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Sweden fr4gz1lla 
Looks like he has some more CS in him. I think its time he looks for a new challenge. Why waste his time on a team like this? Go international. Easier qualifier, more talent to chose from, better coaches, better orgs, better pay. Why waste ur last years in NiP? Swedish scene is dead, Plopski is the brightest talent we have ffs. Can you imagine?
2019-07-05 20:10
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0/8 washed up player
2019-07-05 20:11
good thing theres a team for those type of players
2019-07-05 20:12
gamerslegion get_right
2019-07-05 20:12
was thinking FaZe get_right but sure
2019-07-05 20:12
FaZe already signed neo, gtr has to wait for his turn
2019-07-05 20:13
Didn't sign him afaik. He is contracted until the major then we dont know
2019-07-05 20:13
And the major ends in 2 months
2019-07-05 20:14
Well, hes with NiP until the major anyway so
2019-07-05 20:14
fair point
2019-07-05 20:18
United States FrothaIPBan 
+1 :(
2019-07-06 08:02
would like to see some oldcshool lineup pasha gtr neo fifflaren spawn
2019-07-05 20:13
Spawn lol I don't think he played for last couple of years Maybe markeloff or any other late 1.6 legend
2019-07-05 20:18
i'm pretty sure he has been playing in last years, at least he has been streaming in twitch time to time
2019-07-06 08:00
+1 I can see him on nrg or heroic And fuck if neo and xizt can be on faze even gtr can be on faze 2 xd
2019-07-05 20:13
United States DiabIo 
-trash xist +getright
2019-07-05 20:13
He should go to na. Much easier to win anything
2019-07-05 20:13
I think he would find a good team
2019-07-05 20:13
Why would he have an easier qualifier? At his point of his career he would have to massively downgrade to a worse team. Nip gets invited to event, his new team would not get invited
2019-07-05 20:15
tbh, get_right has looked awful in NiP the past 4 years with some short glimpses of his awesomeness. I remember when he stood in for the old FaZe team, you know the shitty one with aizy, rain, maikelele, scream. You know what I saw in that game? Absolutely vintage get_right bombing 50+ kills in one map. He just doesn't feel it in NiP anymore, and why would he? They couldn't even pay his salary back in 2014. I still dont understand why he chose to stay, he could've been really successful on another team. NiP has been stagnant for soooo long
2019-07-05 20:18
GamerLegion will be calling for him
2019-07-05 20:16
India Noobdian 
Gamerlegion will become full Swedish xaxaxaa
2019-07-06 08:11
GeT_RiGhT dennis draken REZ PlesseN This is the roster that will take down Liquid/Astralis mark my words
2019-07-06 08:18
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