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G2 and Vitality
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Hungary BodyOnceToldMe 
So who's the less respected teams rn? I mean G2 made a great run at EPL Finals. And Vitality with this Furia match which might have been a throw just switched roles. I don't wanna pick on Vitality here, but they fucked up. And G2 are finally (as it seems) are gaining the respect of the community again. Both team can take it far this year. First G2: they look better than ever, feel like they can't be crushed, they made some nice comebacks and put up some nice fights. They also look happy with each other which is great for their moral. Vitality: Zywootality can still take it a step further, in my eyes that loss from Furia didn't seem to be anything big, maybe they had some problems which they didn't talk about, idk. I believe in them too
2019-07-16 06:27
Some reddit plebs' comments doesn't matter , Vitality deserve their place coz of all the things they've achieved
2019-07-16 06:30
That's what I'm saying, but it was still shocking. I'm just surprised that vitality didn't get the same things mibr did when they got 16-0d. But I mean they lost to a brazillian team so:D
2019-07-16 06:45
Imagine putting effort into a post on hltv, no one will ever appreciate it
2019-07-16 06:30
I don't care. Some will, and I'm happy to share by opinion with others, and even if they don't read it, only those who really want to talk about the topic will stay and no spammers/trolls will come
2019-07-16 06:44
+1 for intelligent hltv user
2019-07-16 14:19
United States JustBitsy 
Ive been rooting for G2 for the past like 2 years. I think the spearheads of the lineup have a lot of passion and in general are just some great guys. I liked the jackz and lucky addition and I am really happy that amanek is finally recognized for his abilities. So far this is my favorite g2 lineup I have seen. While i will never root for them over liquid, g2 has been grinding to be where they are at. I'm proud of them!
2019-07-16 07:03
u know its like the g2 and vitality 1 yr ago where g2 was famous for being unstable and vitality at the top and hold their position
2019-07-16 07:13
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