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Your kind of music
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United States TheSingerWhoWasNeverBanned 
Hellow, I decided to find out what my favorite kids like in the music department, I gathered a musical pieces of different styles and genres, all from the songs that I like myself. With a double purpose, to find out what you like and to find people who share my taste in music. It's not the songs in full, just the best moments from them depicting the defining moments of the style they were put under. Also there's a strawpoll in the end if you want to claim the best music style out of these. Get along... Tell me what you like the most and we can go from there. No electronic or hip-hop music included, simply because it was non existent in that time period and even if it would exist, I still would just ignore it, music should be human made (electronic) and with a musical context to it (hip-hop), otherwise it loses all of its meaning. Ballad Sunshine ballad Rock ballad Psychedelic ballad Rhythm and blues Rhythm and soul Beat rock Blues rock (LIVE) Rock and roll Psychedelic blues Psychedelic bubblegum Sugary teener Doo wop Soul doo wop
2019-06-29 11:15
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Out of those choices, I’m gonna choose rock and roll. The classics though, like AC/DC.
2019-06-29 11:21
AC/DC has gotten much further than just rock and roll, they're hard rock, heavy metal. All subkinds, I doubt they did a clean rock and roll.
2019-06-29 11:22
Fair enough, but I’m really generalizing here. They don’t keep everything simple which makes them so great.
2019-06-29 11:24
Everyone keeps everything simple, it's a music theory fel, you should do everything in order regardless of the style, unless it's not a music style, then yes, you can be free.
2019-06-29 11:25
In terms of music theory, you are correct 100%. But the way they play, the way they put all these amazing instruments and together sound great. It still boggles my mind.
2019-06-29 11:27
Most of heavy rockers have to jump outta their pants, it's the limits pushing style, everyone reaches their ceiling while at it. Perhaps the most difficult kind to master but not the most beautiful to my sensitive ears.
2019-06-29 11:28
What do you listen to? Do you have a favorite type?
2019-06-29 11:29
Rhythm and blues usually, but I like all of these of course. I listen to ballads and rock and roll the most.
2019-06-29 11:31
I usually listen to a wide spectrum. From folk music to metal. Tell me, what are some of your favorite songs?
2019-06-29 11:32
Lots of lots of them, throughout the entire twentieth century. It's actually a lot easier just to tag them by the styles, I used to like folk before but not so much now.
2019-06-29 11:34
angus young say they were just a rock and roll band, nothing more nothing less
2019-06-29 14:40
Czech Republic marekkingx 
heavy metal? seriously?
2019-10-26 15:23
Yes, heavy bando.
2019-10-26 15:30
Russia Hellyer 
It's nothing more than just a rock and roll band
2019-10-27 16:25
Rock and roll bands have left in the 60s, it's a heavy metal band. Just blunt heavy music with nothing else.
2019-10-27 16:44
Russia Hellyer 
Being delusional in music in 2k19
2019-10-27 17:33
Thinking you're knowing more than others and imposing on your views, it's so outdated among adults.
2019-10-27 17:43
Russia Hellyer 
I'm saying that because your point is absolutely invalid. You didn't even put the context why it is blunt because it's "heavy" or because "there's nothing else"
2019-10-27 17:48
It doesn't have any complexity aside from the guitar solos to make it hard rock but it has a lot of distortion and grunge in its sound to not make it simple rock and roll. R'N'R is an evolution of R'N'B and AC/DC had evolved a lot forward, their music is very different to what rock and roll all was about.
2019-10-28 02:06
I liked the psychadelic bubblegum one, whats the name?
2019-06-29 11:28
It's only a music teaser, I can only show you this short piece. The full song is pricey.
2019-06-29 11:30
Europe RipLele 
This is my jam men))))
2019-06-29 11:28
How did you find this banger 😎😎😎
2019-06-30 13:00
Europe RipLele 
Went on to youtube, and searched for the best song ever men)))
2019-06-30 13:02
Very nice men))) 😎😎😎👍👍👍
2019-06-30 13:03
Bulgaria slaughtersun 
It's pretty dumb to say that electronic music isn't human made, try listening to some classic electronic music.
2019-06-29 11:29
I mean, kind of music that is not of a humane production, or the kind of music where electronics is the lead sound and acoustic in the background, or where there is no acoustics at all. Auto-tune and supportive tools are also falling into this category. It should be only humanly played and in the supportive role, not the main lines.
2019-06-29 11:33
Austria Ectasian 
so if somebody is playing loops live on a drumpad you say it still isnt human made music? lol. Just differ it between classical and modern instruments... the artist is always the one creating, making music.. ways just differ
2019-06-29 15:02
If there's a way to play it acoustic, with your own very hands, alternative ways will always be considered non humane. Actually the electronic drumset is the bigger part of what makes music electronic, those laser beams just leave it no chance.
2019-06-30 13:03
Austria Ectasian 
but going by your definition synthesizers are musical instruments too, while you are simultaniously saying they arent...? what about an e-drumkit where you can program each drum/snare/hithat but are still actively playing it?
2019-06-30 14:21
2019-06-29 11:35
What yes!
2019-06-29 11:44
Hungary mEZENCEphalon 
These are not bad but not really my type of music
2019-06-29 11:44
I didn't mean to put them on for rates, just tell me what's the closest style to your liking and maybe chime in for the poll.
2019-06-29 11:46
Hungary mEZENCEphalon 
I could put all of them in one place. Maybe the last one was the best but they all sound kinda similar to me
2019-06-29 11:50
They're all from the same decade and it's my preference, not the display of music diversity. Alright, noted. Have a good one.
2019-06-29 11:53
You were going so well until you went full pseud (like you usually do)
2019-06-29 11:53
What you're on?
2019-06-29 11:54
That you're a pseud, thought it was pretty self explanatory
2019-06-29 11:55
Uh, alright.
2019-06-29 11:55
He doesn't get it. but apparently us who listen to Rap or Electronic music are some low IQ retards, something along those lines.
2019-06-29 12:00
Didn't mean it in that way, I just don't tolerate the rails-off direction of music, it's really a downgrade even though I used to listen to all of that too.
2019-06-29 12:01
I'm just glad that I like lots of different rock styles and electronic.
2019-06-29 12:05
Nice, we almost got a good thing going.
2019-06-29 12:12
He does get it. Like I said he's a pseud, I met a lot of people like him. They have two distinctive traits 1) They think modern music sucks, so they tend to overrated anything from the 50/60/70, even trash like the merseybeat pop that he posted in the OP. 2) They think electronic music isn't "real music" This is mix of ignorance (see how the thinks that electronic music didn't exist in the 60s) and self-inflated ego It's basically the evolution of the "I'm 12 and I listen to X, I was born in the wrong generation"
2019-06-29 12:04
Pretty much. I love my 70s stuff, but I also like stuff from the 90s and some modern electronic music.
2019-06-29 12:07
So do I, I'm really good.
2019-06-29 14:33
While there's surely bits of truth to that, but your kind has become a lot more prominent than that you're talking about. Now any past music lover is automatically acclaimed as a "kid who was born in the wrong generation", whether he said a word or not. If you like the music from the past, you're a snowflake with no chance for recovery. I haven't said a thing except for the electronic and hip-hop music inclusion part, which I genuinely believe in myself, your sore experience though, is really a topic to feel sorry for you for. I'll refrain from spotting other holes, anyway most of it is true but from the wrong angle.
2019-06-29 12:12
I don't have a "kind", that's the point. I listen to hundreds of albums every year, from different countries and different eras, I'm not limiting myself, I try to battle against my idiosyncrasies, I have no prejudices and I don't care if anyone listen to older music, that's not even the point. what makes someone a "kid who was born in the worng generation" is believing to make a bold statement by saying so. Ignoring the current music scene is very opposite definition of being a "music lover", it's being lazy.
2019-06-29 12:22
There's also disliking in the options, have you got it? Don't finish my line by putting in words I haven't said. I'm very well aware of the music scene of today, I have my favorites, I have some of those. The main course of nowadays music has moved priorities upside down. Even if there was pop music before which goals were to score as many sales as possible, now there's no other kind on the spotlight. All popular music is that to be a good seller, otherwise you're unwanted and not needed. It hasn't been so before and that is a fact if you've been there. And though I am indeed very lazy, not when it's about music. And I'm afraid there is a tag for everyone, you're "the freedom kind", "I'm not limiting myself", "I don't have my favorite genres, I have my favorite songs", "music is subjective, saying otherwise is very wrong". In an everlasting chase with narrowmindness, saying proudly and being scared of being acclaimed one of those shameful subtypes of subhuman. It's alright, music could tear us apart but it might get us together as well.
2019-06-29 12:28
I mean, this speaks for itself.
2019-06-29 11:54
Guessin' that's your name, it surely does.
2019-06-29 11:54
Beat rock and rock and roll basically sound like Beatles or Pink Floyd's first album. All of it is 50s and 60s genres. I prefer Psychedelic Rock and Progressive Rock from the 70s.
2019-06-29 12:02
And what should it mean? It's not a thread of guessing, there's lots of stuff that it will sound similar to. You better tell me what you like if there's any of it.
2019-06-29 12:00
I mean its all not really my thing, as stated above, stuff from just a little later is better imo, but If I had to pick Psychedelic Bubblegum, cause it also sounds like early Pink Floyd.
2019-06-29 12:04
Of course we all like different things. And I knew that one would be liked somewhat a lot, it sounds way a lot more modernish that it actually is.
2019-06-29 12:15
I'm into Jazz, mainly Trad Jazz of the late 1920's, Dance bands of the early 1930's, and the big bands of the 40's. I am a jazz pianist myself. To be honest I agree with you that electronic music takes the human factor out of songs and pieces.
2019-06-29 12:01
Sweet to read it, what piece did you like the most out of these?
2019-06-29 12:14
Probably the do wop tbh, my Grandmother plays this kind of stuff all the time.
2019-06-29 12:18
It's really so very outdated to the music of today, I don't mean it in a bad way, I listen to that style over often. Thanks for lending your ears fella.
2019-06-29 12:19
Sweden WhiteChapel 
Most genres here I can listen to, especially the rock ones. Really hard to choose but might put beat rock and/or blues rock as my favorites
2019-06-29 12:30
Great! Beat rock is my favorite one as well. You're welcome here, have a good stay and get up to share if you will.
2019-06-29 12:32
Hard Rock Classic Rock Anatolian Rock(only exists in Turkey) Old School Rap and Rammstein...idk why, I love their music
2019-06-29 14:37
Great listings but do you like any of the written above? Since there's classic rock, you might like a couple of numbers.
2019-06-29 14:37
Psychedelic ballad and Rock&Roll are my favorite on that list
2019-06-29 14:41
Very fine, did you vote or man is lazy?
2019-06-29 14:42
I'll vote
2019-06-29 14:42
It gets finer everytime you look at me...
2019-06-29 14:42
Jovik fuuuuuck uuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2019-06-29 14:39
Stay on topic please!
2019-06-29 14:39
whatsup pedo))))? <333
2019-06-29 14:40
Stoopid... ;(
2019-06-29 14:40
Whats with those girls? 12,15,16 yo?
2019-06-29 14:41
Only the 16 year old left, the others have gone.
2019-06-29 14:41
unlucko jovik, best pedo btw)
2019-06-29 14:42
Shat ap))
2019-06-29 14:43
OkaY! A serious question overhere! Do you know where the actual jovik gone? I know he still might be somewhere around, i mean i don't believe he leave HLTV forever, this is fucking impossible, any news on this topic? I fucking miss this ruski god
2019-06-29 14:44
The numbers for letters with the very Russian flag, there you go.
2019-06-29 14:45
fuck u fake jovik i may never find the real jovik again(( sadly(((( JOVIK IF YOU READ THIS, KNOW I STILL SUPPORT U
2019-06-29 14:47
If this thread will survive till then, he will comment on here, I'm almost sure he will and you will find him... Isn't as active but still here!
2019-06-29 14:47
He did 10k comments in like 6 months. The biggest nolifer i've ever met. Amazing person and pedo
2019-06-29 14:48
Well, some people say he's not a pedo, maybe he wasn't ???
2019-06-29 14:49
He is a pedo, it was confirmed by several people here and i don't mind it, he was funny tho
2019-06-29 14:50
Well if you say so))) I hate pedos, I won't let him in here, so please go away!
2019-06-29 14:51
hahaha no, respect jovik or you will get punished) Jovik is a living(not sure) legend Last time i seen him he was under TheSingerWhoHasNeverSung name, so later he got banned and gone forever((((((
2019-06-29 14:52
No, it was me! My first account with the Italian flag (my roots), he had an Austrian flag to mock me and cause suspicioun.
2019-06-29 14:53
Oh really? Log in into that account and write "Smeagoll hi" eitherway your liar
2019-06-29 14:54
Chikenbrowser my life... why would I log into this one if that one wasn't banned already? I had two more after that and all got ten.
2019-06-29 14:56
nt pedo
2019-06-29 14:57
Bad friend ;(
2019-06-29 14:58
Im not your friend u sucker
2019-06-29 14:58
My eyes!
2019-06-29 14:58
My dick!
2019-06-29 14:59
Is so small.
2019-06-29 15:36
Shut the fuck up!
2019-06-29 15:38
He forgot about his pills again.
2019-06-29 17:50
wtf pedo
2019-06-29 19:06
You will feel sorry...
2019-06-30 13:03
If people voted more actively, I would make new editions of this kind of thread with more styles and genres, thanks for your input, did you like any of those?
2019-06-29 14:45
Australia opzy 
So I assume you wouldn't be happy with this then
2019-06-29 14:49
Never heard of this artist before, shaky to listen to it.
2019-06-30 13:04
Rock N' Roll is leading by far, I didn't see that coming. It's also the shortest record, maybe it got something to do with it.
2019-06-29 18:02
i prefer artistic r&b like choker beautiful
2019-06-29 18:11
You're up for sharing but your objective coming into this thread was to say what do you like the most if you like any at all? If not, then it's the sharing time!
2019-06-30 16:32
2019-06-29 19:04
For you maybe.
2019-06-30 06:17
yes, very
2019-07-01 18:02
Australia t0rrent 
Where are the rest of the genres?
2019-06-30 03:53
Did you read? These are the ones I listen to the most, it's not a display of music diversity. I could add more though.
2019-06-30 06:18
Australia t0rrent 
No I didn't read, it was too long
2019-06-30 10:26
Don't want you to read it, have you listened?
2019-06-30 11:45
Australia t0rrent 
Clearly not if I haven't read it
2019-06-30 12:11
So you realise then that your contribution to this thread is no more than a bump, third time now. Great time investment.
2019-06-30 12:14
Australia t0rrent 
Assuming that the time I spend on hltv is worth anything to me
2019-06-30 12:29
Any minute has its worth, you may just not see its actual value, you might when there's none left like usual.
2019-06-30 12:31
Australia t0rrent 
2019-06-30 12:33
Your bumps mean everything to me, sadly enough I'm out of time so it doesn't really help.
2019-06-30 12:34
Australia t0rrent 
I think you're cooked as fuck bro
2019-06-30 12:50
At least not baked. You either listen to those or you disappear, pick wise.
2019-06-30 12:57
Prog rock my man. Porcupine tree is so good
2019-06-30 06:30
So nothing from what you heard here?
2019-06-30 06:33
Tbh I didnt listen to any of them cause I was at work lol I probably will later though
2019-06-30 18:44
So have you? I'd want to know...
2019-07-06 11:25
Yeah I like pretty much all that man. Psych rock is good, and I'm a huge fan of classic rock and classic bands in general. Definitely would recommend a little prog if you like this kind of music if you're looking to broaden your horizons a bit
2019-07-06 14:57
I'm aware of those, I'm just sticking around my styles, it's not a display of music diversity from the past, I could add a lot more styles of course. I'm glad you liked it, can you say which one was the most pleasing to your ears.
2019-07-06 14:59
Probably live blues rock
2019-07-06 19:10
Well, thanks.
2019-07-06 19:12
2019-06-30 06:42
But what from what is present here or nothing at all?
2019-06-30 06:46
2019-06-30 07:11
Oh, that's very sweet. Have a good stay here.
2019-06-30 07:12
Russia skydead37 
Rap/Hip-Hop EDM
2019-06-30 06:47
2019-06-30 06:50
Russia skydead37 
2019-06-30 06:51
Russia skydead37 
Why not?)
2019-06-30 06:51
Funny Russian guy! But if seriously?
2019-06-30 06:51
Russia skydead37 
I can't understand, where did you find here any fun thing
2019-06-30 06:52
Well, I just faced reality. Have a good day.
2019-06-30 06:53
Russia skydead37 
And you!
2019-06-30 06:53
You too medved!
2019-06-30 15:30
Russia YQKKE Q_Q 
midwest emo, emo revival and many others type of emo like emopunk, emo90s etc twinkly shit sometimes ambient/post-rock/neoclassics or even shoegaze sometimes screamo/post-hardcore or even mettalic hardcore sometimes jazzy beats sometimes stuff you listen you may hear in my basement i sing in greh( by the way and play guitar in local emo band huehue something that i like and listening last couple of years
2019-06-30 06:51
Lots of diversity down here, did you like anything from the pieces that I gave you?
2019-06-30 06:52
Russia YQKKE Q_Q 
of course yes :) most of your stuff is good enough for some kind of vibes bruh
2019-06-30 07:13
That's alright, do you sing or you play, maybe both?
2019-06-30 07:19
Russia YQKKE Q_Q 
both :D i actually started to like some types of music that i don't listen and wouldn't be after learning riffs on guitar
2019-06-30 07:21
I'm singing too, writing songs as well. A beginner yet but there's improvement ;)
2019-06-30 07:58
Where is my classical music men(((
2019-06-30 06:57
I don't usually listen to that.
2019-06-30 08:51
I listen to a lot of genres
2019-06-30 13:06
Yeah nice,
2019-06-30 13:07
Yes men There is always something I find enjoyable Feels great not to be confined by any limits
2019-06-30 13:13
That's not what I expected to see.
2019-06-30 14:21
I listen to a lot of genres too, but what I like the most is power metal, symphonic metal etc
2019-06-30 14:22
It's all very fine, believe me, but I would ask you to tell me what you like out of these if you do any, if not, I understand and you can share your music if you wish.
2019-06-30 14:25
I appreciate your kindness, I really like a band here in brazil ''angra'', this month the band's creator died I was very sad but here some music that i like this is from André Matos (creator of angra) This is one of my favorites because it tells a story when Brazil was discovered in 1500 with references to our folklore and used various instruments here from Brazil This is another band, which I love too.
2019-06-30 18:44
Do you like Sabaton?
2019-06-30 18:47
yes I heard several songs from this band, I liked them all
2019-06-30 18:55
Lil peep star shopping
2019-06-30 18:45
You can do better.
2019-07-04 09:22
Yo, bro Rap challenge! Sup!
2019-06-30 18:53
So I guess you didn't like not one...
2019-07-02 20:22
no ones like lo fi house? :|
2019-07-01 18:04
Never heard of that...
2019-07-02 03:01
I've once had this thing too, check it out.
2019-07-04 09:38
BTS <3
2019-07-04 09:45
13-18 year old.
2019-07-04 09:48
21 btw)
2019-07-04 09:49
No, 17 max ;)
2019-07-04 09:51
i swear u im 21yo guy from ukraine)
2019-07-04 09:51
16 now.
2019-07-04 10:01
Listen to city calm down
2019-07-04 09:51
I might but I need to find out first if you liked something out of these or not.
2019-07-04 09:53
I liked the live rock, personally they're not something I would listen too personally. The ear candy isn't in the tunes (personally the most enjoyable aspect of music), while at the same time the chord progressions/feel of all of the songs were the same as one another from what I heard from a glance. Not listening to the whole song would be why this is a thing though. Also there isn't much reason to have the bit-rate above 16-bit (24-bit if you're really worried about it) as the human ear/brain won't be able to register anything that is better.
2019-07-04 10:06
I'm not showing the full songs for various reasons, just the catchiest moments from the songs that one might have liked. There are too way styles nowadays to stay within some lonely frames and like most of these, I understand but they all got one thing in common. Lyrics are meaningful, influential, nothing offensive or aggresive. Music is built wisely, chords are chosen for the mood, sung in the tune, right within the pitch. Foundation is the music theory and the lead instrument is the human soul. Find me another one today, done just as good and positive. It's possible but I'm wanting to show a great impact and influence behind the art, the kind that turns on the soul, not the money and fame.
2019-07-04 10:11 Bands such as king gizzard have a few songs with alot of meaning (while not always the most serious)
2019-07-04 10:16
While the quality is good, it's vastly different. Dragged across the four minutes bunch of sounds, my style is straight to the point, no hesitation. Just radical shot of pleasure or a punch in the guts with no awaiting. Close enough though!
2019-07-04 10:18
k we got it, u like rock
2019-07-04 09:54
There's a point for this thread, vote if you will.
2019-07-04 10:01
Russia Slavaa 
Dubstep, future bass, trap, chill trap
2019-07-04 09:54
Are you joking?
2019-07-04 12:50
Russia Slavaa 
No. What’s wrong?
2019-07-04 15:37
That's just the most disgusting styles you could ever pick. There's nothing musically in there but just a modern day hype. What's wrong?
2019-07-08 13:45
Russia Slavaa 
Ok, nt
2019-07-08 15:01
But did you like anything from these or not?
2019-07-08 15:47
Russia Slavaa 
sometimes i listen that ofc.
2019-07-08 19:28
Don't mind me, just want to check something out.
2019-10-20 07:02
i cant handle it but here anyway :D
2019-07-04 12:53
No, you better do, how can there be a dialogue if you don't listen ;(
2019-07-04 12:53
damn my phone made and i from u :O like you cant handle :D
2019-07-04 12:54
Too late, your phone told me of your weakness... Did you like any music piece I gave or all were trash for you?
2019-07-04 12:55
soul is cool rock and roll too, i listen to alot of music but frenchcore, hardcore is my favorite. i dont follow gerne i follow the feeling is music feels good and gives me good vibes it comes to my playlist.
2019-07-04 13:31
There are a few pieces with "soul" in it, rhythm and soul or something else, but thanks to you anyway for your time.
2019-07-04 13:32
That's how we do it in Bronx, NY.
2019-07-06 04:13
Progressive house top1, then progressive, deep house, maybe liquid dnb
2019-10-20 08:31
No, you gotta pick one among these. Not promote your favorite styles. And that wouldn't be true anyway.
2019-10-20 08:45
I appreciate you share your favorite songs with me, but even objectively they're not the best. Electronic music is soulless and empty.
2019-10-26 13:36
This is a hard one. Depending on the mood I could prefer one to another. However, traditionally, I was more of a fan of rock music, so I choose ''beat rock'' now. I could listen to any of the above-listed genres though. I only don't like real hard rock and rarely listen to rap. Aside from these, I'm open to any sort of music.
2019-10-26 13:17
Luckily there's neither rap or heavy metal here. So we settle nicely here! Glad you liked it.
2019-10-26 13:36
JPop/mandopop I like those campfire songs with guitar as well
2019-10-26 13:39
What a mixxx!
2019-10-26 13:40
+some piano pieces if they count??
2019-10-26 13:41
I'd like you to choose one or more from the given pieces though.
2019-10-26 13:43
I will try to do that later, I’m on my phone right now and it’s hard to navigate I’ve only heard of like 3 of those :p
2019-10-26 13:45
Marked, have a good time till then. I like piano melodies on the background, those are fire.
2019-10-26 13:48
Tanks men))
2019-10-26 13:49
i listen to it, and i liked all the ballads and beat rock il just vote for ballad
2019-10-26 14:20
Good choice, you can't go wrong with these!
2019-10-26 14:25
New school rap
2019-10-26 13:43
Ooh, you need a music teacher as soon as possible.
2019-10-26 13:44
Why? Am I need a music teacher if I don't like rock?
2019-10-26 13:46
To tell you about the value in a quality music piece, in the end it will come down to the influence you receive from music. And rap, especially the new school rap is the worst kind you could find. Should be forbidden.
2019-10-26 13:47
Why are you think that rap is the worst?
2019-10-26 14:44
Because of the influence and impact it has on the listener, like I said. Also it's the worst music genre regarding musicality. Degradation from the culture and science of this craft.
2019-10-26 14:55
I can't even listen to rock because it sounds like piece of shit, so for me hip-hop is better. Whatever, hip-hop could use elements of other type of music. And, how music can really have an impact? You could sing smth about social problems, politics etc in every genre, but it won't really influence if you don't want to change smth.
2019-10-26 20:22
Btw your words about "Degradation from the culture and science of this craft" looks like grunting (sorry for bad Englando).
2019-10-26 20:26
Of course since you never studied music and you're willing to listen to anything as long as it's popular, am I right!? Rock has a lot more subgenres and subtypes than hip-hop and why do you talk about rock? I never mentioned it. It's not a synonym to degradating rap. There are an ocean of good styles aside from rock.
2019-10-27 02:52
I know, but mostly you talked about rock in other threads. And I'm don't listen to anything just because it's popular, otherwise I should listen pop and K-Pop :). I could send you some of my favorite tracks and you will see that they're different.
2019-10-27 07:04
I believe you and I like that you have some self control and my post didn't get you mad. Respect! It only further proves that your kind of music didn't affect you at all, you found a groove in hip-hop that don't turn people into animals. Hold it dear and maybe look for something else in the meantime. It will give you even more.
2019-10-27 07:06
Nice end of the thread :)
2019-10-27 07:10
Rock ballad i think.
2019-10-26 13:44
Good choice.
2019-10-26 13:46
2019-10-26 13:48
2019-10-26 15:02
No time to talk about everything in detail etc, but: There is an album you could enjoy alot based on your links: Songs were written by Sparklehorse before he died, but produced and played post mortem by other musicians (mostly produced by danger mouse). But I have to add some words: You seem very ignorant towards electronic music and HipHop. You say music needs to be human made, which happens in Electro obviously, you still have to play your instrument and the sound is generated based on how you playand how you produce it etc. Just like there is tons of hiphop with a very high musical claim. Just because most of the mainstream stuff is straight up bullshit, it doesnt speak for the whole genre.
2019-10-26 15:05
There are gems and shitloads in every genre but I don't want to go into detail either to justify my words about rap and electro music. Music is an international language to connect the people across the world, if it produces electro sound it will rather distant us even more and isolate because there's no other source of that sound in the world except that production. Rap is just plain terrible, the message and musicality it has will never let it be respectable among classic styles. Deserved I say. Thanks for the links.
2019-10-26 15:10
But there is no single message in Rap at all. You can listen to lefty rap, right wing rap, Hippyrap, whatever, you name it. There is no single agenda behind that genre. And I hihgly oppose the position that electronic music/electronic soudns can not transfer emotions and create distance. This might be a good song for you, the name already describes it pretty well: Its a dude that used to work in analogue music, mostly electronic for a long time and started mixing in more digital elements and this is what came of it. I have no clue how this song wouldnt transfer any emotion or connect between people that for example enjoy it together.
2019-10-26 15:17
If there are lyrics in the song, there is a message. Especially in a style as rap, it's mostly a pile of text and if you can decipher the words you will not be satisfied. There's hardly any soul in the electronic music, it sounds unnatural and unless you were raised on it and surrounded by it, you're not likely to be positively influenced by it. Hard to accomplish the good sound as well which is not helping.
2019-10-26 15:20
" it's mostly a pile of text and if you can decipher the words you will not be satisfied" But thats the things, thats not your opinion really, thats just wrong :/ How is this guy hard to understand and how is it not a super emotional song? The lyrics are amazingly good and sad. Rap is more than a bunch of gangster mumbling shit into the mic. You also seem to be so out of touch to what "electronic" music is. My response wouldnt be as aggressive if you didnt say things like "you're not likely to be positively influenced by it.", which is just super shallow. It also has nothing to do with being raised under the influence of those sounds, there is tons of older people that love electronic music, besides not being raised with it. You are basically just admitting to being biased, as people that didnt grew up with it arent used to it and are therefore biased.
2019-10-27 16:20
I actually find myself in an awkward position, I can't find the needed words to explain it. I didn't often listen to the electro music but whenever I do I don't feel anything, it's put on front and the sound it produces just kind of distracts me, you instantly tell the difference between an acoustic production and electronic. You may say it's only me and would be right I guess, until I dig deeper into the music theory, I will leave it at this point. I don't think I'm biased, I'm open to every genre that has both art and science in it. I've nothing else to say except to repeat what I have already said. Electro doesn't have that living vibes, it's made up, it doesn't help the living.
2019-10-27 16:43
Damn that song is absolutely bonkers. My fucking dad introduced me to it first and I listen to it a lot. Jovik is just ignorant bro. You can't tell him otherwise. Rap is possibly a top3 most lyrical genre. He just doesn't want to look at it.
2019-10-27 02:27
I liked the song, I know a number of good songs in almost every genre there is but the vast majority still standout and I have to comment on that.
2019-10-27 07:08
Ok , sry. BTW I wanted to say this: Thing is I can get you not liking rap if it's new mainstream rap. Old rap and underground rap in general are very musical. Old rap was very vulgar but it was mostly like a documentary of the streets/hoods. So yeah the message in that might not be good but it still had metaphors, wordplay, symbolism etc. Underground rap is very musical though. Especially new underground rap. They sing, they rap, they mesh rap with rock, rap with metal, they even do "pop" sounding songs. And as far as instrumental so many of their instrumentals sample old jazz or old songs from any genre. Most of the time the only thing they actually "programmed" were the drums. Also many of the OG underground rappers in the new wave know how to actually sing without autotune, some of them know how to play some instruments live too :D Tell me what you think of my argument.
2019-10-27 13:51
I heard of them too, it's a positive line, I wish they evolve fast enough so there is no autotune or freestyle rapping has left. I'll be optimistic and wish it will be so. Care for one another and it will die out on its own eventually!
2019-10-27 14:33
The stuff you linked is very specific aswell, if we would judge the rock genre by the standards you judge opun rap and electro, it would be just as shit and disconnected from waht you like in rock.
2019-10-27 16:21
No, I don't really think so. Even though rock has a lot wider catalog and history of placing in the charts, it would be vastly different I'm certain. Too many points.
2019-10-27 16:44
ill pick none of those this is my kind of music
2019-10-26 20:28
But you had to...
2019-10-27 07:08
Oh Jovik, such a sad cunt.
2019-10-27 02:25
I was just about to treat you with tender love and respect but you show me your face straight away, isn't pleasant to see at all.
2019-10-27 07:08
This was written yesterday. I was in a dark place. I'd ignore it.
2019-10-27 13:55
Canada ProvexPyker 
I always go with the YouTube hentai click bait, night core big milkshake, single anime frame, edm language that I don't even know music videos 😎
2019-10-27 17:08
gunther all day
2019-10-28 02:13
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