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stewie2k the gem
Nepal ramann 
stewie2k is a type of player that goes for a peak and gather information, he is player that goes on entry frag if necessary, he is the player that will take the role of awper if necessary. he is the player that can play Support role for Naf and elige. He is the gem in the Liquid lineup, anyone who doesn't see that is a fool and should learn that CS is just not about kills. :)
2019-07-23 07:37
It's funny because even taking this into account, Stewie is still probably the worst player in Liquid. That says a lot on Liquid level.
2019-07-23 07:40
Stewie by far the worst player in the lineup, also pretty overrated player, all other great teams are in bad form right now, just look at Astralis, MiBR,faze, so Liquid has no competitors at all
2019-07-23 07:42
n0thing | 
Finland no_man 
mibr and faze have been shit for like a year already and astralis had been playing mostly blast tourneys, i think ast will be back for the major
2019-07-23 07:44
faze for a year and mibr even longer but no problemo when major ends they will make a new roster of young players. I hope
2019-07-23 12:34
I hope so. Maybe big will be strong at the major lul
2019-07-23 13:12
Denmark Lassy 
2019-07-23 21:10
Well, competition doing badly doesn't mean Liquid level isn't insane. Frag-wise it is probably the best team ever assembled, the rawskill is simply immeasurable. I don't see him being overrated that much except by Americans, but I surely see many people calling him toxic lul
2019-07-23 07:45
North America noahB_ 
nt "liquid overrated cause they are better than everyone else, but everyone else is bad"
2019-07-23 07:46
Man, they one team now that look really strong? Last year we had Astralis, navi, and now?
2019-07-23 08:23
United Kingdom _xC4ctus 
Astralis still came to 2019 strong wtf dood. Just because some were able to beat them doesnt mean they are in a slump. They won katowice right. Astralis never fell. They are still good. Its just liquid r better right now. Playing out of their minds atm.
2019-07-23 12:29
Lol, they are losing to teams like Furia, and others, also they aren’t even joining in tournaments, just like navi
2019-07-23 20:19
United Kingdom _xC4ctus 
So? They r still good. Flukria n flukence.
2019-07-23 21:07
lmao wut, Stewie overated? pure aim maybe, but his personality,hype and entry skills along with good aim makes him irreplacable
2019-07-23 08:22
Yeah I think Stewie is probably the 2nd worst aimer on Liquid with nitr0 at last, he might be tied with Naf though. His movement is absolutely impeccable though, he always looks unbelievably smooth.
2019-07-23 10:16
agree, but i think people underrate Nitr0's pure aim, he used to be Liquid's star player, but they have made him become igl/awper so his stats have gone down lots
2019-07-23 10:31
Yeah I remember when nitr0 was the star or one of the stars. The thing is the current lineup is so ridiculously skilled he's still at the bottom tbh. I doubt he'd have Stewie's stats as an entry even if he wasn't IGLing.
2019-07-23 10:32
United Kingdom _xC4ctus 
Holy shit. Ur right. His movement is smooth wtff.
2019-07-23 12:27
Nepal ramann 
Like i said, liquid is no1 because of all the played not by other playing bad, such a lame excuse dumbass, i guess you are a mibr fan, if yes then its well expected.
2019-07-23 10:05
at least you can look at mibr and faze and see why they are playing like shit, and you look over to astralis and they shouldnt have a reason for playing this shit by now!
2019-07-23 12:39
Not saying it only because I'm a fan of Na'Vi but they probs stand the best chance against Liquid rn, came close to winning 2 series against them and can only improve further
2019-07-31 15:42
Nepal ramann 
probably better than all of navi beside simple.
2019-07-23 10:06
1.11 rating while entry fragging lmao. He's definitely better than nitr0 in terms of raw skill.
2019-07-23 10:11
I never said otherwise. I wouldn't underrate nitr0 fragging capabilities however, I think that without IGL burden he's tied with Stew. And to me, the IGL status in the top 1 team is worth more than the entry-fragging role. Of course, that is debatable.
2019-07-23 12:22
I'd say they tie for most valuable roles on the team. But, Stewie can support and anchor as well, he's a very dynamic player.
2019-07-23 13:08
hes probably like right next to naf
2019-07-23 10:28
Nifty | 
Turkey G4Z01 
he is g9d in last strwqm
2019-08-01 18:49
Bulgaria R4D1 
prety much true whit no stew they will crumble and bait eachother
2019-07-23 07:43
United Kingdom _xC4ctus 
Lmaooooooo +1111
2019-07-23 12:29
+1 Stewie deserves way more credit
2019-07-23 07:46
Sweden La1rea 
You can't even spell peek properly.
2019-07-23 07:46
Ant1ka | 
Indonesia Frver 
+1 too many people do this
2019-07-23 08:02
Doesn't take away from his point obviously
2019-07-23 10:14
Indonesia EvilPolish 
stew is the solution oh adreN too
2019-07-23 07:48
where does the hate for stewie come from? looks to me like a passionate, very skilled and extremely confident asian, so what's wrong with that
2019-07-23 07:54
United States RULE34TRACER 
because he shoots dead bodies and that triggers the snowflakes on this site
2019-07-23 08:06
anything to do with his stay at mibr? since i've seen a lot of green flags hating on stew
2019-07-23 08:10
United States RULE34TRACER 
brazilians hate him because he was bm’ing mibr when they played at EPL i think
2019-07-23 08:11
s1mple | 
Australia karmaYB 
thorin's reply to stewie on twitter after their grandslam is the perfect explanation of the real value of stewie to liquid
2019-07-23 08:12
Nepal ramann 
what was the tweet actually ?
2019-07-23 10:16
Europe 4siim0v 
"You played a role that made everyone else better. That's worth more than a million bucks."
2019-07-23 10:43
Nepal ramann 
2019-07-23 13:02
s1mple | 
Australia karmaYB 
which means putting himself on the shittiest role without complaints, thats why when they play, you notice most of the time stewie has a shit stat, because he plays the shit (hard to play) roles
2019-07-25 11:40
s1mple | 
Australia karmaYB 
+++ he has the talent to play it thats why liquid is doing good now
2019-07-25 11:41
He is an ok talent, lets face it
2019-07-25 12:23
s1mple | 
Australia karmaYB 
a lesser skilled player than stewie would ruin liquid now and i doubt they would reach top 1, you guys have to understand that stewie's role right now is not made for a very high K/D ratio, the roles he's taking are shitty enough but he still manages to shine on it to activate his teammates
2019-07-29 11:38
Im not talking about his roles in liquid, im talking about his whole career. Stewie never lived up to the star hype hes given, was never but the 4th-5th talent of the teams hes been etc >a lesser skilled player than stewie would ruin liquid now and i doubt they would reach top 1 Are u kidding? If taco was still in liquid they would be #1 either way. Astralis and Navi disappeared, the competition liquid had last year is no more my friend. The #2 best team in the world is 3 french players past their prime, an OK brit thats not bad but not great on the server and an 18 YO talent with only 6 months of professional experience Liquid is great, but their era basically fell on their laps, and the person least responsable for that is stewie2k
2019-07-29 18:07
s1mple | 
Australia karmaYB 
"Are u kidding? If taco was still in liquid they would be #1 either way" I stopped reading after seeing this, are you playing yourself? Their roster before stewie came in was basically the same + taco, and what did they achieve? Multiple top 2 finishes and some decent runs, when stewie came in they were able to finish tournaments as first player consistently. And youre pointing stewie's stats??? You already know the role he plays on liquid right? How can you have inflated stats when you play such role? Do you even watch CS? Just because Astralis is not getting good finishes does not mean they are terrible this year, they are still good but liquid had gone way better when stewie went in their roster About vitality, you are basically saying that they are bad, but you can see when they play other teams they rekt them easily, it is just that liquid is on another level right now > your argument is invalid, you are blinded by hating stewie but the thing is you are saying non sense bullshit If the comments people in the pro scene about liquid are the same as mine, then who are you to claim otherwise?? Even thorin who does not recognize stewie and liquid that much before even agrees that Liquid is number 1 right now, even that stats tell it, and he also praises stewie for playing the shit role just to activate the whole roster to their full potential. Make up your mind favella boi
2019-07-31 15:39
Are you bellow the age of 18? I can tell that because your argumentation is very weak, does not deal with reallity as it is and cuz of phrasing like "stoped reading there" when you didnt, and "who are you to claim otherwise??? even thorin said. " like those actually would make your point stronger/rekt me rhetorically somehow. > your argument is invalid, you are blinded by hating stewie but the thing is you are saying non sense bullshit How is argument my invalid? Why do you say im hating stewie2k if im not even shittalking him? How come im the one spouting nosense when my points are much stronger and most of yours dont even adress them on a rational level? Why are you using greentext on hltv especially if you dont know of its proper usage? For what you managed to actually adress: Astralis almost as good? Kid ure delusional. They lost to furia, mibr... glaive bellow 1.0 rating, dupreeh almost bellow 1.0 rating against top5 opposition Vitallity is carried by an 18yo with 6mo of experience. They are not a solid team, they dont "rekt other teams easily". They are inconsistent AF, theyve shown themselves to be unprofessional AF Dont @ me kid. Theres no point for me to keep this going any further
2019-07-31 19:36
s1mple | 
Australia karmaYB 
why u crying now did u even read my statement, just because liquid is good now doesnt mean astralis or any other team sucks ass, it's like telling the top fragger on matchmaking that 'you are only good because my aim is shit today' lmao
2019-08-01 18:29
Im clearly not the one butthurt nor the one that couldnt understand what was written 😂😂🤣 Just go back to your teenage stuff or daddy might beat u when he gets home boy
2019-08-01 18:38
s1mple | 
Australia karmaYB 
ok favella boi, u cant get anything from hating, i was once a hater, but when you start looking in detail, you will start appreciating things and you will only start hating things that are really worth the hate
2019-08-01 18:48
Just stop it kid. U are clearly underage, thats been stalished; you obviously got verbally cucked, everyone can see that. Resorting to racial slurs is just going to show that, on top of all that, youre also very insecure. Do yourself a favor and go play with your maxsteel or something
2019-08-01 23:09
United States KKonian 
Stewie is what enables Elige to be as good as he is. Maybe they would still be number 1 but not nearly as dominant as they have been
2019-07-31 19:36
s1mple | 
Australia karmaYB 
2019-08-02 13:18
+1 Completely agree. Without Stew Elige would have to go back to entrying, which he isn't very good at.
2019-07-23 10:13
United Kingdom _xC4ctus 
+111 dood.
2019-07-23 12:30
gfi | 
United States DiabIo 
all while triggering EU haters what a stud
2019-07-23 10:13
Nepal ramann 
2019-07-23 12:32
2019-07-23 10:29
United Kingdom _xC4ctus 
If u had seen the ence b05 game, u would have saw that every time that stew died, He gained vital info that was very useful for the team allowing the team to win rounds
2019-07-23 12:31
Nepal ramann 
2019-07-23 13:02
Germany naeqode 
Stewie 2nd highest impact rating on Liquid, only behind Elige. /close
2019-07-23 13:14
Russia dewitt321 
true, very unique player, he can do everything , play any role
2019-07-23 13:15
He is the player that does overagressive peeks looking to get some frags and relies on his team to win the round for him. Look at game vs ence. Doesn't deserve the success he is having, especially given his attitude.
2019-07-23 13:25
Nigeria Fraggot 
2019-07-25 12:00
True but fanboys will deny it because everything stewie does is "usefull" you know
2019-07-25 12:50
tired of all this Stewie worst player on the team nonsense. Liquid without him would NOT be as dominant thats for sure! Not only would a player of his calibre be free for another team to pick up but what kind of replacement could they possibly get that fits their style as good and does the things he does?
2019-07-23 20:23
shox | 
United Kingdom rickY180 
I don't like the kid as a player or a person. Got a mouth and only backs it up because his team is insane. He's the type of player in mm that wide peeks without a flash and catches someone with a nade in their hand. It's incredibly frustrating to play against! But also very smart, because if there is nobody there, then that's a lot of information gathered. You cannot set up to counter-strat that because it's so unpredictable. The final round on Inferno vs G2 @ EPL. G2 are setting up for a B hit being silent. Stewie decides to casually walk down mid, mid-round and catches them all in the back! Looks genius and it is. He's a very smart player and has matured so much since being on Liquid. He's 100% not the worst player on the team. Brain makes up for lack of aim.
2019-07-25 11:52
liquid is #1 bcz naf twist elige are playing better than 2018 and astralis are struggling mainly device closed
2019-07-25 11:56
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
Salty 12yo kids with zero knowledge about the game will find a few millions excuses why you are wrong noKappa edt. look at this tech expert above me lol, here we go.
2019-07-25 12:01
I love the "if you dont agree you have no clue" argument, that already shows how retarded you are. Of course it's not about kills, but he loses more rounds than he wins with his aggressive playstyle, hits sometimes pretty good awp shots but often miss the easy ones. But yeah, can't take you serious anyway
2019-07-25 12:46
EliGE | 
United States mehrfth 
No, you just pay attention to the round losses more than the wins. Tbf, you have to be somewhat smart to understand Stewie’s impact, which you obviously aren’t. You are suffering from confirmation bias.
2019-07-29 18:12
Exactly, im the guy biased lmao
2019-07-29 22:38
cs is not about kills. GL winning a game where your team has 0 kills
2019-07-25 12:48
United States Trump2020KAG 
Which is why Elige got such better numbers this year. Without a primary awp it was Elige who did all the info peeks.
2019-07-25 12:49
EliGE | 
United States mehrfth 
Exactly, much like in the very early days of Liquid EliGE activated nitr0, Stewie is now activating EliGE
2019-07-29 18:14
saying you're the worst on team liquid really doesn't mean a whole lot. The worst player on team liquid could be the best player on another team
2019-07-29 18:17
Dosia | 
Denmark Zaerdna 
Stewie is an insane player lmao, you would be very delusional if you thought otherwise. A lot of times he's the only reason they won a particular game because of his lurking.
2019-07-29 18:19
any NA tier1~2 player would fit into that team liquid, they are just too good and are having a huge peak right now. autimatic in particular could be even better
2019-07-31 19:37
Macau urd 
his name not even stewart
2019-08-01 18:54
anyways he is still an asian vietnam monkey
2019-08-02 13:22
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