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gym people come here
Romania hazelnuut 
I saw that tis community if filled with healthy people so i thought this is a good place to ask. Thing is i was fat like 8-9 months ago and got fit in this period of time(lost like 30 kilos). I enjoy a lot hitting the gym and i want to take my training to another level. Should i start bulking? Won't I get fat again? Should I use some supplements, like creatine? I really don't want to get overweight again, so I listen to any advice.
2019-07-22 16:01
gym is for gays real men do sports
2019-07-22 16:02
Romania hazelnuut 
not helpful
2019-07-22 16:03
Brunei hltv_is_life 
the gym is your only hope to ever feel the warm sensation of your penis in vagina
2019-07-22 16:40
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2019-07-22 16:56
Norway daniel98 
Download myfitnesspal, monitor your bulk and you wont get fat again.
2019-07-22 16:04
2019-07-22 16:05
Sweden Cemmy 
Have to bulk with healthier foods. Dont mistake bulking with eating sweets and working out.
2019-07-22 16:09
If the only thing you're concerned about is losing weight or maintaining your current weight, you don't need bulking at all, bulking is for building muscle mass. And yes, you accumulate some fat along with muscle mass during bulking, which is why it's followed by a cutting period to get rid of that fat. Supplements are mostly unnecessary, unless: - you have specific performance goals to meet, such as in weightlifting or bodybuilding competitions - you have some nutrient deficiencies to compensate for because of a specific diet Visit a professional nutritionist to check how you're doing on your current diet and ask advice on how to improve it for your goals, you have many resources in food to exploit before worrying about supplements.
2019-07-22 16:35
Poland FitPolak 
Yes, you should. You will not gain significant amount of fat if your caloric surplus won't be high Not necessary, creatine is cool and cheap option. Supplements role is to supply deficiencies in the diet.
2019-07-22 16:38
Xyp9x | 
Europe NiQa 
Find a daily routine you will be able to hold for next 10 years. Both in diet, schedule and training. ... Everyone can get into shape but to sustain it is the challenge.
2019-07-22 16:38
eat healthy food dont eat that trash of fried shit, and start bulking if you want to look good and strong
2019-07-22 16:39
Romania LoganS1 
just count the calories and make sure it's under 2200 kcal a day.EASY.
2019-07-22 16:40
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