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frozen > GuardiaN
Germany dR3k_Reborn 
This clip really shows why frozen > GuardiaN, more impact when the team needs him
2019-07-24 23:27
Wrong clip ignore one in title meant this one
2019-07-24 23:27
You are a good guy , but please don't compare rifler to awper. If frozen is not on point , he can switch to shotgun/aug/sg. If guardian is not feeling it , he have to stick to the awp.
2019-07-25 23:00
2019-07-25 23:01
I are opening not this nude-scamming site. Imgur or nothing.
2019-07-25 23:01
Stop crying, you have to fuck up quite bad nowadays to get banned.
2019-07-26 00:07
Yo what is he crying bout exactly?
2019-07-26 00:09
That HTLV has to stop banning people for "Free Speech". You can be incredibly racist here and the admins don't really care as long as you don't directly insult someone too hard.
2019-07-26 00:12
Lol what the heck, honestly that is moderately fucked by the site has high tolerance i guess
2019-07-26 01:07
cu in 3days
2019-07-26 00:14
I never get banned for BS. You should be banned for spamming the same link over and over again.
2019-07-26 00:16 so what did u get banned for
2019-07-26 00:21
Racism mostly
2019-07-26 00:22
Cmon chrisJ
2019-07-26 02:03
is that his alt?
2019-07-26 12:35
most likely
2019-07-26 13:15
Lol damn bro
2019-07-26 15:41
2019-07-26 01:12
Da heck?
2019-07-26 01:29
I got banned for saying the word retard once. I don't think that's a big fuck up.
2019-07-27 19:09
i think thats more acceptable
2019-07-27 19:13
Wdym It's acceptable to say that or acceptable to be banned for it?
2019-07-27 19:13
Acceptable to say retard, I mean cs pros on stream say it all the time they obv don’t mean it but it’s not entirely vulgar since there arent any kids around
2019-07-28 03:32
Yeah, it's not even the worst word to describe someone with a disability either, I'd say that spastic is a lot worse.
2019-07-28 03:51
Yeah i definitely agree, i mean people shouldnt need to be total assholes but at the same time people dont need to be butthurt sjws about it either
2019-07-28 20:16
I got banned for calling a polish dude Mr toilet cleaner, is that fucking up quite bad?
2019-08-06 07:40
what is this
2019-07-26 02:24
is it a virus?
2019-07-26 02:38
2019-07-26 13:16
Just tell me what it is
2019-07-26 13:35
2019-07-26 13:36
Oh okay
2019-07-26 13:37
wat is this link?
2019-07-26 12:28 petition
2019-07-26 13:15
Ye i see it now derp haha
2019-07-26 13:37
Also why is ur name steakislife
2019-07-28 22:19
Lmao so this is all because that one guy posted that Chapelle Show episode about the Niggar family, he was asking for it tho, just did it to get a reaction
2019-07-27 17:49
What was that?
2019-07-27 18:08
Its a skit from the David Chapelle show, african american comedian who likes used to make funny self depricating racist skits for his show, this one was titled "The Niggar Family" about a white family with that last name. But he just made a thread called "NIGGAR" and then posted yt link to the skit, as if he was regularly sharing it with us instead of using it to make a racist thread name just for the sake of it That got him banned and now he makes a petition against the admins lmao
2019-07-27 18:54
Lmaooo what the hell just sounds like he had it coming to him or something
2019-07-27 19:07
2019-07-26 01:10
Germany GqLqXY 
awp is the easiest gun in the game btw so fuck off
2019-07-26 12:48
Yeah it actually is fr
2019-07-26 12:51
KennyS is that you?
2019-07-26 13:39
Hahahaha nice joke
2019-07-26 17:31
rain | 
Finland FocusMen 
2019-07-26 17:29
<3 Rain
2019-07-27 18:08
Slovakia vladimir)) 
both Slovakians are bad btw im Slovakian
2019-07-24 23:28
No frozen is good, but guardian is washed up
2019-07-24 23:29
Slovakia vladimir)) 
+1 +CerQ -GuardiaN
2019-07-24 23:29
On paper looks good, but I don’t think cerq fits into the composition of faze, he might feel too overwhelmed
2019-07-24 23:30
Also cerq is better in NRG, he probably feels more comfortable playing w/ the NA boys
2019-07-24 23:33
You just make fun of his weight, that's not funny. Some people have bad metabolism
2019-07-25 10:03
what? I didnt make fun of his weight at all
2019-07-25 10:03
Feels more comfortable playing with NA boys, considering NA have weight problem. As an American I'm offended
2019-07-25 10:04
A lot of countries have weight problems, also NRG is fairly skinny actually, Cerq is the only one who is fat
2019-07-25 10:05
Brehze as well, Ethan as well, was daps as well, iAmAPet as well.
2019-07-25 10:07
Brehze is not that bad, ive seen worse tbqh, and Brehze is by far the fattest of them all
2019-07-25 10:07
Don’t take it out of context
2019-07-28 22:22
I was joking man, all good! Nothing to worry about . Have a great day/night
2019-07-28 23:54
Oh alright yeah you too man
2019-07-28 23:55
Had a baithty mood
2019-07-29 00:11
2019-07-29 00:24
Its a mood where you feel like baiting people
2019-07-29 00:44
Ohhhhh aight
2019-07-29 00:58
Arent you a special guy :)
2019-07-25 10:12
2019-07-25 14:11
Well for some people this issue is caused by metabolism , but for americans is caused by McDonalds.
2019-07-25 22:58
2019-07-25 22:59
rain | 
Finland FocusMen 
2019-07-26 17:30
I didn’t make fun of his weight this guy just took it out of context and jumped to a conclusion for no reason
2019-07-28 03:33
rain | 
Finland FocusMen 
Fun anyways ))
2019-07-28 22:41
What do u mean
2019-07-28 22:45
Czech Republic Olaxen 
but much better than Czech players xdd
2019-07-25 11:44
no oskar is good
2019-07-25 14:18
Czech Republic Olaxen 
Only one good player from Czech Republic. Other czech players haven't got chance to play on professional level.
2019-07-25 14:30
Why not
2019-07-25 16:37
2019-07-28 22:03
Czech Republic Olaxen 
Good old times <3. I hope this happens again, but today in Czech esport scene... almost zero chance.
2019-07-28 22:06
Damn feelsbadman
2019-07-28 22:07
Mongolia bozgor 
Guardian is a Hungarian traitor reeeeeeeeeeee
2019-07-26 00:05
Lol what the heck dude... come on
2019-07-29 11:50
Explain why do u guys say this
2019-08-03 13:39
because he is a traiotor of the nation, the worst kind REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
2019-08-03 13:56
Yeah but what makes GuardiaN a Hungarian traitor
2019-08-03 16:35
Guardian is a Hungarian snake
2019-07-27 16:22
Why is he a hungarian snake exactly? Any context to that phrase
2019-07-29 22:40
why are you gay?
2019-07-24 23:30
Tf do u mean, what did I do?
2019-07-24 23:31
Answer faze boy
2019-07-24 23:37
#5 thats all you need
2019-07-24 23:41
2019-07-25 08:50
Inform me man
2019-07-25 09:37
i was just checking out if i could bait you like this for the second time seems like yes
2019-07-25 10:22
2019-07-25 10:30
Inform me man
2019-07-26 13:06
United Kingdom EKersh 
Who said I'm gay?
2019-07-25 23:11
I don’t think anybody did wtf?
2019-07-26 02:57
United Kingdom EKersh 
It's a meme
2019-07-28 22:25
Mind telling me where it originated from or the source
2019-07-28 22:26
United Kingdom EKersh 
2019-07-28 22:36
2019-07-29 01:32
Also what is that weird question mark to the left of ur name
2019-07-28 22:05
United Kingdom EKersh 
GOD OCEAN's Fan Club
2019-07-28 22:26
Oh is the logo actually a question mark or is it just a placeholder because they don’t have a team logo
2019-07-28 22:27
United Kingdom EKersh 
just a placeholder
2019-07-28 22:37
Eh thats interesting, wonder why they use a question mark xd
2019-08-03 13:32
SAYS WHY FROZEN>GUARDIAN adds a clip with him getting 4usp kills of which 2 lucky hs thru smoke nice
2019-07-24 23:54
That wasn’t lucky that was instinct and proper timing
2019-07-25 08:48
xd no
2019-07-25 13:11
2019-07-25 14:05
U disagree?
2019-08-04 12:26
Why u do this
2019-07-24 23:55
What do you mean why do I do this
2019-07-25 08:49
2019-07-24 23:57
The heck u mean nope
2019-07-25 08:50
Lithuania N0PEr 
2019-07-25 16:42
N0per haha wtf
2019-07-25 20:06
This is the lamest comparison I have seen so far. Comparing 2 different players with 2 different roles using 2 different primary weapons in 2 different teams. It is like comparing apple to orange. Not sure why does it matter if frozen is better than GuardiaN? So mouz is better than FaZe. Is that your point? I know this is one of those posts from a 12 years-old but still at least have a point to make here.
2019-07-25 09:45
2019-07-25 09:54
2019-07-25 14:18
2019-07-25 22:47
Don't do that again, you could get banned.
2019-07-25 23:02
What do you mean
2019-07-26 00:03
#48 and #67
2019-07-26 00:05
Oh aight
2019-07-26 00:05
Holy crap I said some stupid things here
2019-08-15 06:35
y did you
2019-08-15 19:24
Because that person who is definitely not me is big dummy(((
2019-08-15 19:52
2019-07-27 16:13
Ye my reaction exactly oskar Jr.
2019-07-27 16:15
2019-07-27 16:16
What the heck even is a kowalski am i right
2019-07-27 16:19
you dont know?? hahahha hitler was using kowalski analysis like a secret command to his own commanders. it was something like heil hitler
2019-07-27 16:24
What? I legit have never heard of anything like that before
2019-07-27 16:24
jeez. you probably gonna get a ban for few days if not week now lol. cya
2019-07-27 16:27
For what not knowing what a freaking kowalski analysis is? It sounds so obscure
2019-07-27 16:27
also have u ever played with freddieb
2019-07-30 06:18
2019-07-27 18:16
if people would get bans for spam everyone would get banned here
2019-07-27 19:16
True oskar true
2019-07-28 03:30
Oh <3 GuardiaN
2019-07-28 21:01
Its not lame at all both are comparable on a reasonable level
2019-07-25 14:11
Slovakia Denysis 
Then explain. Because comparing frozen with his first year on the pro scene to GuardiaN and saying that frozen is better and your proof is one clip I guess it's not enough. But if we are talking about just this year then it's alright :D
2019-07-25 20:17
Just this year yes, ofc guardian obviously has more impact in past years but I wanna make a point that frozen can have a lot of impact
2019-07-25 20:59
Also i see u are a fan of faze my boi
2019-08-03 08:48
Slovakia Denysis 
My boi, it has nothing to do with it. You just posted comparison and said one is better because of one highlight... Really? I will make it easy for you once and for all. All-time GuardiaN > frozen... Not even close (I can find much more than one highlight to prove it... btw, what a stupid way to prove something in comparison like this :D). This year GuardiaN < frozen as I mentioned in the previous comment. Btw I know you are just bumping this thread. (Replied second time to the same comment one week later...) So I will help you with this a little bit but this is my last comment here. :)
2019-08-03 18:06
All time GuardiaN > frozen yes but in terms of exponential growth frozen > GuardiaN
2019-08-04 10:19
rain | 
Finland FocusMen 
2019-07-26 17:31
2019-07-26 19:20
2019-08-01 02:55
Are you the same retard from a few days ago who "Accidentally" posted some weeb shit then the actual clip? You are so desperate for attention, jesus christ
2019-07-25 09:47
The hell bruh?
2019-07-25 10:08
Wrong clip ignore one in title meant this one
2019-07-25 09:48
Whats this?
2019-07-25 10:04
Lego Yoda screaming for 10 hours
2019-07-25 10:14
2019-07-25 10:14
Brazil DinooxP 
I laughed too hard for this
2019-07-25 20:08
Me too haha xD
2019-07-25 20:55
Also how do u have hltv logo next to ur name
2019-08-05 10:18
Brazil DinooxP 
It's a team you can follow as fan
2019-08-06 21:18
Ahhh aight can u give me a link to the page
2019-08-07 18:44
Brazil DinooxP There we go m8, have a good day
2019-08-07 21:16
Thanks man
2019-08-11 12:30
U a dino bro
2019-08-15 06:32
Brazil DinooxP 
no men, Dinoox is just my surname
2019-08-17 02:16
frozen good but not best (GuardiaN best)
2019-07-25 09:49
No, i dont think so man sorry
2019-07-25 10:05
2019-07-25 11:40
2019-07-25 14:11
frozen good player
2019-07-25 11:43
Up and coming player
2019-07-25 14:05
2019-07-25 21:42
2019-07-25 20:08
What do you mean haha, in a good way or a bad way?
2019-07-25 20:26
Poland DrainGang 
shit thread
2019-07-25 21:04
Who are you, pashabiceps!?
2019-07-25 21:05
Poland DrainGang 
go fuck u sister
2019-07-25 21:06
Sorry to inform you but denis > NEO, pashabiceps, byali, Snaz, TaZ, MICHU, reatz,
2019-07-25 21:07
2019-07-28 22:01
Poland DrainGang 
do u know any Drain Gang members?
2019-07-28 23:34
No why would I?
2019-07-28 23:35
Where did all of these GuardiaN fans come from? It's 2019, not 2016. GuardiaN isn't as good as he once was.
2019-07-25 23:01
Yeah, I guess we should ashamed for not being a plastic fags that hang out on any team or player that is peforming good at this moment and bcz we keep supporting our favorite players even when they have a rough time, how do we dare to support GuardiaN even when there is at least 30 players that are better than him atm, shame on us!!!
2019-07-26 03:00
What I'm saying is that if you still think that GuardiaN is a top player, then you're wrong.
2019-07-26 03:03
GuardiaN is definitely not a top player yeah
2019-07-26 12:16
Lol what
2019-07-26 12:19
Yeah, but i mean i can still see why he has fans, hes a legendary player overall
2019-07-26 12:14
Are you seriously?
2019-07-25 21:15
What do u mean by that
2019-07-25 21:22
tell me derzkiy
2019-07-25 22:31
Clear that frozen > guardian
2019-07-25 22:54
Ah ye you right
2019-07-26 00:03
Yes of course, GuardiaN isn't as bad as everybody says he is, but frozen is an up and coming star whilst GuardiaN is on the way down.
2019-07-25 23:01
Of course
2019-07-25 23:11
Ye true dat couldnt have said it better myself
2019-07-26 00:03
Brazil hrp_ 
dR3k didnt read axaxa
2019-07-26 02:46
What do u mean fer
2019-07-26 02:57
Brazil hrp_ 
i mean, I see dr3k, i are not read. axaxaxa
2019-07-26 02:58
Why..? tf?
2019-07-26 12:13
2019-07-26 03:00
lol why is your name dangerouspecies
2019-07-26 12:13
I watched 17 seconds of this weird video without understanding what I was watching bro lmao
2019-07-26 12:14
Look at the 1st comment thats my bad
2019-07-26 12:17
i know XD
2019-07-26 12:21
What a weird video lol i just clicked it
2019-07-26 12:23
Oh no, you are just dumb, i feel bad
2019-07-26 12:52
2019-07-26 12:59
Korea ItsMeNow19 
wtf i wasted time watching weebs video
2019-07-26 12:57
Look at the 1st comment dude its my bad, i didnt mean to link that
2019-07-26 12:59
Korea ItsMeNow19 
ok i dislike ur video btw
2019-07-26 12:59
I dont have a YT channel i only watch videos
2019-07-26 13:02
Turkey sonbafrali 
Bait score: 5/8
2019-07-26 13:04
2019-07-26 13:35
Turkey sonbafrali 
2019-07-26 15:55
Yes what about dR3K_Reborn
2019-07-26 17:28
Turkey sonbafrali 
Yes what about sonbafrali
2019-07-26 17:29
sonbafrali likes XANTARES!
2019-07-26 17:31
Also why are u a fan of windigo they destroy space soldiers before like a snack
2019-07-28 22:37
2019-07-26 13:07
Why not or should i say Wynaut
2019-07-26 13:38
France 0racle 
2019-07-26 13:38
dat a twitch emote or smthing 0racle?
2019-07-26 13:40
2019-07-26 13:56
Comparing a young player to an player past his best years xd
2019-07-26 15:48
So what its still reasonable to put the two side by side
2019-07-26 17:28
also <3 STYKO
2019-07-27 17:44
Comparing sniper to rifler , HAHAHA. Ure GN2 at highest .
2019-07-26 17:32
Actually im supreme master first class, i played matchmaking and got carried by dR3CK
2019-07-26 17:40
Huh? Huh!?
2019-07-26 21:33
And when Guardian got a 1v5 clutch against C9?
2019-07-26 21:36
What about it
2019-07-27 15:28
Also can u link me it
2019-07-27 16:10
2019-07-28 21:03
Wut u laughing bout huh?
2019-07-28 21:29
Well you also need luck to kill trough smoke btw and dont compare awp 2 and rifle makes no sense
2019-07-28 21:10
It’s not luck it’s instinct and proper timing
2019-07-28 21:28
So your saying that you dont need any luck coz there is 2 same spot and both get killed trough smoke
2019-07-28 23:14
Also it is reasonable to compare
2019-07-28 22:00
Comparing rifler to an AWPer >ok
2019-07-28 22:07
I said it’s reasonable to compare
2019-07-28 22:10
Reasonable to compare frozen and guardian both are cs players on a top level, and have similar roles
2019-07-28 22:31
2019-07-29 01:24
NBK- | 
South Africa nimmaJ 
Dont know why people are saying you cant compare past roles, you can absolutely compare the performances in the server to each other and if you actually watch the games or demos you can see the value in which the player provides. Currently frozen is playing his role better than guardian is playing his, whether that's due to the system around them or other unaprehended reasons is a different conversation, as are their careers and arguable peaks.
2019-08-04 10:27
NBK- | 
South Africa nimmaJ 
Frozens role is very much like sergej, magisk, and electronic. Pure riflers with great aim just there to trade properly, and take heads off. Pretty easy to compare him to an AWPer tbh because they have the same job, to use the space created by the entry fraggers and utility to close out the round while also having the freedom to make plays when they feel needed, they're the least restricted players on their teams with their stars (woxic, niko)
2019-08-04 10:45
yes thank you, this is what im saying man, they are practically in the same field of area and workaround
2019-08-04 12:46
NBK- | 
South Africa nimmaJ 
Yes and your assessment is correct. Frozen is currently a better performing player and more impactful player however that doesnt necessarily mean that hes more valuable. AWPing at an elite level is more rare and a completely different breed in terms of experience and reps. I'd say in terms of value they're about equal but frozen has way more room for improvement.
2019-08-04 17:29
Yep, definitely, frozen has a lot more potential to become a much better and stronger player
2019-08-05 09:32
honestly looks like a SAO ripoff
2019-08-04 10:44
What? What does? frozen being better than guardian?
2019-08-04 12:46
why would you compare a 2013 child movie to the famous csgo player, guardian?
2019-08-04 13:52
wait what?
2019-08-04 15:03
why is this thread still alive hes clearly trying to bait you into that gachalife for views
2019-08-04 13:57
Look at the 1st comment i dont get why people are saying i cant compare frozen to guardian, #238 and #239 summarizes it perfectly, this is what i have been saying the entire time; they are nearly on the same playing field when it comes to professional roles in their respective teams
2019-08-04 15:03
sure, frozen > guardian but that clip with frozen usp means nothing its obvious that youre trying to get views from the title post with the gachalife you know it yourself that the clip you put doesnt prove anything
2019-08-04 15:06
It does, there is no way GuardiaN could react like that or have instincts to perform the initial 2k, frozen is a lot more flexible when it comes to fragging
2019-08-04 15:07
it doesnt, one clip doesnt prove anything at all if m0e gets a 1v5 on faceit is he the best player? no, exactly just admit that youre trying to self promote that shitty anime video pathetic.
2019-08-04 15:10
Do i look like i even remotely like or enjoy anime
2019-08-04 15:17
or youre just stupid enough to think that that one clip shows frozen > guardian dont get me wrong, im not saying frozen is worse, im just saying its not enough to prove that hes better
2019-08-04 15:18
It's not meant to be a definitive statement, just to bring something up for debate regarding the two players since i was bored. I was presenting the phrase with little context, one clip to reinforce it, and see what other people have to say. Yes its definitely not enough but i just wanted to see what people would think, could frozen potentially have more impact than GuardiaN?
2019-08-04 15:20
yes youre right he does have potential to be better than guardian
2019-08-04 15:21
"dr3k" /me leaving this thread
2019-08-04 15:05
2019-08-04 15:17
Korea XigNw0w 
Slovakian > Hungarian.
2019-08-04 15:08
GuardiaN is hungarian? Really?
2019-08-04 15:23
rain | 
Slovakia TrYx_ 
His surname comes from Hungary but he was born there, in Slovakia. When you have slovak citizenship, there's nothing to talk about.
2019-08-04 15:35
Ahhhh, okay got it
2019-08-04 15:36
Ahah, aight i see now, so hes natural born Hungarian, clears up a lot of what ive been hearing about GuardiaN being Hungarian
2019-08-04 15:51
rain | 
Slovakia TrYx_ 
2019-08-04 15:34
2019-08-05 08:49
Man, guardian is top 2 legend in history, frozen is very good player rigt now. Guardian AWP, Frozen Rifle.You dont to measure this players.
2019-08-06 07:37
it relevant
2019-08-15 06:27
shox | 
Norway fen0m 
2019-08-06 21:27
Yes but shox is always better than frozen
2019-08-15 06:27
Frozen getting close tho tbh, hes catching up in terms of impact
2019-08-16 01:11
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