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Nepal steakislife 
change my mind
2019-07-18 00:31
neaLaN | 
France swag0 
stfu trik
2019-07-18 00:34
nope, you didnt change my mind.
2019-07-18 00:36
SasuKe | 
Turkmenistan R4nger)( 
2019-07-18 00:34
are you saying that you are a snowflake and a grassbrain but not a vegan?
2019-07-18 00:36
SasuKe | 
Turkmenistan R4nger)( 
no it was a joke but you ruin it fuck u
2019-07-18 00:37
are you fuck you?
2019-07-18 00:38
SasuKe | 
Turkmenistan R4nger)( 
2019-07-18 00:39
2019-07-18 00:48
United States Acehavok 
Expected from braindead steakislife
2019-07-18 00:40
snowflake+grassbrain spotted
2019-07-18 00:42
really cant understand how can people care so much about other people life choices when they don't affect them at all
2019-07-18 00:37
Nope, didnt change my mind.
2019-07-18 00:39
Because this is bait and people have nothing better to do than shit on others to feel better about themself because they pity their own life.
2019-07-18 00:59
Liechtenstein (Ys) 
Is that really the case? Is Veganism just a way of life isolated from the world, without actual physical implications? Tell that to Farmers being raided by "Vegan Activism" (ironiclly) hurting animals and people's work and livelihood. Tell that to industry mining Phosphorus and Nitrates for fertilizers causing massive ecological damage due to Eutrophication, killing entire aquatic eco-systems in the process. The fuck outta here.
2019-07-18 01:15
grassbrains dont think that hard m8
2019-07-18 01:50
my only reaction to this is laughing yeah poor farmers
2019-07-18 22:18
A brain is meat /closed
2019-07-18 00:52
Bait. No logic to back up your thoughts. In any case there is no correlation and therefore irrelevant. One of the worst baits I’ve seen today because it involved politics.
2019-07-18 01:02
0/8 bait comment
2019-07-18 01:17
projecting, poor bait /closed
2019-07-18 01:25
So you actually made that most retarded comment in history of HLTV as serious? Are you perhaps a snowflake+grassbrain?
2019-07-18 01:28
Snowflake is a 2010s derogatory slang term for a person, implying that they have an inflated sense of uniqueness, an unwarranted sense of entitlement, or are overly-emotional, easily offended, and unable to deal with opposing opinions
2019-07-18 01:22
2019-07-18 01:51
nice flair
2019-07-18 02:14
thanks men))
2019-07-18 02:15
attention whore talking about snowflakes LUL classic autism
2019-07-18 02:19
Are you snowflake+grassbrain?
2019-07-18 02:20
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