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Scoreboard improvements
United Kingdom Lightning_DC_ 
Hi HLTV Something I've been thinking about for a while is a change how the match scores are shown on the homepage. Whilst the green and red colours for current map score shows who is winning very clearly, it doesn't give much clue as to what is happening in the game. I think moving to the orange and blue colours for T side/CT side respectively would be more informative at a glance, as it would give more of a clue as to which team is truly ahead in the game. E.g. you see a score on Train of 11-7, but without clicking on the match page you have no idea which team is on CT side and therefore expected to win more rounds in the rest of the game. Just a thought, and it's totally my opinion as well so may not be shared by everyone.
2019-07-15 01:12
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France Uexo 
Hi HLTV still waiting for my ban
2019-07-15 01:13
100 percent agree
2019-07-15 01:16
or maybe just watch the game
2019-07-15 01:17
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