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TRUMP 2020
Happy | 
United States KinglyFish 
>"run America like a business" >1 trillion dollar deficit Choose one.
2019-07-23 05:35
he never said he'd run it like a successful business
2019-07-23 05:38
2019-07-23 05:55
hahhahahahahahah very good answer
2019-07-23 08:36
Lmao true
2019-07-23 10:33
Switzerland rhinooox 
2019-07-23 10:44
2019-07-23 13:23
Iceland fatboislim 
he actually did, sorry for spoiling.
2019-07-23 14:54
2019-07-24 11:23
United States Nohj_ 
2019-07-26 04:08
1 trillion dollar deficit lmao Pennies basically
2019-07-23 05:39
100 trillion pennies.
2019-07-23 10:23
Jamppi | 
United Kingdom willtr 
*cents* Probably
2019-07-23 12:14
what do u mean? that's just the way he likes running his businesses
2019-07-23 05:41
Lmao. His supporters probably should've known he'd run America like his businesses, a lot of which failed.
2019-07-23 05:52 No particular augmentation compared to previous administrations. Also who cares about deficit ? Who is going to force US to pay ? How do you do anything against them when they control the global currency ? They could cancelled some of their debt if needed, they already did it in the past.
2019-07-23 05:42
Germany smart_leftist 
that's why we need to get rid of the usa dictate they have no principles and honesty
2019-07-23 05:44
We live in the American empire, Germany even more than others. But all things come to an end, the tide is turning.
2019-07-23 05:48
Unfortunately, while it might be turning away from America, it is starting to turn towards an authoritarian communist regime in China...
2019-07-23 06:03
Yes, but the goal for us in between isn't to choose a master. We need to build a multipolar world. A lot of experts are already speaking of tripolar world with China, the US and the EU. But for the last one to happen, Europe need to join Russia which is still a touchy subject for the moment. I hope we can achieve it, otherwise Russia is going to be absorded in Chinese influence and Europe into some sort of new Western coalition, Cold War type.
2019-07-23 06:14
Germany smart_leftist 
Russia is already a Chinese ally. Also no way we can cooperate with a homophobic authoritarian government, and I don't see reasons to believe that something will change in next 20-30 years.
2019-07-23 06:31
You are so insanely naive, I don't even know what to say. We have no problems cooperating with Saudi Arabia despite being the most oppressive governement in the world as well as sponsoring terrorism and homophobic radical Islam all across the world, if you think geopolitics care about "homophobia" you could not be more wrong.
2019-07-23 06:38
Germany smart_leftist 
still can't imagine cooperating with russians against china
2019-07-23 06:40
Russia already wants too, so does most populist parties in Europe. Russia only chosed China because they had no other choice but the Russian culture has nothing to do with China and Russian people only dream of Europe. Also, the strong xenophobia there creates a negative bias toward Asian people. We won't have a saying in the alliances to come. I would rather side with Russia than US btw. I love how everyone is terrified of Russia in Europe, despite the US being the ones making wars everywhere and creating the refugee crisis. You find Russian society too regressive ? Fine. It is not going to improve if we keep isolating them and sanctioning them. Development naturally brings progressivism into the society.
2019-07-23 06:47
^ smart men)) right here
2019-07-23 10:35
United States ImFat 
>US making wars everywhere Russia isn’t any better, not saying America is clean we’re not, we’re far from it. I figure after Trump leaves office (either this election or after he has served both) there will be a more left leaning alternative. >US made refugee crisis So France and U.K did nothing? They are just as bad, they put the Middle East (and countless other regions) on the path to failure when they invaded and stole their land. Until I see reason to include Russia I would say U.S is still more promising for Europe. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
2019-07-23 12:26
Yeah, because Obama and Clinton were peace doves... the US is based on the military-industrial complex. It won't change even after Trump. The refugee crisis has nothing to do with the past colonization, countries like Lybia or Syria were flourishing before US-lead coalitions. But I don't deny the implication of the French and British gov in those wars too (especially in Lybia for France). It still doesn't change the fact that they would have not went in without US order. Also come on, you are comparing things that happened more than two centuries ago with things that happened 5 years ago rofl. It is totally irrelevant. The US already consider Europe as a rival and I think it will become worse in the future. The relations between US and Germany especially are deteriorating. What do we have to gain with US ? We don't want to become vassal states. We saw with the Alstom scam in France than the US can be more than a rival sometimes, but clearly a national enemy attacking our strategic industries. With Russia, we can have our own pole. It is seriously better for everyone: tripolar world avoid shitty situation like the Cold War, and an alliance of Russia with China would be the doom of everybody. It is the best solution.
2019-07-23 12:51
It's almost double what it was in the Obama era. A high deficit has other problems outside of just paying it back. It'll slowly lead to higher interest payments on that debt, the money to pay this interest literally doesn't exist so the government needs to borrow more money to pay off the interest. This process introduces new money into the economy which I'm pretty sure causes inflation.
2019-07-23 05:51
But the debt increase was already insane, which is what matter. I can agree that both Obama and Trump managed the economy very poorly, but saying one did great and the other terrible would be inconsistent logic. Also, what if the US refused to pay interests ? What would happens ? Who has the leverage against it ? You want an arm wrestling, fine. What do you then, when your countries are surrounded with US aircraft careers and submarines ? The US will NEVER let anyone force them into bankruptcy. Anyway, that would never happen in the dollar system. They have plenty of ways to dismiss some debts or force fines if they wanted to. Maybe the problem will be bigger in a few decades, if the US loses supremacy but hey, postponing the consequences on the following candidate is what every president wants :)))
2019-07-23 05:59
One way the treasury funds itself is through US treasury bonds. China holds a lot of these and a lot of people in the US are legitimately worried China will start to sell them off, which will cause interest rates to soar. If the US just stopped paying its interest, it would cause confidence in the dollar to collapse, that's not even an option dude. The debt definitely does matter.
2019-07-23 06:02
Not sure China could afford that for the moment, not only they are dependant on the US economy (so hurting it is hurting themselves), but they are also vulnerable if the US enact some energy embargoes. The petrodollar WMD is more powerful than the Chinese owned debt. It might happen someday though, I agree. I never said debt is not an issue on the long-run, our entire economic system is flawed on the long-run anyway. We are destroying the very own requirements of our prosperity, and the safety of future generations.
2019-07-23 06:20
Yeah I admitted in another post our debt isn't an issue, but will be if we keep spending like this. If Trump really wanted to run the country like a business he'd help the middle class instead of giving more unnecessary tax cuts to the wealthy.
2019-07-23 06:22
I don't know man, giving always more money to CEOs (the economic elite) and stockholders (the banks) while letting workers with miserable conditions seems to be a very businessy thing to do :)))
2019-07-23 06:26
Probably not the kind of business decisions his voters were expecting though lmao.
2019-07-23 06:27
You know the saying: you reap what you sow. From an European point of view, every side of the US politics look like pure insanity. But yeah. At least you got that biiiig GDP and "infinite" growth to maintain the American dream alive rofl.
2019-07-23 06:31
The top 1% owns over 40% of the wealth and they're about to reach 50% at this rate. Most Americans just see our GDP and assume everyone in the US is better off than somewhere like Europe.
2019-07-23 06:32
Well, to be fair there is a new billionaire every two days in the world, I would say it is a global capitalistic crisis, proudly lead by the US. France is a bit better at redistributing but we are also intoxicated by this archaic economic culture. You guys still hold a record though: the US top 1% definitely live the best life of any country, at any time in human history.
2019-07-23 06:52
European countries like Germany definitely suffer from wealth inequality, but nowhere near US levels. Yeah the top 1% in the US lives the best lives of any demographic in human history, which is why they're trying to maintain their position.
2019-07-23 06:54
China holds only some of USA debt, like 1.1 trillion, it's not like China can sell that debt, because they would fuck over their biggest goods importer, and in turn fuck over the dollar, that in turn would fuck over Chinese foreign debt, from which around 1.3 trillion is held in dollars. So it's basically a MAD situation, in which without a doubt China would come out worse than USA.
2019-07-23 13:54
Yeah that's why they're not doing it, it would damage their economy too. And selling off 1.1 trillion dollars of treasury bonds is a huge deal. Your comment kinda contradicts itself because you say it's "only 1.1 trillion dollars", then you talked about why they can't sell them off because it's too much of a big deal.
2019-07-23 13:58
My comment shows that debt doesn't matter as long as noone sells it, and noone will. I just don't get why you try to blame Trump, USA has a choice, decrease debt and stagnate the economy, which will lead to less money and more stagnation, or boost the economy to the point USA is rich enough to pay of said debt, but in the meantime increase the debt, choose your poision. USA has been increasing the debt for decades, it simply grows much faster, because the more interest you have the more bonds you have to issue to cover that interest. Also there are different types of debt, i don't even consider quantitative easing as debt.
2019-07-23 14:08
Even if you consider all the debt owned by the Federal Reserve apart of some quantitative easing effort, it's still only around 16% of the debt. The thing is Trump cut taxes for the 1% instead of the middle class. The most economically beneficial way to cut taxes would be on the middle class and to lower the corporate tax rate. He only lowered the corporate tax rate and didn't really help the middle class.
2019-07-23 14:18
Yeah and then the debt increase is not that tragic. I think i agree about that, while there is some benefits to lowering the tax rate for the super rich, i think it's not as important as decreasing taxes for the middle class. But i don't have hard facts about that, i should see some projections about how decreasing taxes for certain groups would benefit the economy. But anyway Trump acts like a moron, but to me it looks he is doing an okay job for the economy, nothing to really hate the guy for.
2019-07-23 14:28
The thing is Trump's base is middle class or poor white people who wanted their taxes and medical expenses to go down. Trump has delivered on neither lower taxes for middle and lower income families and lower medical expenses.
2019-07-23 14:30
Well ok but how is it important to debt? The middle class is better off than they were in 2016, so in a sense he did something good, even when everybody was shittalking him for no reason. Also it's not like he is a dictator, he can't just lower the taxes for everybody, he needs congress and the house, so he doesn't really matter that much. PS i don't really care about Trump, i just never got why people are so agressive towards him.
2019-07-23 14:52
Seemingly he made no actual attempt to truly lower the taxes on the middle class. He could've at least tried. They're doing better now than in 2016 because unemployment is basically decreasing at the same rate as the Obama years. What did Trump actually do to decrease the unemployment rate? Tariffs? lmao.
2019-07-23 23:40
Now you just seem like someone who hates on him for no apperent reason, more than 2 years have passed i doubt you can really say it was only because of Obama. They both are/were mediocre, but i don't see nobody shittalking Obama.
2019-07-24 07:59
Lmao. "no apparent reason" There are plenty of legitimate criticisms of him. He raised the deficit for the sake of giving the 1% tax cuts instead of the middle class. Which is the point of this thread.
2019-07-24 10:17
Well no, by simply googling, Trump's tax cuts are from 15% to 12% for incomes (9,5k-38,7k); from 25% to 22% (38,7l-82,5k); from 28%-24% (82,5k-157,5k); from 33% to 32%(157,5k-200k); from 33%-35% to 35%(200k-500k); from 39% to 37% (500k+). So the biggest cuts are to your average housholds, not the 1%, also there are some higher deductions and other things that don't really matter to the "1%". So yeah, you are hating for no apperent reason.
2019-07-24 10:36
Yes I'm aware of the percentages.
2019-07-24 10:50
Nice read, thanks, i guess there are a lot of deductions for the 95-99% and 1%, that must be why they have a bigger tax decrease, i don't quite understand it yet, will dig deeper something doesn't quite add up for me.
2019-07-24 11:19
Yeah man, don't just look at the percentages. I'm actually a centrist and I used to think the liberal media was trying to downplay the tax cuts, but I researched more and realized they were mostly telling the truth this time.
2019-07-24 11:22
Germany smart_leftist 
Agree, it's funny how "classical liberals" and "libertarians" whine about the debt, but keep silence when their beloved racist bigot Donald Trump increases it. Only Bernie Sanders can save America.
2019-07-23 05:45
Peru TheJuan 
Everything checks out
2019-07-23 05:49
He can, but he won't
2019-07-23 05:50
Bernie isn't the answer tbh, we need someone like Andrew Yang. Bernie's cancel student debt plan is unfair to everyone who paid out of pocket and everyone who worked longer hours or took two or more jobs to pay back their loans. There are people out there that spent their loan money on vacations, why should their debt be cancelled? I think the interest on the loans needs to be cancelled though, that's a much more fair solution.
2019-07-23 10:42
Germany smart_leftist 
Andrew Yang? More like Andrew 0.0001% of votes Yang
2019-07-23 13:17
Bernie doesn't understand economics dude. As if we have the money to provide all these welfare services and also provide free healthcare, education, etc... Countries like Denmark do not have as many people on welfare. I think just giving everyone a thousand dollars makes more sense.
2019-07-23 13:31
Switzerland KyZr_ 
Debt doesn't mean shit honestly. Trump is the better option in the US right now, he may be eccentric and borderline simplistic but the situation is way better with him in power rather than Hillary. Im not dissapointed or satistfied with him, he should act deeper on immigration, demographics & internet issues imo. Let's say he is ok, not better not worse.
2019-07-23 05:51
#10 A higher deficit definitely has its own consequences.
2019-07-23 05:53
Switzerland KyZr_ 
Hello happy legacy fan, bachelor in economy here. Im gonna try to make it simple and i will not go into dark shit. There is a lot of way you can look at debt, for instance you can both say Obama added anywhere from $983 billion to $9 trillion to the national debt. Depends on what filters you use, so any numbers we have right now are very unstable and we can't say anything precise until his term end ( in case of Trump ). To make it simple debt is a fraude, it will never be payed back in it's entiriety atleast. If GDP is overcomming debt than it's worth it on many aspects. the debt is not that big and compared to the average assets per capita it's laughable. So the next time you hear someone panic about passing off debt to our grandkids, ask them if they know how many assets we’re passing off to our grandkids and whether the US’s public debt load is actually manageable relative to the country’s annual GDP and government revenues. Because when you look at both sides of the balance sheet, America’s $20-trillion debt doesn’t look so bad ,compared to how much you guys gain from the situation.
2019-07-23 06:08
Well the thing is the debt at some point won't be manageable compared to the GDP. Our debt isn't even mostly internal like Japan, we have foreign investors, and the confidence in our treasury bonds is tied with confidence in the US dollar. Trump cut taxes on corporations and the wealthy, but basically cut no expenses and increased the military budget. The total assets owned by Americans is a bit above 100 trillion dollars. Our debt will slowly, yet surely catch up to this value. The thing is a lot of this wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few people (over 40% of the country's assets are owned by the top 1%), who aren't paying that much taxes. I'm not sure how you can claim the debt isn't an issue at all as an economics major. Many economists pay debt does become an issue if it does become overwhelmingly large, the US debt isn't at that level yet, but it's slowly getting there.
2019-07-23 06:19
Switzerland KyZr_ 
I agree with what you said it's true, but you don't grasp the fact that this isn't a probleme at the currents state, the progressions is so slow it would take douzens of year before it eventually becomes a serious threat to the economy. It can become a probleme in case of hyper inflation and more subtle variables, Venezuela is a prime example, despite it's low debt it completly went to shit and is now endebted. You say the wealthy who possess a big fraction of the total assets are undertaxed, yet this is exactly how you produce wealth in the grand scheme of things, even excluding wealth dripping it has many positive externalities. Japan & the USA are special cases in their own right, the US are very very stable and the people i know at the SMI ( Swiss stock market ) are only fearing a recession and student debt bubble spiraling ourt of control which is a whole other subject. Realisticly speaking don't listen to " economists ", look at where the money flows and at which rate, it's a far better indicator of the situation than specualtions. I tought many americans had grasped that since the sub-primes, few people can say what will happen atm.
2019-07-23 06:42
I wouldn't say its very, very stable. It's relatively stable, but the 3 month treasury bill yield has topped the 10 year yield, which is seen as a warning sign of a recession by some people, so there are definitely some signs things aren't going too well. But, yes things are relatively stable for now looking at the larger picture. Wealth is being created, but it's at the top, which won't help the average American, trickle-down economics doesn't work. Even if the debt isn't a problem for now, I doubt Trump supporters want a higher debt so rich people can have another tax cut.
2019-07-23 06:50
Switzerland KyZr_ 
Trickle down economy is the most complex shit ever. Let's put it this way, creating wealth is much more efficient to the top than the bottom, im not saying we don't anything after that, taxes are doing their best in theses conditions, force the wealth to trickle down without hurting wealth generation is all the probleme here. Also like i said the ammount of positiv externalities is in general very high. " I doubt Trump supporters want a higher debt so rich people can have another tax cut." True. The pollitical state of the USA is so weird, atleast you guys are driven more by personal conviction & ideology rather than economic interests which is arguably better than the opposite i can tell you that ( aka France ).
2019-07-23 06:56
Yes with a high tax at the top a trickle down system could work, but the issue is the taxes on the top aren't high at all. Taxing corporations would hurt the growth of wealth at the top, but I doubt taxing individuals would hurt the growth of wealth at the top, except maybe they'll have less money to invest back into the stock market or their businesses. But, the middle class can also invest in the stock market or their own local businesses. Which allows middle class people to benefit from stock market growth and I'd rather see local businesses thrive than large multinational corporations.
2019-07-23 07:04
Switzerland KyZr_ 
Depends on which taxes and which people, yet again this is much more complex than it seems to be. Why not, a small part of the population already is doing than, a big part is too dumb or unwilling to learn. You already have companies regrouping and investing for investors, investing alone can be a tough ask for the uninitiated. On that it was a pleasure to discuss some of theses subjects with you but here it's 8 am and i haven't slept yet, cheers m8.
2019-07-23 08:05
Okay, that was a good discussion man. I should probably sleep too tbh.
2019-07-23 08:34
Well explained
2019-07-23 10:28
Switzerland KyZr_ 
2019-07-23 12:10
Where are you Trump supporters?
2019-07-23 05:56
Poland Ryunar 
well there was 1.6 trillion debt so I think that's pretty decent
2019-07-23 06:00
I think the deficit was around 1.4 during some years in Bush presidency. Obama managed to get the deficit to around 400-500 billion on most years by the end of his presidency. Republicans are seemingly massively financially irresponsible.
2019-07-23 06:05
Poland Ryunar 
deficit has been >1 trillion since bush what u talking about
2019-07-23 06:08 No Obama actually managed to lower it a lot.
2019-07-23 06:08
Poland Ryunar 
trumb giff too much money too israel
2019-07-23 06:21
Israel is our ally in the Middle East, supporting them strengthens our position in the region. I don't see a problem with it. Either way the amount of money we give them is small compared to the overall deficit.
2019-07-23 06:25
Poland Ryunar 
yes trump give them more
2019-07-23 06:28
Even if he did, not enough to basically double the deficit
2019-07-23 06:31
Poland Ryunar 
trump do good by giving israel money trumbp good orange
2019-07-23 06:32
The US allies in the middle east consist of jew terrorists and Muslim oil money terrorists.
2019-07-23 06:52
China [0x0] 
Did you even look at your list
2019-07-23 13:33
Deficit 2016 - 585 billion dollars
2019-07-23 13:38
China [0x0] 
damn 2016 not like he had other years where it was more
2019-07-23 13:41
Not like he inherited that deficit from Bush, and had been slowly lowering it for years, right? Do you understand how a budget works? You cut a few expenses every year, add new revenue and your budget deficit slowly goes down. If you're actually Japanese, you probably wouldn't understand this considering your country has even worse debt than the US.
2019-07-23 13:43
China [0x0] 
Deficit 2007 $161B Deficit 2008 $459B Deficit 2009 $1,413B
2019-07-23 13:48
Are you seriously implying Obama shouldn't have spent that money bailing out the banks and rebuilding the economy? The deficit was already ballooning by 08 anyway, what did you want Obama to do in that situation anyway? It's not like Trump inherited a great economy and ran up the deficit for no reason, right?
2019-07-23 13:53
China [0x0] 
No but I am saying you are wrong.
2019-07-23 13:59
Well I meant he inherited Bush's disastrous economy and had to fix it.
2019-07-23 14:01
China [0x0] 
i dont support neocons
2019-07-23 14:04
I'm just saying he needed to spend money to fix Bush's economy, and in the years after he managed to bring the deficit down. I'm not making a statement on who you do or don't support.
2019-07-23 14:06
China [0x0] 
Alright but the deficit doesn't matter, all that money is owed to Jewish Mercantiles, you can simply get rid of the Mercantiles and your debt is wiped, like what Hitler did, you don't have to kill them, just liquidate and freeze their assets/stocks/money Or you can enjoy being a slave to them, your choice
2019-07-23 14:09
0/8 Most US debt is publicly owned by a wide variety of people, including people saving for retirement. This is a bad bait dude, please don't spread false, anti-Semitic information like this.
2019-07-23 14:11
China [0x0] 
2019-07-23 14:12
"Are you seriously implying Obama shouldn't have spent that money bailing out the banks and rebuilding the economy?" Of course he absolutely shouldn't have , what kind of question is this??? he should've let the banks go broke , rich people should've gone bankrupt , a lot of non-rich people should've lost their jobs and start over , actually creating a monetary bubble and drowning the country in debt is the definition of a nuclear time bomb , of course while its ticking idiots like you and all the keynesians will shout that everything is gonna be great , everything is great and it only gets better from here on out as long as you vote for truly are the biggest plague the human race has ever faced. "The deficit was already ballooning by 08 anyway, what did you want Obama to do in that situation anyway?" I personally wouldn't have expected anything from an alt leftist , the question is , what would you expect???? since you seem to support populist values , the working guy , the average joe , bla bla bla , why don't you actually support policies that will not only vastly benefit the average joe in the long run by suffering some pain in the short run , but most importantly will secure a much better future for his kids than what he had?? "It's not like Trump inherited a great economy and ran up the deficit for no reason, right?" No , the economy was absolute fucking dogshit when Obama left , that's actually one of the bigger factors that got Trump in the white house , idiots talk about social "philosophy" getting him the win over Hilary , that's just a bunch of nonsense. But im really surprised here , NOW YOU CARE ABOUT FISCAL POLICY??? YOU???? A LEFTIST???? It makes absolute 0 sense , you'd have to basically erase 90% of your political "views" (lets call it that).
2019-07-23 14:16
United States Acehavok 
They’re fake deficit hawks. They cut taxes for their corporate donors and then make a half hearted attempt on cutting benefits which they know won’t get passed so the deficit gets even bigger. And they continue to pump more unnecessary money into the defense budget.
2019-07-23 06:22
I doubt any Republican actually cares about the deficit. Obama has been way more financially responsible than Trump or Bush.
2019-07-23 06:24
United States Acehavok 
I agree, and Bill Clinton even had a surplus at one point which hadn’t happened for decades. To be fair the tech boom helped Bill a lot though. Having a deficit/public debt isn’t necessarily bad as long as it doesn’t get out of hand and become unpayable later down the road. If we’re go to increase the deficit like the Republicans did I would’ve much rather seen it go to public works projects or schools, not tax breaks that business will just pocket or use for stock buybacks.
2019-07-23 06:41
I'd completely support the current deficit if it was being used to fix our infrastructure and improve our education system. But, all of it went toward tax cuts for the rich and corporations.
2019-07-23 06:42
United States Acehavok 
Damn, I’ll have to say that next time to my Trumptard friends, never thought of it like that.
2019-07-23 06:19
Lmao please do.
2019-07-23 06:25
Iceland fatboislim 
atleast the money is going to workers pockets, remember to say that too.
2019-07-23 10:43
To be fair, I don't think he ever claimed during the campaign that he would solve the national debt issue. Other than that and IMMIGRATION (which is a disappoinment), he's been doing well so far.
2019-07-23 06:39
A lot of his support came from the fact that he'd "run the country like a business", whatever that's supposed to mean. Not sure if he directly claimed he'd fix the national debt during his campaign though.
2019-07-23 10:22
He emphasized on the international treaties/deals that wasn't beneficial to the US and repeatedly claimed that China was exploiting the US on trade. I guess what he probably meant by running the country like a business was that he was going to fix those problems with his 'Art of the Deal'. Just my opinion though.
2019-07-23 13:50
I think he did run on "making better deals" or whatever, but a lot of his supporters seemed to think he'd be more financially responsible.
2019-07-23 13:54
Best President ever! I wish we had Trump in Germany. Merkel needs to go now ...
2019-07-23 07:05
Name checks out
2019-07-23 08:33
BIG is trash, thats what my Name is all about. Sad you did not get it! Trump2020, we hawt!!!
2019-07-23 10:39
Yeah I got it after I saw your flag, but it was still a decent opportunity to say "Name checks out". Why do you support Trump anyway?
2019-07-23 10:44
"You're gonna make so much money, you'll be bored of making money" xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa
2019-07-23 10:28
Where are you Trump supporters? I'm still waiting.
2019-07-23 13:12
Europe tweekzter 
They are sad, cause the situation in the US is quite bad. Unemployment rate is going through the roof, people are getting arrested for being homosexual, economy is struggling, people have no money to spend for vacations or luxury... the outrage is big! Bernie safe us! AOC safe us! The world will end in 12 years! Remove all fossil fuels NOW!! - but let me go on vacation to Paris first. We also need some more liberal laws to abort babies maybe even after birth? Yeah, that sounds progressive and morally right, let's do that! Just in case you're not happy with the situation. It was her body before, it's still her body, right? My body, my choice! Me me me! Don't tell me I'm being egoistic here, cause I am an open minded liberal and therefore always right! Now will you think how I tell you to!? [/sarcasm]
2019-07-23 13:49
This isn't Reddit dude, no one needs the /s or /sarcasm at the end. Considering the 3 month Treasury bill yields topped the 10 year note yield, we may have another recession on our hands. Low paying retail jobs, working for an Amazon fulfillment center, or uber can't replace high paying coal and manufacturing jobs.
2019-07-23 13:49
Europe tweekzter 
oh boy... we still need the [/sarcasm] ... you know hltv users. :D
2019-07-23 13:50
It's your comment, write /s or /sarcasm if you want, but are you gonna respond to the other stuff I said?
2019-07-23 14:02
Turkey BuRaK@ 
Trum will death wouldnt be entrys 2020))
2019-07-23 13:36
Latvia Aleksib0b 
Skilled player, but that is not normally
2019-07-23 13:45
United States fatburger 
2019-07-26 04:11
Fiscal deficits are an absolute abomination and the fact that most citizens have 0 clue what it even is is an even bigger tragedy. That said , Trump's near trillion dollar deficit is a cute baby in diapers compared to what the democrats would do if they were in charge while having house , also are you familiar with how big Obama's fiscal deficits were???? it really seems like you are not.
2019-07-23 14:04
I know you disagree with Obama's bank bailouts, but they were the primary reason for the high deficit in beginning of his term. Towards the end of his second term he lowered the deficit to around 500-600 billion dollars. The reason the deficit is so high right now is because of Trump's tax cuts for the wealthy. The only good tax change he made was lowering the corporate tax rate, that's about it.
2019-07-23 14:27
"Towards the end of his second term he lowered the deficit to around 500-600 billion dollars." By then , he had already increased the external debt by over 2 trillion dollars , unacceptable. "The reason the deficit is so high right now is because of Trump's tax cuts for the wealthy" His tax cuts actually resulted in increased REVENUE , so while the government takes a smaller % by force , since its a % of a bigger pie , the net revenue taken by the government is bigger , if anything , he reduced the otherwise even bigger deficits by reforming the tax structure, and only slightly reformed , it seems to me like you're completly unaware that since 2016 , multiple expenditure increasement bills were passed , and believe it or not , the military budget hasn't grown all that much since 2012 , you go figure where did the federal government increase it's expenditure under Trump's office if it wasn't on the military....
2019-07-23 14:33 "This country needs to be run like a business" LMAO.
2019-07-24 11:20
Obama added 12+ trillion to the debt so let me know when we are close
2019-07-26 04:14
To fix Bush's economic disaster he needed a higher deficit. By his second term the deficit was back down to 500-600 billion. What did Trump inherit? Oh, a great economy with a low deficit.
2019-07-26 13:36
L O L Nt buddy facts disagree with your dreams
2019-07-26 21:54 Everything I said was factually correct. I'm sorry if real facts hurt your feelings, "facts" in your imagination don't count. Lmao it's not like I'll get any real numbers next time you respond anyway. Inb4 article from Washington Examiner with no numbers
2019-07-26 22:35
You are clearly retarded and I have a rule about not arguing with retards You can find the truth online with government published data Enjoy
2019-07-26 23:07
Lmao imagine being this much a moron. These are numbers I don't like so I'm just gonna ignore them and call whoever showed them to me "retarded". You could've given me some kind of an argument about how debt doesn't matter since all it affects in reality is the monetary supply and hence inflation. But, let's be real you're too stupid for that, so you go with "I DONT LIKE THOSE NUMBERS RETARD". Lmao. If you don't want to argue, don't bother responding.
2019-07-27 05:22
usa turned into such a meme
2019-07-27 05:31
He went into office at over 22 trillion dollars in debt. He did better than obama
2019-07-27 05:40
Obama ended his presidency with a 500-600 billion dollar deficit, what excuse does Trump have for increasing it?
2019-07-27 07:30
Sweden meistr0 
My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars
2019-07-27 08:59
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