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Corporate Socialism
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
I wanna ask any HLTV right-wingers (especially the ones that love to hate on AOC for NY Amazon HQ2): Why do you never get pissed about corporate socialism? Seriously. I've never seen Trik get pissy about the 2008 bankers bailout. I've never seen Anchluss get pissy about the Amazon HQ2 incentive. I've never seen Nohj get pissy about the Arizona Nike incentive. I've never seen @0x0 get pissy about fossil fuel subsidies. In fact, any time I've brought up those things you make excuses. Funny that...
2019-07-04 10:58
Poland m16_0_10r 
stfu trik
2019-07-04 10:59
Italy studiofrat 
2019-07-18 11:11
butthurt leftist spotted😎😎
2019-07-04 10:59
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
Mm, yes. Legitimate question = Butthurt lib. Dumbass.
2019-07-04 11:04
No u. Get rekt leftist😎😎😎😎
2019-07-04 11:04
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
At least attempt a decent insult...
2019-07-04 11:05
Czech Republic QuertyX 
he rekt you men)) 😎😎 no chance to comeback
2019-07-16 11:24
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
Cum sack?
2019-07-16 11:50
So writing: Dumb. No u. Get rekt etc is the way to have a conversation with people to get them REKT. Wow I knew that there where a lot of kids on this forum but come on dude you should not be here when your not even 10 yet.... Can you give me your mom's number so I can tell her to unplug the router...
2019-07-20 14:20
Czech Republic QuertyX 
you got baited men)) not expected from Denmark
2019-07-20 14:39
If this is what makes your dick hard - to "bait" - then you really need to try some pussy man... But guess guys your age is not there yet - you have something to look forward to :)
2019-07-20 23:12
Czech Republic QuertyX 
jesus christ man, this is not expected at all either Im getting baited all along (preventive 0/8) or youre not that smart (even though youre from Denmark men)))
2019-07-21 06:36
2 can play this game...
2019-07-21 10:35
Czech Republic QuertyX 
2019-07-21 17:22
no u
2019-07-17 10:44
United States Scvboy1 
The right are just edge lords and idiots
2019-07-18 14:30
And the left are prime targets for rekkting epic style 😎😎😎😎😎😎👍
2019-07-20 05:15
Socialists were in charge of the country in 2009-2017, they could have put the banks in jail but it turns out Obama was owned by Citi bank. States can give a deal for a company to move there, nothing wrong with that. If the company doesn't move there they get $0 anyways. Enjoy
2019-07-04 11:01
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
"In fact, any time I've brought up those things you make excuses." " States can give a deal for a company to move there, nothing wrong with that. "
2019-07-04 11:04
Leftist in charge doesnt prosecute bankers, cries to righties. LUL Imagine ur brain thinking properly, then write a reply, thank you
2019-07-04 11:06
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
*facepalm* Does it ever occur to you that we dislike Obama too?
2019-07-04 11:07
Then who do you like, Leftists only cry, then blame, they cry. When a leftist gets power they do nothing at all or ruin the economy, then the leftists cry and say it wasnt a real leftist. Get a new story please, this one is getting too old.
2019-07-04 11:08
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
Google neoliberalism. Read it. The come back.
2019-07-04 11:09
No leftists are retarded, i wanna preserve my brain cells so I can do something more productive like sniff rubber cement and other toxic chemicals.
2019-07-04 11:09
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
You go do that. I'll be here *not* being dismissive...
2019-07-04 11:10
A non-establishment leftie has never been president since at least the 60s. Thats who we want. Someone like Yang, Sanders, Warren. (Fuck all the rest and none of the three are perfect but whatever)
2019-07-17 10:45
Yang wants to increase an already crippling debt by giving out more welfare, Sanders wants to convert the us to a system that has failed whenever put into practice, and Warren is native American (I haven't rly payed attention to her cuz she has no chance anyways :)
2019-07-21 06:44
Umm, in case it matters, Trump has racked up the deficit to record heights. Anyhow, Yang will stimulate the economy massively and in the end it will easily pay off, you think he hasnt done the math? Sanders wants to convert the us into a system that has brought incredible standards of living and prosperity to the countries that use it. Look up what I mean. He has made it quite clear what his exemplary countries are. Wtf? What is your problem with native americans?
2019-07-21 11:55
1. Never said he didnt. In my books Trump is a conservative in name only 2. You're making huge assumptions based off sketchy ideas with false hopes 3. He made it quite clear what exemplary countries to him are in the past as well, notable his support of the USSR, Cuba, and early Venezuela (btw have you heard him talk about Venezuela recently? He's like one of the only politicians that hasn't outright condemned them). 4. Read what I said
2019-07-21 12:29
1. Good, so there is at least some consistency. 2. Do you actually think that Yang just woke up some morning after a night out and said "fuckin hell we gotta get that UBI thing going and I will run for Prezzie on that" and didnt make a clear model with economists? 3. Nah, he has rarely supported those countries and some quotes are even falsely attributed to them. Lets look at what he wrote (which is btw more recent than his "support" for those countries): During the presidential primaries, Sanders insisted that “When I talk about democratic socialism, I’m not looking at Venezuela. I’m not looking at Cuba. I’m looking at countries like Denmark and Sweden.” In September 2015, Sanders explicitly disavowed any ideological sympathy with Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, whom he described as a “dead communist dictator” in an email to campaign supporters. On February 27th 2018, he co-sponsored a joint resolution of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations which officially “condemns” the “sham election” soon to be held by Venezuela’s government. "Either way, what makes Sanders unusual among American radicals – from Noam Chomsky and The Nation magazine to almost every left-wing intellectual and journal of thought – is that he has never uttered a kind word for the cargo cult of Hugo Chavez. The more strange then, that he has been accused, convicted, and tarred-and-feathered on precisely that charge." Anyhow, I do think that he isnt clear enough, he should come out guns-blazing against the venezuelan system. But I do stand by my original point. 4. Yeah, but why do you even bring it up at all??
2019-07-21 13:55
+1 BOOM! The right need to take a stand and not let these fantasy people walk over everyone with their non-sense.
2019-07-18 11:09
Portugal nakbaron 
2019-07-20 16:14
United Kingdom KracN 
Don't bother mate, Americans are naturally towards the right, don't bother arguing about Socialism to them.
2019-07-21 22:23
Socialists? How stupid are you?
2019-07-04 11:10
Yes? Socialists... Are you dumb or what?
2019-07-04 11:11
There has not been socialists in charge of USA ever. The closest you got was after WW II when the great America was built.
2019-07-04 11:12
False and False
2019-07-04 11:12
No its not :D You retards with no arguments :D :D :D "False and False" :D The next generation of USA workers will be great because more than half of them think they can just deny facts and still stay employed.
2019-07-04 11:14
Your IQ and shoe size must be very close
2019-07-04 11:14
Shoe size 52, and add 1 to the front of it and you get my iq. And you retard have still not shown how USA has been socialist? You idiots think attacking a person in a debate is a valid strategy but in civilized world where the people are educated, it just makes you look stupid as fuck. I mean you sound like a product of continued incest.
2019-07-04 11:21
Only thing that is 152 with you is your weight in kg
2019-07-04 11:20
Thanks for proving the point that 99% of Americans are retards :D
2019-07-04 11:24
United States Acehavok 
It’s not that high of a percentage, HLTV has a really high concentration lol
2019-07-20 05:08
Lithuania OnyxLT 
you just shutdown that npc
2019-07-17 14:30
United Kingdom aight_bet 
eu flag > 50 iq. pick one.
2019-07-16 09:28
At least we did not vote for Russian funded brexit campaign like bots :D
2019-07-18 18:51
You had good arguments before you fell for the bait and started acting like an idiot.
2019-07-20 05:17
I'm sorry but who exactly has been a socialist in power? The closest I can think of is Huey Long, and he never advocated for the abolition of private property or the transfering of the means of production.
2019-07-16 09:28
Step one to having a rational thought is examining the system in which the socialist operates, just because they want to do something, doesn't mean it can actually happen. In the USA, you need to win 3 straight elections to have a majority to do anything you want and that has never happened. Woodrow Wilson FDR Jimmy Carter Barack Obama All socialists, just because they didnt get everything they wanted doesn't make it so, they certainly tried to. Then you can add to the list, 80% of current Democrats are socialists. The reason they will never say they are (only the retarded fringe will) is because socialism has a 70% disapproval rating in the USA, so they have to hide their intentions and do things incrementally.
2019-07-16 17:18
Citation needed.
2019-07-16 18:22
United States Acehavok 
Like 10 of them
2019-07-20 05:10
HA Obama a socialist, that dude was a corporate sellout just like Clinton and Biden. Fuck off with your "I basically see commies everywhere"-US-version of things. Stop watching fox news and get into the real world.
2019-07-17 10:47
allu | 
Sweden Dguyg 
Obama, the socialist that bailed out the big banks and sold out to big moneyed interests :D
2019-07-18 16:51
United States Acehavok 
You don’t need 3 straight elections to get a majority. House easily flips after 1 election and senate can flip after 1 and especially after 2. So 4 years and you can have an easy majority. Almost every President has started with a majority in both houses.
2019-07-20 05:13
lmao obama is not a socialist he is a corporate dude like all the others a socialist would have implemented single payer healthcare and would have fixed the immigration issue (and then i dont mean deporting everyone willy nilly) and would have fixed the gun issue to prevent unnecessary tragedy and would have definitely put bankers in jail after 2008 and would have taxed the rich and would have closed guantanamo. but none of that happened so yeah...
2019-07-16 12:02
This post shows you no nothing about the US government system, thank you for showing it. Also it is illegal to ban guns, the constitution is the supreme law of the land and the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. Thanks PS More people die in car crashes every year than from guns, even if you include suicides by guns and gang violence by guns. So I assume you will support banning cars worldwide, hopefully start in your country first as a good example. I also expect you to make a "LOL NA" thread 85 times per day for each person that is killed by car, thank you.
2019-07-16 17:22
no, you dont know anything i didnt say ban guns. i said fix the gun issue. there is more than 1 solution besides banning guns. although it would definitely be the easiest and most logical solution, i can accept that you guys are fucking nuts and dont want to ban dangerous weapons in your densely populated first world country. just eliminate the gunshow loophole, mandatory background checks in every state for every purchase, and crack down on illegal gun smuggling. ezpz. but see ur govt will never do that because theyre corrupt as fuck and they make money when little kids get shot in school so yeah LOL NA fucking retards get ur shit together or stfu
2019-07-17 10:34
"gun show loophole" proof you don't know anything about guns
2019-07-21 06:48
and your road safety is also tragically bad, you have way more traffic deaths per capita than european countries. that argument is almost as retarded as saying "b b but what about brazil they have an even higher murder rate." people dying somewhere else doesnt make it ok that u have 30k gun deaths every year you immoral godless piece of shit. stop this whataboutism. fix ur gun issue. your children are dying.
2019-07-17 10:36
whataboutism is exactly what it is. gun nuts have nothing else.
2019-07-17 10:48
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
I'll never even understand why there's a debate about guns. Constitution says jack shit about firearms specifically, just that you have the right to possess a weapon. I know obviously that's a very simplified way of framing it, but it's true tho.
2019-07-17 13:09
Guns stop 500,000 crimes a year (a conservative estimate) and guns are used to commit crime 300,000 times a year. Nt commie
2019-07-21 06:50
Laws can be changed you retarded cuck :D I know its still legal for 70 year old men to marry 12 year old kids in USA but its not like that law should not be changed.
2019-07-18 18:56
Car crashes aren't intentional, gun shootings are. Holy shit man this comparison exposed you. A serial wind up merchant with a low IQ, what an absolute nonce you are.
2019-07-20 05:15
2019-07-18 12:59
ah yeah who doesn't remember the time the people in charge in the US wanted to abolish private property.
2019-07-20 05:12
You type that as if every president for the past 60+ years wasn't owned by someone.
2019-07-21 11:57
Socialism to a certain extent only works in an ethnostate
2019-07-04 11:11
2019-07-04 11:11
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
Explain that logic.
2019-07-04 13:08
Because globalisation has destroyed any chance of socialism being an actual system that can work, I can write about it a lot but it comes down to ethnostates having a more concentration on collectivism which allows more socialists policies to work, but globalisation and globalised capitalism has destroyed any chance of that happening
2019-07-04 14:29
sounds like something coming from prageru, but i wont get involved further coz i would have to read up on your claim.
2019-07-17 10:49
You think PragerU would say that socialism could work? Lmao they're too busy pushing capitalism because they're funded by Jews
2019-07-17 16:54
No ofc I wouldnt say that PragerU would ever say anything positive about any other economic system than a completely free market. They are cunts.
2019-07-17 19:27
Just because a country only has one race doesn't mean everyone will suddenly get along and will all want to contribute to society out of a sense of decency. Britain is around 90% white, and it's one of the most diverse countries in Europe. There are plenty of almost entirely white countries in Europe and these certainly aren't countries where everyone gets along or there's a very strong sense of community except maybe in mid-sized towns or villages.
2019-07-17 10:57
Most of our economy comes from London which is like 40% white so its not comparable to the rest of the UK
2019-07-17 16:55
How does the economic value of London affect your local sense of community? Either way if a city that's less than 40% white is doing fine and is in reality disproportionately wealthy, doesn't that disprove everything you've said about how a white society would do better?
2019-07-17 18:59
Not most but at a very disproportional rate with the rest of the country.
2019-07-17 16:57
citation needed
2019-07-18 12:59
I see xthedeadpixel and i instantly don't read the thread cuz it's some stupid shit as always from this guy
2019-07-04 11:12
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
Yet you still click it and comment.
2019-07-04 11:16
United Kingdom aight_bet 
he didn't read though. so it doesn't matter.
2019-07-16 09:29
+1 never seen a single cs comment from this guy
2019-07-18 07:41
That's not fair. I've made at least 1.
2019-07-18 17:17
What do you expect from people who hate socialism just because they have been taught to hate socialism .GM gets a haircut of 90% on its loans when people were losing their houses . Banks and insurance companies get 700 billion bail out when their directive council members should have been in jail . But yeah socialism for the few and hardcore financial capitalism for the many sounds amazing )
2019-07-04 11:14
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
2019-07-04 11:17
was going to berate you on your socialist beliefs because socialists share a total iq lower than their number of chromosomes but then I saw your name
2019-07-04 11:20
Lul looking at this thread it's the opposite. They argue and explain but then "superior" rightists come here and only insult without nothing XD
2019-07-04 11:29
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
^This guy gets it.
2019-07-04 13:16
I'm a centrist, but throughout this entire thread not a single right winger has had one logical argument against corporate socialism. I'm not even a right winger and even I can make a better case for why corporate socialism is good for the economy than you guys can. Saying "dum libtard" 50 times in more civil language isn't an argument.
2019-07-17 11:01
Corporate socialism is bad bcuz it's a tool for bad ideas to spread. The reason the world has advanced to the point it is currently is because capitalism has supported the spreading of good ideas. It's very simple, you make something people want and people buy it. You make something people don't want and people don't buy it. If a business is failing, 9/10 times it's because of selling bad or unwanted products. That's why corporate socialism is bad. Is that a good enough reason for you?
2019-07-21 06:56
I phrased this incorrectly, I meant defending corporate socialism since that's partly what the Republican party stands for.
2019-07-21 07:03
Right wing does not necessarily mean Republican. Yes, Republicans do often wield right wing views, but not all right wing views are held by the Republican party. For example, right wing would say national emergency declaration is wrong, yet Trump has done it repeatedly
2019-07-21 07:23
Well in this case I guess I would be referring to the Republicans. I understand there are real Conservatives that don't support this kind of stuff among other right wing factions.
2019-07-21 08:09
nt żydokomuno z galicji
2019-07-19 01:26
Socialism = The end of the Greatest country ever Happy birthday!
2019-07-04 11:26
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
2019-07-04 13:05
United States Nohj_ 
why am i here wtf im not even right wing LMAO
2019-07-16 09:18
Kyrgyzstan Anschluss 
Ikr Same
2019-07-16 09:14
World ascet 
2019-07-16 09:20
I don't know about that one lol
2019-07-20 05:24
Kyrgyzstan Anschluss 
Nohj edited his post
2019-07-20 06:30
I don't even remember you saying anything outrageous lol
2019-07-20 05:24
Couldn't fucking tell you lmao, you def ain't a right winger
2019-07-20 06:26
This guy is dumb. That's why
2019-07-21 07:24
I like the German corporate model better
2019-07-16 09:15
Germany pepko 
Why? what is so good in it ? ))
2019-07-16 09:32
Cause lots of labor rights who have a lot of power on the top board. And not reliant on big banking but family owned midsize companies. Plus no corporate incentives.
2019-07-16 10:44
North America GatorThePimp 
I’m poor let me steal from the rich
2019-07-16 09:18
No the rich have been stealing from the poor for decades and its time to pay it back.
2019-07-17 10:51
North America GatorThePimp 
You proletarian scum Nt commie
2019-07-17 12:28
not a commie
2019-07-17 13:36
North America GatorThePimp 
Then what are you?
2019-07-17 13:43
capitalism with clear rules and regulations
2019-07-17 14:58
Government regulated free market? Essentially socialism
2019-07-18 07:43
Socialism is when the means of production are in the hands of the workers. Thats not even close to what I am advocating. Are you just spewing right-wing talking points without at least looking up definitions?
2019-07-18 15:16
Hey retard Socialism always has government backing. You can say “the people control the means of production” but the way they do that is through government intervention. I guess a more fitting term would be communism, but better essentially the same. Government regulated free market is not capitalism, its communism.
2019-07-18 15:25
Are you honestly trying to say that because every Y has to be X that therefore every X is by definition Y? Calling you dumb as a brick would be euphemistic m8 + you are literally equating socialism with communism. You arent even trying to understand different economic models. You have your worldview and stick to it like an idiot.
2019-07-18 16:20
LOL socialism and communism have the exact same economic model You’re really on some dumb shit if you think different Both models have the baseline of forceful government propelled wealth distribution. They are the exact same. There is no worker coalition seizing the means of production. It’s always the government, no matter which one of the shit models you choose
2019-07-18 17:04
Honestly if you are just gonna ignore facts: And pretend that because a fuckin 2007 fiat 500 is the same as a koenigsegg because they are "both a car" you are not worth anyones time. If you are literally going to ignore the reality that these are SIMPLY TWO DIFFERENT THINGS that just have similarities, you are an idiot. And that doesnt even scratch the fact that they are BOTH distinct from regulated capitalism. I have always wondered whether one day I would actually come across a caricature that thinks that everything that isnt totally unregulated hardcore free market capitalism is equal to COMMUNISM REEEEE and today the day has come. You realize that people everywhere say that and are completely sarcastic about it because its as close to a parody as can be?
2019-07-18 17:10
Socialism and communism? They are the same, just different names. Every example of a socialist of communist country always comes down to a government stronghold on the economy. Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, all these countries have had their governments completely take over the economy and means of production, regardless of if they are socialist or communist. You can sit here and give me talk semantics, but anecdotal evidence shown throughout history would say different.
2019-07-19 00:20
Its not talking semantics if I point out to you that "X and Y have a similarity, therefore X=Y" is obviously fallacious. Its literally plain logic. And you probably havent even bothered to read the link, have you?
2019-07-20 13:10
For this case I’m going to rely on examples throughout history that defy the actual meaning of those words. I don’t want to sit here and talk about the literal when examples in history say different. And I still don’t know why I’m arguing because i think both of those economic systems are autistic and don’t work
2019-07-20 13:30
"socialism and communism have the exact same economic model" No they don't. "There is no worker coalition seizing the means of production. It’s always the government, no matter which one of the shit models you choose" Weird, in Catalonia the workers seized the means of production without the government 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
2019-07-20 05:30
Socialism would imply that the workers of a country/company would be entitled to the full product of their work, but would still be under the rule of the previous government. What do you know, Catalonia was a separatist movement in which they set up a entirely new government, apart from Spain.
2019-07-20 06:09
socialism doesn't require a government The means of production were seized by trade unions, not by the government
2019-07-20 06:15
Which then established a government. They were trying to set up a sovereign nation, not just a new economic system
2019-07-20 06:42
even if they did, you said that it's always thr government that seizes the means of production, which obviously isn't the case besides, capitalist countries have a government too so I don't exactly see your point
2019-07-20 14:27
NA education
2019-07-20 05:13
Anecdotal evidence would show different
2019-07-20 06:05
Yeah, thats why no one cares about anecdotal evidence. Or as one saying puts it: "The plural of anecdote is NOT data"
2019-07-20 12:35
Or as someone else would put it- actions speak louder than words And the actions performed by these countries speak louder than the semantics behind the name of their economic systems
2019-07-20 13:26
This is so non-sequitur its not even funny.
2019-07-20 13:29
LOL how is that irrelevant
2019-07-20 13:32
Socialism and communism describe two different systems. And you try to make them literally the same by criticizing the actions that those countries have taken? So now you are saying that its irrelevant what actually defines the system and how it is built, you are saying "Entity A carried out set of actions X" "Entity B carried out set of actions X, too" "A = B" Are you for real?
2019-07-20 13:37
We’re talking about 2 different things. I’m talking about the action s done by these countries. You’re talking about the literal meaning of the words. Based off your explanation, you’re right. At this point, I don’t care, you have this one
2019-07-20 14:14
Communism and socialism have different ideologies, different goals and different outcomes. They are only similar in how they achieve these goals. Namely by government distribution and centralized planning. How about you write down here in what ways these two differ so that we can actually get down to whether you even have any understanding of this topic? And funnily, this isnt even the original topic. Communism and socialism are still way different from rhine capitalism, while you pretend they arent.
2019-07-20 14:53
My original point was historical evidence of the two, so like I said, I don’t want to talk about the literal of each system, so it doesn’t matter. When did I bring up capitalism tf?
2019-07-20 16:12
Ok so you are saying "the end result of socialism and communism is often very similar", correct? You NEVER did. I brought up capitalism because its my preferred economic system but you insulted me as a communist anyway.
2019-07-20 16:44
?? I said that a multitude of times Never insulted you as a communist Wtf are you saying
2019-07-20 18:24
Ok, first of all, IDK to what capacity communism or socialism have ever been realised, so thats problematic. Nonetheless, you said plainly that they ARE the same, not that the OUTCOMES are the same. And these are TWO. DIFFERENT. THINGS. So, you are de facto wrong. GEEZ, who would have thought? I said that I am in favor of capitalism with a rule-framework and you said that its essentially socialism which is the same is communism and therefore I am a communist. Its the same shit I hear all the time from right-wingers.
2019-07-20 18:27
Yes I said they’re the same the difference is that you constantly try to argue definition, and not what has happened. Socialism has been realized in Cuba and Venezuela, communism in USSR. These countries governments seized the means of production, regardless if they were socialist or communist. WhAt I was saying that every communist or socialist country has the same upbringing and outcome based on historical evidence. Sorry if you felt attacked, but I was attacking the idea and not you.
2019-07-20 18:33
Why cant you be specific then? You wasted both our time if you just had said from the start that you dislike both because they usually end up the same way. Instead of saying "No ThEy ArE tHe SaMe YoU dOnT kNoW wHaT yOu ArE tAlKiNg AbOuT" you could have just said precisely what you mean instead of taking a simply factually false stance like an idiot. AND its still completely unclear why you brought up socialism IN THE FIRST PLACE.
2019-07-20 18:40
My bad, should’ve made that point more clear Socialism was brought up cause it was the original point before this subthread
2019-07-21 02:08
So you are saying that capitalism with rules and regulations is not essentially socialism?
2019-07-21 11:52
I’m saying any control over a free market is closer to socialism then true capitalism At this point idc, I’ll stop replying
2019-07-21 13:36
Well thats just fucking obvious, wtffff. Your statements #114 and #262 are so fucking different its like I am talking to a different person. One person who can only spew fox news rhetoric and one person who can actually give differentiated statements. You have wasted BOTH OUR TIME. Idiot. Honestly. Such a fucking waste of time.
2019-07-21 13:59
Lost all respect for bxteme
2019-07-20 05:27
Lost my respect You not a threat When I shoot my shot That shit wetty like I’m sheck
2019-07-20 06:04
United Kingdom aight_bet 
why didn't you mention me?
2019-07-16 09:26
Never heard of you.
2019-07-16 09:30
United Kingdom aight_bet 
i'm the biggest rightist on this forum.
2019-07-16 09:30
United States Nohj_ 
im not even a rightist and he mentions me lmao
2019-07-16 10:56
United Kingdom aight_bet 
wtf. typical deadshitxel.
2019-07-16 11:19
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
Hm, sorry about that if you're not. Just some of the things I've seen you say made it seem that way.
2019-07-17 13:26
well he is idiot
2019-07-19 01:33
You haven't made a single political thread, and Trik is pretty stiff competition
2019-07-20 05:26
I'm honestly kinda insulted he didn't put me in:(
2019-07-21 07:27
Australia t0rrent 
Didn't read lol
2019-07-16 09:31
Belgium jorneiro 
Lol are your feelings hurt bc you got exposed to facts? Cry more leftie helicopter is waiting for you
2019-07-16 11:55
2019-07-17 10:51
Belgium jorneiro 
Stop listening to podcasts and go outside nerd
2019-07-17 10:53
So instead of actually listening to the facts that you were thumping on so hard, you now say "fuck the facts, I build my own reality". kys you hypocritical cunt.
2019-07-17 13:39
Stop bumping old threads. Johnny E, please do something
2019-07-16 11:59 how can you even trust a person this stupid, she had done even dumber things btw
2019-07-17 10:40
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
You think someone is stupid because they'd never seen a garbage disposal sink before? You should visit literally anywhere outside the US.
2019-07-17 13:38
Maybe listen do the damn video? Also, this is a random example of her stupidity, there are many more videos that shows how dumb and uneducated she is, Green New Deal is also a good example of her stupidity.
2019-07-17 13:43
sums up american right wingers, cant criticise policy , just go after random shit like this and give more tax cuts to the rich and mad at brown football man. All american right wingers are racists, just a fact. Fucking president is telling people of congress that were born in the USA to go back to where they came from. You guys are all retarded and the rest of the world laughs at you.
2019-07-17 13:48
I'm not a right winger, just because I have a different opinion about AOC doesn't make me a right winger. As for "all american right wingers are racists" that's not a fact, that's your opinion which I also disagree with, I have many right wing friends, some of them are also black people who think that the current "progressive left" is racist.
2019-07-17 13:50
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
Obviously not "all american right wingers are racists", but Trump's approval rating amongst Republicans is 90-97%. If at this point those that wish to continue support do so, they are very much in agreeance with his racism. It's not a bug. It's the feature.
2019-07-17 13:56
Show me some examples of Trump's racism, because I always see people call him that, but when it comes to evidence they usually link something straight out of context, or something that isn't racist at all.
2019-07-17 13:58
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
He literally told 3 people born in the US to go back to where they came from 3 days ago... There's also the Central Park 5 ad, which he has been asked about recently, and he still stands by his position that "they must have done something". There's also the fact he had a rule against having black tenants on one of his apartment complexes. He himself called the ban on travel from certain countries a "Muslim ban". At the Republican Jewish Coalition he said "I bet about 99.9% of you love to renegotiate thing. Is there anybody here that doesn't love to renegotiate?" Would you like more?
2019-07-17 14:10
2019-07-18 11:08
honestly if anyone even asks "how is trump racist" you can just end the conversation right there because youre not gonna get anywhere with someone who doesnt know how to use google
2019-07-18 11:11
You should have seen what it was like when he came to UK last month. MAGA supporters showed up and every one I talked to asked how he's racist. I swear, he could say n****r and they wouldn't bat an eye...
2019-07-18 11:19
Kyrgyzstan Reichsbank 
How's he racist, though
2019-07-18 11:22
allu | 
Sweden Dguyg 
He constantly panders to racists, the best example is probably the one DeadPixel talked about earlier. Trump saying that mexican immigrants bring in "drugs, war, crime and rape" and that SOME he assumes are good people is another prime example of Trump pandering to racist voters.
2019-07-18 16:38
'i have black friends' lol how is the progressive left racist? Of course, the right wing in america isnt racist at all as you most likely think
2019-07-17 13:59
Good job cutting half of my sentence and swaying it out of context to make your own narrative
2019-07-17 14:00
just found it funny bud :) how about respond to the question, I'll repeat it a few times if u have struggle reading! how is the progressive left racist?how is the progressive left racist?how is the progressive left racist?how is the progressive left racist?how is the progressive left racist?how is the progressive left racist?how is the progressive left racist?how is the progressive left racist?how is the progressive left racist?how is the progressive left racist?how is the progressive left racist?
2019-07-17 14:05
Progressive left is racist because they keep bashing white males for everything, they heavily promote diversity by giving special privileges to black people, like race-based university admissions policies at universities, hiring only black people to make their workplace more "diverse" and promoting that kind of stuff in general.
2019-07-17 14:11
"When you're so used to privilege, equality feels like oppression."
2019-07-17 15:10
Affirmative action is equality?
2019-07-18 07:47
Up to the point it starts going in reverse, yes. There are both good and bad things about it. It's a blanket to ensure schooling/employment is non-discriminatory. Bible belt states are very much still in need of it. More diverse states like California, New York or Texas don't particularly need it anymore as we've seen issues of reverse discrimination arise due to it.
2019-07-18 11:00
So you’re gonna give a spot at Harvard to a black person with a 1400 score on the sat as opposed to an Asian with a 1600? I don’t see equality in that
2019-07-18 11:50 " The Court held that a student admissions process that favors "underrepresented minority groups" does not violate the Fourteenth Amendment's Equal Protection Clause so long as it takes into account other factors evaluated on an individual basis for every applicant."
2019-07-18 13:01
It’s been confirmed that sat scores have been skewed in favor of minorities such as African Americans, which is unfair. Sure, your admission process can be favoring minorities, but then you go from favoring to lying
2019-07-18 13:53
2019-07-18 17:06
This is going to be my ast reply cause I’m on mobile but here - blacks and Hispanics are boosted around 200 points on the sat whilst Asians (typically more intelligent and hard working) are penalized about 50. I think there’s a source leading to the Princeton study that found this but if not you can just search it up
2019-07-19 00:28
Prefacing this with what I said pre iously, AA is only good until it goes in reverse. That being said... "And the Princeton study Lee refers to has been widely criticized by academics who argue that it relies too heavily on grades and test scores to draw conclusions about racial bias and that the data the study uses are too old to be relevant."
2019-07-19 00:57
But, that being said, you would agree than an unfair boost to a specific races scores that leads to a less qualified student to get into college over another qualified student of a different race, solely off of race and not any other factor, would be wrong, right?
2019-07-19 01:26
I've already said that twice.
2019-07-19 01:28
Alright then, glad we agree
2019-07-19 02:31
It’s been confirmed that sat scores have been skewed in favor of minorities such as African Americans, which is unfair. Sure, your admission process can be favoring minorities, but then you go from favoring to lying
2019-07-18 13:53
You really want us to criticize her policy? She supports socialism. She is an outspoken socialist. So despite what she says, no she is not championing scandanavian economics, as those are clearly capitalist. She champions the governments of Venezuela, the USSR, and Cuba. She supports overly radical economic ideas that would undoubtedly cripple the economy. She is a blatant anti-semite and she fights with people who allowed her to have any voice. She is undoubtedly stupid, but even more, she's a danger because people like you actually listen to her and take her seriously
2019-07-21 07:32
Not really a criticism of policy there, just you saying she supports socialism. And then you say vuvuzela the USSR and Cuba. Which yes are all socialist countries but provide no actual critque of anything she says. Socialism is always, no matter where in the world, once it is enacted in a country, a US backed coup ALWAYS happens, every time.. Please provide any evidence that socialism would 'undoubtedly cripple the economy'. Cos i dont see that my dude. Also, please provide any sources or evidence that she is anti-semetic? Would love to know as I havent seen anything proving that at all. Thanks buddy
2019-07-21 11:34
1. She's made very clear that she's a Democratic Socialist and has stated that multiple times. Democratic Socialism is what exists in Scandinavia. 2. She's made very clear that she denounces the horrific things the Venezualan and Cuban governments have done. Still doesn't take away from the fact they were democractically elected and subsequently smashed with US coups, which is what she is talking about when she mentions those countries. 3. I beg you to find me one thing she's done that's anti-semetic. I'll drop support for her right now if you can. 4. Be a little more specific when you say "fights with those that allowed her to have a voice." You tell me something you think was out of line and I'll review it. 5. So far all you've given is either misrepresentation or blatant falsehoods. It's always funny to see people call her stupid and then they themlseves act ridiculously stupid...
2019-07-21 11:42
Give me literally a single source that isn't MSNBC. Oh wait, you cant... Well then good day
2019-07-21 12:25
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
I have. Still don't see your point. Ooo wow, she has never seen a garbage disposal before and there was something in it that was grinding, ooo. Like I said, the US is one of the only places that uses those, and even that it's usually in more modern, more expensive housing than she's used to. You've got a very weird set of rules to measure intelligence my friend... Oh please, do talk about the GND. Always love it when you plebs think you know shit.
2019-07-17 13:51
So you start calling me a pleb now because I don't agree with your views? That would explain a lot: And why do you act like you know more about US than the actual Americans? Maybe look around and see how the progressive left destroyed your own country before you think about destroying mine.
2019-07-17 14:03
how has the left destroyed the UK? the conseratives taking the country into austerity, and as you are american the only thing you guys seem to know is knife crime in london, which is direct result of tory police cuts. Clearly you are fucking braindead, which is why you cant discuss things any deeper than 'the left bad' and 'thing left done is bad'. Educate yourself, america is a fucking joke, there is a reason everyone in the world hates America and especially americans.
2019-07-17 14:12
Stop saying "the left", I'm talking strictly about the PROGRESSIVE LEFT, those are not the same things, I'm more of a leftist myself. The PROGRESSIVE LEFT destroyed UK by letting hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants storm their country, crime rates went up drastically, especially rape crimes, stabbings and terrorist attacks. There are radical islamists freely walking on the streets of London, there are schools for muslim kids that radicalize them and you can very easily find video evidence for that.
2019-07-17 14:16
the progressive left didnt "let immigrants storm their country" the entire country of britain let that happen. and they are literally leaving the EU because they want to decide themselves who is allowed into their borders without any interference. not sure what more proof you want that the left is not in charge. fucking braindead american. also its not hundreds of thousands lol, this is the UK, not germany.
2019-07-18 11:09
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
No. I called you a pleb because you think the GND is somehow dumb. I told you to start listing your ills and you deflected. Not my fault, bro. OOOO, my twitter. Ya got me. Such ouch. Act? You've presented your perspective and I've given you actual analysis and facts. Plus I talk to a group of friends from NY, FL, NC, CA & KS everyday. 2 of them are in the Navy. I don't pretend to know more than anyone. You say something I know to be false or misconstrued, I will correct you. You could say plenty of shit about cars and I wouldn't have a clue if you're lying or not. Ahh, yes. The progressive left that hasn't existed in the mainstream for over 40 years. Always love it when you plebs think you know shit.
2019-07-17 14:21
Okay I should have realized earlier that you're a baiter, my bad for wasting so much time replying lol
2019-07-17 14:26
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
Giving up? Thought so. Run and cry bait when you can't just accept what I've said and continue the conversation. Still waiting on your ills of the GND.
2019-07-17 14:28
No man you just refuse to accept facts that don't line up with your views, I wont waste more of my valuable time here. Go correct more people with "facts" that you know, because you TALKED to few online friends that live in US lol
2019-07-17 14:30
Projecting much? You asked me how Trump was racist, I gave you examples. Not a peep from you after that. You started your comments by somehow believing that someone who's never seen a garbage disposal before was an indication of stupidity. I told you that the US is one of the only, if not the only, country that uses them, and even then it's usually higher income housing than she's used to. You said the GND was dumb and I asked you to list your ills, which you still haven't. You even think the progressive left fucked the UK, even though it hasn't been in power for over 40 years. Thatcher - Conservative Neoliberal. Major - Conservative Neoliberal. Blair - Labour Neoliberal. Brown - Labour Neoliberal. May - Conservative Neoliberal. Possibly Johnson - UK saw Trump and said "Hold my beer." Seems you're the one that can't accept facts.
2019-07-17 14:39
ahahahahahahahahaha looks exactly like I expected just screams BETA ahahahahahahhaha
2019-07-17 23:18
hhahahahah you have gamer in your bio hahahhaha never talk to me
2019-07-18 14:39
I try not to, but you're irresistible. Show this naughty gamer how to beat water level baby.
2019-07-18 17:08
2019-07-18 17:16
Damn, touched a nerve there, huh? Pff. Beta...
2019-07-18 17:23
You're very weird you need a real hobby
2019-07-18 17:55
Says the far-right 17 year old...
2019-07-19 00:47
I have many bro
2019-07-19 01:14
Is Devvo impersonator one of them?
2019-07-19 01:22
2019-07-19 01:27
Why does it matter the us is one of the only places that uses them? She grew up in the us. Was she so pampered growing up she never even looked at a sink?
2019-07-21 07:33
"even then it's usually in more modern, more expensive housing than she's used to." Try reading for more than 1 second...
2019-07-21 11:33
That's just incorrect. Almost all housing in the us has them
2019-07-21 12:24
Except NY, which had banned them till '97. AOC lived in homes built pre-'97.
2019-07-21 13:51
She lived in a developed area of the Bronx and also lived in DC before that video
2019-07-21 20:30
Oo wow, she lived in a developed area guys, you hear that? Well, I guess that completely nullifies the fact she had never had or seen one in her house, her families homes, or her friends homes then, yeah? If you're gonna sit here and pretend you know her living arrangements then at least come with something better than "bUt ShE LiVeD iN DC FoR mOnThS bEfOre tHAt ViDeO" She's been in her DC apartment for 5-6 months now and is still unpacking. She splits her time 4 days in DC, 3 days in NY. She works late most days and composts her food waste. Any more mental gymnastics you're gonna do?
2019-07-21 21:18
How do u know her schedule 😂 therapy is an option
2019-07-21 23:48
Or I just follow her Twitter...
2019-07-22 00:05
loli | 
Japan Lolicon 
You know energy subsidies reduce the cost for consumers?
2019-07-17 14:31
Number of occupied property in UK - 14.7m Average yearly cost of energy for typical household - £1.2k Making the amount consumers spend on energy each year roughly £17.6m. Now, whilst the subsidies may make it slightly cheaper, it is still £10.5 billion that we give them. All the while the top brass doing shit like this: Energy prices get put up, but somehow there's a nice pot laying around to give out a £2m bonus. And don't even get me started on the ridiculousness of the carbon tax.
2019-07-17 14:52
loli | 
Japan Lolicon 
You forgot your article is talking about shares not actual cash. You know that Renewables in most countries make 5x the subsidies compared to Fossil Fuels? I'll reply more later, byeka
2019-07-18 01:25
I did indeed. Still doesn't retract from the fact that happens a lot though. And yes? Your point being? Obviously I'd rather energy sectors get nationalised, but subsidies for renewables is still better than for fossil fuels.
2019-07-18 07:09
China [0x0] 
Shares aren't cash. >And yes? Your point being? Obviously I'd rather energy sectors get nationalised I agree, they should be nationalised and not run in the hands of foreign merchants. >but subsidies for renewables is still better than for fossil fuels. Renewables get more subsidies than fossil fuels proportionately
2019-07-18 07:36
1. I know. 2. That's not what that means. 3. Is there something causing you to think telling me about renewables subsidies is negative?
2019-07-18 11:06
loli | 
Japan Lolicon 
Yeah it is what it means. >3. Is there something causing you to think telling me about renewables subsidies is negative? No? I never said that
2019-07-18 12:58
Really? Was just wondering why you needed to tell me about them twice then, let alone at all.
2019-07-18 13:12
loli | 
Japan Lolicon 
You keep saying subsidies are better for renewables, but renewables get more subsidies
2019-07-18 13:39
...what? Break down what you mean man, I'm not following you.
2019-07-18 17:10
loli | 
Japan Lolicon 
You're saying subsidies would be better for renewables, I am telling you this is already the case and they receive 5x the subsidies based on power output to Fossil Fuels
2019-07-19 17:47
Okay...don't know why you needed to say it so many times though. I'm guessing you didn't understand what I meant in #111. What I mean is, whilst the renewables subsidies are a good thing, I'd rather see there be no subsidies to either renewables or fossil fuel companies, and that the energy sector should be taxpayer funded and 100% renewable.
2019-07-19 20:31
loli | 
Japan Lolicon 
Okay well your idea can't just instantly work, it takes time to replace fossil fuels with renewables and it is slowly happening
2019-07-20 04:52
I don't expect some miraculous overnight transormation, obviously it would take a few years if not decades to move 100% away from fossil fuels. However, we have had this technology for a long time and we've known about the impacts of fossil fuels since the 60's. I at the very least expect there to be a full scale effort to get it done.
2019-07-20 12:11
loli | 
Japan Lolicon 
and thats what is happening
2019-07-20 12:14
the govt giving subsidies only enables these companies to charge higher prices, in the end you pay the amount they calculated to give them maximum profit, highest possible revenue with lowest total costs, which does not depend on the height of the subsidies. its completely independent from them! its just a sneaky way for them to put money into their own pockets. the same happens in housing market when govt subsidizes rent for ppl with low incomes. every euro they add in subsidy just goes on top of the price of every apartment.
2019-07-18 11:03
2019-07-18 07:47
2019-07-18 11:00
allu | 
Sweden Dguyg 
True, you VERY rarily hear US conservatives complain about corporate socialism, yet they whine about socialism that actually benefits them, such as medicare for all etc..
2019-07-18 16:27
right>left Deal with it
2019-07-18 16:51
allu | 
Sweden Dguyg 
Please give me some good reasons as to why that is!
2019-07-18 16:53
The only reasons that matter: right protects ur interests, left destroys them ; right protects civilization, left destroys it
2019-07-18 21:01
Really? So...who leads the charge on deregulation of industry? Who leads the charge on removal of public services? Who leads the charge in keeping energy sectors on fossil fuels and not moving to renewables? Who leads the charge on denying humans basic rights? Oh yeah...
2019-07-19 21:08
All of what you said is either complete bullshit or represents a stance that isn't completely radical (so, half bullshit).
2019-07-19 21:17
United States Acehavok 
The first 3 the Republican would gladly say they do lol. The last one they can’t be that abrupt about.
2019-07-20 05:15
Prove it or I'll make love to ur boyfriend
2019-07-20 10:50
Republicans are only right-wingers when it suits them. They are nothing more than corporate cucks. I'm sorry, but actual right-winger would be against corporations looting their people.
2019-07-21 21:25
United States Acehavok 
It’s amazing how much damage lobbying and Fox News has done over the last 40 years (especially the last 20,) on the viewpoints of the party.
2019-07-21 22:17
right protects civilization, left destroys it Rename to Serialwindupmerchant
2019-07-20 05:27
Brazil JMB_17 
😎 you are dumb leftist 😎
2019-07-18 17:01
allu | 
Sweden Dguyg 
Epic burn men
2019-07-18 17:02
Brazil JMB_17 
ye men i dont even know what he is talking about but he dumb 😎
2019-07-18 17:02
allu | 
Sweden Dguyg 
very high iq burn men
2019-07-18 17:04
United States Acehavok 
Trying to change the minds of conservatives on HLTV is like trying to land on the moon by jumping off a swing set. I’ve only seen 1 moderate dude change his viewpoints here.
2019-07-20 05:17
loli | 
Japan Lolicon 
HLTV is immune to your liberal hogwash brainwashing
2019-07-20 12:15
Spain Zhalos 
is hard to change views in an online forum that is focused on CSGO and is full of baiters and horny kids...
2019-07-20 12:27
Corporate socialism is bad bcuz it's a tool for bad ideas to spread. The reason the world has advanced to the point it is currently is because capitalism has supported the spreading of good ideas. It's very simple, you make something people want and people buy it. You make something people don't want and people don't buy it. If a business is failing, 9/10 times it's because of selling bad or unwanted products. That's why corporate socialism is bad.
2019-07-21 06:57
"I'm gonna tell you why corporate socialism is bad without even knowing what it is. I'm gonna tell you what I think it is and then go from that." First part of your sentence was partly correct. It is bad. But "It's a tool for bad ideas to spread"...that's just outright not even knowing what you're talking about. Like literally, you're analysis of how economic systems work seems very basic. Especially in the modern age. A strong component of modern Capitalism is advertising. -Telling- you what you want. And if you want to boil down economic systems to them being tools, then let's look how many bad ideas have been made possible via Capitalism. Housing is a commodity. Healthcare is a commodity. Environmental protection is a commodity. Natural resources are a commodity. Wars to reap lands of their natural rescources is a trillion dollar industry. Now, if you want to actually know what corporate socialism is and not just talk out of your ass, then might I suggest you sit down and listen to "those damn commies."
2019-07-21 12:04
You clearly left your head at home sir. Would you not describe corporate socialism as corporate welfare? Because that's literally the most cooky cutter definition you can have for it. "It seems very basic" oh I'm sorry I hadn't realised that understanding something for WHAT IT IS is a basic way of looking at it. Lemme guess saying a road is driven on is basic because it can be walked on too? Now let's address your nonsense about capitalism. 1. Housing should be worked for. It's incentive, and if you WORK, Its really quite simple to get. 2. Healthcare is probably the most reasonable thing you put on there, but I'd like to ask you how you would fund these free hospitals? How would you ensure people don't fill them up with nonsense to the point where people who actually need it can't have it? Sweden for example 3. What? Are you kidding? That's not quite Earth is flat level, but it's damn close 4. Explain to me how an economic system tells people to go to war?
2019-07-21 12:39
United States Acehavok 
I’m agreeing idk why you replied to me.
2019-07-21 22:19
corporate socialism is fucking stupid along with regular socialism. I would rather have tiny tax and government just does military, roads, education, police, and other essentials. not stealing from hard workers to give other people free money just for existing
2019-07-20 05:31
Except these people use their free money to buy stuff. In order to make and sell these stuff, companies hire hard workers. So many hard workers have a job because of tax funded social help.
2019-07-20 12:19
No one gives a fuck about these. And no one gives a fuck about you
2019-07-20 12:39
stfu, any type of socialism is stupid
2019-07-20 14:15
Depends on the type of right-winger the person is. I personally support AOC, and her fellow progressives economic policies, the only thing stopping me from voting for these types is that their policies come bundled with Anti-White policies, and other socially degenerative policies.
2019-07-21 21:21
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