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Alpha Beta Male nonsense
United States blessed_express 
Honestly the whole idea of Alpha and Beta Male is complete bullshit. How can someone be alpha in a social landscape as dynamic as humans'? The whole alpha/beta thing is for immature kids to try and force their limited worldview onto a world they don't really comprehend. The idea is based on bullshit aswell: chimps have an alpha male, they're primates, we're primates, oh we must work like that aswell? That's just some misogynistic propaganda, and an ill attempt to justify that whole "kill or be killed" culture in humans. Fuck those stupid archetypes. Make no apologies for who you are. Stop worrying about whether you fit someone else's definition of masculinity.
2019-07-21 20:03
Germany PeDominik 
nt beta male
2019-07-21 20:04
Sakura | 
CIS Ron1E 
We all are mens))) 😎😎😎
2019-07-21 21:53
Bosnia and Herzegovina coldCerq 
No Im trans(((
2019-07-23 13:18
Sakura | 
CIS Ron1E 
Half men still men😎😎😎
2019-07-23 13:22
Bosnia and Herzegovina coldCerq 
I like when mens))) are inside me, so Im pretty much mens)))
2019-07-23 13:24
I like your name men))
2019-07-27 21:23
u must be beta
2019-07-21 20:05
and you must be 14
2019-07-21 20:06
since when male isn't adult but kid ?
2019-07-21 20:08
excuse me?
2019-07-21 20:11
when we are talking about male we are referring to an adult not to a kid
2019-07-21 20:19
Europe seeeed 
Yes boys arent male they are just boys
2019-07-21 21:00
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
Too much vodka???
2019-07-23 09:24
there is not enough vodka for me in this world
2019-07-23 09:47
12 and alpha unlike you 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
2019-07-23 06:24
there is no such thing 🤔🤔
2019-07-23 06:29
I'm already the father of 10 children 😎😎😎😎😎😎👍
2019-07-23 06:31
or the child of 10 possible fathers 🤔🤔
2019-07-23 06:47
2019-07-27 14:55
shox | 
Romania KOMO_ 
ur a beta
2019-07-21 20:06
im omega male :)
2019-07-21 20:07
faveN | 
Kazakhstan Tarob 
2019-07-21 20:08
2019-07-21 20:09
pronax | 
Russia ShadTH 
welcome back... again
2019-07-23 08:12
"That's just some misogynistic propaganda" oh boy...
2019-07-21 20:07
isn't it? think about it !
2019-07-21 20:08
You're telling people not to care about other people's opinion of them, yet, you care enough about what you're being labeled as to even be bothered about it and create this thread. I sense a certain level of hypocrisy here.
2019-07-21 20:14
this was clearly not the point of this thread, how can you possibly miss that lol
2019-07-21 20:17
Well, if people labeled you as an alpha, you wouldn't be posting this because you would see it as a compliment, so ppl probably see you as a beta. As far as I'm concerned, you had 2 options: A) be mature and ignore all of this nonsense, say fuck it and move on with your life (which appears to be what you're trying to get across here) B) be mad about it enough to call it BS and create a thread ranting just like you did So whilst you're advertising for option A, you yourself went for option B. Why?
2019-07-21 20:26
how is that ranting though? all i am trying to say is that the term alpha/beta is a pseudo scientific terminology to describe different men. There's no scientific validity to it whatsoever. edit: And i was curious to see what other people might think about this, but obviously everyone is just going to write "nt beta" since you can't have serious discussions on hltv nowadays, at least not on eu times
2019-07-21 20:29
Some of the words and sentences you've used are of someone ranting about something/someone, not trying to open a discussion or state a point of view. At the end of the day, this is all nonsense. Just internet randoms trying to inflate their ego whilst also attempting to diminish others.
2019-07-21 20:38
you are probably right, sometimes i tend to approach a topic the wrong way, but i wanted to make my point clear.
2019-07-21 20:43
it takes an alpha male to admit when he's wrong. jk cheers
2019-07-21 20:48
You did not approach this in a wrong way, people call explanations "rants" when they imagine that the person doing the explaining was somewhat angry when writing the comment. Simply perceiving that someone is angry or even that person actually being angry does not in and of itself make a point of view or explanation useless.
2019-07-21 21:12
Poland Ryunar 
ty my lawyer gupta
2019-07-23 06:30
Twistzz | 
Sweden davv4 
2019-07-24 09:56
I thought this was another one of those jonbonesjones baits
2019-07-23 07:09
i don't bait, there is always some truth behind my topics
2019-07-23 07:10
"I don't follow tier4 cs" is true
2019-07-23 07:14
You took the bait men)))
2019-07-23 07:17
hmm kinda true since to be a true alpha male you won't care about anything what other people say so even if you do what typically would been seen as a beta shit but ignore it you might be a alpha lol
2019-07-21 20:08
"hmm kinda true since to be a true alpha male you won't care about anything what other people say " there is no such thing as a true alpha male in modern society
2019-07-21 20:10
yea there is. Brad Pitt is a good exampel. He is rich, fit and MrStealYourGirl. If we werent living in christian/monogamist society that dude would have like 20 wives and a hundred children
2019-07-27 08:13
that would be considered a successful man in different aspects in life.
2019-07-27 08:16
or as an alpha male
2019-07-27 08:22
Sure. This guy fucked with more than 75 women What an alpha
2019-07-27 15:06
having sex doesnt make u alpha betaboy
2019-07-27 18:07
"If we werent living in christian/monogamist society that dude would have like 20 wives and a hundred children" Love it when people have to start twisting there own words, because they contradicted themselfs.
2019-07-27 18:11
2019-07-27 18:29
Youve already proven you dont understand simple logic and you dont need to keep proving it
2019-07-27 19:22
"If we werent living in christian/monogamist society that dude would have like 20 wives and a hundred children" "having sex doesnt make u alpha betaboy"
2019-07-27 21:22
Yea because you dont understand that getting wives due to your superior masculinity and attractiveness is quite different to being a fatso paying for sex.
2019-07-27 22:31
That dude is paying noone to have sex with him. it just doesnt suit your view on the world, that a dude looking like that yould have alot of sex. And I can only repeat myself from another comment here: The most beta thing you can do is calling yourself alpha.
2019-07-28 01:58
Lmao you still dont get it. Just because you have sex with some fat chicks doesnt make you an alpha because when alpha Brad Pitt comes your fat chicks are going with him. Stupid fukc
2019-07-28 09:02
Alpha males DO care about what others think, since they want everybody around them to view them as an alpha male.
2019-07-21 20:13
That's beta way of thinking tbh
2019-07-23 08:48
How so?
2019-07-23 23:29
caring about what others think is gay
2019-07-23 23:38
2019-07-27 08:23
Lol, who cares about this alpha/beta/gamma/whatever bs.
2019-07-21 20:08
apparently the entire internet as it seems lately
2019-07-21 20:25
Pretty sure they're all joking
2019-07-21 21:50
Let them...
2019-07-22 06:08
expected soyboy betamale
2019-07-27 08:14
Yeah, you're pretty predictable indeed.
2019-07-27 13:04
expected from beta KKona
2019-07-21 20:08
wtf conor
2019-07-21 20:09
sry men))
2019-07-21 20:09
nt beta
2019-07-21 20:08
World Notb8ing 
stfu beta bitch
2019-07-21 20:10
what makes you so angry young gun
2019-07-21 20:12
A tall, dominating, masculine man will always be seen as superior compared to a short, weak and timid one. You're either born as alpha or you're not. Biology and evolution trumps everything, you're coping hard if you're denying this. Sexual selection/behaviour in females is a prime example of this.
2019-07-21 20:13
"A tall, dominating, masculine man will always be seen as superior compared to a short, weak and timid one." yes "You're either born as alpha or you're not." no It's the borrowing of pseudo scientific terminology to describe different men. There's no scientific validity to it whatsoever.
2019-07-21 20:24
United Kingdom sirdetmist 
Wrong, theres a reason we see traits as desirable and undesirable, its evolution, its biological, no social construction you want to create will change that,
2019-07-21 21:45
there is nothing wrong with what i've said, read the last sentence. This is the truth, if you like it or not.
2019-07-23 04:43
of course there is, there is a whole field that studies this called psychology
2019-07-27 08:16
straight up bullshit, it is simply put a terminology to describe different men by people who can't accept the fact that we are no longer living in a "kill or be killed" culture.
2019-07-27 08:17
??? i just said theres a field that researches male dominance basically and you just refute it? OmegaLUL
2019-07-27 08:21
no, your shitty sentence construction threw me off here "of course there is, there is a whole field that studies this called psychology"mao.
2019-07-27 08:37
Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about 😂😂😂😂😂😂
2019-07-27 08:33
edited, after i understood what you were trying to say
2019-07-27 08:38
What if the short, weak and timid man gets a gun and shoots him? How can you be superior if you're dead?
2019-07-21 20:26
then short, weak and timid man ends up in jail for the 1st degree murder wouldnt call him superior also
2019-07-21 20:49
coping, nt superior male
2019-07-21 21:51
What if it's a war? Short guy happens to better at shooting? Shoots 500 taller guys and lives?
2019-07-21 22:38
Brunei GucciLeIe 
"A tall, dominating, masculine man will always be seen as superior compared to a short, weak and timid one. You're either born as alpha or you're not. ". No, this is how insecure incels explain to themselves why they cannot get a girl, like "Girls only want tall, muscular, super big hung, rich guys and I don't get one because the world is bad". Bullshit. I'm 1,81 (average tall), average body (a bit sporty but not super muscular), average income, pretty good looking (I have to give me that) but I'm definitely not the definition of the "super alpha guy" and I can guarantee you that I had only the hottest girls because of my attitude. I remember being at a party and getting the best girl there by just being natural and self confident while the tall, muscular guy who was definitely trying to get her looked like he wanted to kill me (the look on his face was pure gold, haha)
2019-07-23 13:22
It has nothing to do with insecurity. It's simply put evolution and biology, hardwired into our brain. Taller men are superior, period. They're seen as being more confident, assertive and being natural leaders. Your example is shit because you're still tallish and apparently gl, you pass the minimum threshold with ease. After said threshold other factors come into play, the aforementioned factors simply get you access. I was comparing actually short men with tall men (or tallish). If another shorter guy would've hit on the girl with a similar attitude as yours and he also was gl, she would've picked you. This is so simple but people still want to complicate things.
2019-07-23 15:38
you just defined yourself as average so why would u be super alpha, lmao
2019-07-27 08:17
beta male spotted
2019-07-21 20:16
Germany xsyzzz1235 
nt beta
2019-07-21 20:19
Brazil MadBettorGrr 
First time that I agree with you
2019-07-21 20:40
have we had our differences in the past?
2019-07-21 20:42
"That's just some misogynistic propaganda" disagree but i still think Alpha/beta shit is cringe
2019-07-21 20:42
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
I think people calling themselves "alpha" is the most cringe thing in HLTV. "True alpha" would not have to run around saying "I'm alpha". People would know by his behaviour. Naming yourself alpha is the most beta thing to do.
2019-07-23 08:26
nt beta
2019-07-21 20:43
Ukraine Najara 
I am alpha so I don't want to read all this betas speech
2019-07-21 20:44
United States blessedMMA 
2019-07-21 20:49
Im not alpha or beta IM AN ASTRALIS FAN 😩👌💕💕💕
2019-07-21 20:45
Portugal NabasKi 
thank you
2019-07-21 20:47
It is all relative to situations and yes it is really thing for younger adults. When you are over 30 and have kids you could not care less about what people think.
2019-07-21 20:54
United States blessedMMA 
but scientifically speaking, there is no such thing as an alpha male in humans
2019-07-21 20:55
United Kingdom sirdetmist 
Thats wrong, what is a leader, its an alpha, its someone who takes charge and makes decisions, just like the leaders of our tribes would have thousands of years ago. Theres a reason most leaders are male, its a male trait, the fact is your feeble little rant/argument will not change biology and our brains and nervous systems have nearly half a billion years to support that, thats so long ago that trees didnt even exist. It doesnt matter if you like it or not we are animals, we are extremely intelligent animals but we are animals none the less, we have come into existence through the same process everything else did and we earned our spot at the top of the food chain due to our biology, stop trying to say it doesnt exist, trust me its gotten us very far.
2019-07-21 21:47
NEO | 
Slovakia EMCOR 
this is something that only beta male would write
2019-07-21 21:05
Not many people actually believe in alpha/beta, especially on hltv since we are surprisingly intelligent We just meme and calling someone a beta incel is fun
2019-07-21 21:23
I agree guys should be who they are not try to fit someone else's idea of what a man should be, but the concept of alphas and betas makes some sense. I'm definitely not a masculine guy and I'd prefer someone else take charge in most situations. You can remove the words alpha and beta from the conversation but the concepts they represent will remain.
2019-07-21 21:25
United Kingdom sirdetmist 
very simple, alpha means you are above them in social standing, the hierarchical systems we use to organise systems, many other animal use this system. For instance lobsters have very similar nervous systems to ours and their brains work in very similar ways to the point that SSRI's (anti-depressants) work on lobsters, their brains run on serotonin just like ours, our serotonin levels are effected to a reasonable by how far up we see ourselves the social ladder, the same with lobsters.
2019-07-21 21:40
Turkey mustim 
2019-07-23 07:22
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
nt beta
2019-07-23 06:25
But beyond their charming, quirky good looks, these creatures are responsible for bearing some of the silkiest, most versatile fiber found in nature, for which they are shorn annually. Alpaca is a specialty fiber that has been described as stronger than mohair, finer than cashmere, smoother than silk, softer than cotton, warmer than goose down and better-breathing than thermal knits. Along with that, alpacas themselves possess some pretty remarkable personality traits.
2019-07-23 06:38
Turkey mustim 
Anyone can be an alpha. Even an introvert. For example, in one year of university I didn’t have any friends since I changed course. I was forced into a group of females for a project. Mind you, I’m not 6 foot or muscular. Despite all of this, I managed to get all of them to listen to me because as I gave more ideas, they respected me more. This continued until I became fully confident and I started distributing the work and took complete charge. They were fine with it because I was a capable leader, not because I was attractive or intimidating.
2019-07-23 07:22
that is literally just called confidence, nothing to do with being "alpha"
2019-07-23 08:16
Turkey mustim 
I don’t what an Alpha male is then. I presumed it was someone comfortable with taking charge.
2019-07-23 08:17
the whole premise of my thread was to show that being an alpha male does not exist in todays society, but nobody got my point anyway so whatever
2019-07-23 08:18
Turkey mustim 
I would somewhat agree to that. Humanity is no longer defined by absolute physical strength and competition for females. However, it would also be ludicrous to say that social hierarchies and dominant/passive males don’t exist. A man who is good looking, tall, muscular and wealthy is in high demand. However, not all of those traits are required to be powerful or influential. Wealth has altered the dynamic greatly and intelligence is always considered attractive.
2019-07-23 08:23
well said, that was pretty much my whole point, since i got extremely annoyed by all those kids using alpha, beta in every other sentence, without knowing the origin of the word and what i actually means.
2019-07-23 08:25
Turkey mustim 
Glad we could come to an agreement. I’m also happy I’ve found a thread that talks about something intelligent. A rarity on HLTV or anywhere on the internet.
2019-07-23 08:28
I actually came to the point where I measuare how alfa/beta someone is based on his wiseness, intelligence and independent way of thinking and that's where I could start to use those terms, intelligent,wise and independent thinkers are true alfas for me, dumb,ignorant ppl that can not think for themselves, no matter how tall they are, how big dicks they have or how many girls they have/had fucked are always going to be betas in my books.
2019-07-27 06:52
Turkey mustim 
Intelligence is humanities most defining trait, so I’m not surprised that is the basis for which you estimate someone. It separates us from every other species on this planet.
2019-07-27 07:31
Sadly most ppl do not realize that, same as most ppl do not realize that learning with understanding is the best way in which humans learn, instead ppl(parents in this case) beat their kids or threat them in order to make them behave better or when ppl think that violence is a solution for violence and many more...
2019-07-27 22:58
using alpha is dumb and retarded the ‘alphas’ in wolves are most likely gonna be a woman
2019-07-23 08:21
Netherlands xDtrololo 
Ok , clear difference between alpha and beta males . Girls smell alphas miles away while they look at betas to be their friendZoned lil bitches. They will usually say about an alpha eww i dont want him but in fantasizing about a real alpha while riding your beta cock.
2019-07-23 08:26
how old are you, may i ask?
2019-07-23 08:27
Netherlands xDtrololo 
29 , how beta are you if i may ask ? Your more zeta probably if ur making an entire thread on this . Dont be sad hit the gym wear some good clothes brush your teeth. And u might become an alpha one time in the future
2019-07-23 08:30
you know it would be less embarrassing if you would've said 14, this is just sad tbh
2019-07-23 08:31
Netherlands xDtrololo 
29 , ur just sad that ur a beta male . There is still hope young one hit the gym , you might evolve into something better . Leave the pc get outside get a tan hit the gym . Protips from an ex gamer whos alpha as fuck.
2019-07-23 08:35
i can hear your insecurity from here, i pity you tbh
2019-07-23 08:38
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
2019-07-23 09:28
Brunei GucciLeIe 
I think you are watching way to many cuckold porn videos, my dude, if you think that this is how the world in general works. EDIT: also see #117
2019-07-23 13:38
Canada dem0Ns 
TL DR but anyway nt beta kid 😎😎😎😎😎😎
2019-07-23 08:31
Women want men to be alpha when they date to ensure that a man is capable of leading a relationship. We can learn a lot for wild dogs in our dating relationships. Be an Alphadog.
2019-07-23 08:34
outdated primitive thinking
2019-07-23 08:35
i arent primitive mans those philippines are... clearly "alpha" is just and word used for person who are in dominant role or position :-) u cant see that ur bad this whole theard be stopid nibba
2019-07-23 08:43
2019-07-23 08:55
nt beta soyboy there ARE alphas quite obviously, everything else is cope a 6'3 tall guy, big dick, good jawline, manly face, confident, muscles etc you know the deal = alpha if you are 5'4 balding midget blob that looks feminine then know your place trash. I wish it was different but thats how the world works men)) Most people can become alpha after being beta and vise versa. Thats what we call failed normies. You are only beta if its a permanent thing such as your height. If you are a fat 6'3 blob chilling in your moms basement then thats your fault.
2019-07-23 08:35
literally don't even know what to say, this was really painful to read. You'll grow up eventually and understand
2019-07-23 08:37
You are yet to grow up you literal manchild. We ARE animals and our brains work no different than the brains of primates. If you think you are sooo much "better" than animals than you are a delusional idiot and there are probably dolphins smarter than you out there. Your worldview is that of a 6 year old denying basic biology. Grow up dude. The fact you use the word "misogynist" just shows you probably drank too much bath water buddy.
2019-07-23 09:17
trying way too hard, germans can't even be funny if their life depended on it.
2019-07-23 09:22
Oooo look a racist talking about the concept of alpha/beta being nonsense. Holy fuck you are probably some fat NA manchild crying in your basement because someone called you a beta. How does it feel to make excuses to not change yourself? There are several alpha traits beyond physical appearence but you clearly don't share any of them so keep drinking your soy.
2019-07-23 10:57
yea that's not gonna cur it this time
2019-07-23 13:04
Brunei GucciLeIe 
"that's how the world works". No, this is how insecure incels explain to themselves why they cannot get a girl, like "Girls only want tall, muscular, super big hung, rich guys and I don't get one because the world is bad". Bullshit. I'm 1,81 (average tall), average body (a bit sporty but not super muscular), average income, pretty good looking (I have to give me that) but I'm definitely not the definition of the "super alpha guy" and I can guarantee you that I had only the hottest girls because of my attitude. I remember being at a party and getting the best girl there by just being natural and self confident while the tall, muscular guy who was very insecure deep inside looked like he wanted to kill me (the look on his face was pure gold, haha)
2019-07-23 13:15
HAHAHHAAHHAHAHAAAA >1.81m tall >sporty >pretty good looking >job >hottest girls because of my "attitude" holy fuck dude dont mind me posting this on reddit JFL
2019-07-24 09:44
1.80? lmfao that's cute
2019-07-24 11:51
oh look retard that says there are no alpha males thinks 1.80m is cute who could have expected that the normie is going to be a hypocrite ! certainly nobody.
2019-07-25 13:06
+1 silly world we live in
2019-07-23 08:54
-NEO +botzera
2019-07-23 09:57
2019-07-23 09:58
Brunei GucciLeIe 
2019-07-23 13:10
I dont know if its scientifically false, its definitely undisputably cringy though. Especially since Beta is actually second in command, so everyone of those "alphas" who might f.e. happen to support Trump would also have to say that Mike Pence is a Beta. The word they are looking for is Omega, but since they dont bother to look shit up and make sure that what they are saying makes any sense, they dont know this.
2019-07-23 13:13
Brunei GucciLeIe 
Very accurate comment
2019-07-23 13:18
Lol ever had to group up with strangers and had some1 kinda take over the lead when navigating Thats the meta Humans unintentionally rank them selves in groups, just like dogs etc..
2019-07-23 13:21
u girlyman beta sissy
2019-07-23 13:29
sh1ro | 
Senegal rageN1x 
2019-07-23 13:30
its just simplification: an aplha = a guy who is good with women, and "understand" them- going easy with them can have sex easily (also a lover) = get sex without investment a beta = a guy who is completly confused and frustraded by women, he is last in queue for sex (often provider) = might getting sex for providing reasources for woman and her offsping, mostly like cheated with a lover however, there is many area of lifes besides women and it doesn't mean this distiction work there as well, you can be alpha loser (just have a lot of sex, but garbage life in general) and yet you can be winning at life (money, lifestyle) yet be still beta also people often fall into aureola efect - thinking that if someone is good at 1 thing then automaticlly give same quality to others things of that person, which rarelly is the case
2019-07-23 13:40
You forgot the blue pill alpha/alpha distinction. :-)
2019-07-27 06:55
what is that?
2019-07-31 00:18
Denmark fnx_2_major 
+1 love you for saying that ego is the way of animals/monkeys
2019-07-23 23:32
See: Johnny Knoxville
2019-07-23 23:39
very solid bait
2019-07-27 08:06
it's not even a bait
2019-07-27 08:12
Alpha/beta isn't some social construct, it's litterary your sexual fitness relative to other competitors. Take two random men and theyll have different levels of potential for reproductive success
2019-07-27 08:36
it is a social construct, show me any legitimate proof that says otherwise.
2019-07-27 08:39
Okay studies have shown that the strong majority of woman would prefer a partner that's taller then them. Which means taller men are more sexually fit aka more alpha the same way those bigger chimps are more alpha that you said had no correlation. Now go to sleep it's 3am stop trolling people
2019-07-27 08:59
"more fit aka more alpha" lmao
2019-07-27 09:00
United States blessedUFC 
nt jonbetajones
2019-07-27 08:28
it's over simplified of course but its easy to fall into these two categories (on a spectrum) if you dont keep your high/low self esteem in check. most people are socially balanced somewhere in the middle and dont give af about the incel loners or the meathead playboys. the extremists are the ones nobody wants to hang out with because they have such a limited horizon in either direction. the biggest betas are often those who claim to be hitting the big alpha dog party lifestyle, because the moment they see anyone with a slightly higher status, they become little servants to them in hopes of catching some more crumbs. simple motivations for simple people. but everyone has some of that... us normal people just dont declare it our mission to shout it in everyones face all the time.
2019-07-27 08:40
2019-07-27 11:13
World ZMDR 
alpha = dickhead that no one likes beta = pushover that gets walked over by everyone else being on either end is dumb
2019-07-27 08:42
expected from beta
2019-07-27 08:57
It's only normal, it isn't even influenced by education or enviroment, you're either born an alpha or a beta, that's why some kids are propence to geting bullyed and keep geting bullyed, wille others can actually react to it and stop geting bullyed. Exemple smaller kids fucking up biger kids in school, even thought the biger kid could in teory destroy the smaller kid, it's all about being an alpha or a beta. Takes me back to school times.
2019-07-27 11:17
Well as you say it doesnt really matter because you can be alpha male with 2k salary and beta male with 10k. So if you are gonna have a spontaneous fight ofc the alpha will most likely win. But if its planned beta can just hire a hitman and its over, or buy kevlar +helm 1000$ and AWP 4750$, alpha cant afford that so therefor beta wins. Womens would chose beta because he has money, etcetc. So you are right, it doesnt matter, only thing that matters is your personality, decent looks and amount of money in your pocket to provide your wife with a decent life
2019-07-27 15:07
Calling yourself alpha is as beta as it gets. /closed
2019-07-27 15:18
2019-07-27 16:55
sh1ro | 
Senegal rageN1x 
max holloway can u stfu with your bullshit??????
2019-07-27 16:57
why? I just enuciate my thoughts at that moment, nothing wrong with that?
2019-07-27 17:02
well you are right but also wrong human interaction is well versed, we are not primates but alpha/beta take other forms, social forms. how good and confident you are at interracting with women will tell wether you are beta or alpha, and its NOT black and white, beta or alpha in our world is not black and white but having more so to speak social alpha skills in your pocket will increase attraction
2019-07-27 23:02
2019-07-27 18:11
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