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RIP Faceit Brazil
Brazil sinisterkid3 
u wait 3 minutes to play a game and when faceit finally find a matches ppl don't ready and you have to wait even more and it finds again another game but once again somebody dont accept and fianlly when everybody accepts the game and u finally join the game someone don't join the server and the match is cancelled, pls faceit ban 1 month people who don't accept or forfeit the match. I dont play GC cuz people too toxic there, and ESEA i tried play once but i'm so low iq and couldn't find the way to find a match.
2019-07-20 02:31
Just play mm loool
2019-07-20 02:32
Brazil MadBettorGrr 
+1 MM is always fun (I'm not even joking) On GC people tryhard it's so boring I play cs to have fun, not cuz I want to be a pro
2019-07-20 02:38
Well some people find it more fun to play in a competitive environment. MM is just a casual way to play 5v5.
2019-07-20 02:44
Japan Pingu_MOUZ 
2019-07-20 05:04
Only baiters in GC
2019-07-20 06:03
+1 imagine playing at cheaters club in 2k19, even their arena servers have blatant cheaters spinning around
2019-07-20 06:26
Brazil CAMgod 
2019-07-20 06:02
same in EU man
2019-07-20 02:33
Bulgaria HeavenRock 
move to europe == no problem
2019-07-20 02:33
EU Faceit it happens as well. Are there any hubs you could join? I know that in Dutch Hub you would get a ban if you queue dodged.
2019-07-20 02:33
????????? So what is the alternative in EU then if Faceit EU is dead? They sure as hell arent going to ESEA
2019-07-20 03:14
Norway daniel98 
it isnt dead, you find a game fast and there are lots of active hubs
2019-07-20 05:16
How many Norweigan pros play NPL?
2019-07-20 06:19
Its not dead, but a lot of people dont connect to games, so sometimes it takes 4 games to finally start. A lot of players are in ECL hub nowadays though since Free faceit queue is a shithole.
2019-07-20 08:56
Brazilians only play GC. If you don't want to find toxic people don't play any online games
2019-07-20 02:34
fer | 
Brazil ZeldrisGG 
Try maybe in ESPORTAL.
2019-07-20 02:35
Brazil sinisterkid3 
what is that?
2019-07-20 05:03
Sweden Bekkarn 
No men its europe servers only u will lag and 80% of players are swedes 10% polish 9% germans 1% other
2019-07-20 10:44
Brazil trevz 
learn how to play and they will stop being toxic
2019-07-20 02:36
typical toxic mentality...
2019-07-20 02:42
Brazil trevz 
typical noob complaint
2019-07-20 03:12
2019-07-20 05:57
Brazil xd_noob 
What the fuck, you want to play CS:GO but don't want to find matches with toxic people. There is always a toxic player. And GamersClub is more popular than FaceIT in Brazil.
2019-07-20 02:38
Brazil sinisterkid3 
ik but i prefer playing with any other country other than brazil in SA cuz i'm learning spanish and they're way less toxic and fun to play
2019-07-20 05:04
2019-07-20 02:39
Esportal is way better than GC, Faceit is ok
2019-07-20 05:10
Argentina EnvyJ 
Nobody plays faceit on south america
2019-07-20 06:42
Brazil sinisterkid3 
all SA countries play there
2019-07-20 06:56
Argentina EnvyJ 
Yeah, but I can't wait 5 minutes or more to play a single game
2019-07-20 07:01
Brazil sinisterkid3 
till faceit fidns for the game I play aimbotz or drink some chocolate, it's still better than MM
2019-07-20 07:03
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