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IEM Chicago Thoughts and Predictions
Australia itzsassym8 
Yes its like around the corner so what are your predictions on this event. Round 1 matchups for me are Renegades>Ence cause im biased af G2>MIBR Vitality>Heroic Liquid>Envy Here is some shitty video I made about it as well: If someone can confirm if season 3 is happening that would be sick! Love you all bye
2019-07-16 09:12
Well, ence is going to wonned liek every other tournament there =D
2019-07-16 09:13
probablyyy but I am biased so thats a good reason for that first one
2019-07-16 09:14
I was don't know this details
2019-07-16 09:14
how do u think they are gonna win the event, like whats their run gonna look like bby
2019-07-16 09:28
I was don't know this details
2019-07-16 11:16
2019-07-16 11:35
I arent sure
2019-07-16 11:38
fair enough
2019-07-16 13:52
Very yes))))) 😎👍😎👍😎👍😎👍😎👍😎😎👍😎👍😎👍
2019-07-16 13:53
hey man wheres ur wheelchair
2019-07-16 13:54
♿Watch out♿Wheelchair coming♿
2019-07-16 13:57
Do you reckon gamer chair companies should make a wheelchair version
2019-07-16 14:02
Yes mens))) 😎😎😎👍👍👍
2019-07-16 15:33
How hot would that be
2019-07-16 15:40
best youtuber ever
2019-07-16 09:13
thanks man, what are your thoughts on chicago
2019-07-16 09:14
idk hope liquid wins
2019-07-16 09:15
They probably will tho
2019-07-16 09:22
Canada dem0Ns 
I arent click that
2019-07-16 09:13
i did
2019-07-16 09:25
North America GatorThePimp 
Expected predictions and nice vid👍 You fucking druggo
2019-07-16 09:17
Cheers dude!
2019-07-16 09:19
Do you watch the big lez show still
2019-07-16 14:46
stopped reading at im biased af
2019-07-16 09:25
cheers for the support man, you got pretty far and I appreciate it!
2019-07-16 09:27
get a fucking haircut you look like oprah if she was a meth addict
2019-07-16 09:29
im probs gonna do a vid on it, hate getting my haircut always looks so different
2019-07-16 09:30
i get ya. i havent cut my hair in 2 years, or my beard. i look like fucking robinson crusoe people try to stay as far as possible from me its feels peculiar.
2019-07-16 09:32
atleast you get your free space
2019-07-16 09:41
Norway at0mic_cs 
nochance win major
2019-07-16 09:28
I like this one, but we havent quite gotten to the major yet. I still think it would be interesting to see this upset happen
2019-07-16 09:29
Norway at0mic_cs 
I am from the future sir this is guaranteed to happen
2019-07-16 09:30
what happens to my channel by 2020, gimme a run down x
2019-07-16 09:31
Norway at0mic_cs 
your sub count is 2.2 million and you're a rich business man
2019-07-16 09:32
how rich exactly
2019-07-16 09:33
Norway at0mic_cs 
you earn 1.3m£ a week and you have 13k employees which you underpay heavily
2019-07-16 09:35
and where are you, are you a fan of me then
2019-07-16 09:41
Norway at0mic_cs 
I'm your employee
2019-07-16 09:42
how fantastic how much do u get paid
2019-07-16 09:45
Norway at0mic_cs 
5£ an hour
2019-07-16 09:49
not bad, but the question is are you a sassy sub and do u have post notifications on cause I heard u get a raise if u do
2019-07-16 09:49
Norway at0mic_cs 
depends who's asking
2019-07-16 09:52
a random stranger
2019-07-16 09:53
Norway at0mic_cs 
then yes
2019-07-16 09:53
Oooft but what if it’s me
2019-07-16 10:28
Norway at0mic_cs 
Then that's going to be a big boi no
2019-07-16 17:59
But why
2019-07-16 23:03
Norway at0mic_cs 
No chance are winning major BTW
2019-07-17 21:32
No chance
2019-07-18 00:21
ENCE 2-0 Renegades G2 2-0 MIBR Vitality 2-1 Heroic Liquid 2-0 Envy
2019-07-16 09:33
I can agree, but Renegades have not lost to ence with grat
2019-07-16 09:34
yeap kryptonite but game what i seen from Renegades last 3 events its should be ez win for ENCE
2019-07-16 09:36
ye ofc, I think the problem with Renegades is that they are a very momentum based team, like honestly if Renegades win this game its going to most likely result in them playing well at this event and continue back to their eearly 2019 form. However I think if they flunk out here they year is done
2019-07-16 09:45
ye ofc, I think the problem with Renegades is that they are a very momentum based team, like honestly if Renegades win this game its going to most likely result in them playing well at this event and continue back to their eearly 2019 form. However I think if they flunk out here they year is done
2019-07-16 09:38
What you gonna do with that big phat bump
2019-07-16 11:15
New Zealand gonsalipo 
ez for jks
2019-07-16 11:16
Let’s hope so
2019-07-16 11:34
I mean jks will probably perform anyways tbh
2019-07-17 02:20
Ence envy final 3-1 for ence
2019-07-16 11:39
Oh Ye aha
2019-07-16 12:00
ENCE win and flawless after semis
2019-07-16 12:21
2019-07-16 13:51
With fantasy coming out can we get this back on topic
2019-07-16 14:05
Dosia | 
Denmark Zaerdna 
Quite obvious that Liquid is going to win again lol
2019-07-16 14:47
I mean the 2nd place is the new first place
2019-07-16 15:21
Aussie boy , unfortunately for you , RNG need changes asap , I think they won't do much and get eliminated in the elimination match of the GS , -Gratata +BL1tz/aliStair and maybe AZR for a solid fragger IGL like emagine , as for the next teams, I think Envy can upset MIBR , Sonic can step up his elimination game, not too much on the decider
2019-07-16 14:53
Fair enough, personally I think they just need time again to find their footing, I think not having great for a bit really put them back and they are still recovering and are in the process of humbling themselves again before coming back. We will see though. Envy could but I still think mibr with zews should be able to win pretty easily. Keen for this event though
2019-07-16 15:23
Season 3 is confirmed
2019-07-17 05:22
Group A G2 and Liquid win openers Liquid wins winners match NV wins losers match G2 wins decider Group B ENCE and Vitality win openers Vitality wins winners match Heroic wins looser match ENCE wins decider Semis Liquide beats ENCE G2 beats Vitality G2 wins against liquid in final
2019-07-17 07:27
A franks final would be pretty cool but I don’t think it’ll be in Chicago
2019-07-17 13:52
Dont see G2 winning their group against Liquid and i dont see Vitality failing against ENCE so it will be a semi final for me. Should be a good one.
2019-07-17 14:46
Ye probs aye, I think Renegades could come back to their earlier 2019 self tho, they have only had 2 events back with grat and maybe those would have gotten them through some readjusting issues
2019-07-17 15:07
Australia opzy 
Renegades are undefeated against ENCE 8)
2019-07-17 13:56
Yes that’s what I’ve been saying aha
2019-07-17 14:03
Renegades have lost to Ence
2019-07-20 06:00
Mibr finally doing something
2019-07-21 05:10
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