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Neymar could be joining Juve
s1mple | 
Brazil SendEmAllBack2Africa 
Apparently, Neymar's dad is going to meet tomorrow with Juventus' directorship to see if they can buy him in a negotiation that might include Dybala. Thoughts? Playing in Calcio with CR7 actually could be better than returning to Barça imo
2019-07-19 05:37
North America GatorThePimp 
Yay more soccer threads
2019-07-19 05:39
ofc top1 sport
2019-07-19 05:39
Top 1 in the soap opera genre.
2019-07-19 05:50
Neymay to MIBR /per source
2019-07-19 19:12
atleast not as pussy as playing eggball with armor
2019-07-19 19:15
There are a lot more casualties and injuries because there are men playing who really want to win, not to grab those filthy money.
2019-07-20 03:26
They want to win because it makes money, nothing more nothing less.
2019-07-22 20:29
Money is a secondary thing, they enjoy the activity and gain a team spirit while playing that. There's something a lot more than just money.
2019-07-23 03:51
We are talking about wanting to win not if they enjoy the activity or not. I don't see any team giving it their all in friendly games for example.
2019-07-23 12:43
Yes, they want to win but not only because of money. Money is a reward but not everyone is obsessed with money this much, someone has honor and priniciples on top of that, including me!
2019-07-23 14:12
I agree, but it's still better than running 80 minutes of ads and having 10 minutes of action with pussy pop bands inbetween the shows.
2019-07-24 01:35
What kind of shows you're talking about.
2019-07-24 03:57
Juventus and PSG will never a win UCL for the next 10 years. If Neymar dreams to carry a team towards UCL title and win Ballon d'Or, his best chance is Barcelona.
2019-07-21 23:22
yeah, neymar wants go back to barça but he will have no space in there (at least the space he wants, like what he has in psg) with griezmann, so if he joins juve, he will get it and gonna be the star player in 2021, since cr7 is old plus he will evolute because calcio is better and more competitive than french league
2019-07-21 23:44
wtf is soccer?
2019-07-19 06:16
fer | 
Brazil jmarcelo 
2019-07-19 06:31
i was being sarcastic
2019-07-19 19:07
stop lying you liar pathethic lies from you the big lie
2019-07-19 19:16
You should be grateful that at least this one was not made by 4Sweeeden's alt account
2019-07-20 03:28
Okay, tell me this. Why is a game which involves carrying a ball in the hand called football?
2019-07-22 09:31
North America GatorThePimp 
That’s irrelevant to my main point. Why do you care so much?
2019-07-24 01:33
wtf i hope he dont juv is just thrash
2019-07-19 05:49
but calcio is a "strong-defense" kind of championship and he will play with cr7, this would be an evolution for him
2019-07-19 06:01
Cr7 washed up
2019-07-19 19:15
Brazil JMB_17 
juve will be strong af next season... Imagine if Neymar joins them
2019-07-19 19:09
Germany istheGOAT 
He should join MIBR
2019-07-19 05:57
You mean Piomonte Calcio
2019-07-19 06:01
Fifa = 🗑 Who cares
2019-07-19 06:15
FIFA version XD
2019-07-19 07:10
2019-07-19 19:08
nobody cars
2019-07-19 06:25
Brazil JMB_17 
only americans don't care because you only enjoy shitty sports
2019-07-19 19:10
2019-07-22 16:59
I don't care either, but I still agree with your point.
2019-07-24 01:39
Germany Xantennn 
lol nobody wants this noob on his team. why would juve trade in dybala for such shit player LMAO
2019-07-19 07:05
titz | 
Armenia VAM0SS 
Juventus' dictatorship ? wtf
2019-07-19 08:21
yes they mussolini
2019-07-19 08:25
lmao I read the exact same thing...
2019-07-22 09:39
Brazil Karl_Tanner 
Neymar is trash.
2019-07-19 19:11
France Fran6k1D 
Dybala no worth more than 100M€, Juve would have to add up at least 150M€ in cash. Plot twist : they dont have the money
2019-07-19 19:13
You'd be surprised how much money they have lol:D Buying ronaldo for 100mil, pretty sure they earned that back allready from fans buying shirts etc. So i wouldn't be surprised that they could buy Neymar. Dybala is worth around 100-120€ mil or so :) And PSG probably HATES barcelona, so i think they'd love to fuck barcelona over and transfer Neymar to juve instead of to barca. Also they are only 45mil in "red" this transfer window, and if they only have to add 100-150mil, it's pretty much possible to make the deal. But on the other hand, who wants a player who has been injured more than he played last years?
2019-07-20 03:41
France Fran6k1D 
No they don't, not only their salary cap would explode (if ney keeps his actual wages, it will cost them at least 70M per year with taxes) but they would also have to pay in cash, one time as psg wants, they'll never find 150M€ in cash I don't believe that considering they paid for ronaldo 100M payable in 2 years PS. PSG doesnt care about barça, they just want their damn money for the player, anyone giving it they will give them the player
2019-07-21 18:50
Nah, pretty sure they want to sell him to anyone but barca :D Pretty sure they can afford Neymar. But as said, he is a insane player, but which top team wants him, knowing he is that much injured, always the same foot, and he always start playing instantly, not getting enough rest :) So pretty sure he won't be leaving PSG this summer. And if he does it next summer, it would only be for around 180-200mil^^
2019-07-21 22:30
France Fran6k1D 
You stated literally 0 facts but only your emotions on the matter. I guess that's more important during an arguing. Teach yourself on the subject plz, I follow PSG closely and he will never go for less than they bought him and if Barça gives the money he will go, Leonardo said it but they haven't give any offers yet. And the only way Juve has to get him is by loan so they only have to pay for his enormous wages. But will never happen cauz PSG are only sellers not lenders
2019-07-21 23:04
You really think if nobody is gonna give 220mil , and he starts playing badly cause he wants to go away, they still gonna ask 220? That's way too naive :D Barca want's to give 100mil and 2 players (dembele, coutinho, umtiti, rakitic) and still psg don't want it , and they sure as hell know that dembele and coutinho is worth more than 170mil) Believe me, if for example tomorow juventus says they give dybala and 150mil, psg will be doing that more likely than sell it to barca for 100mil and 2 players :) Why would my emotions be in this discussion?:D I'm neither a PSG fan (okay i follow them and watch their games everyweekend cause i like how they play) but i'm a madrid fan. So i don't even care where he goes :p The only thing i hope is that either he stays at PSG, and plays like he should, or he goes away fast, and psg can buy other player instead. Not that any player can replace Neymar.
2019-07-21 23:20
France Fran6k1D 
Barça never made any offer and Leonardo confirmed it why do u believe they did ? You probably read spanish media lmao Ofc PSG will more likely take Juve offer bc they don't fucking want neither Coutinho not anyone at barça except Dembele maybe who probably don't want to join psg anyway and is the future of barça so why the fuck would they trade him W T F . Ofc Dybala would fit in psg and he probably wants to come himself so it's fucking obvious they would take Juve offer but that has nothing to do with juve being juve or barça being barça PSG will never sell him for less than they bought him, if you don't understand that it's better to end it here cauz you don't understand Qatar's position. Ccl: 0 logical argument, you don't understand football, bye bye
2019-07-22 07:28
If you really think psg doesn't want coutinho or dembele, you are dumb yeh :/ And qatar's position? They are businessmen , they sure as hell realise they won't get 220mil next season, as he is getting older, and more fragile. If you think they are gonna risk him to be worth 40-50mil less and transfer him only if they pay 220mil you are dumb af. If they can get player(s) for around 150mil and 100mil cash they'll jump on it right away. Or you really still believe they will wait, and risk Neymar fucking psg over with playing worse and worse? :D If a player wants to go away, he'll sure as hell will or the team will be paying shit tons of money for a player who most likely will not play as good cause of motivation :D And if they don't think like that, their financial way of thinking is even worse than their sport related achievements
2019-07-22 09:26
France Fran6k1D 
"Barca want's to give 100mil and 2 players (dembele, coutinho, umtiti, rakitic) and still psg don't want it" then "If you really think psg doesn't want coutinho or dembele, you are dumb yeh :/" Keep supporting madrid from belgium, a club that doesn't respect their players, Pointless to argue with low IQ
2019-07-22 20:10
A club that doesn't respect their players? What is that kind of an argument lul :D
2019-07-22 20:17
"they'll never find 150M€ in cash I don't believe that considering they paid for ronaldo 100M payable in 2 years" lol why no one knows a damn thing about finance when it comes to football? They probably won't or can't but that's not even relevant
2019-07-23 03:55
France Fran6k1D 
ffp ? Juve's finance are already in the red since 2 years and you expect them to hand out 150M in cash, a way of paying they never use... They've already bought De Ligt for 85M this summer, they won't buy another expensive player
2019-07-23 07:57
they have money imo... its all about qatar owners with oil so..
2019-07-22 17:00
Denmark lonnyb 
imagine being a grown ass man having ur dad do shit for u hahaaha
2019-07-19 19:13
having your dad as a manager is the best way for sharing the money with your family, so why not.
2019-07-22 09:26
good, let's keep that moron away from barcelona.
2019-07-19 19:14
autist | 
Spain Holiwis 
2019-07-21 22:32
MIBR Neymar ez top1 again
2019-07-19 19:16
neymar fluke player wasted millions, this guy
2019-07-19 19:18
i have to agree, psg invested so much and literally had no return haha
2019-07-21 23:38
United States ThisNephew 
neymar's dad just wants another orgy
2019-07-19 19:19
PRO | 
Portugal migboss 
Neymar to FaZe CS for NEO
2019-07-21 22:31
United States danyals4241 
Damn, I can't believe that Neymar would be such a piece of shit supporting a communist dictatorship.
2019-07-21 23:39
Brazil cleckzz 
Neymar should join MIBR. MIBR needs a player of CS GO Neymar is a player of CS GO GG
2019-07-21 23:42
World non 
overated player , all he have been doing last years and whine when he dont get what he wants , he should be happpy psg dont take this further , he still have a contract to follow. Then all injurys he haev had...
2019-07-22 09:27
Israel wetz 
you are retarded if you think its possible
2019-07-22 20:13
sh1ro | 
Sri Lanka rageN1x 
ye i want to see strong juve, but idk.. neymar 1-7 never forget..
2019-07-23 12:45
GuardiaN | 
Poland JKG 
Well he will leave PSG for sure Barca will not buy him (too expensive + they have like 10 attackers), Real will not either (They have Hazard + Neymar will not go to Real, cuz obvious reasons) So it has to be Juve/United (but United does not play in CL, so IMO it will be Juve)
2019-07-24 01:46
2019-07-24 01:49
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