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Niko Kovac sucks
Spain Electrocatalyst 
Bayern deserves a better coach tbh
2019-07-21 02:05
ScorpioN | 
South America Wysmaa 
I thought you was talking about FaZe NiKo xd which its actually true as well xd
2019-07-21 02:07
Czech Republic @me 
I knew this wasn't about faze Niko just from the title lol
2019-07-21 03:33
Guardiola EZ UCL
2019-07-21 02:07
You mean ez losses against Tottenham and Monaco?
2019-07-21 03:32
lul worst coach he got washed up in 2010
2019-07-21 10:53
So do u think Real will beat Bayern today?
2019-07-21 02:07
Just baiting a bit. This match doesn't matter, i just wanna watch good football and jovic/hazard/mendy/rodrygo/kubo
2019-07-21 02:11
I wanna see Mendy and Kubo too, Real take this tbh Bayern isn't that dangerous Edit: I think I jinxed it cus Bayern just scored
2019-07-21 02:21
I don't mind whether they win or loose. Last season was so shit that this is pretty much the first madrid game that im actually enjoying in months. Preseason match and they are already playing better than 90% of last season.
2019-07-21 02:44
Turkey artistickid88 
2019-07-21 02:20
niko kovac XD the name of the children if that niko and gardians get childrens kkkkkkkkkkkk
2019-07-21 02:21
english please
2019-07-21 02:22
go to schol
2019-07-21 02:23
what you wrote makes 0 sense
2019-07-21 02:23
i are not understanding english but im uses gogle to translator this and me copys the frases seu zika
2019-07-21 02:24
wow i couldn't tell
2019-07-21 02:25
2019-07-21 02:25
Czech Republic Olaxen 
2019-07-21 10:47
2019-07-21 02:23
Saw this even before opening the thread, I am getting better at hltving I suppose
2019-07-21 02:22
Now you are a senior user.
2019-07-21 02:45
good bait. Solid 5/8
2019-07-21 02:22
Finally a good rate from you. My previous baits weren't liked by you :(
2019-07-21 02:44
2019-07-21 02:26
Make Thomas Muller player coach
2019-07-21 02:27
Xyp9x | 
Portugal CRMN1 
2019-07-21 02:47
Serbia Desfletcher 
Expected but still 6/8
2019-07-21 02:47
Wtf benzema is a bot today. If it was any other top striker Madrid would have scored 4 goals.
2019-07-21 02:48
2019-07-21 02:49
Finally we can see Jovic, Kubo, Vinicius after injury, Mendy, Rodrygo...
2019-07-21 03:11
Wow levandowski. That was such a great goal.
2019-07-21 03:31
2019-07-21 03:32
Sweden mrarrogant 
should've gone for Marco Rose, Gladbach are lucky to have him
2019-07-21 03:35
Ha. Keeper didn't touch rodrygo, he actually looked for the contact and fooled the referee.
2019-07-21 03:47
2019-07-21 03:49
ofc he does, but for real it's enough.
2019-07-21 03:51
Lmao typical mad german. We see things like that in every game, don't be stupid.
2019-07-21 03:55
just wanted to trigger you, i am not even a fan of german football :D only watch premier league
2019-07-21 03:56
Why watch that clown fiesta. Bundesliga, laliga or serie a miles ahead.
2019-07-21 03:58
not a fan of german football anymore. it hurts so much what it has become since we won the world cup in 2014.
2019-07-21 04:04
Wtf are you talking about? It doesn't even make sense the things you're saying. Well first of all NiKo doesn't suck and faze doesn't need a new coach and you need to stfu plz. GG!
2019-07-21 04:10
yes he sucks bayern wants to buy top players and noone wants to play under niko "whothefuckisthisguy" kovac if they can also go to klopp, guardiola etc
2019-07-21 10:56
Spaniard says whose country in cs has not achieved anything, LMAO
2019-07-21 10:57
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