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Ence will win
Austria I_love_Hltv 
Allu mvp Make eu great again
2019-07-21 06:26
Vietnam olaolakaka 
2019-07-21 06:28
United States jeonseol 
imagine one country representing the whole eu xD eu scene in 2018 xDd
2019-07-21 06:37
Macedonia [toast] 
It's 2019 m8
2019-07-21 06:50
You do realize that liquid is the only good team from NA?
2019-07-21 11:06
FalleN | 
Brazil Gagito 
2019-07-21 06:42
I hope so but I also would not mind Liquid establishing an era. But it truly has been too long from ENCE's last tournament victory.
2019-07-21 06:43
United States @FyreCS 
I would say yes to Ence winning, but there recent 2 tournaments have looked extremely bad form wise. I will say no chance against Liquid tomorrow, but I hope I am wrong! Liquid has beat them twice now in BO3s after the major loss, so I see no barrier for Liquid to not win it
2019-07-21 06:47
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