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what a bot men no fcking way. pls kick this trash
2019-07-15 04:29
guardian should not be peeking. He lost that
2019-07-15 04:31
GOAT he started playing CS 20 years ago and still playing in finals vs top1 team ez4GOAT
2019-07-15 04:40
GOAT? So what if you're making finals, it's the team not 1 player. He was only an IGL, nothing about the greatest
2019-07-15 04:46
device | 
United States Lazerz 
f0rest > neo overall f0rest good for 15 years, neo for like 8
2019-07-15 04:50
kick him and go back to having no igl makes sense
2019-07-15 04:52
2019-07-15 04:54
I enjoy players who manage to stick around long enough and I believe people oversell the importance of "young blood" but in the case of NEO I am inclined to agree that he is pretty much done- seems to have zero confidence and lack of skill. He also seems to overthink situations for the most part and seldom get's "easy frags".
2019-07-15 05:02
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