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How to lose weight
forsaken | 
India Sayanjit 
My current weight is 115 kg and I would like to loose this but I don't have enough time after work to go to the gym. Can you guys suggest some tips. Pls help your fat Indian friend
2019-07-19 10:22
consume less calories than your body requires
2019-07-19 10:23
OK thank you, but how? What type of food you think I should include and exclude from my diet. I can't eat non veg because I'm not supposed to due to an allergy which causes rashes on my body from top to bottom.
2019-07-19 10:42
Include: healthy food Exclude: unhealthy food To be serious I suggest you to read this: I'm not saying you should follow everything it says but this is something to start from.
2019-07-19 10:47
Thanks very much mens :)
2019-07-19 10:53
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
How tall are you? I can't even imagine a 115kg Indian.
2019-07-19 12:16
2019-07-19 15:03
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
Huh, the more you know... The tallest Indian I've seen, there are many in Europe, was maybe like 175. But good on you for trying to lose weight.
2019-07-19 15:05
Russia razorVJ 
Remove everything with sugar and everything with flour from your diet, and you're gonna shrink like a punctured balloon. Low intensity cardio might be a good idea as well. Start from 20 minutes of jog-walk-jog-walk three times a week.
2019-07-19 10:59
Thank you :)
2019-07-19 11:12
United Kingdom zaidinator7 
eat one less meal per day.
2019-07-20 03:11
How many calories does a regular person burn per day?
2019-07-19 11:41
Nigeria Fraggot 
Depends on what they do.
2019-07-19 11:57
2000 approximately, if you eat more you are gaining weight if you eat less you are losing weight, easy math without stupid excuses of people who "cant lose weight"
2019-07-19 11:58
'2000 approximately' lmao. What a fucking bullshit. Why are you talking when you have no idea at all? Every person burns different amount of calories and every day is different, unless you do everything the same every single day.
2019-07-19 15:37
He's talking about the basal calories. What your body use to just live. The things you eat doesn't enter this math. Don't be so mad if you do not understand what you are talking about :)
2019-07-19 19:34
I gain weight if I eat more than 1000 per day. Those 2000 numbers are from back when people didn't sit on chairs 12 hours per day.
2019-07-19 19:45
i don't believe you gain weight by eating more than 1000 show me a screenshot from here saying your TDEE is 1000 unless you're a 40 kg 80 year old woman you won't get 1000
2019-07-20 03:52
First of all, every person is different and every body needs different 'calories just to live'. Stupid sentence btw, but nvm. There are many factors in terms of burning calories daily. 4 major variables which are part of Total Daily Energy Expenditure(TDEE) are EAT(Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), TEF(Thermic Effect of Food), NEAT(Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis) and BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate). Since you wanna talk about basically NEAT (I bet you're hearing this term for the first time, since you're an uneducated little moron), then lets bring out the science. 1. Studies found NEAT can differentiate up to 2000+ calories between individuals of same body weight and body composition so yeah it's that big of a deal! 2. Physiological studies demonstrate, intriguingly, that NEAT is modulated with changes in energy balance; NEAT increases with overfeeding and decreases with underfeeding. Thus, NEAT could be a critical component in how we maintain our body weight and/or develop obesity or lose weight. 3. People with higher brain activity can lose more calories. 'If we were to put you in a scanner and we looked at what’s going on [in your brain] while in front of the TV or doing a crossword, your brain’s activity would change if we gave you a demanding task, and it would use more energy' So basically, no. 2000 is not even close.
2019-07-20 04:11
2019-07-20 03:21
Europe t1ger 
dont eat, im doing like that.. dont eat bread
2019-07-19 10:23
I don't eat bread a lot, even I don't like it very much
2019-07-19 10:43
Germany mosstt 
calorie deficit
2019-07-19 10:23
Poland FitPolak 
Caloric deficit (expected)
2019-07-19 10:24
stop drinking sodas
2019-07-19 10:24
Not drinking any
2019-07-19 10:44
Sweden günT 
you can easily go on a water fast for 2-4 weeks
2019-07-19 10:25
Turkey AlwaysL1fe 
Calorie deficit, I would prefer -300kcals
2019-07-19 10:25
It would take years with only -300 per day
2019-07-19 13:19
Turkey AlwaysL1fe 
No not really, if you would go for more deficit you also would risk to lose muscle mass.
2019-07-19 15:00
Are you stupid? He weights 115 Kilo and doesnt go to the gym, so which muscle mass? Also 7000kcals = 1 kilo, so you would need 23 days for 1 kilo, with a deficit of 300 per day
2019-07-19 15:34
Weight =/= fat Deficit of 300 to 500 per day is enough. You'll lose around 0.5 per week, which is more than enough and also a healthy range. And also doesn't mean if you are fat that you don't have muscles lol. If you go into a very high deficit, it will cause starvation and it will slow down the metabolism, causing even bigger problems in the long run.
2019-07-19 15:42
300 is not enough. 500 is okay, which would be 2 Kilos per month. Also i never sad that Weight = fat. Just read again what Sayanjit said about himself and you will see that his weight is not 115 kilos because of muscles
2019-07-19 16:12
Turkey AlwaysL1fe 
Junge du hast einfach kein Plan
2019-07-20 03:01
Nice bro science.
2019-07-20 03:03
Said the guy who has no idea about training, food or anything related to it lmao. Nice try tho. I can teach fools like you any day of the week.
2019-07-20 03:13
Perhaps I have no idea but I have knowledge and experience. And your "ideas" have nothing to do with reality, lul. Nt bro science.
2019-07-20 03:16
'I have knowledge and experience' lmaoooo mate, you've got nothing. My ideas? Those are facts you stupid idiot. To lose weight and fat you need to be in a caloric deficit, however not eating and being on stupid fasting diets, like I said, will make more problems on the long run. With less calories (basically starvation), energy progressively sinks due to calorie/energy restriction, with that spontaneous activity (NEAT) progressively decreases which results in less calories burned. Simply put; due to drop in energy you decrease your daily activity and movement. So please tell me, Mr. I know it all, how is this 'bro science', when it's literally scientifically proven? Also how is me saying fat =/= weight, not correct? You know that weight is not only determined by fat but also muscles, water, bone structure, etc etc? Also that guy talks like 7000 calories is 1kg on the scale which is highly laughable. 7000 calories is 1kg but 1kg of FAT. You're delusional, stupid and uneducated.
2019-07-20 03:30
> If you go into a very high deficit, it will cause starvation and it will slow down the metabolism, causing even bigger problems in the long run. Bro science.
2019-07-20 03:33
I just gave you facts and science while you're commenting the same shit over and over lol. You have no idea what I wrote right? Yeah I can tell. You're uneducated wanna be something. I bet you use diets such as keto to lose weight lmao. What a clown.
2019-07-20 03:35
I didn't say everything what you said is bs, I just told you exactly where you're wrong. And no, I think keto is shit.
2019-07-20 03:37
I really agree with everything you say in this thread, you are destroying them. However, if keto works for a person, it works you know.
2019-07-20 13:38
Mate, keto works on the same principle as any other diet and that's caloric deficit. Every single diet in the world will work as long as you're in a caloric deficit. T​here is absolutely not a single major benefit of one diet over another when it comes to fat loss (especially if caloric intake is matching). Caloric deficit is what dictates the rate of fat/weight loss not the type of diet you're using. My point is to use the dietary approach you find most enjoyable and sustainable in the long run, but also there's no magic behind them like many people think.
2019-07-20 16:17
Yeees, thats why i said i agree with you. It's all about deficit. However if a person feels better doing keto cause hé feels less hungry etc then keto is obv gnna work better for him than other diets
2019-07-20 22:36
Quoting from a science book about losing fat: 'Let's say you're in caloric deficit for some time, you're eating relatively clean, getting your training sessions done and you're losing weight at optimal rate on weekly basis BUT suddenly after 6,8 or 12 weeks of continual fat loss you haven't lost any weight for a full week(or even 2, 3 weeks). Scale is not moving down and you're still sticking religiously to your calories and doing everything like before!? So what happened? Caloric deficit is not an optimal state for your body and your body always finds a way to fight off suboptimal state it's in and it strives to put back things in normal. During caloric deficit your body creates protective mechanism in a form of PROGRESSIVE METABOLIC DROP. Your body slowly adapts metabolism to current average caloric intake to throw you out of deficit because body simply doesn't want to stay there. Simply put; the longer you are in deficit; your metabolic rate will follow by a progressive drop. (your metabolism slows down). This is called METABOLIC ADAPTATION. Your body will continue to do so until eventually your previous deficit is now maintenance. BOOM! You're not in deficit anymore and fat loss completely stopped. What to do in this situation? There are 2 possible solutions! First obvious solution is to drop your calories even lower to put your body back into state of caloric deficit (or increase physical activity to create higher calorie expenditure). This usually always works but ***at one point going lower with calories can turn into starvation***(usually people at freakishly low body fat levels or very low metabolic demands in general).' P.S: Since you're uneducated, the 2nd option are tactical refeeds/cheat meals. Just so you know.
2019-07-20 03:40
Obviously I'm not gonna read such amount of text from you, but I hope you do realize that even science doesn't have the one and only ultimate truth about something specific, vice versa pretty often it has a lot of controversy. Answer one question: what will happen with your metabolism if you eat 1000-1500 kcal once a day and fast for 20-23 hours?
2019-07-20 03:47
Mate idc honestly. I just said that 0.5 kg per week is enough. 1kg max. Anything more than that will cause you problems and I know that from a personal experience, something that no one can give you. I made many mistakes, but now I know my shit, so don't try to bullshit me, because I've read enough and done my research. 'Bro science'. Miss me with that BS next time.
2019-07-20 03:50
Ever heard about cognitive distortion? Personal experience is good and I have nothing against it, yet it doesn't mean that if something is worked for you then it's right and will work with the same effect for others. I'm not saying your personal experience is wrong though (I don't even know anything about it). I also have enough experience and did a lot of research, actually I still do it regularly (live an learn!).
2019-07-20 04:04
Your insulin sensitivity and energy will drop. Your body starts getting signals on severe nutrient deficiency and it’ll start slowing down metabolic functions to the point where only thing your body is able, is to keep your organs functional and store any nutrients you eat inside the fat cells. Quote: 'GOING TO EXTREMES WITH PROLONGED CALORIC DEFICIT AND STARVING YOURSELF WILL CAUSE TEMPORARY METABOLIC DAMAGE.' This is if you do it every single day or very so often. Doing it once nothing major will happen. Same with overeating. Even if you eat 20k calories doesn't mean you'll be a fat pig the next day with 3kg of added weight and fat.
2019-07-20 04:01
Exactly, I used to think like that for a long time, but recent studies (I don't have it at hand atm) show that metabolic rate will actually increase (by something like 8% as far as I remember) and body won't store anything but instead of that will use stored shit (old damaged structures, dead cells, defective mitochondria, fat, etc) for autophagy.
2019-07-20 04:13
No if you eat properly and exercise.
2019-07-20 03:04
Albania 74CO 
run cafeine salad run
2019-07-19 10:25
Not sure it's the best option
2019-07-19 10:44
eat healthy.
2019-07-19 10:28
Russia leffalexx 
Exercising is less effective than diet if your goal is just to lose weight. But everyday training routine help you stay motivated - you don't want to eat that extra piece knowing that it will cost you an hour on the treadmill. And overall it's good for your body. So basically eat less and do low intencity cardio everyday.
2019-07-19 10:29
OK i'll take care of my diet more coz at this time I just eat anything which is available in front of me
2019-07-19 10:54
Calories is the base to measure things but as you might have guessed its not very precice since everyone has a different metabolism. Same with diets, the one guy can fuel fats better and the other guy carbs. You basically wanna have a calorie deficite as written above, Calories measure the energie in and output of your body. Your body stores it as Fats. Be honest to yourself, how fast does your diet hast to be? or can it be a project over 2 years? you burn 2000 calories a day (avarage male) when doing kinda nothing. 7k Cals is roughly 1 kg bodyfat so if you dont eat at all, you lose a kilo every 3,5ish days. ( 2kg a week) At the beginning you will lose alot of water and muscles too, but the muscle part is less intense than often said, i mean why does our body even store energy? Because there were times when we had no food (f.e. winter when no fruits -> less animals (winter sleep)). Should even be the same for India lol. :D Keep in mind that eating at least a little bit and doing 1 hour of sport a day, is allready way more healthy for your body, also building muscles will help you burn. Im at a Diet right now where i try to keep my calories intake below 400cal and im trying to burn 900 Calories a day (not as easy as many think, but im even more heavy than you, so i can "just walk" arround with some music and burn it in 1-2 hours).
2019-07-19 10:41
Other Phinks 
400calories a day? You can’t be serious
2019-07-19 10:45
I have to add that im in love right now, and that helps so fucking much. Sounds cringy but true... Also i try to be proud of myself if i manage to not cheat. You have to be happy about every day you manage to keep going with it.
2019-07-19 11:33
abdul | 
Europe men) 
you should be banned from this forum
2019-07-19 11:50
no u. jk, why?
2019-07-19 11:54
abdul | 
Europe men) 
consuming 400 calories why burning 900 is not a thing you should do
2019-07-19 11:55
abdul | 
Europe men) 
in fact even 4yo kids doesn't consume less than 400calories per day ...
2019-07-19 11:56
bro going - with the calories is the only way to lose weight :D if you burn 900 cal and only eat 400, your body hast to take 500 cals out of your own body. (fat)
2019-07-19 12:39
abdul | 
Europe men) 
then say goodbye to everything even the muscles who hide behind ur fats cells
2019-07-19 12:37
Please leave this place
2019-07-19 13:21
This is a very flawed system you have going btw, I aren’t going to flame you like these clowns because each to their own but trying to get someone to do something similar to what you’re doing there is bad eventually your blood sugar levels will crash so hard and you’ll be burning every single bit of muscle you gain and there will be no glycogen or even substitute for it going to your muscles so enjoy the fatigue and constant blackouts in 1-2 years my brother (also the black outs can be a permanent thing as you’re a literally killing your body) lol
2019-07-19 14:14
LMAOOOO you're fucking retarded
2019-07-19 15:43
Hey my friend, idk why all these nonces do have to feel superior and flame you... But yeah anyway try not to do this because you are on a serious crash diet, the moment you stop you will get everything back in 4 weeks and get even fatter than when you started
2019-07-20 13:42
abdul | 
Europe men) 
he's retarded as fuck holy shit ...
2019-07-19 11:49
Morocco royflord 
+1 he knows nothing and he's misleading the indian guy
2019-07-19 13:35
If he does Keto like his name suggests I would assume he’s serious, I do Keto every year around June to cut and I don’t ever consume more then 700-800 cals a day and I also do at least 1 hour exercise a day which includes a run etc, some people rly can function on less calories than others which is why the Clowns on this post saying you need around 2k as an avg person are wrong because everyone had a different body and work effectively with more energy with different variations of diets and calories
2019-07-19 14:09
Other Phinks 
I get that, but 400.. dude thats like nothing.
2019-07-19 16:38
yeah I didn't read fully what he said, he will have an extremely hard crash in a few months which will perhaps ruin his health for a long time if not forever, this guy wont be shedding fat he will be shredding all muscle for his body to actually feed itself, He is losing 800 a day and eating 400 thinking that will lose 400cals of fat, idk dawg some people are blissfully ignorant like I do 800cals a day with HIIT for only 1-2months a year and that fucks me up bad enough but jfc bro this guy gonna die
2019-07-19 19:29
ok, i allready can do 20 semi-push ups (i couldnt do any or just 2-3 before)... Im working out everyday, nothing too tough but roughly 30 minutes a day, had a cheat day yesterday (grandpas birthday, roughly 1,5k cals), only drank like 600 ml of buttermilk today and thats it. You guys delusional if you think the body cant resist extreme conditions. The body doesnt reduce its muscles if you keep doing sport every day, thats not how the body works, and if the body is in ketosis he can produce glucose out of body fat. I also drink roughly 500ml coffee a day ( honestly, if you now say im going to have a hearth attack, stop living in 2007) which gives a good energy boost for 2 hours. You guys are douchebags or have some weak as bodies if you think im doing something harmful. btw. if i eat 400 cals a day and burn 800, im not losing 400 cals of fat... im losing 2400 a day. btw. food isnt food, eat high quality, that makes a huge as difference, read some books about your intestines and how they work. Also look up how ketosis works. (im not saying everything i say is 100% accurate) but im listening to my body and i feel better than the past 5 years.
2019-07-20 18:57
I know how Keto works I do Keto for 2-3 months a year but I am telling you your body in the long run is gonna crash dawg and you're gonna have no muscle anywhere because ur starving it so much it will eat away at everything, no one is delusional if you ask Thomas De Lauer or Dr Eric Berg DC on Youtube about this they will tell you the same as I have dawg, there's always someone who knows more than you dawg your body cannot sustain this, I hope you hit your goals but in the long run this will not work :)
2019-07-20 19:07
the fact that you have trouble run keto says enough about you, keto is easy as fuck, its just disgusting... i did keto, detox and now im doing extreme low cals... with detox (only drinking veggie juice for 2 weeks) i even had better results but id rather eat nothing than this shit again. it works for me, give me reasons why it shouldnt or this conversation is over.
2019-07-20 19:29
bro what are u fucking on about? 'the fact that you have trouble run keto says enough about you' like what does this even mean dawg? I feel like u just scanned what i said quickly and replied LOL fuck me dawg ppl like u are lost dawg
2019-07-20 19:33
Wow thats great, thanks for your input and help and yeah it's same in India too lol. Will follow all the tips provided by everyone including yours :)
2019-07-19 10:57
Most important part is be honest to yourself, dont compare to others (those are your goals and they dont get better or worse if others reach better things etc.) and listen to what your body tells you, besides hunger maybe ;) Health > Diet. Feeling weak is most of the time normal, i feel nauseos every 2nd day... Especially if feel really shakey, lose sense of balance etc. eat something. And dont forget to drink ALOT, you will lose alot of water and you need to refuel, also your body goes trough detox like state where your organs are getting cleaned (you propably have very yellowish pee the first 3-4 days). Also if you eat something, try to eat very healthy... fruits with very low sugar(blueberries are my favorite, nothing beats them), vegetables, meat with low fat(kangoroo, chicken etc.), fish (even with high fat), eggs... if you eat stuff like that you will have much energy with very few calories and your body will thank you. Add Salt (also use quality salt f.e. seasalt or himalaya salt) and Lemon Juice to your water, only a pinch of salt, otherwise it would make drinking water useless lol :D The lemon counters acids in your body, sounds stupid but its true, maybe its not called acids... my english is not too good :D Drink at LEAST 2 Liters a day, drink as much as you can (you shouldnt go above 8 liters or so... I think its little above 10-12 liters where you could die of water poisoning, your body would just try to get the water out of the system and the water would take all the good shit with it.) Also dont drink 3 Liters in the morning and call it a day :D your stomache has to get smaller and water widens it, so just drink like a glass of water every 1-2 hours. Allways keep something to drink with you so you dont forget. What also helped me is supplements, a cheap one that maybe helped me (i felt better but could also be other factors) is L-Tryptophan, basically what it does is, it slightly increases your mood over day, and you can sleep better at night. Treat your body like its the most important thing in your life, because it actually is. Your body determines how long you life, how happy you are or how happy you can get, it determines how others look at you (even tho we shouldnt care ;) but i guess everyone does at least a little) . SELFRESPECT Brother!
2019-07-19 11:49
Morocco royflord 
that's bs no one burns only 900kcal a day, an average male burns around 2500 kcal
2019-07-19 13:34
Eat less, eat healthy. Try intermittent fasting (16/8 is easy af even for beginners, just skip breakfast).
2019-07-19 10:44
-cut all unhealthy foods -eat less (this can be hard, I know) -move (gym, sports, walking, cardio, anything) there are no complicated ways to lose weight, they just require discipline
2019-07-19 10:47
This helps too men, thanks for your time and input.
2019-07-19 10:59
ask Boombl4
2019-07-19 10:57
What's his current form?
2019-07-19 10:59
cutting edge
2019-07-19 11:01
really bad
2019-07-19 11:07
Men I'm not that fat
2019-07-19 11:26
skip meals, i have never been fat, cuz im naturally ectomorph but recently i had 1 meal per day and maybe few snacks and I can function normally on that, i lost weight, despite of the fact that wasn't intended i guess in your case it's more mental rather than lack of knowledge but you can invest your time into dieting & nutritions
2019-07-19 11:42
Don't do this. All you have to do to lose weight is eat less at each meal. Skipping meals can lead to eating disorders. Also you're not an ectomorph because there's no such thing, you don't eat enough, don't go to the gym and have given yourself the body of a twig.
2019-07-20 03:37
man, you know shit
2019-07-20 13:29
Turkey mustim 
Sleep past breakfast (if you can), fewer meals, more walking/physical activity and definitely fill up on things that aren’t calorie dense. Now tell me, how do you gain weight?
2019-07-19 11:03
Eat 2 times a day unhealthy stuff and eat until you can't eat anymore. Prefer real meals before stuff like chips or so. Better eat a Pizza or shit. For me it helped to eat always the same stuff in the evening I liked and the first meal a good amount of food at work.
2019-07-19 11:06
Turkey mustim 
Thanks! I would really like to gain some weight. I should probably put more effort into it. At one stage I did, but I was disheartened because I didn’t even gain 100g over a week. It’s probably going to take a lot longer than that, I gave up too easily.
2019-07-19 11:09
It was 4 years for me from 50KG -> 80KG ... it's not easy and will take a long time. You need at least 6 months for 10KG if you eat every day the max you can
2019-07-19 13:39
Morocco royflord 
2019-07-19 13:37
Why -1 ... my method is easy. You can also start eating super healthy and so but you will never gain weight as underweight person + it is hard to force you eating healthy stuff
2019-07-19 13:40
Morocco royflord 
"eat until you can't eat anymore" , i used to do that and i was skinny af, it's bad to eat too much stuff at the same time just eat like 4-5 meals a day and don't get hungry
2019-07-19 13:43
Just eat less. Only 2 meals a day. +sport if you have motivation and time but should work without sport too.
2019-07-19 11:04
Motu kam khaya kar😂😂
2019-07-19 11:05
😂😂 OK, right now after coming from work I eat anything that's in front of me so I do have to control me diet 🤣
2019-07-19 11:28
Shit more on the streets
2019-07-19 11:07
2019-07-19 11:29
Very funny actually I laughed
2019-07-19 12:06
United Kingdom replicanoob 
drink water and do not eat breakfast
2019-07-19 11:29
OK thanks, one thing I'm definitely gonna start is to skip breakfast
2019-07-19 11:29
Sweden flippig 
don't skip breakfast man
2019-07-19 11:44
I know man, I won't do anything without thinking
2019-07-19 15:04
Never ever skip breakfast dude. It's ok to skip either lunch or dinner, but not breakfast. You'll feel weak and will be prone to stomach ulcer. Eat something light for breakfast and drink fluids (water, maybe fruit juice).
2019-07-19 14:00
Morocco royflord 
you're actually retarded
2019-07-19 13:38
2019-07-19 11:37
No. Just no.
2019-07-19 11:44
Not for me
2019-07-19 15:04
Sweden flippig 
start counting calories
2019-07-19 11:44
Go hit the gym nerd
2019-07-19 11:46
I lost 14 kgs in the past 2 months(no exercise) by using this app I exchanged sugar with honey, i quit drinking soda, i started eating fruits instead of sweets and i try my best to avoid late night food urges. I eat whatever but i try to eat kinda healthy and stay under the app max calories intake. gl
2019-07-19 11:48
I'm 121kg right now but I was 157kg at the beginning of my losing-weight process. I count calories and try to eat less than 1500 a day (used to be 1000 but it's too hard). I also go to the gym 3 times a week and sometimes exercise at home.
2019-07-19 11:52
Sweden flippig 
good work man keep it up (Y)
2019-07-19 15:10
Stop eating all shits u are eating! u dont need to count calories. U need a plan.
2019-07-19 12:03
no time for the gym... if you want to lose weight there is no gym requirred.. Every other day one short workout. first: 10 push-ups, 10 situps or crunches if u cant do situps, 10 squats, 30sec-45sec plank(the one on the arms), 1minute pause, 3sets in total second: 10 burpees 45sec pause 3sets in total third: 10 push-ups, 10 roman twists, 45sec planks(the one for the back), 20 knee-ups, 1min break, 3 sets in total fourth: 100 rope jumps (every 25 jumps, one burpee), 1,5 min pause: repeat until you cant get up anymore. 1 workout will take you 20 mins max. and you only need water, a towel, maybe a mat and a skipping rope. try to eat at the same time every day, drink only Water, if you are doing this workout youll see changes in a month and youll feel stronger faster and more fit. if a workout should be to easy just go for more sets hope you´ll try it and even if not i hope youll achieve your goals!
2019-07-19 12:10
Burn More calories than you eat
2019-07-19 13:14
woxic | 
Europe saiNnt 
don't lose weight, if you lose like 30-40 kg, your skin will hang and you will need surgery so dont even try xD
2019-07-19 13:16
Portugal rmindzstar 
not true. Loss 36 kg and still going for more and am without any skin hang if you do it with time and exercise its going to work
2019-07-19 13:34
Panama ayykaramba 
Eat meat and greens dont eat sugar
2019-07-19 13:17
EAT LESS U %^$%£$£.
2019-07-19 13:23
Serbia cr4zymen 
Eat less calories than you spend /close
2019-07-19 13:26
Portugal rmindzstar 
bro, loss 36 kg in 2 years. still going for it. go to a nutricionist to help understand that you need to reduce slowly the consuption I had no time for the gym at least at the first year (loss 20 kgs) started to make spartans, run at night, continued to play football with friends You need focus. the only sugar I consume is mainly from fruit (frutose instead of glicose) ofc I make a shit meal every once in a while ( your body needs that) if you don't want to count kcal the nutrician will make a plan. to eat every 2/2.5+ hours. P.S do not stop eating. thats stupid. as a 115 man you need at least 2200 kcal . I currently consuming 1800/2000 after subtracting the exercise of the day. if you are lazy recommend downloading the T25 Focus. 25 min a day burning like an hour
2019-07-19 13:32
Dr nowzaradan is 4 u
2019-07-19 13:30
Russia leld 
become gay
2019-07-19 13:31
fat good
2019-07-19 13:32
1st thing and the easiest to do - drink more water, you are probably drinking a liter or less a day. Make it atleast 2 liters a day. Stop drinking any soda drinks. No coca cola or the rest of the shit. Next thing. No bread or in other words - Lower your carbs. Start eating some fruits. This is the slow way to go, if you want to speed things up & you want big results in the end of the year - walk more or if you have the time, go to the gym and make 50% of your time there cardio time. If you don't mind going sweaty somewhere, go by foot. Also, don't eat pork, eat chicken - less fat. That is the way to go.
2019-07-19 13:37
Morocco royflord 
just eat less and move more basically eat more in the morning when you wake up and don't eat at night before you sleep and don't listen to 90% at what people say in this thread, i just read most of it and they are just telling you to do unhealthy stuff
2019-07-19 13:41
At 115 you don't even have to change your diet yet, as chances are super big you won't stick to it anyway if you change it to the extreme. Start drinking only water, you get used to it after ~2 weeks and it saves a lot of calories, as for food; just count what you eat in a day first, and then decrease appropriately. Gym isn't needed, it's only calories you have to count for a few days, then it's pretty easy to keep track of it automatically. Until you are around 90/95 you won't need gym, after that it gets way harder and 2-3 times of cardio would help.....or do weighttraining, whatever works for you really. Some time ago In the winter I likeD to eat pizzas every day so I gained 30kg (85--->~112) 3 years straight, but lost the 30kg from january-may every time too, once with heavy cardio, once with weighttraining and once without gym and just eating an insane (1400kcal) diet. I liked weighttraining way more as you can eat way more and I got way too extreme with dieting for my own good, it wasn't sustainable. I got tired of this lifestyle though so I never gained the weight again after that period, it was really exhausting. Now weighttraining so I can still eat everything and not really gain fat.
2019-07-19 13:46
Turkey Tormund1 
stop eating sugar,salt,bread rest will come
2019-07-19 13:41
4x coffie at day, eat just 2 1500kcal meals, and run like 2x 15min everyday.
2019-07-19 13:46
I started going to the gym this february, and also with that ive stopped drinking soda, eating candy and crisps etc. But since you dont have time for the gym try to work out even if its just a little bit, go for a small run or just do jumping jacks or whatever on the spot :) (try to get as much carido). i was 96kg at max (iam 177cm) but now iam 68.5kg, so it really helps :D ALSO drink alot of water, if not only water like i do lmao :D, i also have a cheat day like once a month where i get like a small bowl of candy or crisps or whatever, but i dont do more than that. I believe in you man! i thought it was impossible but now iam addicted to do exercise :D and i feel alot better :)
2019-07-19 13:52
death is a decision
2019-07-19 13:49
NiKo | 
Qatar BeToNnN 
go gym and calorie deficit
2019-07-19 14:04
Europe juanoo 
Man eat how much u want but then right after u finish ur food go to tbe toilet and vomit everything out. Works 100%
2019-07-19 14:06
70% diet 30% exercise find the right diet and exercise regularly = weight loss
2019-07-19 14:16
dont eat and do cocaine.
2019-07-19 15:06
you don't need gym to lose weight
2019-07-19 15:44
jks | 
United States Sacko117 
nutrition is the most important thing. Along with that, incorporate weight training and cardio
2019-07-19 15:46
Lithuania a2kas 
walk, that is it. every day I go about 10 km and in 4 months i lost 25 kg
2019-07-19 15:48
First don't listen to the other clowns that are commenting bullshit. Second install the app MyFitnessPal. It will help you in counting calories in and based on some others people data will make an average of calories you need for you to burn fat and go down in weight. Experiment with it and see if the average from the app works. If you're gaining weight weekly, just lower it. If you're around the same weight week by week, that means that's your maintance and you need to lower it (preferably from 300 to 500 calories daily) (so for ex. if your maintance is 2500, to lose 0.5 kg PER WEEK that would be 2000 calories daily). Third, make sure to track your macros, eat high protein foods because it will make you full and make you cheat less on junk food (eat from 1.5 to 2g of protein per KG). Next if you can't go to the gym and do weight lifting, make sure to do light cardio like walking, running or swimming, BUT don't over do it. Cardio can make you feel very empty and needy for more food. Also you can eat things such as candies and chocolate, as long as it fits your macros and calories, but don't do it every day, since they are very caloric and are not very good nutrient wise.
2019-07-19 15:54
Agreed. I would also consider to add some sort of activities to home as well, such as planks, some sort of push-ups (u can do them with the easier way at the beginning), squats and maybe 15-30 min walks/jogging 3-5 times a week. That was the exercise part and considering the diet part, dont be too harsh and make huge changes. 1. consume less 2. try to eat more meals, but less food in each meal 3. stay away from cakes, candies, sodas etc and consume those kind of things only once a week 4. eat lots of veggies, rice etc and dont fill the plate with creamy sauces (prefer tomato-based sauces, as i know indians like to eat lots of sauce) 5. consume coffee, chili etc some sort of low-calorie metabolism boosting ingredients. Good luck
2019-07-19 16:29
Not sure if a 115 kg man can do push ups or planks xD Also n.2 makes no difference at all. If you eat your daily required calories, doesn't matter if they are scattered throughout the day in smaller meals or as two big meals.
2019-07-19 17:03
I mean, you can do a little bit and get more and more reps every day. Small steps to bigger steps. And 2 because more meals makes your metabolism working and being steadier than doing two huge meals.
2019-07-19 18:52
lol just lose it
2019-07-19 15:54
lol just don't eat
2019-07-19 19:30
Gym sucks. Gym machines are bad for you anyways. Get an exercise bike. Some small weights. A stretch band. Then go watch some exercise program on YouTube and follow along. Eat a low-calorie protein shake for breakfast or lunch. The more muscles you gain, the more energy your body will consume. Also like me, get a VR system, and play BoxVR an hour per day. It's great.
2019-07-19 19:38
We can do sex and lose calories together?
2019-07-20 03:04
Do sports and be happy
2019-07-20 03:07
like #1 said just eat less calories than your body requires, try to aim towards healthier foods and quit drinking soda completely. im not saying eat a salad all day just track your calories and eat whatever you want as long ass you eat less than needed
2019-07-20 03:07
if calories in < calories out, you will lose weight. a 3500 calorie deficit over any duration of time = 1 lb lost. Your body consumes about 2200 calories passively if you're a healthy adult male. being more active, sleeping 8 hours makes you consume more calories. salads are good for losing weight because they're super filling and dont have a lot of calories. if you eat a salad with little or no dressing, thats only like 100 calories but it feels like a meal or whatever. muscle mass increases passive calorie consumption.
2019-07-20 03:08
do the omad diet, one meal a day in the exact same hour and eat a low amount of food, I've been doing it since june and already lost 16kg
2019-07-20 03:10
Don't do anything crazy. Just figure out your maintenance calories, eat 500 calories below that, and try not to eat packaged food. If you have any extra time, go for a 10 minute run.
2019-07-20 03:19
my friend if you're serious...lay of carbs (i dont say keto) and eat less kcals a day...if you excerise next to this you'll hit 70-80 in less than a year..source: am a fatty
2019-07-20 03:23
1. Stop with the excuses 2. Caloric deficit Youre welcome
2019-07-20 03:33
Try water fasting
2019-07-20 03:36
Denmark lonnyb 
stop being fat
2019-07-20 03:52
you dont even need to eat healthy, just eat less. Obviously you can eat more of healthier alternatives but just count your calories if you have a bad idea of how much calories different foods contain. You can try intermittent fasting aswell (not eating during certain hours) for example staying off food for 16hrs and eating during the other.
2019-07-20 04:05
United States Nellie^ 
try eating burger with lettuce
2019-07-20 04:07
1000 calories at max + no meat + 30 minutes of running / 60 minutes on bike and you may lose 30kg in less than 4 months
2019-07-20 04:10
ive lost 48 lbs (not sure how many kg) there is litterally 1 rule, consume less calories than your body burns regularly, you can use a online calculator for a pretty accurate estimation of calories your body needs a day. For example u need 2300 calories a day, so eat 1500 calories a day (even if this is calories from donuts and pizza) and thats a deficit of 800. 3500 calories are in a pound of weight. Also say you need 2300 calories a day and you eat 2300 but u burned 500 off from cardio at the gym, its the same exact thing as eating 500 less It doesnt matter what you eat it matters how much you eat (but eating junk food WILL make u feel like garbo)
2019-07-20 04:38
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2019-07-20 13:42
2019-07-20 19:16
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