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coldzera future
Denmark GayFeelingsAboutYou 
after this... nobody will want him, RIP carrer #zewsGod #baitzeraWasTheProblem
2019-07-20 22:33
+1 frozen>cold
2019-07-20 22:34
braindamage detected
2019-07-20 22:34
United Kingdom _xC4ctus 
+1111 cold be thinking mibr would be useless without him, but now whose laughing?? xaxxaxaxaaxxa
2019-07-20 22:34
rip he wont find a new team that is willing to bait for him
2019-07-20 22:35
Why would nobody want Cold just because MiBR is playing decent?
2019-07-20 22:35
Brazil logzera 
Actually I think this is good for cold. He might get out from mibr for few money.
2019-07-20 22:36
yea they should get kNg, people will get scared of winning against him because he will just send death threats. ez top1
2019-07-20 22:38
True +1
2019-07-20 22:42
Cold was the problem. Mibr playing good just proves it.
2019-07-20 22:39
+1 Nijo>cold
2019-07-20 22:49
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