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Why Lucas1?
GeT_RiGhT | 
United States Q^Jizzle 
I haven't watched any games but his stats are bad. Out of all Brazilian players, why would they choose him?
2019-06-25 04:38
Peru 2loro2 
Idk Rather keep a shit Fer with 10 thousand medical issues Over their 2nd best player
2019-06-25 04:41
They are kicking felps
2019-06-25 04:42
Awwww shit nvm I’m stupid *That’s who he should have replaced
2019-06-25 04:44
K I was right the first time Gonna put cyanide in my banana
2019-06-25 04:46
Brazil Saint_Jatai 
2° best player? Dude was worse than TACO
2019-06-25 04:56
2019-06-25 05:21
Probably because Felps has a 0.89 rating, one of the worst "lurkers" I've ever seen, absolutely useless and doesn't fit on this team at all. I feel like the core needs to change, they are going down the NiP direction where they keep blaming the new guys they bring in and kick them to try someone else and the core of Fallen, Fer & Coldzera never changes even though it's clear they are the problem. MiBR is the next NiP.
2019-06-25 04:43
North America Graceland 
Actually, based solely off of that comparison I would definitely choose Lucas1. The HLTV and KPR ratings are very marginally different, so not a large enough difference to matter in any way, and the same can be said of the Impact, AWP kpr, Opening kpr and FAs per round. However, given that Lucas1 has a lower "Survivor" rate but a higher KAST would suggest to me that he more often than not dies in situations where he's tradeable/gets in more damage per round and receives more assists because of it. On a team that has been known for the brilliance of two or three members (when they were performing, maybe not now) and the ability of the other members to meaningfully contribute or aid the strategy, this looks like it could be a good move on paper. Quite honestly I think it'll definitely change the dynamic of the team, I don't think how Lucas1 has played in the past is comparable to felps at all. As for whether or not it's the right move for them is definitely up for debate. I think there's more talented players on the field than Lucas1, but as for how attainable they are i have no clue.
2019-06-25 05:30
that's the point, the differences are marginal, so why change anything at all - better try to pick up a player that actually performs well if you really feel like a change is simply needed.
2019-06-25 05:51
North America Graceland 
The only why as to this change is what I mentioned above. Lucas1 has played very differently in his career than felps has, more entry/support based, and his stats seem to show that as well. It would change how the team plays for sure if they incorporate his skill set rather than making him play felps' roles (which is what i fear may happen). Maybe they're hoping a player like him can open things up more for Cold/Fer/Fallen (as if taco wasn't enough lol). Maybe they had different players on their radar but those players just signed a real big contract with a buyout they're not willing to pay. That's about all the reasons I've got. most of the other talent in the BR scene has already been tested with poor results, is under a large contract, or is completely untested, and I can kinda understand not wanting to take that risk.
2019-06-25 06:22
Brazil mrk15 
try "past month" rather than the past 3
2019-06-25 06:29
i hate br but felps_1_hairline_taco_0_hairline
2019-06-25 06:16
Brazil MrLucas 
Because Fallen is a pussy and dont wanna risk bring a new player that dont have a lot of international experience but have a huge potential like trk, xand, bartin and others, instead he goes for the "safe" pick, that will maybe put them back to top7 maybe even top5 but If their goal is to be the best, its the wrong move, Lucas1 is a good player but there are players like I said that have much more potential..
2019-06-25 04:52
Sweden meistr0 
How is Lucas1 a safe pick? lol.
2019-06-25 05:00
Brazil MrLucas 
they know what to expect from the player because he is an experienced player who have played several big tournaments, including a major final, they are not betting on a great potential of a young player, but in an already established one who has already shown his limits (besides being a player with whom they have already played), that is what I meant by safe pick.
2019-06-25 15:45
Sweden meistr0 
Well yes, i agree hes a experienced player mate. But, you shouldnt say that a player is a "safe pick" until we have seen them play imo. I hope it works out with Lucas1 tho.
2019-06-25 15:58
LUCAS1 is definitely not a safe pick
2019-06-25 05:08
Brazil MrLucas 
#36 ^^^^^
2019-06-25 15:44
Woof | 
Greece PitbuII 
FalleN like beta players that will obey his orders and play slow in his outdated system. Lucas1 fills the bill for that.
2019-06-25 04:54
United States me_0_major 
cant be worse than felps at least
2019-06-25 04:54
no fnx no major (just kidding). I think lucas1 could fit really well on the team (like boltz did once).
2019-06-25 04:56
ONLY I HAVE THE ANSWER Lucas1 played well in the bo3 against mibr, so they decided for him Thats it Nothing more
2019-06-25 04:58
because they are dumb
2019-06-25 04:58
2019-06-25 04:59
cant w8 for cologne
2019-06-25 04:58
Brazil PedroZNL 
Because Lucas1 has a game style more like FNX, they want it.
2019-06-25 05:06
Lucas is passive, he isnt a star, he sets up his teammates to make the plays and does the dirty work for the team. Lucas is not as skilled as Felps but he does what is needed for the team which is what is important. tl:dr = Lucas is a monster teamplayer which is exactly what mibr needs imo.
2019-06-25 05:12
Lucas1 ditching he's twin brother that he always been in same team with? Seems unlikely but idk.
2019-06-25 05:26
they already talked about it they prefer to play together whenever possible but if a better team for one of them shows up this is not a problem for them
2019-06-25 05:30
But they already have taco for this job, why another player like that instead of firepower? MiBR core it’s being inconsistent, they need some player to have them to put numbers on the table
2019-06-25 05:42
My man 🌮 (taco) cant be in A and B site at the same time and no one else in mibr was ready to do the dirty work (support role).
2019-06-25 05:51
Simple | 
Mexico Ch4vez 
2019-06-25 06:33
Brazil goatzera 
Similar style to fnx
2019-06-25 05:40
Xyp9x | 
Brazil Jeanzera 
Who cares bro, brazilian CS is dead, enjoy the new teams, we are having a good competitive CS year this year with different teams making finals.
2019-06-25 05:45
Brazil hugoooo 
FalleN tried to have lucas1 on the team at least two times before, he loves to play with him (they were teammates initially ( But he never left his brother (HEN1), in fact they have been on the same team since 2009 or 2010, that's why I have a hard time believing lucas1 would accept to play without his brother now.
2019-06-25 06:12
Singapore Kerk 
I always felt like hen1 was the better player
2019-06-25 06:21
Finland Smoonah 
Never remembered a Lucas1 clutch.
2019-06-25 06:25
Australia JAY_DAWG 
cause MIBR braindead, stats suggest felps is better than LUCAS1
2019-06-25 16:01
Wtf MIBR will get Lucas1 ? When did they announce it ?
2019-06-25 16:17
What happened?
2019-06-25 16:24
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