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Trump 2020 Nationalism over Globalism. Women are women men are men. It's okay to be white
2019-07-21 18:50
China ene1nz 
I don't think you count as a man with your height. Go and get your surgery.
2019-07-21 18:52
2019-07-21 19:32
United States NO_BUG_NO_BIG 
Manlets, when will they ever learn
2019-07-21 19:57
Aerial | 
Finland JAarnio 
Haha im 170 and still an alpha jajajaja
2019-07-21 20:08
Netherlands NELK 
Not possible
2019-07-21 23:09
Only a beta would feel the need to clarify he's an alpha.
2019-07-22 01:46
Canada dem0Ns 
^^ this
2019-07-22 14:32
Denmark ITerry 
2019-07-22 14:44
El Salvador mikj 
2019-07-22 19:10
+1 also nice number
2019-07-22 20:53
United States gtmaniacmda 
flag doesn't check out 170cm in China is a human tower
2019-07-22 04:56
China talking about height omegalul
2019-07-22 05:36
China lmao. In your Country you are a giant If you are 170cm haha
2019-07-22 12:52
never been to china eh?
2019-07-22 19:33
Don't need to ,look at the average height of an chinese man (168m). Thats literally 10cm shorter than the average in germany.
2019-07-22 21:44
yea, but the problem is national avarage has the malnourished peons living in mines and the middle class who could eat for 3 generations so they are the same as germans
2019-07-22 22:01
Czech Republic Carlosss 
LoL... If you would have 170cm you would a monster in your country... :)
2019-07-22 20:48
Arent lefties supposed to be tolerant? The hypocrisy...
2019-07-23 19:50
United States Tom_D_Cat 
blah blah blah
2019-07-21 18:52
as if it what he said isn't becoming a problem
2019-07-21 18:53
Exactly. It's more like: Trump 2020 Racism over Globalism. Women are women - grab 'em by the pussy It's okay to stay in the US if you're white
2019-07-21 21:51
2019-07-22 01:46
Other Arbeiter 
2019-07-22 15:13
Arbeiter more like Altrighter
2019-07-22 15:16
Other Arbeiter 
weird that 80% of workers support alt right politics allthough the left promises workers everything
2019-07-22 15:17
Because workers have below average iq Real mens go to school/uni 🤠😎👍
2019-07-22 15:20
Iceland fatboislim 
plenty of dumb people go to uni aswell. having a high education doesn't mean that youre smart.
2019-07-22 20:47
my comment wasn't serious anyway
2019-07-22 20:49
Weird that the 80% number is taken straight out of your own ass 😎
2019-07-22 20:20
nt Stuttgart
2019-07-27 02:31
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
Nailed it.
2019-07-22 05:12
2019-07-22 12:50
you say those things as if they were bad lel
2019-07-22 19:33
Iceland fatboislim 
oh you watch cnn
2019-07-22 20:22
Pathetic commie
2019-07-23 19:51
2019-07-21 18:52
United States blessedMMA 
best leader in the world, whole world will bow down to pay respect
2019-07-21 18:53
If I could get away with it, I'd piss in his mouth. Of course, if rumors are true, he'd like that.
2019-07-21 18:56
you can piss in my mouth if you'd like that
2019-07-21 19:56
Trump is a joke in the rest of the world, in case you didn't notice...
2019-07-21 21:47
He's actually not a joke, countries fear and respect him.
2019-07-22 22:00
Fear him - yes Respect him - no The United States used to be the leader of the free world. He fucked that up pretty good...
2019-07-23 03:29
Lol remember Obama? We were run by a sissy boy married to a tranny man. Trump is getting us back.
2019-07-23 14:47
I know many republicans think that way. I'm just telling you the rest of the world see it differently - except of course Putin and Kim Jong Un, lol...!
2019-07-23 19:48
I'm not in a party and will never be. I vote for the person. Hillary was an evil, murdering, lying, thief. The vote was an easy choice. The second you join a party you are brainwashed and no longer thing for yourself and that's what they want.
2019-07-26 04:07
The choice between Hillary and Trump, doesn't change how the rest of the world perceive Donald Trump.
2019-07-26 10:51
Well 95% of the media is fake news and George soros backs and owns a lot of it. Notice the flood of people moving in to Europe and the huge floods to America.
2019-07-26 15:29
Are you actually hired either by a Russian troll factory or the Trump media staff??? People can actually see what he says and does - and it's obvious to almost everyone outside the US that he has an extremely flawed morale and close to no ethics. And his meme about "fake news" is such a joke, since he's probably the most lying president ever. It's not that hard to check facts, you know...
2019-07-27 02:27
Portugal dyds 
americans are funny men))
2019-07-22 01:49
1. If my vote helps to boot him out of the White House, they'll get it. I vote against fascism. 2. Nobody is told it's not good to be white, it's whites claiming you can't be good UNLESS you're white.
2019-07-21 18:55
Orange man bad
2019-07-21 18:56
Peru TheJuan 
Orange man good
2019-07-21 19:24
orange fan mad
2019-07-21 19:26
Albanian gypsy something
2019-07-21 19:56
trump is just annoying orange with corn hair
2019-07-22 20:55
No, it's people of color claiming all whites are privileged racists
2019-07-21 18:57
I'm as white as they come, but that doesn't blind me to the fact that we whites DO have privilege (in general), and that while not every white person is racist, this country IS filled with racists.
2019-07-21 19:22
no we dont white male are victims of society nowadays
2019-07-21 19:24
LoL! We whites OWN society. Don't get sucked into 'fake news'
2019-07-21 19:33
Another moron confusing global capitalist elite (like 0.001% of white males maybe) with white people in general. Because of course, a white dude like me that was born in a popular class family, in an underfinanced small city with bad schools and health services is more priviligied that the immigrants in Paris, getting more state help than any other social groups and being prioritized for study and work. You understand nothing of this world kid. Power owns, not "whiteness". No black or brown or any colored man or woman is refused into the capitalist elite has long as he got power to help the cause.
2019-07-21 19:57
Estonia ropz_bestest 
you rekted him ez
2019-07-21 20:00
2019-07-21 21:33
you illiterate retard go read a report on the likeliness to get invited to a job interview with a common name for black people compared to a common for whites.
2019-07-22 01:44
So ? Neighborhoods with majority of Black people in the US are known to have criminality, illiteracy, drug problems and unemployment way higher than the national average. Also, people with traditional European/US names tend to be better integrated. Why whould the job interviewer bet on the dark horse ? His job is to pick the best candidates and he can't interview everybody. This is purely rationnal, statistical reasoning. Sorry if reality is "racist". Lower "likeliness to get invited to a job interview" doesn't mean they don't get offers, just less, which doesn't seem that strange considering the poor conditions of living in the Black community. I don't see how this is a proof for any "white supremacy" conspiracy theory, you are just being blatantly delusional. Also, the whole myth of the "average non-European immigrant" is as productive as the "average native European" needs to die. The studies on productivity from the OCDE clearly show that for the same qualification level (exemple: a 3 years Degree), the non-European is on average less productive. Did you really think that an African or Middle-Eastern degree is worth as much as a French or English degree ? Delusional again. Of course the stats will show a lower salary and unemployment rate for qualified immigrants, but it is normal since the cultural difference and worse education make them less productive. Same in poor Black neighborhoods. Before calling other people illiterate, you should consider to learn how to construct an argumentation instead of being so mediocrely fallacious.
2019-07-22 04:48
Portugal GodFoxinho 
You are a legend my baguette friend
2019-07-22 04:52
You think writing a worthless wall of text makes you look smart ? In that pile of horse shit you literally conceded my point because it seems like you agree that there is white privilege whether it is justified or it's not. You also have a whole fucking paragraph that's dedicated to straw manning points that i didn't make.
2019-07-22 04:53
Again, the sophistry meter in your comment is off the charts. You are the one going full strawman here, and I obviously had to go further than your comment since it was so desperately empty of any logic. The world is unfair, kid. Everybody is not born equal. My point, however, was originally that being born white or colored isn't the decisive factor, but being born in shitty neighboorhods is. Since Black people are more likely to be born in worse neighboorhods, then more Black people will have less success in life. But don't forget white people born in shitty neighboorhods or poor rural areas are also less successful. "Rednecks", "hillbillies" and other "white trash" are a thing too. It is not specific to any race or origin. Immigrants from rich/powerfull African or Middle-Eastern families, who usually study in Europe or America tend to succeed even more than the average native born. Being white doesn't give you a better life alone. It depends on other deterministic factors: Does white people have more chance of being rich ? Yes. Does it prove whiteness is what make those people rich ? No. It is the classic "Correlation does not imply causation". But since you are starting with the idea that any "inequality" is due to systemic racism, then of course you are going to see systemic racism everywhere. This is the problem with dogmatic, inductive reasoning.
2019-07-22 05:46
"Does white people have more chance of being rich ? Yes" good enough for me
2019-07-22 05:49
Mr. Baguette plz stop ur reking him too hard
2019-07-22 09:28
Olivia | 
Austria SplasJ 
So true feels Like the other Guy got His ass whopped and still thinks that He is smart lol
2019-07-22 14:23
+999 smart baguette
2019-07-22 09:27
Europe tweekzter 
So, are asians privileged as well or how come they don't share the same bad fate as some other minorites? White men prefer asians? Selective racism? Come on... there are racists, but probably less than militant delusional SJWs.
2019-07-21 20:30
United States Nohj_ 
2019-07-21 20:32
You're a race traitor, disgusting.
2019-07-21 21:39
United Kingdom xTheDeadPixel 
Congratulation! You've been accepted into the School of Idiots. Please display your swastika birthmarks at the window and make your way to class 3.
2019-07-22 05:18
"Race traitor" - LOLOL!
2019-07-22 14:33
hello fellow (((white))) person, how is your day?
2019-07-22 19:34
2019-07-21 19:54
2019-07-22 04:54
Europe tweekzter 
Actually I've never heard anyone say that you can't be good if you're not white. It's amazing that while living in the most liberal time of history, people scream about discrimination louder than ever. As if there was a inversely proportional relation to it. Whenever something bad happens, it for sure has nothing to do with yourself - there must be someone else you can blame for it. Just don't get your shit done yourself. People get attacked verbally everyday - no matter if part of minority or not. That's just how people are - no matter if liberal or conservative. Go and fight back instead of crying.
2019-07-21 20:26
> Actually I've never heard anyone say that you can't be good if you're not white. Most of the countries are, thankfully, not at that level of discrimination/racism. The explicit racism (the literal message that a race is better than another) was mostly dealt with on the first half of the last century. What we have nowadays is implicit racism (Louis C.K. has a quite funny bit in which calls it "mild racism"), and it's expressed in social conditions. If a certain race (e.g. black) has a bigger chance of growing in a shittier condition because of their race, then that creates the -implicit- message in them that they are not as good as other race (e.g. white). The americans have a famous case in which this implicit racist message was recognized: the "Brown v. Board of Education" case of 1954. Schools were segregated back then (black with black, white with white), under the premise that black and white should be "separate but equal". Although the public message was that everyone was "equal", the conditions in which the black kids studied created in them the implicit belief that they weren't as good as the white kids.
2019-07-22 02:07
Brazil JMB_17 
“vote against fascism” loooool
2019-07-22 05:37
you do realize that fascism is leftism right?
2019-07-22 05:48
No. What I realize is that you've never taken political science in college. I did. Fascism can be either right or left wing, but the majority of fascist regimes tend to be right-wing. For instance, the right-wing government that the Nazi's helped in Spain prior to WWII was fascist. So was WWII Italy, WWII Germany, and WWII Japan. Venezuela is an example of Left-Wing fascism. Sometimes it's best to research a bit before parotting what other ignorant people tell you. It's been common for right-wing talk radio in the US and Fox News hosts to claim that fascism is Left-Wing, but if you've ever seen any of the studies on the accuracy of their reporting you won't be surprised to learn they don't know what they're talking about and are just trying to rewrite the narrative so as not to be associated with Nazi Germany, in particular. However, if you look at the traits of fascism, you'll see that in the US the modern Republican Party ticks almost every box. Here, I'll give you a couple of links:
2019-07-22 14:31
Italy’s mussolini was a far left wing, but the winner is always the one to tell the story
2019-07-22 15:18
Are you aware or not where the term "fascism" comes from? It is literally an Italian term.
2019-07-22 15:21
Here fascism is not right wing only, that’s just the fact that you have been brainwashed by fake news that it is so
2019-07-22 15:24
Fake news tends to be right-wing news. That you don't keep up with such matters is telling. And, I did not say that fascism was ONLY Right Wing. I said it TENDS to be something coming from the Right Wing.
2019-07-22 15:29
Well if we talk about modern day i’m sure that it’s more of the left wing news that are spreading fake news, there are actually so many of them. If we look at older times i don’t know
2019-07-22 16:00 Fake news is dominated by left wing
2019-07-22 16:05
There are definitely bad news sources form the Left, just as the Right. The more partisan a source is the more likely they are to be twisting data to shape a narrative in their favor. Here's a link showing how it's dispersed. Note that the least trustworthy has a good mix of both Left and Right. Now look at the bottom, at the most trustworthy. Dominated by Left-Wing. I've also found this useful when talking to people. Again, definitely poor news sources exist from both sides, but when the Right is blasting sources like NPR, The Washington Post, and Politico as "liberal fake news", something is wrong. At the same time, look at the bottom red-bounded sources. These are sites that provide very little of quality content that can be termed "true". Probably the only one on the Left you and I might recognize is "Occupy Democrats". By comparison, the Right include several sources that you can find almost everybody familiar with: Breitbart, Newsmax, The Blaze, Infowars, and Fox News.
2019-07-22 16:35
Fox News is biased i agree, but they are not fake news, or atleast if they say something wrong they don’t do it to brainwash people, also really weird how politico and Time can be so high up lmao
2019-07-22 16:57
There's a study that goes out every year, rating all the major news agencies and every year Fox News wins the 'least informed' award. More than the other major outlets they twist the news in a more propagandist way. That it was formed in the beginning not as a non-biased news source but rather to 'put a conservative slant on news' should be pertinent. Now, it could be that Fox News is not the cause of lack of knowledge on the news (it could be that less-informed people gravitate to it), but it doesn't help to illuminate the news such that it positively informs their audience. That is; If it's the case that ill-informed people tend to be those that watch Fox news, Fox is not helping to educate them to make them less-informed. A quick Google search will reveal studies that consistently come to the same conclusion: Fox News is not informative.
2019-07-22 18:46
You're quite civil for a leftist, but unfortunately most of your claims are untrue. Fox is indeed trash right-wing propaganda, but you can't just imply that left-wing news orgs are better, especially considering their recent massive blunders in: -Jussie Smollett hoax -Covington Catholic hoax -Erica Thomas hoax And most importantly, prominent left-wing news organizations far outnumber right-wing. In a certain US poll, more than 80% of journalists identify as Democrats and the rest Republicans. And your political science degree doesn't prove crap, considering how terribly indoctrinated college campuses in the US has become in the favor of leftism (almost all professors are left-leaning). News bias aside, left-wing ideology is sick and demented, and ANTI-SCIENCE. Gender is a social construct, every white people is racist, and whatnot - just utter garbage. And I won't deny the atrocities that far-right idealogoues like Hitler has committed, but how can you omit one of the world's consequentially deadliest ideology that stems from far-left beliefs - Communism? Mao Zedong in China, Pol Pot in Cambodia, currently Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, and most importantly, STALINIST SOVIET UNION (all are authoritarian states which brought upon the deaths of hundreds of millions of people. Lets be objective, all mainstream media regardless of their political affiliation is trash, and all forms of political extremism is vile.
2019-07-22 21:07
Define fascism idiot
2019-07-22 15:17
I'm not sure why you think I'm an idiot. I took several political science courses in college. I'm not ignorant on these matters. Here's some traits:
2019-07-22 15:19
I asked you to define it not google it up
2019-07-22 15:20
I'm horrified that you as a European in particular would have parents that would allow you to be so grossly misinformed on the nature and danger of right-wing ideologies that 75 years ago destroyed so many lives. If you looked elsewhere on my responses you'd see that fascism itself is not a Right or Left Wing thing exclusively, but the majority of fascist governments tend to be Right-Wing, like WWII Italy and WWII Germany. In a more direct answer to your unwillingness to take my link, fascism is a totalitarian form of centralized government that tends to have several distinguishing characteristics in common, as my link above shows.
2019-07-22 15:27
I agree, any far right and far left ideologies suck in the most, they are good for the short term and terrible for the long-term (socialism), I don’t get where you got the information. Facism in my opinion in a few words is, Censorship and telling people what to do, I agree that most facistic events or governament were under the right wing control, i don’t agree that mussolini was right wing, he was born and raised in a left wing family with left wing beliefs, although later in life his beliefs were not popular in italy, so he started aquiring right wing beliefs, and he clearly started growing in popularity making his way to president, leader or whatever you wanna call him, he used that to his advantage to tell people he was a right winger but he actually did things most left wing presidents/leaders would do, apart from all of the facism shit which is what people only look at and assume stuff randomly, while he started to spread more and more far right, which is why he ended up allying (however you say that) or partnering with adolf hitler, it was all a big strategy for him to rise to the top and get what he wanted. Now for the rest of what you wrote, “facism is a totalitarian form of centralized governament” if we go back to the title of the thread, trump is totally against governament, the least governament, the better, and unless i understood your phrase wrong, that is the complete opposite that trump wants, he wants the people to be free and with very little governament influence
2019-07-22 15:58
He did what you asked you? You never asked him to define fascism without looking it up or linking a site that has information regarding it on it.
2019-07-22 15:40
Orange man bad
2019-07-22 20:58
Brazil MadBettorGrr 
2019-07-21 18:56
Portugal tc91 
2019-07-21 18:57
2019-07-21 19:22
2019-07-21 19:58
Deixa eu adivinhar... É LULA LIVRE?
2019-07-21 20:00
Brazil MadBettorGrr 
Sou isentão
2019-07-21 20:25
2019-07-22 05:49
I hope Trump doesn't get re-elected. Not because he is a bad president but because I want this clown fiesta to end. Orange man bad is just annoying
2019-07-21 18:56
Brazil dolox 
trump top 1 with trump the USA is respected again
2019-07-21 19:06
Yeah thats why literally the entire world laughed at him when he tried to bullshit someone else than the people at his rallies.
2019-07-21 19:21
United States Nohj_ 
2019-07-21 20:32
The only people who think this are people who attend Trump rallies lmao.
2019-07-22 06:45
You are making out the small radical leftie minority to be the majority and thats shit.
2019-07-21 19:21
Agree, but the problem is that they have too much voice in the medias (because hysteric feminist/antifa make a lot of clics).
2019-07-21 19:51
Mental illness 2020
2019-07-21 19:25
Estonia ropz_bestest 
lgbt = mental illness
2019-07-21 20:03
2019-07-21 21:34
Its okay to be white... and nothing else. He is now on over 10 000 documented lies coming from his asshole to mouth.
2019-07-21 19:27
Documented by Swedish feminist organisations that support islam and then cry about rape culture in the west ? Trully bold , stunning and trustworthy source .
2019-07-21 19:40
lmao expected from sweden tho
2019-07-21 21:38
comes from the dude who probably uses crowder and shapiro.
2019-07-22 01:47
Lets assume even if I did , they would be more trustworthy , no doubt . To assure you my sources are credible I use multiple media outlets + independant journalists , always fact checking aswell , and next time you question me you might want to switch CNN off first .
2019-07-22 02:53
Shapiro is smart but he's also an extremely disingenuous person who uses stupid argument tactics to make the listener feel like he's the one with the better points, however there's no denying that he is smart imo. Crowder on the other hand is the biggest dumbfuck on the whole political side of youtube even fucking alt-righters are smarter than him.
2019-07-22 04:34
How you view him is your personal opinion , what you cant deny is that he has lot of debunking videos that are backed up by statistics , studies and facts . I rarely watch him but would choose him over virtue signaling SJWs or CNN MSNBC BBC any day of the week .
2019-07-22 16:17
debunking what ? He said hitler's a fucking socialist thats all anyone needs to know about this guy before putting him to the side
2019-07-22 21:30
You dont need any special sources to see that Trump is always lying do you? Isnt it obvious to you think? Or are you that far behind...
2019-07-27 09:05
Thats what your media told you ? What is he lying about ? -Record low unemployment for black , latino , asians , women -Milions of jobs created -Best economy in ages -Steel industry revived after Obama killed it -Better trade deals across many countries All those are facts that are easy to check , however reason I mainly like him is because he isnt warmonger no matter what shit people say , couldve started war with North Korea now they are talking peace , couldve started war with Iran (had good reason too) but didnt , he has to be really pushed to start a war AND he wants to leave middle east for good and stop fighting other people wars . Even you must approve of that because its good not only for USA but for the world . I couldnt care less if he isnt politically correct and tweets some crazy shit now and then , its results that matter , sweet talker Obama was worst president in history of USA (which deported milions more than Trump and drone striked civilians on purpose) yet he was praised even got nobel peace award for being black , now that is what I call a joke .
2019-07-27 15:21
Iran Puriy0 
Please next time choose some one who has the balls to attack a 3rd world country that shot down their 200 million dollar drone without any reason. Love
2019-07-21 19:34
Israel zainshelsus 
didn't they shoot down an iranian drone?
2019-07-21 19:44
Iran Puriy0 
Israel news.. I feel bad for the people.
2019-07-21 19:46
Israel zainshelsus 
lol k it was on foreign media but what ever
2019-07-21 19:56
Poland Volltek 
I hope he gets elected because its funny. Whats even funnier is the fact that all the other candidates are probably worse. Shithole lol xD can u even get president without millions of dollars? In Germany you have to suck angela merkels pussy LOL
2019-07-21 19:40
United States Trump2020KAG 
2019-07-21 19:47
Totally agree.. Dems and Libs are getting crazier every day. TRUMP 2020
2019-07-21 19:48
Didn't vote for him last time and idk who I'll vote for this time, probably Petey B... All I'm saying is Repubs are -120 to win next presidency and that's my best bet rn.
2019-07-21 19:50
Who else then ? Sure they are a lot of critics against Trump, but the opposition is incompetent.
2019-07-21 19:52
gfi | 
United States DiabIo 
the same people that said trump would tank the economy want you to vote democrat yet the economy is the best in the world
2019-07-21 19:57
Ok dude you have Joe Biden - actually not that bad, but he's being pressured to give up a ton of stuff because he's moderate Bernie Sanders - I think you already know if you live in the US Elizabeth Warren - Race bates a ton and wants to get rid of private insurance Kamala Harris - Black people hate her, police hate her, she race bates a ton, wants taxes to pay for illegals' healthcare, wants to get rid of private healthcare Robert Francis O'Rourke - dead in the water and people think he's low iq at this point Cory Booker - Lack luster Pete Buttigieg - not too bad, but he's an Indiana mayor, relatively unknow with not the "Super delegate" career politician status in the Democrat party. I'm conservative and he didn't look too bad to be honest Amy Klobuchar - only known for being in the Kavanaugh hearings.... which were all false lmao Kirsten Gillibrand - really nice person, well spoken, has good composure and calmness, not many plans for the country though Andrew Yang - Big tech guy and engineer, didn't talk much at first debate Julian Castro - unknown... Tulsi Gabbard - uknown Jay Inslee - unknown Marianne Williamson - wants to "fight Trump with love" John Hickenlooper - unknown Michael Bennet - unknown John Delaney - famous for saying he knows he doesn't stand a chance in his interview for the debate Tim Ryan - unknown Steve Bullock - unknown Bill de blasio - uknown Tom Steyer - uknown Joe Sestak - uknown Seth Moulton - uknown Wayne Messam - uknown
2019-07-21 20:17
Europe seeeed 
Sad thing that a lot of candidates dont stand a chance because they either dont get cash from big corporations to fund the run or they just not well spoken. A big reason Trump won was that he pretty much dominated debates. TBH id probs vote Bernie but imma a poor european hooman who likes their healthcare and stufs.
2019-07-21 21:44
Well, Trump won because career politicians tend not to care what so ever about us Middle-Class Americans... People in the Midwest voted against Hillary Clinton because we wanted a change from the Democrats skrewing us over, Trump gave us promises to bring back American business from globalism.
2019-07-22 01:33
Europe seeeed 
Trump gave many promises. How many of them did he fulfill? This a serious question cuz i stoped caring for all the american politics after 2016. All ive seen is the controversial stuff. And the retarded statements from him. Such as "Wind turbines cause cancer" He just looks like a joke
2019-07-22 12:49
Taking no salary as president - kept Create private veterans hotline in white house - kept Enact congressional term limits - hasn't done Impose the death penalty for killers of cops - stalled on planning appoint prosecutor for Hillary Clinton's criminal actions - he has better priorities Enact a temporary ban on new regulations - really close Make no cuts to medicare - went against his party and sided with the Democrats to not cut the program's spending Invest $550 billion in infrastructure and create an infrastructure fund -stalled on planning Make no cuts to social security - has made some cuts make no cuts to Medicaid - has made some cuts Eliminate common core - teachers actually despise and hate it, it's absolute garbage, he hasn't done anything yet slash federal regulations - kept Lifetime ban on whitehouse officials lobbying for foreign government - kept lifetime ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections - stalled on planning Eliminate gun free zones at schools and military bases - almost there Defund planned planned parenthood - kept for the most part Approve the keystone XL project - almost there Achieve energy independence - almost there Nominate justice to replace Antonin Scalia - did it already, Neil Gorsuch Expand mental health programs - almost there Expand right to carry in all 50 states - almost there Add additional federal funding to school of choice - Democrats hate school of choice even though they have all the black vote Open up further funding to historically black colleges - already done Cancel global warming payments to UN - he compromised on it Renegotiate the Iran deal - stalled on planning End the defense sequester - compromised with Democrats Keep Guantanamo Bay Detention Center Open - kept Bring back waterboarding - broken promise, glad he didn't do it Develop a plan to defeat ISIS in 30 days - really close, the 30 days part is kinda irrelevant Move US embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem - kept Reverse Obama's cuba policy - compromised with Democrats Cancel Paris climate agreement - kept Increase size of US Army to 540K active duty soldiers - almost there Rebuild marine corps to 36 battalions - almost there I can keep going, but I doubt you're actually interested in all of this... He takes advantage of the meme culture that a lot of the US's youth has adopted because well, the entire 2016 election was about utilizing social media. Clinton herself tried to become "in touch" with today's youth doing stuff on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. Some of the stuff he says on twitter is professional, but a good amount is shit talking I'll agree with you on that and personally, I don't agree with it, but it makes a lot of his opponents look even more stupid when they prove his points right. Also actually keeping promises in today's US political climate is extremely, I mean EXTREMELY hard because a Democrats goal is to stop ANY and EVERY legislation passed by a Republican and the same goes for the other way around. Even for the Kavanaugh hearings for him to become the next supreme justice, Senator Feinstein from California brought on multiple false accusors to deter his nomination... they all confessed later on in the coming months after the hearing.
2019-07-22 17:52
Europe seeeed 
God Clintons effort to look hip was uhm something for sure. "Pokemon GO to polls" that is the game all the hip kids are playing amirite? Hmm he seems to have done the stuff he promised to so i guess thats cool. Idk the climate change ones are dumb. And i dont like the army ones. But a country like USA needs army so cant do much about that. I have a question about the cop killers thing. Does it still count if the person killed a cop when the cop seemed sus and the person was in fear of loosing their life. And they killed the cop in self defence? And managed to prove it somehow in the court? Does it count in all cases? Or only when it was a cold bloded murder? Idk i might not be wording this well.
2019-07-22 18:37
You worded it fine after the Black Lives Matter movement started following the Ferguson killing of Michael Brown (whole messed up story, it was actually kinda his fault, but all the witnesses don't want to snitch) there were many uprising from people against the police force. For many police shootings or shootings against police, the question is asked if the cop is wearing a "body cam" which usually gives all evidence. Infamously there was a case in Dallas where a sniper killed a bunch of policeman in one night. I'm pretty sure the cop thing was meant to be based around cold blooded murder, the other things I am not sure.
2019-07-22 18:44
Europe seeeed 
Yeah i am somewhat aware of the Michael Brown thing. And of the BLM movement too. If it is about cold bloded murders then its fine.
2019-07-22 19:23
FalleN | 
Brazil drluc4s 
TRUMP 2020
2019-07-21 20:05
my pp is fatter than dj khaled
2019-07-21 21:39
not true
2019-07-21 23:07
check hltv!!
2019-07-21 23:08
trump 2020! one step close towards greater israel!
2019-07-21 21:58
United States Acehavok 
Orange man bad 😎 Putin cucks Trump with his pee pee tapes Gone back on most campaign promises Bernie 2020 mens 👴🏻
2019-07-21 23:13
United States gtmaniacmda 
bernie 4th house 2020
2019-07-22 05:10
United States Acehavok 
Bernie gets the 🍞 bread 🥖 from Congress 🥐
2019-07-22 05:26
United States gtmaniacmda 
waiting in bread lines in my favorite pastime
2019-07-22 06:33
United States Acehavok 
I prefer the soup lines
2019-07-22 09:21
2019-07-22 01:46
Vietnam olaolakaka 
+1000 men Emperor Trump till he left this world
2019-07-22 01:47
Brazil Guccipradas 
If american did that they're stupid af... dumb move.
2019-07-22 01:47
Why ? The economy is great, which is what you expect from an American president. I think most apolitical people are going to vote Trump again, because the fridges are full thanks to him. I don't see how that would be stupid from an American point of view, even though I don't agree with Trump on many things.
2019-07-22 18:53
The main diference betwen republicans and Democrats, what you do and what you say. Many dont like what Trump say, but its to hard deny the good things he has done for the USA
2019-07-22 19:09
Germany EssenEsser 
everybody gangster until he refuses to leave office in 2024
2019-07-22 01:49
United States _ATaXiA_ 
The vote of a bullet can remove anyone from office.
2019-07-22 05:33
If you were a U.S American patriot , you'd want Rand Paul to be the president.
2019-07-22 05:50
United States gtmaniacmda 
"audit the fed" = bullet to the head :(
2019-07-22 06:34
i think if a man with balls big enough went full all in against ((them)) ((they)) wouldn't be able to stop him , but its gotta be a U.S American president i don't think any other man in any other country could afford such thing
2019-07-22 06:46
Last time an audit was made, it was in 2001. Thousands of billions were missing when the report was published, and then... 9/11 happens the next day. ((They)) can stop anyone, anywhere, anytime.
2019-07-22 18:57
I'm 30 cm taller than you lmao
2019-07-22 06:35
United States tells 
Andrew Yang 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $1k/month Basic Income!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2019-07-22 06:39
2019-07-22 13:48
Europe xrnavkha 
time to fix name mr 168 cm midget
2019-07-22 06:45
nah yang gang
2019-07-22 13:48
Olivia | 
Austria SplasJ 
Does it even Matter who gets elected, i mean there isnt a single Person that should be. The entire System of democrats and republicans in the US is garbage
2019-07-22 14:26
actually +111
2019-07-22 20:28
Ofc it matters even if you think the system is bad , President in USA has a lot of power .
2019-07-22 23:01
Olivia | 
Austria SplasJ 
Yeah but all the candidates are garbage
2019-07-22 23:10
Trump ftw.
2019-07-22 14:27
2019-07-22 15:43
imagine hes reelected with the same slogan make america great again its been almost 4 years and this person hasn't made jackshit great again :D
2019-07-22 16:00
Love him or hate him, he will always be remembered in my eyes for his amazing steps to bring peace to the korean peninsula, like I thought I wasn't gonna see an iconic historical moment in my lifetime such as the moon landing but when i watched the video of him meeting with the south korean president at the DMZ and them walking together, man that was iconic. As well as the numerous meetings Trump has had with Kim, no president has ever come even close to this level of peace. compare that to the obama era where ww3 was gonna start basically every week compare that to when Trump got elected and the mainstream media was like "we gotta impeach him he's gonna start ww3 reee"
2019-07-22 16:03
the media profits from war just as much as their uniparty overlords, it's why they hate trump so much.
2019-07-22 18:41
Well, technically the POTUS himself is the most mediatized personality of all time. The hate surrounding Trump is worth a lot of money for left-wing medias.
2019-07-22 19:02
But he is also threatening Iran for silly reasons (mainly Israel as always), which is no good... I truly think Trump is the opposite of a warmonger, but the Deep State is strong and I'm scared that he will get convinced by his cabinet to go into another terrible war.
2019-07-22 19:00
I dont like usa but since usas pretty much dictates the world id rather want them having conservative president so faggotry isnt pushed as much as it would be with liberal president
2019-07-22 16:13
+999 Trump 2020 should be
2019-07-22 18:39
Poland mamba99999 
What do you have against globalism?
2019-07-22 18:40
Globalism is unfair competition for workers and farmers. Globalism is dictatorship of financial markets. Globalism is destroying the planet. Globalism is making wars. Globalism is causing millions of refugees. Globalism is the death of national identities.
2019-07-22 19:06
and now exactly why is globalism making wars? atm we have less wars than in times of nationalism. and how is globalism connected to refugees?
2019-07-22 20:32
You are right. Modern wars and refugees have NOTHING to do with the capitalistic, globalist order led by the US. Afghanistan, Irak, Lybia, Syria (and next Iran) has NOTHING to do with globalism. The support of murderous and terrorist-sponsoring states like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel have NOTHING to do with it either. Now go to sleep again, sheep.
2019-07-22 20:45
you talk like stuff like that didnt happen in the past lmao
2019-07-22 20:47
Bähh, bähhh. You are right ! We still need global elite today, because with the current level of education and communication devices we can not govern ourselves and could not do anything to prevent it ! Why be like Switzerland or Norway, modern peaceful democracy ? We should continue to be slaves, we feel so much more secure that way while our militaries are bombing millions of people everyday :)))) Bähhhhhhh.
2019-07-22 20:54
The better question is: why would you be globalist in 2019, after having seen all the damages ?
2019-07-22 19:05
Poland mamba99999 
1. This is the opposite - is the farmers and workers compete at the same conditions, it's totally fair. What is unfair is that western states impose such high taxes, that work here is not profitable. 2. This doesn't make sense. Financial markets provide capital and liquidity needed for economic growth. Governments have the absolute power today. 3. Afforestation, due to record CO2 emission, is the highest it's ever been. I dunno what you're talkin' about. 4. The governments make wars - the global markets hate wars because it destroys profit. 5. The governments cause refugees. Who bombarded the middle east in recent decade? Hint: the USA. 6. The last entities who fought nationalism were the European Union, who wanted to destroy nationalism.
2019-07-22 20:10
1. YES. Buying stuff at lower prices from other countries because they treat workers like slaves and have no environmental regulations is FAIR to our workers and farmers ! Good joke mate. 2. YES. The fact that 2/3 of the economy is financialized and unstable is good ! We have seen it in 2008 ! Good joke again. 3. YES. Planting a few trees will totally help, even if we are cutting more trees than ever (56% growth in 5 years) and that new forests only absord a fraction of CO2 compared to ancient forests ! Everything is fiiiine. 4 + 5. YES. The governement do make wars alone, they do not follow the globalist order imposed by the US like they did in Irak, Lybia, Syria and probably Iran next ! 6. And the European Union is liberal, pro-globalism, US-supported and still on-going afaik.
2019-07-22 20:47
trump lose. next prisident USA Biden. lets fck rusia again
2019-07-22 18:59
2019-07-22 19:24
Nationalism begging for deal with other country all over the world. Go figure.
2019-07-22 19:29
i dont think you ever heard about autarky, mr smallbaguette
2019-07-22 19:39
I don't think it has anything to do with nationalism. It is more about the fact that the US is losing their 1st spot and want to rejuvenate their alliances to slow down the process (or stop it, but that is unlikely). Also, the guy with the strong hand is not begging. We have seen with Iran and Russia that when the US say no, the world still bows before. Or Alstom in France, to pick a national exemple.
2019-07-22 20:18
We have seen how it worked with EU, Iran and Mexico and DPRK indeed. Mexican didn't paid that wall, Iran has enriched Uranium like never before, EU didn't lowered his non tariff barriers and DPRK still didn't dismatled his military program
2019-07-22 20:22
If you think the EU has the upperhand on the US, you are being completely delusional. The US is making us pay billions in fines thanks to the FCPA scam and nobody has the balls to criticize the dollar extraterritoriality. Several strategic companies are being dismantled or bought, nobody stand up to it again (now we need the US to . Not even talking about the petrodollar market, or the global finance that are completely locked up (thanks Clinton for removing the Glass-Steagall Act). Germany is still US Trojan Horse, even though they are working on it. If you believe the DPRK show or Mexican dispute have any sort of importance, you are clearly not following geopolitics enough and the news too much... Those are petty, mediatic show-offs. Nothing else. The Iran-crisis is still on-going and it is not looking good. The UK is trying to push American interests by provoking European sanctions.
2019-07-22 20:35
United Kingdom zaidinator7 
2019-07-22 20:19
trump still alive? havent heard much stupid things from him lately or everyone just got used to
2019-07-22 20:24
Portugal macpjoao 
2019-07-22 20:55
Czech Republic Carlosss 
2019-07-22 20:58
EZ 4 Trump. - first CSGO major for NA - first ERA of NA CS (Liquid top1) and maybe a second major.
2019-07-22 21:56
Trump ez win, all of his opponents have weak platforms
2019-07-23 09:11
trump cucks for israel so he cannot put nationalism b4 globalism but other than that the other points are true
2019-07-23 19:53
(((Trump))) Fucking idiot run by Jews, Americans are too dumb and blind to see that though.
2019-07-26 04:12
China kelvinha 
b-but you are from portugal, wtf mens))
2019-07-27 09:13
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