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liquid is the new astralis
ZywOo | 
United States timeprofile2079 
change my mind
2019-07-22 01:31
Croatia mds818 
after 4 or 5 tournaments?No.
2019-07-22 01:32
after 7 months
2019-07-22 01:34
GuardiaN | 
Poland JKG 
7? U mean 3 ?
2019-07-22 01:37
Croatia mds818 
maybe, but after 7 months you could have renewed astralis, ence with more expirience, vitality on point, some xyz crazy lineup changes etc etc.. if they manage to dominate the year legit I can say that they were legit #1 team in 2019 but if we have SK 2016 example where SK won 2 majors and nothing else beside that.. that's not a #1 team(imo)
2019-07-22 01:37
This scene is so weak and these guys already think liquid is the goat
2019-07-22 01:39
Croatia mds818 
uhm, unpopular opinion but fnatic era>astralis(ast 22 won tournaments fnatic 24)
2019-07-22 01:41
Japan PKcrash 
By "new astralis" I hope you mean in a winning sense, because mechanically Astralis made the game boring as hell. Liquid's gameplay is way better, and a lot more fun to watch.
2019-07-22 01:35
2019-07-22 01:37
Imo this liquid looks scarier than Astralis did last year, tho we need to wait for the major, winning big tournaments is obviously important, but back-to-back major championships is history
2019-07-22 02:08
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