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What a filthy fucking team
2019-06-28 04:19
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Brunei TtE 
great game, Brazil just hit the post
2019-06-28 04:20
Only brazil is playing 😐
2019-06-28 04:21
Colombia AlejoBuh 
Chile going home tomorrow
2019-06-28 04:20
2019-06-28 04:21
Brunei TtE 
Argentina too
2019-06-28 04:21
2019-06-28 04:47
2019-06-28 04:47
Colombia JaegeRRR 
Vamo Colombia Chilenos se van a quedar sin copa otra vez
2019-06-28 05:01
Malaysia ez4harimaumuda 
can someone get me a youtube channel that show copa highlights WITHOUT spoiling the scoreboard? Im following this NIXBLACK guy that somehow gets away with copyright from uploading all football video clips but he always spoils the title
2019-06-28 04:21
Brunei TtE 
this is not GOT or Avengers, kids these days cry about spoilers everywhere just watch the god damn game live
2019-06-28 04:22
I would if my local tv would actually show them but they don't because it is irrelevant here
2019-06-28 04:23
Brunei TtE 
who watches the tv anymore, just watch online
2019-06-28 04:24
too much ads bro :\
2019-06-28 04:24
Brunei TtE 
or shitty internet ? just use Ublock origin
2019-06-28 04:25
Portugal Carlos[M] its impossible to find a channel that doesnt put the score in the title
2019-06-28 04:23
Portugal Carlos[M] 
respect legend cardozo team
2019-06-28 04:21
Penaltis, if paraguay win i cut my balls
2019-06-28 04:27
Summer | 
China seba13 
11 v 10 0-0 BR football XAXA
2019-06-28 04:29
Imagine hating such a small country in football, they deserve nothing but respect
2019-06-28 04:33
Check your playstyle, is terrible
2019-06-28 04:35
What ?
2019-06-28 04:36
2019-06-28 04:46
Panama FUN4ENCE 
Gnoming in 2019 yikes
2019-06-28 04:47
"Verb - The act of recklessly (under the influence of something illicit or mind altering) going around and stealing lawn gnomes for the sake of a collection purpose. IT is definately fun to take one of your favourite gnomes with you on vacation and take pictures of that gnome from different locations in the world and send it by postcard to the original owner." ?????? It seems timeless
2019-06-28 04:48
Panama FUN4ENCE 
Gnoming The act of receiving a blow job, and upon climax, ejaculating on her chin to resemble a beard. Then you proceed to violently fuck her ass hole with a pointy headed garden gnome. "Hey Jake, what did you do last night??" "Nothing much....oh but i did a little gnoming with shirly for a little while!" "That's cool man! But not for long? How come?" "Well she likes getting the beard, but she doesn't like getting fucked in the ass very much"
2019-06-28 04:50
2019-06-28 05:06
Br got lucky tbh
2019-06-28 04:48
2019-06-28 04:51
your brain has obviously been damaged from all the weed you smoke.
2019-06-28 07:06
damn that was close. brazil got lucky garra guarani usually defeats them
2019-06-28 04:54
Brazil jstrr 
paraguay fkin gives up blood and guts every time they play us in this competition ffs
2019-06-28 05:03
Brazil m4tt_ 
The curse was broken
2019-06-28 04:58
09:30Goliath vs HellRaisers
14:00North vs BIG
11:00forZe vs Evil Geniuses
Evil Geniuses
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