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C4azy to Top 5 Soon?
EspiranTo | 
North America OKOptimistic 
I think so. So much talent: Espiranto, Nexa, Hunter. Na'vi without all the baggage
2019-07-24 03:00
ugly logo holds them back
2019-07-24 03:01
United States me_0_major 
and letn1
2019-07-24 03:08
too optimistic for me top10 potential tho
2019-07-24 03:01
Peru TheJuan 
2019-07-24 03:03
Ehhh, too soon for them
2019-07-24 03:02
device | 
United States Lazerz 
Espiranto has been a dissapointment this year
2019-07-24 03:02
ottoNd > Espiranto any fucking day just check their recent games especially in the minor
2019-07-24 03:07
Top 10, EU version of FURIA.
2019-07-24 03:09
calm down
2019-07-24 03:13
Germany EssenEsser 
if they rebrand to valiance&co they will win major ez odds
2019-07-24 03:14
The teams that came out of the EU Minor are the teams I thought exactly would. CR4ZY is going to be interesting on how they do in the major
2019-07-24 03:27
seems to me like budget faze, might be wrong tho. anyway top 10 is still a nice accomplishment
2019-07-24 03:38
2019-07-24 03:39
Serbia d1ckson 
Of course mens)))
2019-07-24 03:40
Switzerland KyZr_ 
TOP10, they don't have a real IGL which limits nexa, the guy is also the support and still the second best player lmao. > Roster change is needed to stabilize this team, -LETN1 +Snappi if he doesn't want to lead.
2019-07-24 03:48
Espiranto is overrated imo. He is the worst performing player in that lineup. Still, I think they can reach very far
2019-07-24 03:50
Top 12 at best
2019-07-24 03:52
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