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FaZe & MIBR final THREAD.
Norway Luke Skywalker 
I will explain to the braindeads what happens with MIBR and FaZe. Starting with FaZe. The roster is fine and Neo is a good guy, but he is the weak link. Olof is fine and still a top player so if u hate him u are a kid. If Neo leaves the best possible replacements would be either blameF or tabseN. Both are IGL's that can frag and both play for shite teams. 3rd options would be flusha publicly said he will return after major and it's either fnatic, GL or Faze. As for coldzera he won't join. 1) He will NOT leave, to play in a different continent all alone 2) Idk what his English lvl is but probably not mother tongue english 3) His rumored clause is 1M$, no one can pay that Coldzera has these options: 1) Replace Nekiz in LG (LG will be decent then and 100% > MIBR) 2) Join INTZ 3) Stay on the bench forever/retire 4) Join a team like C9/NRG 5) FURIA Most likely he will retire or take a break until his contract is over. As for MIBR In order to regain form TACO must be gone and never return in the team. The options: 1) trk (most promising BR player outside top3 BR) 2) kNg (similar player to cold) 3) exit 4) chelo 5) shz 6) fnx probably it's gonna be 2 of them, most likely trk & kNg, but TACO must go. Another options is if they went SA/NA roster again.
2019-07-14 16:29
Portugal SrBigodes 
I would like to see Faze Flusha
2019-07-14 16:35
would be nice
2019-07-14 16:57
faze flusha faze coldzera would be reallly nicee
2019-07-16 05:08
ile | 
Finland Vkims 
Lol if u really think tabsen or blameF are the solution for faze
2019-07-14 16:36
Norway Luke Skywalker 
I really believe it, common sense, both IGL, both can frag, both speak good english, both play for shit teams
2019-07-14 16:38
ile | 
Finland Vkims 
Official requirements for FaZe IGL: 1. Can frag 2. Speak english 3. Play in shitty team and be their IGL
2019-07-14 16:40
Gob igl tabsen is a fragger. BlameF is a decent option. Flusha is done I think. Going to expire in t3 as t3 player.
2019-07-14 16:42
tabseN is BIG's IGL man
2019-07-14 16:42
You got me 😎
2019-07-16 04:55
felps should return to mibr
2019-07-14 16:36
arT | 
Brazil Maujubudo 
To then be kicked again
2019-07-16 06:29
coldzera is over, felps can play in peace now
2019-07-16 20:37
arT | 
Brazil Maujubudo 
lol +1
2019-07-16 20:46
2019-07-16 21:12
It's not the final thread if I make one thread right now Checkmate
2019-07-14 16:38
Norway Luke Skywalker 
2019-07-14 16:39
United Kingdom _xC4ctus 
2019-07-14 16:38
Norway Luke Skywalker 
2019-07-14 16:39
>taco must go >Adds FNX as 6th option LMAO -3/8
2019-07-14 16:40
Turkey _TT 
flusha is best option for faze atm, but is olof and flusha can get along?
2019-07-14 16:40
lol wut u mean they friends
2019-07-14 16:41
Turkey _TT 
i thought i heard or read that they have problems right before olof leave fnatic?
2019-07-14 19:57
2019-07-14 21:08
Brazil trevz 
coldzera is not going to any BR team, prob faZe. about furia, idk if they have enough money, they got Nike as a sponsor few days ago.. so maybe they have now. he can speak english well enough. -------- The problem with faze is the ego, to much stars. All number 1 players on the same team doesnt work, it's more a ego battle than a cs game.
2019-07-14 16:41
U dont have proof for that lmao, just because they are stars u assume they have ego, lmao
2019-07-14 16:41
Brazil trevz 
the proof is the results, Just look.
2019-07-14 18:08
-blame -tabsen +Valde
2019-07-14 18:10
2019-07-14 18:12
2019-07-14 18:21
Regarding the coldzera situation, i think you got It wrong 1) I don't think he minds moving continents that much 2) He already played in a english speaking team 3) Faze paid similar ammounts to buy out niko
2019-07-14 18:32
Estonia Nap0le0n 
Faze have that much money, that they can buy any team and re-name it as faze academy. Also when mibr had stewie and tarik they have spoken english language.
2019-07-16 20:57
That's what i said
2019-07-17 00:57
i've neve seen worst thread than yours
2019-07-14 21:09
love ur counter argument kid
2019-07-14 21:10
Lmao ur smart =))
2019-07-14 21:12
Indonesia LazerTurbo0 
I Think what's faze most required player are some kind ex major winners or some kind had like play on trophy winning team i guess :)
2019-07-14 21:18
2019-07-16 05:08
Flusha confirmed.
2019-07-16 05:09
dephh | 
United Kingdom _eilrahC 
-rep It's obvious you don't know what you are talking about. Coldzera for a start wouldn't go to a lower tier Brazillian team. That's just dumb. Second of all: TACO isn't the problem. Look at the games he plays and the roles he has to play; he is a support player in the back so he never gets many kills and usually left in a harsh-seeing clutch. The team needs FNX not less experienced Brazilians as they dont have time to practice with their mind games. They need results. Coldzera will most likely retire or stay on the bench for half a year and possibly come back or go to a similar suited team.
2019-07-14 21:19
Fnx done player Chelo even zews is better option than him Cold wont retire/wait to contract get over the rest makes sense
2019-07-16 05:01
Saying he will retire or take a break just show how the OP does not have a clue about whats going on. Coldzera already told his plans, he will go to EUROPE and train his aim (ALONE) until he join a new team, so he could deliver the full of him as soon as he join the new team. He already told that it could take time. He will never join another BR team apart from Furia. I mean, he is definetly not downgrading from MIBR, also no BR team has money for his buyout.
2019-07-16 05:06
New Zealand Eauor 
>2) Idk what his English lvl is but probably not mother tongue english yeah probably not aye? what kind of guess is that? hes fucking brazilian you moron, of course his mother tounge is not english, neither is anybody else in FaZe.
2019-07-16 05:12
United States AproximateCS 
You forgot Hen1 in mibr as a possibility
2019-07-16 05:13
Sweden meistr0 
2019-07-16 05:22
Sweden meistr0 
LMAO cold retire? -8/8
2019-07-16 05:14
lol idk what this guy ate 4 breakfast today.
2019-07-16 05:18
Oh my Lord it is -Neo +Cold for crying out loud. Cold: IGL Fragger TabseN: Fragger Not IGL btw BlameF: I doubt Faze spends money on someone like him Very little experience, with nothing to show for it. However he is very promising and will be very good down the road, but Faze wanna win now
2019-07-16 05:16
1) Replace Nekiz in LG (LG will be decent then and 100% > MIBR) Lg has no money, why would he downgrade? 2) Join INTZ INTZ has no money, why would he downgrade? 3) Stay on the bench forever/retire He said that he is already analyzing next teams options to comeback in E-U-R-O-P-E, impossible to happen. 4) Join a team like C9/NRG C9 had good results recently + new roster, no need of that. NRG, I don't think so, and I don't know if they would afford that much money for a player when the team is already doing fine. 5) FURIA 5 year contract + no money > 0% chance.
2019-07-16 05:16
LG has money FURIA has money >C9 has ogood results recntly > they just won 2 bo1 (are u on drugs) ?
2019-07-16 12:52
They did great against liquid in bo3 even they lose 2-0 and yeah you're right after all we need to see their result on the next major
2019-07-16 21:17
LG has money (they may have, but WHY ON THE HELL WOULD COLDZERA LEFT MIBR 4 JOIN LG???????) Furia has money (I don't think they have, but this doesn't explain why are Coldzera on Europe rn and WHY would Furia bench one of their players after a recent 5 year contract) C9 had good results recently (yes, for the... first tournament C9 had excellent results, they beated up FaZe (the finalists) draw up with NRG, lost vs. Renegades and did extremely good against Team Liquid (the best team in the world) so explain me one thing, WHY WOULD C9 CHANGE THEIR ROSTER RN? what team changes their roster after 1 excellent played tournament? 0iq.
2019-07-17 22:26
If taco leave cold can do another good br lineup in some org, this could be: Coldzera Kngv Taco/some IGL TRk Chelo/Exit
2019-07-16 06:18
But to be honest, I think they could do a potential top 1 roster with this lineup: Coldzera Felps KnGv Boltz/Taco TRK
2019-07-16 06:21
2019-07-16 21:00
Turkey KEYAj 
FaZe: Niko Coldzera Guardian rain valde MiBR: Fallen Taco Fer kNgV Boltz or chelo
2019-07-16 06:46
viltrex | 
Bulgaria Krs7N 
You know that if cold joins C9/NRG he needs to speak english again right? "2) Idk what his English lvl is but probably not mother tongue english" "4) Join a team like C9/NRG" About FaZe, I agree with you.
2019-07-16 06:50
yeah from the entire post u managed to reply only for this, and i said im not sure, didnt say that he doesnt speak at all
2019-07-16 13:44
felps | 
Brazil pluga 
You clearly know nothing about coldzera and the situation, but nt
2019-07-16 13:47
Didn't read but both teams are shit.
2019-07-16 13:48
NEO | 
Indonesia mrowkpio 
2019-07-16 13:49
swag | 
Belgium yentl2272 
Before you call others braindead you should really make sure you get your facts straight: 1. FNX is no pro player anymore, he is MIBR's ambassador, so no he ain't an option. 2. They will never go to SA/NA roster again. Fer already said he will only play with brazilians. 3. If Faze was able to pay 1M$ for NiKo they can pay it for cold as well, so your statement about nobody has the money is very debatable, at best.
2019-07-16 14:00
Brazil JMB_17 
Only read 1. Fnx said he’ll become a player again in the near future
2019-07-16 21:22
1. fnx said he would return if a good offer comes 2. SA=Brazilians learn geography plz 3. SHow me the proof that they paid 1M for Niko. And even if they did i doubt they'll do it again especially for a player that is from a different continent and might have big adaptation problems PS: Oh btw i said OPTIONS, didn't say that they will all happen :)
2019-07-16 21:25
Brazil JMB_17 
3. You don’t need proof to know that faze is a filthy rich org. But I dont think they are willing to pay 1m
2019-07-16 21:32
He's joining a team soon, i don't bealive is MIBR tho..
2019-07-16 21:31
Coldzera said that he is going to eu to play some fpl and improve himself so i think he is gonna play for eu team
2019-07-16 21:18
Brazil JMB_17 
Taco won’t be going anywhere you son of a brainlet
2019-07-16 21:21
stfu idiot, insert brain
2019-07-16 21:32
Brazil JMB_17 
stfu you no scene irrelevant country
2019-07-16 22:31
Faze are doing alright after neo joined, they only lost to Liquid, that is a clear top1 right now, i sitll think they would mop the floor with Vitality ence and Furia with ease. Not being Nº1 is not a sin, just chill out my dudes
2019-07-16 21:30
I think Coldzera will join Faze, but Faze will kick Neo oder Rain Why Neo - because he havent good aim on top5 team right now Why Rain- Because he is not consistently, he have game with 30 kils but with 10 too
2019-07-16 21:31
2019-07-16 21:35
taco should try a diff game... all these years playing with and against the best players and still suck, please just go
2019-07-16 21:36
how the fck is olof still a top guy he sucks
2019-07-16 22:32
Olof - top player? Nah, just nah
2019-07-16 22:36
Coldzera isn't confirmed that he is not joining!!! They're just not in talks yet. I feel like a rebuild is coming for the future Niko Coldzera Valde Rain Guardian AWP Between Valde or Niko can IGL
2019-07-17 01:04
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