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America come here.
venice | 
Other The_Merchant_of_Venice 
Im in USA so I want to ask Why are americans and australians always wanting to get drunk/high Why are americans so fat? America has very high obesity levels and heart diseases are the leading cause of death Why are americans so prideful? America isnt the best country in the world by far and there really is no definite best country, yet if there were it wouldn't be America. Why are americans claiming to be christians? When most of them never attend a church, are sexually deviant, have never read the bible in any form outside of looking up one or two verses. Why do American eat so much unhealthy food? Why are americans such consumerist? Why are americans so addicted? Not to drugs but to social media, food, shopping. video games, porn, etc.
2019-07-13 09:42
Cya in 10 <3
2019-07-13 09:43
Why what about this post would get me banned?
2019-07-13 11:33
2019-07-13 11:34
Its not a bait though? serious questions.
2019-07-13 11:35
Stewie2K | 
United States y4kob 
if there were a best country in the world, which one would it be?
2019-07-14 03:52
United States blessedUFC 
2019-07-14 12:35
+1 Iceland finna give us a run for our money though, those hot springs are worth the trip alone.
2019-07-16 06:53
There isn't iidot, a country and it's characteristics are too complex and vary in value between every person.
2019-07-14 12:49
Stewie2K | 
United States y4kob 
i understand, bur if you were going to pick a best one overall, im pretty sure it'd be america. you could argue its sweden because of environment or any first world european country because of economy, but because of americas international relationships and overall power in the world, im sure america is close to the top
2019-07-14 16:33
Not really, no.
2019-07-14 23:32
2019-07-16 02:32
Overall good relationships with others okay but that dosen't have to directly make the life better for its citizens. For a first world country Usa has terrible crime, poverty and stuff. Not many if any of the good european countries are worse
2019-07-16 02:42
2019-07-16 06:49
Expected from fake trik alt
2019-07-13 09:44
God | 
Poland henlo 
wtf men are u blind it clearly says its not triks alt smh
2019-07-13 09:46
smh my head shak
2019-07-13 09:48
United States Acehavok 
You should’ve numbered these and I would’ve replied to some of them.
2019-07-13 09:46
AmericaMONSTER top 2, brasilg0d top 1 nt europe
2019-07-13 09:47
ScreaM | 
Brazil HLTVolt 
Wow, by reading your post, I wish I was american
2019-07-13 09:50
Ukraine richUkrainian 
Trump will make america great again, again
2019-07-13 09:50
2019-07-14 12:31
Ukraine richUkrainian 
Nt merkel
2019-07-14 14:53
Nt russian satellite state
2019-07-14 16:34
Brazil fuNNa 
america best shares thx for making me rich
2019-07-13 11:39
The fact that you're so mad about Americans being prideful is the reason they're prideful.
2019-07-13 11:41
Im not mad though, I just dont get what they have to be so happy about.
2019-07-14 03:30
You are mad though, and that's why they're so prideful. When they see the rest of the world so jealous it gives them more reason to take pride in their country.
2019-07-14 09:25
Mad how mad that degenerates like you roam the Earth
2019-07-16 04:15
United States julian_stout 
Idk about the drugs and alcohol dawg, never interested me. The high obesity rates are from easy access to cheap but unhealthy foods. We know its not a perfect country but we love it so of course we are prideful. Idk about religion, never been to church nor claim any religion. We are massive consumers of products just cause we have the money so why not ( a terrible mentality, I myself am very stingy with my money but i know a lot of people who impulse buy). Social media idk, I use Twitter for current events or updates to stuff I like, other than that I dont use it.
2019-07-13 11:47
High fructose corn syrup. Shit is horrible for you and makes you fat af yet it's in everything these days. Twitter is cancer that attracts the lowest common denominator. Drugs are popular everywhere. I have friends from europe that do all sorts of drugs. America is a nation founded by protestant Christians which has been the majority religion since it's inception. National pride is healthy and keeps a country strong. Especially when it's a country that has done many many great things. Ending slavery, saving the world in 2 wars ect.
2019-07-14 03:43
Ending slavery rofl. Saving the world in two world wars when four out of five casualties for Germany in ww2 were from the Soviets America never saved the world. In ww1 the Germans had already lost by the time America arrived, their only Ally Austria was in tatters. I guess defeating Germany in ww1 "saved the world even though more people live in china Oceania and Indonesia than the rest of the world ahaha. I think i figured out the answer it's because Americans are brainwashed, arrogant, and wasteful.and btw Protestantism isn't a religion
2019-07-14 12:39
Cry is free europoor we won't save you next time
2019-07-14 16:31
Im not a europoor :) I live in USA. You saved no one and did nothing, Stalin would of beat Germany without American help after all he did 80 percent of the work anyways.
2019-07-14 23:30
News flash: you still have slavery in USA.
2019-07-16 02:35
You forgot to write that you also fucked up the world countless times.
2019-07-16 06:52
think before you judge
2019-07-14 03:31
Mongolia bozgor 
if you start thinking your opinion about the us will just get worse lel
2019-07-14 03:45
I'm not judging I'm asking.
2019-07-14 12:29
Social degradation and the destruction of the nuclear family.
2019-07-14 03:48
Perhaps it's just people like you that think numbers and characteristics can be summarized and explained with vague phrases and classifications
2019-07-14 12:31
2019-07-14 12:52
United States blessedUFC 
didn't read, greatest country in the world!
2019-07-14 03:49
North America GatorThePimp 
“Why are americans and australians always wanting to get drunk/high” Not just them doing drugs kiddo. Also fuck you drugs are fun.
2019-07-14 09:27
Yes but Americans are the only ones with painkiller epidemics rofl
2019-07-14 12:30
North America GatorThePimp 
Not true
2019-07-14 12:33
North America GatorThePimp 
Dude Canada is also at the heart of this problem. Especially my home province of Alberta and with Fentanyl. Sure it’s less people than the United States but it’s a lot of smaller of a population. But the actual proportion of people who are using and overdosing is alarming.
2019-07-15 00:35
Ok so... I never said retarded Canadians can't overdose
2019-07-15 02:03
North America GatorThePimp 
No you said “Americans are the only ones with painkiller epidemics rofl” either you are an arrogant twelve year old or I’m falling for bait.
2019-07-16 02:08
Yes gator because they are you seem to not understand the word epidemic
2019-07-16 04:16
North America GatorThePimp 
You don’t seem to understand basic English.
2019-07-16 04:33
all this happens in every modern city lmao. stop think urban/modern problems are only limited to one country
2019-07-14 12:35
Fair enough
2019-07-14 23:31
Why do you ask such dumb questions?
2019-07-14 12:52
Why are you always high
2019-07-16 04:17
Why do you generalize 300 million people? Why do you think Americans are all the same? Why are you baiting?
2019-07-14 23:33
Retard I asked about country I never said they were all the same however each statement is true for a majority of Americans
2019-07-16 04:18
You are generalizing all Americans and you know that you are. The United States is whatever you want it to be because your ego can't stand anything else. The US has its problems of course but so does every European country.
2019-07-16 04:25
ok retard nice bait
2019-07-16 06:07
funny coming from you :)
2019-07-16 06:33
United States Libtard 
He probably never leaves his bedroom so he doesn't experience that much of society
2019-07-16 06:37
Says libtard who never left first grade
2019-07-16 06:52
why do europeans obsess over everything we do?
2019-07-16 02:39
Europoors when 50 percent of Americans die in debt I'm rofl right now
2019-07-16 04:17
Take a second and realize that you are the one who introduced Europoors in this conversation. You are so deluded by hate that you have become illiterate.
2019-07-16 04:32
United States B0b3rT 
Bro chill we’re sorry
2019-07-16 02:57
Canada [toast] 
Atleast us americans have country, not like you,hides behind non-flag, I bet your country is even worse than USA
2019-07-16 04:29
Australia zanics 
america as an institution can be bad but the people inhabiting the country are just people living their lives and are victims of the greater system more often than not which can be easy to forget but should be remembered yes half the country seems to have come down with a case of insanity, but that too is a result of years and years of brainwashing by political parties passed down through generations which can be very difficult to uproot, on both sides of the political spectrum. all kinds of large-scale cultural shifts are difficult to uproot and change imo a major fix for almost all of those problems is to just remove "campaign contributions" from the equation. no politician should be receiving money to push a corporate agenda, it is the fundamental root of basically all of americas problems and is very very unlikely to ever change, as the ones who can change that are the ones getting paid as for weed? fuck you man its good
2019-07-16 06:19
Why are americans and australians always wanting to get drunk/high? - Too much depression I guess would be my answer, nobody is happy. I find my happiness playing games, they find theirs in drugs Why are americans so fat? Fast food is super convenient. Working a 9 to 5 and on lunch break, could get like 2-3 McChickens from mcdonalds for a couple dollars and done Why are americans so prideful? Likely because of our history, and we have so many holidays where we celebrate our country. Also, in school we say our pledge every morning. Why are americans claiming to be christians? I'm agnostic, and I'm not really sure about this. Most people just don't get super into religion and see Christianity as the biggest religion and be like "wow I'm christian too hehe xd" Why do American eat so much unhealthy food? Unhealthy food is a lot cheaper than healthy food in America. Why are americans such consumerist? I don't even know how to answer that question if I'm being honest. Why are americans so addicted? Boredom, I personally don't have any social media (except an old FB account) unless you count Discord and YouTube.
2019-07-16 06:30
Japan Jotaro 
bait post nt
2019-07-16 06:44
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