the Grand Slam.
2019-06-24 04:58
Yeah that's a good point actually. However, Liquid is different from FaZe in the fact they will win the Grand Slam in 4/4 or 4/5 events most likely, whereas FaZe never achieved to do so while having many chances. As for Fnatic I agree also, but I think Liquid have shown enough form, if they continue it they can easily pull off an era (but people will not accept it if they aren't as dominant as Astralis was lol).
2019-06-24 05:02
Brazil Karl_Tanner 
Winning the Grand Slam surely helps, but if they win the major, then there's no way anyone can contest their era.
2019-06-24 05:22
I agree. Grand Slam and the major and its their era. Perhaps they win Cologne or New York and then win the major. Grand Slam season 3 is announced and they have a chance to win that also , yeah? I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, haha. Just excited to see Liquid doing well
2019-06-24 05:25
if astralis cant reagroup themselves, yeah
2019-06-24 04:41
Agreed. Also, if ENCE/Vitality don't pop off haha.
2019-06-24 04:42
2019-06-24 04:51
sopheyy | 
Kazakhstan enimen 
I dont like liquid that much, but now im excited to see what comes next, will be glad if they manage to stay at top for longer
2019-06-24 04:49
I've liked Liquid since late 2015. It's beautiful for me to see them on top :D but I like to think I'm down to Earth on where they stand and not super biased when talking about them.
2019-06-24 04:54
Ukraine Sla1ter 
cologne will show
2019-06-24 04:55
Agreed. We will see :D No matter what happens at Cologne however, I still think Liquid retains their #1 spot. Unless they bomb out of Cologne, New York, and the major.
2019-06-24 04:57
I doubt it
2019-06-24 06:39
22:25PACT vs AGF
14:30OFFSET vs KPI
20:00RED Canids vs Isurus
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