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Behind New Mibr
India Hafnex 
I believe they are enjoying a lot together just because of their newly added team staff. Or simple their new psychologist. I am sure that his professional assistance is the reason for their comeback and I beleive they will improve in future.
2019-07-22 16:57
yes mibr is good team but very bad without coldzao mby time to disband?????
2019-07-22 16:59
Rejin | 
Brazil BRAZlL 
Only furia is fluke, Ence is fluke and Cloud9 major is fluke. 🖕😎👌
2019-07-22 17:01
BR brain at it again LOL -----> average BR fan
2019-07-22 17:05
Rejin | 
Brazil BRAZlL 
Monster KnGv 🖕😎👌 KnGv did nothing wrong 🖕😎👌 -LGBTQ community.
2019-07-22 17:06
I dislike mibr, but i have a strong feeling they gonna be back to top5 when they find new fifth. With 2 new players they will feel refreshed and get some motivation once again.
2019-07-22 18:30
2019-07-22 18:33
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