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Your 5 least favourite pros
Korea EunJong 
We had top 5 favourites, now what are the 5 players that you don't like. Whether it's their attitude in-game, them being overrated, their playstyle, attitude outside the game, punchable face (hi pimp), the decisions that they made etc. Please add a little comment on each one. Let's stick with active players. I'll start. Dev1ce - I don't think that he's a bad player, but I think that he is overrated and his awping style is very boring. JW - supposedly trolling and badmouthing people, talking trash about new team, while he himself has been irrelevant ever since Olof left fnatic. Lekr0 - tbh I think that NIP would be doing much better without him, overrated in terms of skill, deagle god (with no deagle highlights since 2017), doing pretty bad job with his IGL role (we often see NIP making really illogical decisions) Felps - incredibly washed up player. Watching him play is like watching somebody pick up poop after their dog. On top of that very poor decision maker and generally overrated. Scream - generally overrated. Headshot machine my ass, playing mm and spraying onetaps only cuz bad at spraying. Really bad teamplayer. He had many occasions to break through to consistent tier1 of CS but he's ego is counter-productive in a team. This was harder than picking favourite players.
2019-07-10 03:04
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pashabiceps scream shox device byali
2019-07-10 03:06
I can understand byali, toxic kiddo, why pasha tho?
2019-07-10 03:08
Most cringe pro with awful personality
2019-07-10 03:09
Canada ScorchWell
2019-07-10 03:17
No arguments so +1 for me.
2019-07-10 03:19
awful personality also doesn't sound like MANY ARGUMENTS
2019-07-10 09:29
+1 Most people like pasha so if you don't like him YOU are the one who needs to bring arguments.
2019-07-10 13:46
2019-07-10 18:59
very rude to demean elderly people.
2019-07-10 03:19
He demean himself on his streams.
2019-07-10 03:20
2019-07-10 03:47
Mai vriend... Vy ar yu say this dhings mai vriend?
2019-07-10 07:24
Czech Republic QuertyX
2019-07-10 08:31
Indonesia Exodd
2019-07-10 09:20
what the fuck lmao
2019-07-10 18:21
-1 hes one of the best personalities and he isnt cringe
2019-07-11 02:05
United States Mikeyyyy
2019-07-11 02:18
why shox lol? most hated french player should be NBK imo
2019-07-10 05:30
Toxic and stupid overall? Very unlikeable personality, also he destroyed kenny If he had smaller ego/bigger brain he would be part of top 5 team now easily
2019-07-10 05:37
Bulgaria zikinu
Destroying Kenny was NBK's fault. His ego destroyed the whole scene. He isn't even that skilled to have an ego. Shox is at least skilled.
2019-07-10 08:37
North America AlanSmith
shox toxic?lmao you are jw fan
2019-07-10 08:52
Bro.. NBK has a waayyyyyy bigger ego than shox. Stop saying bs
2019-07-10 19:02
what's wrong with shox? was a great player, now IGL and still fragging :D
2019-07-10 08:12
+1 shox is a beast
2019-07-10 09:16
wtf man, pasha, shoxie, scream?????
2019-07-10 18:44
Pasha cringe af, awful personality shox toxic and big ego, destroyed g2 and kennys scream overrated streamer for 14 yo kids that cant play vs tier3+ teams
2019-07-10 18:52
Faker Duke Wolf Bang Bengi
2019-07-10 03:06
Montenegro LakaZakon
Bengi 2k19 LUL
2019-07-10 03:21
Why so EZ?
2019-07-10 04:48
Why all SKT T1 team?
2019-07-10 19:02
It was an obvious joke
2019-07-10 22:57
okey lmao
2019-07-12 17:59
imagine league of legends in 2019
2019-07-11 01:59
2019-07-11 03:40
i know, but still.... cmon bruh
2019-07-11 15:31
Also I'd like to give honorable mentions to K0nfig, Flamie, Lucky and german Denis
2019-07-10 03:08
Czech Republic QuertyX
why lucky man :(
2019-07-10 08:33
Europe N3sHie1k
why flamie man :(
2019-07-10 17:01
Overrated, very hyped back in 2017, now very average rifler and secondary awp. Not a major material.
2019-07-10 17:02
Had 1.20 rating last major.
2019-07-10 23:57
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq
whatever the current mibr lineup is
2019-07-10 03:09
2019-07-10 03:17
2019-07-10 19:03
device cus overrated jw cus arrogant fat pig and trash flusha for blatantly cheating and getting away with it guardian, feel like he doesnt deserve what he has smooya for being fucking retarded and having the most punchable face in the scene
2019-07-10 03:09
all 5 fairly understandable
2019-07-10 03:11
Not really understandable to dislike a player (device) because OTHER PEOPLE overrate him. That's not device's fault. Should rather dislike the people that overrate him then.
2019-07-10 03:18
Netherlands poeya
why guardian dont deserve ? he plays pretty good in FaZe
2019-07-10 03:23
I don't understand why people don't like smooya.
2019-07-10 05:29
Cucks get offended by every cocky player like Smooya, JW, Steel xD
2019-07-10 05:38
Other delmaszm
it's ok to be cocky when you're good, not when you're trash
2019-07-10 18:58
Why Guardian though?- He has been the most consistent awper in the world for the last 4 years. Not toxic and incredibly good team player.
2019-07-10 07:12
I think you are a bit retarded want to jion my tard club?
2019-07-10 08:59
Bing? I guess it all adds up
2019-07-10 15:12
Imagine actually thinking flusha cheated
2019-07-10 19:19
All Asstralis players
2019-07-10 03:10
sounds a bit salty, but ok
2019-07-10 03:12
still mad about the atlanta major i guess
2019-07-10 03:13
ah right, makes sense
2019-07-10 03:17
not rly
2019-07-10 13:41
2019-07-10 18:45
deadfox jw
2019-07-10 03:14
why deadfox
2019-07-10 03:16
propably the worst pro player i have ever seen. He was throwing all matches when he was in HR, i lost few hundred bucks cuz him.
2019-07-10 03:19
your fault you lost the money not his
2019-07-10 03:36
Imagine betting esports (mostly 50/50 games because rng) and crying LUL
2019-07-10 05:38
Whi is crying i just dont like him becuase he was throwing matches. I dont give a fuck about this money
2019-07-10 16:58
He wasnt, he was just bad
2019-07-10 16:59
Coldzera baiter Fallen twofaced Nbk cocky bitch but he sucks Freakzoid he thinks he always right and perfect, full of ego neo for destroying faze
2019-07-10 03:17
@neo, not sure whether I missed something, but Faze was already poop when neo got there. Poor results with Adren and fail against c9 with karrigan during the major.
2019-07-10 03:21
faze with adren was much better.
2019-07-10 18:42
Stewie2K JW I cant really think of anyone else rn😳😳
2019-07-10 03:17
Smooya arrogant cuck Dupreeh, his face looks very punchable, cocky dwarf TaZ, for thinking he is 10x better than he actually is JW oink oink bacon Byali - all he can say on stream is kurwa kurwa Would put NBK before for huge ego but now he got a bit more humble
2019-07-10 03:20
TACO - Shit talks and is the worst pro Magisk - Arrogant gla1ve - Punchable arT - Lucky playstyle average skill Xantares maybe? - Online as fuck
2019-07-10 03:20
Snax - huge ego and team destroyer Snax - huge ego and team destroyer Snax - huge ego and team destroyer Snax - huge ego and team destroyer Snax - huge ego and team destroyer
2019-07-10 03:21
I included snax in my top 5 favourite (from before drama), but after the entire VP drama he's probably in my top 10 least favourite lol
2019-07-10 03:25
Same for me, used to be in my top 10 favourite pros but after the vp drama i started to dislike him. He seems toxic and guy with huge ego . Also his leading destroyed my fav team vp.
2019-07-10 04:59
Netherlands poeya
gla1ve Denis Byali Coldzera Smithzz
2019-07-10 03:22
damn people really don't like byali, huh
2019-07-10 03:24
Netherlands poeya
Actually I didnt hate him , but then I watched his stream one time and saw hes douche
2019-07-10 03:25
he does come across as a mug
2019-07-10 03:25
mimi | 
Sweden eNvym
This is so easy TaZ - a scumbag and a two faced moron. NBK - thinks he knows all. The type of guy u just want to punch in the face Apex - same as nbk + racist Jw - no words needed. Glaive - cheater. Pussy who wanted to fight tugux with all his mates back in css.
2019-07-10 03:22
TaZ is so 2 faced man. He does all this shit to make the crowd think he's a great guy but he's just a cunt.
2019-07-10 05:32
Other Phinks
2019-07-10 08:50
2019-07-12 05:26
France Kabby
apEX racist ? wut ?
2019-07-10 17:07
k0nfig Guardian Kjaerbye and flusha because they cheat (or used to cheat in pro scene) but they still are rated as good players and still ppl are fan of them MSL
2019-07-10 03:23
Btw GuardiaN bc everyone thinks he is the GOAT awper (LOL) K0nfig and MSL because old north toxic assholes and cocky as hell while they didn't achieve anything in CS
2019-07-10 03:27
he is
2019-07-10 19:01
I really laughed after konfig and msl talked shit during the match versus sprout in EU minor qualifier and then sent packing. toxic retards won't achieve anything
2019-07-11 02:17
LMFAOO , and syrson is the goat when he said "hair"
2019-07-11 02:26
Albania 9898
0/8 No, they didn’t
2019-07-10 18:45
Brazil kaiknux
op's players and reasoning are cool.
2019-07-10 03:25
well ty
2019-07-10 03:28
coldzera fallen taco fer lucas
2019-07-10 03:26
ok ok, I get it, mibr no bueno. If cold leaves mibr and hen1 joins in his place is it going to be the same though?
2019-07-10 03:29
There will be another team with toxiczera baiting everyone into disbanding
2019-07-10 19:05
United Kingdom SkaTyce
Happy Flamie Device Niko Denis (German)
2019-07-10 03:28
good list pom
2019-07-10 18:19
Stewie2k = cocky mf who thinks he is something. Typical mainland China style. Apex = getting carried by Zywoo but act like he is God of memes. Gtr = I get it, you want to play that sympathy card that you once were a legend but it's time to realize that it's your time to step down. Let other youngsters have their chance! Same with Neo who doesn't understand when to retire. Elige = cocky idiot. Still remember back in the days when he was a beta talking behind simple's back. Worst smirky smile as well.
2019-07-10 03:30
Poland GumiPr0
stewie +1 apex +1 gtr -1 neo -1 elige +999999999 neo and gtr should retire whenever they want, as long as their orgs still think they are good enough, they should play. Look at TaZ, hes too bad for tier 1 so he plays in a shit team and teaches younger players
2019-07-10 03:48
it's not easy to give up something that has been your LIFE for 15+ years... i agree it is time for him to leave/be kicked from nip, but i certainly don't blame him for wanting to stay in the scene for so long. and i used to feel the same way about elige, if even half the stuck hiko said was true. i think he has matured a lot since then, at least he seems like it based on interviews and comments from teammates. he has even said repeatedly during interviews that he had to grow up a lot over the past couple years.
2019-07-10 05:06
Very few people remember the whole hiko thing with elige and tl at the time, but everyone still talks how toxic s1mple was and shit. IMO, elige might have changed "now" that he is having what he wanted all along, but as soon as shit hits the fan he might go back on being a snake.
2019-07-10 06:44
I am a newfag, what happened with elige, S1mple hiko and TL back then ?
2019-07-11 01:08
There is quite a few thing and you should research about it, but it all comes down to "hiko real talk" that is on his channel, and rlewis did a wrap up of it too. But basically, after s1mple leaves, elige is on the rise as player, and he starts to get toxic towards everyone, saying that he would quit and start playing overwatch professionally if they don't make roster moves, which makes hiko get full stressed out, and later on getting kicked. At the time pimp was at liquid too, so it was even worse because he had to deal with situations like this before(like "i won't deal with this shit again") Like #47 said, he probably just made the whole s1mple situation even worse by being passive aggressive. There is much more, but the way elige handled the whole thing is some next level manipulation. It's hard to change from that, so i doubt he has "really changed".
2019-07-11 01:36
Brazil kaiknux
coldzera niko (from denmark) xyp9x jw kioshima
2019-07-10 03:31
Denmark Ritsuryo
Coldzera baiter Niko for his ego Nbk twofaced stewie2k snake and punchable face Kjaerbye same with stewie
2019-07-10 03:31
nt astralis hater
2019-07-10 03:32
From the top of my head: twistzz stewie2k taco smooya natosaphix If we're talking about relevant players, replace smooya with brehze.
2019-07-10 03:34
how come twistzz?
2019-07-10 05:07
Incredibly annoying personality, watch some interviews with him.
2019-07-10 14:57
I can't believe it's 2019 and people still think that jw is cocky.
2019-07-10 03:35
Have you seen him talk about new c9? If not go and check it
2019-07-10 03:39
Italy steven513
Where? Twitter?
2019-07-10 04:06
Do you really hate JW for being honest? Most of us were probably thinking like 'who the fuck is that tenz guy' when we saw the roster unveiled, koosta and mixwell were absent in top tier cs for a pretty long time as well. Do you prefer people who say that all their opponents are 'really good' instead of a spontaneous, sincere answer?
2019-07-10 04:19
Tenz has been around for a while now buddy
2019-07-10 08:43
Are you stupid man? He said straight after that clip "im sure theyre good though." He then later on said "Oh i just looked at new roster and i know all these players except Tenz". Why spread hate when u dont know full story
2019-07-11 01:55
Niko Coldzera k0nfig shox probably like device or something, it used to be JW 100% as #1 in 2015 but JW got a lot better
2019-07-10 03:37
twistzz draken punchable cocky douches
2019-07-10 03:39
Whaaat how can a man hate draken?
2019-07-10 05:34
Back in the days he was cocky, he was talking shit about opponents before matches on twitter and then he got destroyed in the match and played like a bot.
2019-07-11 02:30
Yes but twistzz is literally the best player in the world right now, think he has a reason to be cocky.
2019-07-10 08:06
Canada Abolition
top 3 in mechanical skill, top 1 in aim, top 6-7 in reality (maybe top 5 but he's pretty inconsistent)
2019-07-10 17:40
he's top 1 please stop
2019-07-11 01:56
fer zywoo xyp9x get_right f0rest
2019-07-10 03:40
whoops wrong forum
2019-07-10 03:41
Poland GumiPr0
dev1ce (overrated) gla1ve (he looks like a squirrel and is so annoying) xyp9x(overrated, annoying/punchable face) s1mple(he goes for flashy plays too often and risks it too much, makes lots of small mistakes that cost navi precious rounds, is dumb enough to still try and win with navi even tho hes the only decent player there) fallen (fallen store more like scam store, he scams little bra7:1lian kids from their money, hes faking his whole personality and hes just a burnt out old dude who still tryhards like he's #1 in the world)
2019-07-10 03:44
Poland GumiPr0
honorable mentions: stewie2k cuz hes a fucking annoying cocky dude that bails on his team as soon as shit goes wrong (c9 then made in 16:0-zil) smooya cuz hes an uk fag that thinks hes proo but he is too shit for big, instead of encouraging young uk kids to be better and to finally have a scene he insults them and thinks hes good at the game
2019-07-10 03:46
Canada Abolition
he didn't bail on MiBR, they kicked him, as for C9 it was really the best option, a lot of people weren't motivated anymore on the team (notably Ska)
2019-07-10 17:42
2019-07-10 03:45
Slovakia veeellys
Fer Snax Gade Flamie HS
2019-07-10 03:46
Stewie2k Autimatic Byali Hen1 Lucas1 KNG k0nfig Steel (Canadian) Freakazoid Just to name a few. ENCE players seem pretty unlikable too.
2019-07-10 03:52
Fallen Coldzera Fer Bot_Taco Yurrirh or whatever his favela name is Disabled_J Art Whatever the rest of the team is called
2019-07-10 04:10
ROFL +1 except for fer
2019-07-10 05:28
whatever lineup liquid has
2019-07-11 00:49
1) Steel (NA) 2) JW 3) Karrigan Only 3 player that i really dislike, specially steel.
2019-07-10 04:17
elige nitro naf twistz stewie
2019-07-10 05:13
United States Mal14
you might be them on lan one day, actually probably not
2019-07-10 05:34
How mad are you rn
2019-07-10 08:36
many nitr0 fan
2019-07-10 18:20
Cadian Taco Maikelele Stanislaw Skadoodle
2019-07-10 05:20
Why ska?
2019-07-10 05:31
He is literally the reason Stewie2k left C9. Also he is a dick to fans and he is way too unmotivated to play the game
2019-07-10 06:23
That's why he retired?
2019-07-11 00:03
2019-07-10 18:39
Kazakhstan bjornzz
Elige NAF twistzz Stewie2K TaZ
2019-07-10 05:23
Cadian Steel (NA) JW Byali K0nfig
2019-07-10 05:21
Finland timppati
2019-07-10 05:31
United States Mal14
Fer chris j cold niko jw
2019-07-10 05:31
What r reasons for not like fer and chrisJ?
2019-07-10 05:36
United States Mal14
fer talks more shit than anyone, chris j just seems like a big bitch
2019-07-10 05:39
chris j is the worst for me
2019-07-10 05:41
gla1ve Draken Freakazoid Cant pick 5 tbh..
2019-07-10 05:36
Apex: because he thinks he is good despite being carried by Zywoo NBK: he is Apex + he is a cunt and thinks he is smart when he is really a tard. Fallen: still thinks he is as good as he was back in 2016/2017 Fer: Fallen but a toxic teammate + lazy Maikelele: flat earther lmao
2019-07-10 05:36
Karrigan Gla1ve FROZEN Taz Magisk
2019-07-10 05:40
Coldzera / mibr in general - cold because he's cocky when he's good, and arrogant asf when he isn't performing, like being last alive getting entries and exits doesn't make you a good player if you ain't got a team left to help. Apex .... nuff said really Freakazoid - a wanna be pasha without the friendliness of pasha. Smooya - too much trash talking to make any banter quality. s1mple - from the flipside days, hell raisers then into liquid talented player but refuses to trust his team....
2019-07-10 05:44
Nitro - punchable face S1mple - two-faced toxic kid Started to dislike vitality players, because they were taking off their headsets during the match
2019-07-10 05:53
Pasha CaptainMo Stewie2k GTR Fallen Karrigan
2019-07-10 05:56
Vanity Imapet (not player but oh well) Hen1 MSL k0nfig
2019-07-10 06:00
ScreaM actually is a great teamplayer. And at least he is certainly better than happy, kio, hadji
2019-07-10 06:05
France Kabby
relevance to the thread ? lmao
2019-07-10 17:13
If you would have read what he wrote about ScreaM you'd understand.
2019-07-10 21:48
NAF cuz overrated NA Elige cuz overrated NA Nitro cuz overrated NA Twistzz cuz overrated NA Stewie2k cuz overrated NA and cocky azn This is the perfect HLTV post. Hate against the best team? Check. Hate against NA? Check. Sprinkling of racism to make it pop.
2019-07-10 06:34
Thailand sonon321
Gla1ve - use smoke bug but he didn't accept it. TACO - lost all his respect since he bullying s1mple. Freakazoid - same with TACO. Coldzera - baiter Magisk - i don't know, i think because i hate Astralis but he carrying Astralis.
2019-07-10 06:35
Russia Astrali5
Magisk is arrogant as hell
2019-07-10 17:22
-Snax for VP drama -2face Toledo for obv reasons -shox punchable frenchface, toxic, arrogant and ezly tilted -this guy that kicked the other guy from Navi and now plays in an irrelevant tier 8 team,karma.(seized?) -this beanie guy from m16r for being toxic towards teammates. 🦆-o
2019-07-10 06:36
seized had his reasons tbh, Zeus was and is quite toxic and seems to not have a sense for other people feelings, there is a video from navi he is toxic towards seized, seems to put extreme pressure on flamie to perform (guy that is already toxic by itself). Is probably the reason why seized just quit after zeus got back to navi. He seems like a cool dude after all that though. It must be the reason why s1mple pretty much never appears on his vlogs.
2019-07-10 06:54
I just read an article about the situation back then. i think it was the autobiography of one of them. Cant remember who was kicked (author) and who actually decided. with only this reference i put "this guy" on the list. Thanks for info :)
2019-07-10 07:36
Zeus is wrote a book, so is probably his pov of everything, take with a gram o bias. But i read something like "idk why seized didn't like me" oh, really Zeus, after you bullyed him quite hard, and that was probably a daily thing. No reason at all. I would like to read the article if you could source it would be good.
2019-07-10 08:02
there was a thread on HLTV a few weeks back where someone translated this part into englisch. yeah found it:
2019-07-10 08:13
Thanks! reading the first lines... that seems very "dramatized"
2019-07-10 08:19
it gets worse xD
2019-07-10 08:20
The drama queen at it again. This is actually hard to read and take it seriously
2019-07-10 08:21
NBKry - arrogant french retard who cries all the time gla1ve - most punchable face on the scene, is from a shit team called AsstraLULs device - most overrated trash player from trashtalis JW - thinks hes funny while he looks like a pig thats getting beaten up everyday smooya - the rat king. Literally dude looks like a rat who trashtalks always. Would beat him up if i saw him 100%
2019-07-10 06:43
Korea Damianlee
Kioshima for being a toxic asshole when contracted but then acts like a victim when he gets kicked Happy / apEX / NBK / KennyS for bullying DEVIL
2019-07-10 06:46
Jw smooya frozen karrigan Tenz
2019-07-10 06:48
All pros are admirable
2019-07-10 06:52
Canada $t4Rboy
Current Astralis roster. ^ Uninstall.
2019-07-10 07:02
Stewie2k - Cocky moron Elige - Cocky snake who talked shit behind s1mple back and is a libtard. Jw - Ugliest pro and thinks that by talking so much shit about everyone and himself he can hide just how much of a beta idiot he is Twistzzz - [You must not be able to report replies to read this message] smooya - dogshit brit who acts like he is the next KennyS
2019-07-10 07:26
+1 except for Jw; I didn’t like him either but it’s okay now
2019-07-10 08:56
Stew: Cocky and gets carried Dev1ce: so overrated. The guy just holds angles ScreaM: Great guy but overrated af K10: The man legit breaks apart teams Freakaziod he bullied ma man s1mp
2019-07-10 07:40
flamie scream snax stewie2k jw
2019-07-10 07:43
S1mple - Arrogant, brainless and toxic. Stewie2k - Arrogant and thinks hes far better than he actually is. Twistzzz - Arrogant. Totally full of himself. Scream - Overrated big time, Shox - Arrogant and brainless baiter. Brehze - Most likely cheating.
2019-07-10 07:55
Imagine saying that Twistzz is arrogant
2019-07-11 05:13
kngv for wanting to kill someone over a tweet LMAO taco i guess cause he says stupid stuff on twitter sometimes smooya is kinda cringe i guess shox for being a part of a lot of drama in the french scene c9 jonathan. even if he's not actually a player he put c9 through roster hell for more than a year idk i don't really hate any players. eveyone is cool (:
2019-07-10 08:31
New Zealand rOtten_97
Stewie2k Coldzera Lucky Taco Steel (na)
2019-07-10 08:35
Czech Republic QuertyX
steel (canadian) /close
2019-07-10 08:36
Other Phinks
Stewie2k - the ways he acts is kinda cocky which is not bad perse, but his non verbal behavior and style is fking annoying. Flusha - most punchable face in csgo. Just don’t like this dude. Happy - never understood how this guy could be a leader, always has a look on his face like he’s rather dead than alive. Magisk - he reminds me of the typical kid in class who would always turn red and mad when he didnt get what he wanted and would rage over it. Peacekeepe (coach) - seems like a fucking unreliable fucktard.
2019-07-10 08:55
Stewie2k Smooya Tarik Styko Swag
2019-07-10 08:55
wtf did styko do
2019-07-11 02:05
He is a twat
2019-07-12 13:18
Netherlands xDtrololo
This gotta be the most toxic forum ever . Im pro in another game i have never met a community thats this toxic towards there pros. Faggoty kids always have something to say from home behind their pc with their monobrow and their gnomelookalike appearance . Ppl think your larping but its actually your ugly mug
2019-07-10 08:57
Man, sry but there're lots of cocky kids that always gonna think, like their opinion is 100% right and e.t.c in every single game.
2019-07-10 09:31
Denmark V1kss
I love those who hate because they think that the pros are "cheating," "boring" or "overrated".
2019-07-10 10:13
Ppl who say those things are 100% kids and idiots who dont actually understand the game
2019-07-11 05:15
Happy n0thing Smooya Zeus
2019-07-10 09:00
North America AlanSmith
happy for what?
2019-07-10 09:05
Zeus? wtf men(
2019-07-10 17:09
n0thing? why?
2019-07-11 02:05
Bulgaria zikinu
NBK Fallen Gla1ve Fer KngV
2019-07-10 09:07
JW byali s1mple felps Neo
2019-07-10 09:26
How can you hate Neo?
2019-07-10 13:43
Elige Zywoo Apex Flusha NBK
2019-07-10 09:33
Why elige and zywoo, can you explain pls?
2019-07-10 09:38
NiKo Dosia Espiranto boombl4 kNg
2019-07-10 09:31
Germany Constikdw
Apex Taco Smooya Kng Aleksib
2019-07-10 09:32
Stewie FNX KNG FNX Stewie
2019-07-10 13:43
Russia Astrali5
ScreaM Stewie2K Magisk apEX byali
2019-07-10 13:46
wait are you just hating people because theyre bad?
2019-07-10 17:03
All players that played for c9 Swag
2019-07-10 17:07
can i ask why? what about ska? hes never been cocky or arrogant or anything. neither has auti
2019-07-11 02:03
i hate c9 because of their stupid fans, literally all of them are kids who doesnt have any idea about cs and also they think they are the only good players. And it makes me get annoyed but you are right ska and auti is good players but still i hate shroud, nothıng, freak and one more c9 player that ı forget his name
2019-07-11 02:13
slemmy? seangares? semphis?
2019-07-11 02:14
nah i dont hate them i think seangares is one the best players from all c9 players in my opinion also who is slemmy and semphis i never heard them lol
2019-07-11 02:18
5. Felps 4. idk 3. idk 2. Device 1. Jame
2019-07-10 17:09
byali naf elige taco
2019-07-10 17:11
United States Outback
Gla1ve Jame Hen1 Apex Smooya
2019-07-10 17:19
Finland JuhoCSGO
1.Dickstacy 2.fer 3.JW 4.AZR 5.Jame
2019-07-10 17:44
niko coldzera magisk device guardian
2019-07-10 18:23
1. Stewie2k 2. smooya 3. TACO 4. Magisk 5. Fallen
2019-07-10 18:25
FalleN, Why?
2019-07-10 19:07
Sweden wtf_men
1. Stewie2k 2. Coldzera 3. Magisk 4. JW 5. Smooya
2019-07-10 18:47
Albania 9898
1. Baitzera 2. NBK 3. Smooya 4. ScreaM 5. Dickstacy
2019-07-10 18:47
gla1ve (arrogant and very toxic character) Magisk (same reason as for gla1ve) Espiranto Jame (biggest baiter and saver ever) s1mple (still toxic even tho he is the best player with ZywOo)
2019-07-10 18:51
Elige breeze Rush MSL Liaz
2019-07-10 18:53
Kng Hen1 Lucas1 Stewie2k Shox (since shroud is no longer a pro)
2019-07-10 18:56
Device Gla1ve Dupreeh Kio Xyp9x
2019-07-10 18:59
Germany N4ime
1.Stewie2k, i honnestly dont know how somebody who is older than 13 like this guy. 2. Smooya( arogant as fuck, unlikable) 3.JW Same as Smooya 4.KennyS 5.Tarik
2019-07-10 19:01
stewie2k -acting cocky, but is a lil bitch Znajder Glaive Tarik Happy
2019-07-10 19:06
gtr stewie jw kio msl
2019-07-10 19:08
Gla1ve- play fair idiot Dev2ce Stew - good playa but ass Smooyikes s1mple JW TaZ
2019-07-10 19:08
pasha FalleN k0nfig Zeus smooya
2019-07-10 19:08
Stewie Stewie Stewie And probably Stewie Magisk is also annoying af
2019-07-10 19:52
Romania kr1tex
Stewie - just stupid fuck Twistzz - weeb Jame - biggest b8er That's all, don't hate anyone else
2019-07-10 23:39
niko kjaerbye k0nfig stewie smooya
2019-07-10 23:56
Smooya - Arrogant bitch Stewie2k - arrogant trash bitch Hen1/lukas1 - arrogant brother fucking bitches Xizt - destroyer of one of The greates scenes Shox - cheating babycrying gaylord
2019-07-10 23:59
Zeus- one of the most dumb igls, worst tacticts not to mention his personal skills. Hen1- disrespectful, always shouting stuff at the other team even after a small 1v2 clutch, thinking he's the best. Jame- decent awper, but he's playing mostly for stats, collecting kills and save even if that costs him the round or the game. S1mple- used to love this guy, but he just toxic and always has beef with another players. I think he got way too cocky since he realized he's one of the best in the world. Kng- making death threats over a fucking game? Grow up, gangster wannabe.
2019-07-11 00:08
gla1ve magisk jw kjaerbye byali
2019-07-11 00:09
S1mple olofmeister NiKo flusha GuardiaN
2019-07-11 00:41
Device Gla1ve Smooya FalleN JW
2019-07-11 00:45
Russia MisaMisa
Flamie Smooya Ropz Electronic Guardian
2019-07-11 01:22
Anyone saying jw are retarded incels who make assumptions too fast
2019-07-11 01:56
coldzera kNg HEN1 k0nfig Jame mostly arrogant players except Jame, he just baits so much. Almost as much as coldzera
2019-07-11 02:02
apEX (annoying & toxic) Smooya (toxic) Xantares (toxic, unsympathetic, overrated in my opinon) w0xic (overrated, does a normal 2/3k and gets loved by so many people)
2019-07-11 02:24
Russia Slavaa
JW - supposedly trolling and badmouthing people, talking trash about new team, while he himself has been irrelevant ever since Olof left fnatic. AHAHAHAHAHHHAHHAHAHAH
2019-07-11 02:27
magisk device gla1ve xyp9x dupreeh (even when he wins he cries and hits PC) i hated watching these noobs win
2019-07-11 02:27
Russia Slavaa
so many JW's haters. Huge talents always have haters
2019-07-11 02:29
Fallen Smooya Zeus Niko Fer Basically all two faced and/or egotistical arrogant cunts.
2019-07-11 05:17
byali old simple kng Espiranto(noisy bitch, i remember he had a beef with fox because he won a game and then fox tem wrecked them (Dignitas time? idk... those memes where pretty good) context: ) Jw (was prety toxic when he was young)
2019-07-12 05:44
United States ScanDull
Smooya - Arrogant and toxic ever since BIG became less of a joke in London right before they became a joke again. Coldzera - The ego on that guy is too much for me, and this isn't the first time he's thought he should quit the team and that he's better than the rest of MIBR/the old SK lineup, though this time he actually is leaving I guess...and I hate having to hate him because Momzera is so nice. S1mple - I don't always hate him, but when he gets cocky and lets the ego get to his head or starts something with someone else, I CANNOT STAND THIS GUY. Rain - He's always been too cocky for his own good. I still remember that "one quiet crowd tomorrow" tweet about Boston before the Grand Final when Cloud 9 wound up winning, and that's just one specific example. Tarik - Look, don't get me wrong, Tarik's a good player...when he actually plays with the team. I know there was a language barrier back when he was on MIBR, but even when they started to overcome that he caused almost as many problems as Felps, and now look at him on NRG. Ever since he stopped being an IGL he has no discipline and plays like a Silver. Don't hate him as a person, but despise him as a player, get it together man, seriously.
2019-07-12 06:06
Other Phinks
Thats the reason you hate Rain? Rofl you must be a beta cuck.
2019-07-12 10:42
Device - Same reason as you mentioned + he's a stapadder and an eco fragger Twistzz - N3k0 - arrogant, toxic, choker, baiter, huge ego kennyS - Similar to Twistzz in his flaws, but then even more arrogant and overrated. Can only abuse the ez af AWP, shit with weapons that take actual skill to use. Also, worst fanbase in all of CS. Happy - Again, same as Twistzz, but even worse in the regard that he's always crying when he's losing like a pussy. Sabotaged fnatic's run at Dreamhack Winter 2014. I didn't even like fnatic, but that was so unfair for them, just fuck Happy and his egocentric baiting playstyle.
2019-07-12 10:50
S1mple S1mple S1mple S1mple S1mple
2019-07-12 10:53
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